Andrea Berg Best of

Andrea Berg Best of

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Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen krähte sie beim Kölner Karnevalsumzug die ersten Lieder, tanzte zwischen den Funkenmariechen herum und fühlte sich am wohlsten, wenn richtig was los war. Klar, dass sie bei der Musik blieb — zuerst in einer Band, mit der sie am Wochenende über die Dörfer zog, später dann, nach ihrer Entdeckung durch den Produzenten und Komponisten Eugen Römer, hauptberuflich. Dazwischen machte der langbeinige Rotschopf eine Ausbildung zur MTA und wurde Mutter. Seit 1992 gehört Andrea Berg nun zu den deutschen Schlagerstars, singt Lieder, die sowohl ins Herz als auch in die Beine gehen.

Nach zehn erfolgreichen Jahren kann man getrost eine Zwischenbilanz ziehen, was Andrea Berg mit der CD Best Of auch tut. „Bittersüße Zärtlichkeit“ und „Kilimandscharo“ stammen vom ersten Album 1992. „Die Gefühle Haben Schweigepflicht“ und „Wenn Du Mich Willst“ waren 1995/96 ihre ersten großen Hits. 1997/98 ging der Erfolg weiter mit „Warum Nur Träumen“, „Wenn Du Mich Berührst“ und „Diese Nacht Soll Nie Enden“. „Vielleicht Ein Traum Zu Viel“ und „Und Wenn Ich Geh“ begeisterten 1999/2000 ihr Publikum. Vom letzten Album Wo Liegt Das Paradies kamen die Singlehits „Du Hast Mich Tausendmal Belogen“, „Tango Amore“ und „Ich Sterbe Nicht Nochmal“. Aber natürlich gibt es auch Neues auf der CD: „Geh Doch, Wenn Du Sie Liebst“ und „Auch Heute Noch“. Und für die tanzwütigen Fans gibt es auch noch einen „Andrea Berg Partymix“. Fazit: ein Hit-Album, das den Namen auch verdient. –Julia Edenhofer

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Popups In IE – Rid of this Annoying Problem !

The unwelcome experience of having popups in IE can pop up seemingly out of the blue, and if like most people you have no idea where and how to fix it, you can start to breathe easy… – the solution is just moments away. Take a look at the information below – it will soon be obvious that you or anyone else can straighten out this and other pc troubles quickly, effectively, and for (almost) free!

First we need to talk about what is actually causing this type of problem. With all the new software available these days, you probably update your windows with the latest programs, and this means a lot of new data for your system to handle; it’s typically at this point that we may start experiencing problems. Incorrectly adding or removing software programs can impair the functioning of a critical part of the windows os, which is called your windows registry.

A corrupted registry file can trigger such frustrating occurrences as popups in IE as well as additional tiresome malfunctions. What the registry was designed to do is keep track of all your software and hardware setup, updates, and removals. With the loading of a new program or version, it records the application’s specific settings, like where it is located on your computer, etc. Thus, if this component of the registry is impaired, then you can expect varied troubles with your pc to pop up.

So if you encounter popups in IE, your number one priority should be to do a scan of your registry to establish the exact sector that’s responsible. A simple and effective way to go about this is to download a professional registry cleaning software; in almost no time, the registry fixing application will do a thorough search, locating these problematic areas and finally fixing them for you. The majority of these tools provide a certain number of no charge registry scans and repairs, thus you can give your registry a thorough check-up and the odds are good that you’ll be able to eliminate these problems once and for all. One last thing – don’t try to mess with your windows registry system by yourself; this can result in additional sources of worry.

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Source by Michael Golbraich

How To Lose Weight Very Quickly

If you need to know How To Lose Weight Very Quickly then make sure you read these 3 essential steps to to lose weight very quickly without starvation, bland diets or hard workouts!

