Philips AE5220B tragbares Radio (digitaler UKW-Tuner, DAB+, Akku-Netzbetrieb, 6W RMS) schwarz

Philips AE5220B tragbares Radio (digitaler UKW-Tuner, DAB+, Akku-Netzbetrieb, 6W RMS) schwarz

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AE5220B/12Integrierter Lautsprecher für einen perfekten Radiosound mit 6 W Ausgangsleistung
DAB für klaren und rauschfreien Radioempfang
DAB- und UKW-kompatibel für umfassenden Radio-Hörgenuss
Schnellsuchfunktion für DAB-Sender bietet noch mehr Komfort
Netzstrom- oder Akkubetrieb für mehr Flexibilität

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How Do Movies Affect Society?

If you are a certified fan of movies, it certainly had influenced you a lot in your decisions, thinking, mood, views, and etc. Movies are one of the best choices of recreation. There are currently thousands of movies produced by different film industries today.

A romantic movie will give you romantic influence. It may give you some tips on how to persuade and please your partner or the person you love. It may give you a hint about doing sex or some affectionate scenes that couples or even youngsters may emulate once they saw it. Public displays of affection became popular because of the influence of romantic movies. There are scenes that feature a boy and a girl holding hands while walking in a crowd, kissing and hugging each other.

As scientists and doctors have proven through careful studies and research, the impact of violence really depends on the personality and character traits of young adults and children. A child or teenager who has been brought up in an abusive family and has been hit as a child is more likely to dash out at other people especially if they have just seen a very violent films.

Film stars have eventually got a huge number of fan followers and the attitude portrayed by the heroes in a film will be followed by some of them also in their real-life situations. Unfortunately, not only the educated groups of viewers tend to follow the inappropriate mannerisms that these heroes portray in the screen. The worst part is the fans will copy the stunts performed albeit they will risk their lives. Nowadays, we usually notice that the winning formula for a successful cinema today is about bandit or rebellion, gangster, rowdy and other movies doing sinful actions unlike before that winning entries are about good manners, legends, ancient characters, cultural attractions and etc.

On the other hand, there are films that will serve as your sources of information and knowledge. Research-based movies give you influence of research and inventing new things. A historical movie tells about the ancient times and their lifestyle which urges man to adopt or in some manner, influence from them. Classic movies give classic arts and lifestyle. These films are usually the sources of students for research purposes and it also serves as a means of broadening their knowledge about different things because it is more lively and perhaps, entertaining.

How do people interpret history? One of the main sources of history are movies because authors knew that people watch and believe those featured in these films. But the sad part is some data presented are not absolutely factual. That is the reason why youth are not that good in interpreting histories because they sometimes grasp the wrong information from films.

Thus, what is the purpose of requiring a rating system for movies and television programs? It is to raise awareness among the parents and adults if a film incite violence among teenagers and young children. However, there are still questions whether ratings like Rated „R“ or Parental Guidance (PG) have been the best way to remind older people of their responsibilities to guide the young ones since we cannot ignore the fact that movie influences are really widespread and if this continues, it will even encourage children to play video games that are violent and abusive. Ratings are nonsense if people revolving around the movie industry do not know the right track of entertaining people considering that children might as well imitate some actions in movies that are too sensitive and improper.

Almost everybody had experienced circumstances wherein their minds are influenced by what they see on horror films. According to James Ranel of brown University, the best ways to deal with horror and violent films that teenagers and young children have seen is by also having parents or guardians talk with their children because it allows them to understand what they have just seen and that the film is not real. Some children think that shooting guns are cool. Parents must talk with their children to make them understand that it is not cool at all and in fact, very dangerous.

Movies portray reality yet reality portrays movies. Moreover, we should bear in mind that the world is the stage itself. All of us are merely players and we have our own exits and entrances. Now, how can we make happy endings if we continue to ruin each episode of our lives with fear, violence and anger? Like actors or actresses in movies, we should therefore be an exemplary model in the real world.

Watching movies is not that bad yet we have to know our own limitations. Why don’t we play the reality right instead?

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Source by Loranne Yaun

Celebrity Fitness for the Rest of Us

Many people have an empty jealousy of Hollywood celebrities: they claim that if they were born with the same genetics, and were luckily enough to run into the right producer at a party, they would have the same fame. Like with many endeavored, these people are overestimating how much luck the successful have and underestimating how much work goes into becoming and staying that successful. Celebrity fitness is an ongoing challenge for those who are famous and being constantly judged on their looks, and there are good lessons to be learned for those of us who are not Hollywood icons.

For one, many actors have had to do extreme workouts to get in proper shape for their movie roles. There have been cases where an actor has had to get thin to the point of being unhealthy for one role, then needed to put on pounds of muscle for another role shortly afterward.

These results are way beyond what most people need to achieve to reach their goals, and the process of learning them is no simple matter no matter how genetically blessed these actors are. Each of their workouts required serious commitment, which non-celebrities also need to put in for best results.

Celebrity fitness is made easier by several advantages that most of us do not have. These include dedicated personal trainers and nutritionists, who ensure that the actor works out efficiently and also replenishes the body with the right mix of protein and other nutrients between sessions to get the most benefit out of training. Those without access to these experts need to master the knowledge themselves, which is often easier than many people suspect.

