Kpop Music is Conquering the World

Kpop music or Korean popular music is music that comes from Korea, also famous in other parts of Asia such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Honk Kong and some South Eastern Asian countries. The rise of Kpop music is considered part of the rise of the Korean Wave („Hallyu“). Korean music was challenged in 1992 when a Korean popular music group called Seo Taiji and Boys mixed traditional Korean music with American rap, rock and techno influences.

Their success, followed by other experimental groups (line panic) is what contributed to the present day’s popularity of Kpop. Korean popular music scene met afterwards the influence of dance-oriented acts such as the famous hip-hop duo Deux, followed by teen idol groups such as Baby V.O.X., Fin.K.L., g.o.d, H.O.T., Shinhwa, Sechs Kies, and S.E.S who were highly popular in the mid 90s.

Today, pop groups are still fashionable, despite the current emergence of R&B and hip-hop in Korean music. MC MONG, 1TYM, Rain, Big Bang and Epik High are some of the bands that have made hip-hop popular, together with other underground artists such as Drunken Tiger, Tasha and Dynamic Duo. Rock music has also gained recognition lately, represented by artists such as Yoon Do-Hyun Band and Seo Taiji. For techno/dance Korean music lovers, Lee Jung Hyun and Kim Hyun Jung, two of the veteran artists in the industry, are the favorites. Kpop music has become famous worldwide, thanks to artists such as BoA, who has become Korea’s highest-selling international artist.

Apart from BoA, other artists as well have contributed to the popularity of Korean music outside their country’s borders. Rain and Se7en are some of the artists who sold their albums in other countries from eastern Asia. However, the greatest challenge for Korean artists (in fact, for all Asian artists) is to enter the profitable English-language music market.

As English has become an international language, the only way for a singer to achieve international recognition is to sing in English, so that everyone should be able to understand the lyrics. Korean singers are aware of that and a few of them (Rain, Se7en, Skull, a reggae artist and Min form JYP Entertainment) are planning to make a debut on the USA music market soon. Once they have managed to conquer the American listeners, the door to worldwide fame will stay open for them.

R&B, hip-hop and dance are the popular music styles today in Kpop music, which one can compare, from this point of view, with English pop music. Boy bands, girl groups, pop singers and R&B stars, currently dominate the Korean music scene. Ballads are also very popular. Some people argue that more diversity is necessary in Kpop music, but perhaps the rock industry will also develop in the future and everyone will be satisfied. The future looks bright for Korean singers and it is probably just a matter of time until they will conquer the US charts and the rest of the world. Kpop is gaining more and more fans every day and Korean artists are gaining popularity in US and Europe.

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Car Buying Tips: Why Does It Make Sense to Buy a Discontinued Car Model?

Often while planning to purchase a car, the right model and the car manufacturing brand become the key deciding factor. Many a times, the research proves to be outdated as some car models become discontinue.

When a car manufacturer stops producing a model because of a number of reasons, it is called a discontinued car model. However, the benefits of buying a discontinued car model outweigh the risks. Buying a car which is no longer in showrooms can mean greater savings. If you are planning to purchase a car, the following points will help you to comprehend why it makes sense to buy a discontinued car model.

1) Discounted Purchase Price

It will have a significantly lower price than a brand new car. One of the benefits of purchasing it is that you get a new car for the price of a used car. As a buyer, you are in a good position to get a favorable deal for a discontinued car model. The dealer needs to move inventory to create space for new cars in demand. Therefore, it becomes easy to negotiate a price that suits your wallet.

2) Shared Spare Parts

Many car buyers hesitate to purchase it due to the potential risk of unavailability of spare parts in the future. You can minimize the risk as many car manufacturers continue producing car parts long after they stop manufacturing a car. Additionally, you can transfer many spare parts of current models to the discontinued model. While purchasing from the manufacturer can become expensive, you can find shared spare parts easily. Thus, if the car requires repairing in the future, you can mend it without any tension.