If you need to know how to lose weight quickly then this article will be your savior. But before I set you in the right direction, I must say that quick weight loss (aka yo-yo dieting) is NOT a healthy way to carry on eating.

Lecture over! Now let's shed those pounds off your body so that you're left with a lean, sexy shape in ultra quick time, ok?

There are actually several approaches that people take to lose weight very quickly. Celebrities use very dangerous yo-yo diets where they go from normal calorie consumption to things like Lemon Tea for breakfast.

Well, forget that. Too much torture!

So instead, I am going to share with you and focus on the single most effective fast weight loss technique that, when combined with a proper system can see you lose A LOT of weight in as quickly, but more to the Point, it will not be anywhere near as difficult as those flimsy and bland celebrity diets …

It's called "carb rotation".

Carb rotation is a short term diet strategy that consist of three key elements:

1. Huge CUT on your usual fat intake

2. Limiting your overall carbohydrate consumption

3. Boost your protein consumption

We all know the first element is pretty obvious, because fat will have no place in our temporary quick weight loss plan. Lose the skin on chicken, put oil to one side and leave out the butter whilst losing the weight this way.

Next, you'll see that I mentioned limiting you carbohydrate consumption. Again, this sounds obvious … but it's important that it is done right because by properly limiting your carbs, you will suppress the release of insulin in your body.

Insulin helps the body to store fat more quickly, so by limiting carbohydrates you shut down the supply of insulin, therefore increasing fat loss rather quickly and rather effectively!

(And who said weight loss was hard work huh?)

Finally, you'll notice I mention adding extra protein to your diet. Now this is actually more important than you might think. Because during your quick weight loss, if there is no added protein, your body will start eating into your muscle tissue.

This is BAD NEWS because it can not only make you weak but will also give a very unhealthy, un-toned appearance of contours around your body due to a slight loss of muscle tissue.

You may feel weak during the first few days to weeks, because the body will go into a stage of ketosis. This is due to the sudden loss of protein and fats.

This can be avoided with proper expert guidance, but as we're not in a position to hire a personal nutritionist or have the time to mess around scouring advice from each corner of the internet and unfortunately trying to build a safe plan to lose weight quickly And safely, there is a better (and even quicker and more effective) option available to you!

Because if you're serious about losing weight in as little as 10 Days, then you need to see how to make this carb rotation diet work for you via a proper easy and super quick system.

Therefore, I would suggest taking a look at my # 1 recommendation for the internet's best selling carb rotation program online here:


See for yourself how it can easily take you by the hand and make you lose weight VERY quickly … but more importantlyly, unfortunately too.

Ultimately, what the carb rotation system does is to take your body through a system of switching your carbs around on prefefined days, so as to somehow "trick" your body temporarily to keep wanting to burn fat instead of getting used to the changes and storing It.

You can trick your body by switching things up for one day and keep your metabolism and fat burning in high gear. Increase your carbohydrates intake to 80% of normal (this is 400 grams for the referred 200 pound male). This increase will fool your body and keep your metabolism high while also providing you with much needed energy at this point.


Do not forget to increase protein. During your reduced carbohydrates you will need additional protein to keep your body from using your muscles as fuel. Follow the schedule below for protein to avoid this problem.

If you decide NOT to use this new carb rotation system, make sure (at the very least) that you:

  • Eat six meals a day (to keep metabolism at peak level)
  • Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily
  • Exercise daily

However, if you really want to know how to lose weight very quickly then the carb rotation diet at [] is easily your best bet by far. I personally guarantee it.

The other options are to attempt the celebrity style bland endurance for a few weeks, or to simply go flat out at the gym whilst eating regular foods.

I know which I would prefer, do not you?