The first step is choosing an effective workout program. There are a number of good choices out there that emulate the challenge of celebrity training without needing quite as much time investment. One quality option is CrossFit, which gives a daily rotation through a number of different exercises to thoroughly train different muscle groups. Another is P90X, which has a set cycle of exercises that you repeat while favoring various muscle groups and training conditions.

There are plenty of other choices, and the important point is to pick one type of training program and follow through. The largest mistake of most people aiming to get fit is haphazardly jumping from method to method without putting in the time to see real results. Meanwhile, typical celebrity workouts are focused on having the actor follow the same ideology consistently until until they are in the shape that they need for a role.

The other key aspect of effective physical training is managing nutrition. While odds are that you do not have access to a personal chef, you can find a good diet to follow for building strength and getting lean. One popular choice for fitness elites is the Paleo diet, which focused entirely on the types of food available when our metabolisms evolved in our primitive days: lean meats, organic fruits and vegetables, no processed foods and grains, etc.

As with choosing a fitness program, there are a number of options that will work. The zone diet has worked well for many, as well as following simpler systems of eating a certain amount of protein each day and a controlled limit of fat and carbs. Your challenge is to research these choices and pick one that you can maintain over time.

While the rich and famous have advantages in this area, celebrity fitness is something that can be matched by anyone with the drive to research and choose good systems, then stick to them through the pain periods. Focus on the basics of exercise and nutrition, then follow through until you reach your goals.

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Source by Cody Everett

11 Rock Solid Techniques For Generating Product Ideas Anytime Anywhere!

Whatever business you are in, either online or offline,

you’ve got to constantly generate business/product ideas.

If you’ve ever wondered how on earth those big corporations

and companies generate wonderful and irresistible products

plus powerful and revolutionary ideas, here are the 11

basic principle behind it all and the greatest of news is

that it can be applied to any business.

1. Pick up an existing product, add additional benefits and

offer it at the old price or at a cheaper price.

2. Strip an existing product to the basics and offer the

real substance at a basic price. Here is a very good

illustration. Thousands of great and free email services

exist on the web with great features but the truth is this;

only a fraction of the users really use all the additional

features and believe me, a lot get confused because it

seems so complicated.

Strip off all the „niceties“ and offer a simple straight

forward and easy to use email. See what I mean?

3. Add speed of delivery to a basic product or service.

This is the number one reason why the Internet is such a

big „boom“. Speed. Incorporate it in your new product.

4. Enhance design and packaging of a basic product.

5. Design an existing product to increase speed and reduce

stress. This is the one great reason why all those things

with the tag „instant“ sell like crazy and it is the reason

why you have a microwave oven in your house!

6. Generalise a hoarded technology or idea. As an instance,

website design used to be reserved for professional web

programmers until someone came around and „burst“ up the

whole thing with the „What You See Is What You Get“

programs. If you see an hoarded information or technology

in your field of business, „burst the bubble“ and go wild

with your product.

7. Package a „something made easy“. Everybody loves it.

8. If you can’t find something you really need, it means so

may other people out there can’t find it too. Turn your

need to a product and meet the needs of others too!

9. Combine attributes to offer better value. The web is

getting stronger simply because of added attributes being

incorporated daily; chat, videos, flash etc

10. Add something „jazzy“ to an existing product. Have you

heard of „crazy jeans“? I have even seen „torn jeans“. That

might be all your product needs to create a product that

will cause a market „BANG“.

11. Inspirational Product. These are the products that come

to you in a „flash“. If you take time to fire your thinking

using the other 10 techniques, you will reach a point of

inspiration. Use it.

Creating great products that are not just great but also

sell is not so difficult. Just keep at these 11 tips until

you reach a point where you can create product ideas effortlessly.

Remember, Never Resign To Fate, Always Refire Your Faith.

(c) Oluwafisayo Akinlolu, 2004


You may reproduce this article freely electronically

(in ebooks, ezines, emags, websites etc.) or in print as

long as the resource box is included. Do send the author

a courtesy message making known where and when the

article is used. If published at a website, make the

website known.

(c) Oluwafisayo Akinlolu, 2004.


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Source by Oluwafisayo Akinlolu

Fetenhits – Schlager – Best of (3cd)

Fetenhits - Schlager - Best of (3cd)

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Audio CD
Fetenhits Schlager – Best Of

Mit den größten Schlager-Hits aller Zeiten kehrt die Fetenhits Schlager als Best Of Album zurück! Pünktlich zum 17.04.2015 erscheint die geballte Schlager-Power auf 3 CDs. Mit dabei sind Andreas Gabalier, Helene Fischer, Roberto Blanco, De Randfichten, Jürgen Drews und viele mehr. Wer den besten Mix für eine Schlagerparty sucht ist bei Fetenhits Schlager – Best Of genau richtig! Mit Songs wie „Ein bisschen Spaß muss sein“ und „Ich liebe das Leben“ ist gute Laune garantiert. Außerdem sind auch Partykracher wie „Lebt den dr alte Holzmichl noch?“, „Moskau“ und „Viva Colonia (Da simmer dabei, dat is prima!)“ dabei.

Begleitet wird die VÖ von einer TV-Kampagne auf ProSieben und SAT1.

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