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New Generation Radio Broadcasting – Digital Radio

Gadget and music are close friends of human beings. In the long list of gadgets from which music can be listened, radio is on the top in terms of price and accessibility. Apart from music, other programs like talk shows, humour programs, reality shows are also broadcasts. Being commercial-free radio broadcasting, the digital radio is the new generation radio which comes with more services, clearer reception and a range of other features. This is including of record and rewind capability, text information regarding programs and songs broadcasted in the air, graphics, pictures, web pages and turning by station name. It is now well established in the various parts of Europe, UK and Asia. It uses Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), which is also known as Eureka 147, for broadcasting. In the year 1999, first commercial receivers began. ‚Spart gap telegraphy‘ was the oldest form of digital broadcasting, used by one of the pioneers, Marconi. By 2006, 1000 digital audio broadcasting stations were in operation and 500 million people were in the coverage area.

In this 21st century, most new radio systems are digital. It has some fabulous features like easier tuning and more choice of stations. It also has a small screen for text information about the programs on air. This might includes song and artist details about the music you are hear, business news and sports results, the latest news and weather. DAB radio technology can double the number of radio stations you can get on FM, because of the way it transmits a signal and for this technology sound is not interrupted. There is no hiss, crackle, overlap, or fading, just great radio all the time.

Apart form normal FM radio, it can be of two types – Satellite radio and Internet radio. A satellite radio which is also called subscription radio, broadcasts by a communication satellite, covers a much wider geographical range than territorial radio signals. These type of radio services are usually provided by commercial ventures and are subscription-based.

The world of digital radio broadcasting is not static – it demands adaptability and flexibility to meet the ever more rapid digital development, new applications, spectrum efficiency and device features.

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Choosing the Best Car Audio System

The basic components of a high-quality car stereo system are an AM/FM tuner, a CD player, an amplifier (optional but recommended) and great speakers.

Rule: No auto audio can equal the performance of fine home equipment. The car compartment is small, besieged with engine and traffic noises, and surrounded with competing electrical signals. And all of this in a moving environment. A welter of technical and personal choices dictate the final package.

General guidelines: Shop around. Car audio components are often discounted. Check mail-order houses and the Internet for the best buys.

Essential: Deal with reputable businesses and buy name brands. Make sure you can exchange or return components in case they prove incompatible or do not fit into the car. Remember each unit must be installed and may require custom mounting accessories. Keep personal tastes in mind. Rock and country music fans usually prefer stronger bass ranges. Classical music requires good mid and treble.

How to allocate your spending: 40% to 50% for tuner/tape player, 25% to 30% for amplifier, 25% to 30% for speakers (unlike home gear, for which half the recommended expenditure may go for speakers alone).

General recommendations: Components are a better deal than manufacturer-installed original sound equipment. Good manufacturer-installed gear can cost $1,000, a price that will usually bring you far better sound if spent on components. Try to find a dealer that has set up a sound room to hear and compare different systems.

New-car buyer strategy: Buyers planning to purchase components should insist on a delete-option clause, eliminating the installed radio cost.

In-dash versus under-dash components. Under-dash components are easily installed.

Overriding disadvantage: A thief can slip out the under-dash gear as easily as an ashtray. Choose in-dash tuner/CD players unless you want to stow the components in the trunk each time you leave the car. (If you still prefer an under-dash system, Sony components are top-notch ones.)

Amplifiers: Most auto-sound packages benefit from amplifiers that strengthen bass and high-treble tones.

Problems: Amplifiers are bulky and often must be installed under a seat or in the trunk. Unless your tuner has a bypass circuit permitting you to plug into the preamplifier, your costly amplifier will only boost the distorted output of the built-in amplifier.

Smart buying: Look for amplifiers measuring power in watts (w) per channel in terms of distortion (THD). Goal: About five watts per channel at 1 % distortion or less. To get this, the amplifier may require 50 watts per channel because few operate at better than 10% efficiency in a car.

Bi-amplifiers: They offer separate power boosts for bass and treble ranges. Bi-amplification may be called for when separate bass and treble speakers are installed.

Speakers: Speakers must be compatible with amplifiers. Their power capacity should be slightly higher than amplifier. Example: Get 60w speakers for a 50w /ch amplifier. One way to be sure of speaker/amplifier compatibility is to purchase them as a package.

Stereo sound requires at least two speakers. Many enthusiasts choose four. Non-directional bass speakers are best placed in the factory cutouts in the rear window shelf. Next best placement: In rear doors. Treble speakers can be mounted in front door panels or under dash.

Installation: Unless you are highly skilled electronics hobbyist, have the auto-sound system professionally installed. Allow $150 to $200 for installation, and get a satisfaction guaranteed agreement.

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Dampfradios – Antike Radios mit Patina (Wandkalender 2017 DIN A4 quer): Eine bunte Mischung alter Rundfunk-Schätzchen (Monatskalender, 14 Seiten ) (CALVENDO Technologie)

Dampfradios - Antike Radios mit Patina (Wandkalender 2017 DIN A4 quer): Eine bunte Mischung alter Rundfunk-Schätzchen (Monatskalender, 14 Seiten ) (CALVENDO Technologie)

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Im Oktober 1928 begann der Rundfunk in Deutschland zu senden, seit nun mehr 90 Jahren. Dieser Kalender zeigt 11 Radios und ein Tonbandgerät welche aus den Anfängen dieser Zeit stammen – aus den 30er, 40er und 50er Jahren. In die Jahre gekommene Schätzchen mit dem Potential Erinnerungen an schöne Stunden vor dem Empfänger zu wecken. Sie haben über die Zeit nichts an Faszination verloren, trotz oder gerade wegen der modernen Technik. Die CALVENDO-Redaktion hat diesen Kalender für die CALVENDO GOLD-Edition ausgewählt.Matthias Kräckmann
Author:Matthias Kräckmann
Dampfradios – Antike Radios mit Patina (Wandkalender 2017 DIN A4 quer)
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What If You Can Seductively Seduce Your Ex-Lover Into Loving You Again? Find Out What to Do!

Hmm … So you want your ex lover to desire you again, huh? Things always seem more desirable once you do not have them any more. And so it is with relationships. If you ant your lover back, you're going to have to go through the whole dating game all over again. Here are a few tips to help you get started with seducing your ex lover back, so that you can finally win his / her heart back too ….

Make yourself POP …

Take a look in the mirror and think back to how you looked when you first met your ex. If you see a difference – mental and physical, then take steps to correct the slide. Hit the gym, get new clothes, a better personality, a new hairstyle …

Just make sure that it makes you seem more attractive and your ex should start salivating over you all over again. You must make yourself pop, so that way your ex is not just yawning over your looks. Make sure it's something that will really get your ex's attention.

Those dreadful things …

Ok, not everything your ex suggested, was great, as you were not too keen on doing all of them. But now is the time, do those "dreadful" things which your ex was always nagging you about. Once you do these things, you will naturally seduce your ex, because you will actually be doing everything they want, which in turn leaves your ex feeling great about you.

You could start taking an interest in whatever your ex loves to do things like maybe jogging or going to ball games or the theater. Things which you let your ex do all alone or with friends, instead of you. The more common interests you have, the easier it will be to get back together.

Get over it … The one who is the least emotional controls the relationship …

You could also trigger a reaction by pretending to be over the breakup. Start dating other people, especially friends of your ex. It's just not bearable for your ex to watch you have fun with your ex's friends, while your ex I still burning up over the broken relationship.

The first reaction will be to get back with you to prevent anyone else from taking over, so to speak. If you want to make your ex love you, then you have to do this, because it will literally make your ex envious and feel so hurt that you have "moved" on, that he / she will really be trying to get back together with You soon after.

As well, most breakups get ugly over the arguments, not the underlying issues. So talk to your ex, and apologize for the things you said. Take it back, and wow never to hurt your ex again. Once the hurt and anger is gone, the love will pop up again, and your ex will find that you're not so bad after all.

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