3) Wide Choice of Selection

It comes at a relatively cheaper price than a new car. The value for money received from buying a discontinued model significantly increases due to cheap pricing. The money spent on purchasing a new car can mean compromising on a few features. However, purchasing it can aid you to step up your choice of selecting a better car. Therefore, you can avail a pool of upgraded features for a lower price.

4) Warranty Period

When you purchase a recently discontinued model, chances are that you eligible for warranty. During the warranty period, the servicing and maintenance of car parts are the responsibility of the original car manufacturer. Many manufacturers produce parts in high volumes to cover the entire warranty period. Thus, you will be able to repair it easily, until it falls under the warranty period. And, a mechanic or an expert can attend to any defect after the warranty period is over.

Purchasing it may bring some risks with it. However, there are many benefits of buying such a car. It can be a lucrative deal for a car buyer looking to make an affordable purchase. So, next time when you want to buy a car, consider a discontinued car model.

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TechniSat SkyFunk 3 AV/IR Digitalreceiver (2x Netzteil, 2x Video/Audioanschlusskabel, SCART) silber

TechniSat SkyFunk 3 AV/IR Digitalreceiver (2x Netzteil, 2x Video/Audioanschlusskabel, SCART) silber

Jetzt kaufen

Aktivbox; LautsprecherDrahtlose Übertragung (2,4 GHz) von Audio-, Video- und Fernbediensignalen
Reichweite 100 Meter (bei freier Sicht)
Lieferumfang: Sender für AV- und IR-Signale;Empfänger für AV- und IR-Signale;Verlängerung für IR-Signal;2x Steckernetzteil (9Volt);2x Video- und Audioanschlusskabel (Cinch auf SCART)

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The History Of Rock And Roll – A Musical Change

The history of rock and roll started after the WWII, when people were relishing the taste of new freedom. With this freedom came a revolutionary change within society and their thoughts. This was the time when individual musical artist were making their mark over the bands.

The history of rock and roll was also a well spotlighted radio show of that time, which presented a documentary on rock and roll music. It covered all the details about the music that prevailed from early 1950’s. The rock and roll music envelopes within it the different styles of melodies, which set the pulse racing. The history of rock and roll music is more audible along with the high beat drums, fast stringed guitar, and rhythmic tempos and synchronized chords.

With the introduction of black society the history of rock and roll flourished and slowly evaded the cross cultural differences.  The music was highly appreciated by the teen of that time, who wanted to break free from the worn out traditional aspects. With the entry of rock and roll music, there was a lot of change in the way people started dressing and behaving.

The history of America was rewritten with the invasion of rock and roll music. Earlier the blacks were completely out casted from the society of white. Their living areas, working areas and educating areas were all strategically located away from the white citizen zone. However the music by black reached and stimulated white teens all over the nation, bringing them together.

The music brought people together and made racial discrimination fly away. The history of rock and roll music is full of complication and changes, which finally restructured the societies and removed all cultural discrimination, thus giving every talented person a uniform platform.  The history of rock and roll music and is actually the story about the two different colour people coming together to reform the entire nation with the help of music. The American history is the existing example that shows the power of music.

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Source by M Umesh Kumar

Top 10 Useless Apps in the Apple App Store – Apps For Just About Everything

One of the more entertaining aspects of owning an iPhone is the plethora of apps that are available for your use and enjoyment. Some of them are really helpful, informative, or at least interesting: weather updates, celeb gossip, directions, movie times, etc. Then there are the completely superfluous apps that make you scratch your head and wonder why anyone would ever need that – right before you download it yourself.

IBeer is probably one of the most pointless apps, yet everyone seems to have it. It's an app that turns your screen into a full pint glass of beer, and you can "drink" it by tilting your iPhone downwards. The beer then flows out of the pint glass. Sounds simple enough, yet it's enough to reduce grown men to giggles when they all use it.

Tickle Me! Is another app that looks to be mainly for the amusement factor – even if that factor does wear off pretty quickly. The app enables your touchscreen to respond to you tickling it, with a slightly irritating child's laugh.

One that still makes no sense is Hold On , an app where you hold your finger in one spot on the touch screen for as long as you can. That's it. This could probably be amusing for a bunch of drunken people who are pretending to be sober, but that's about it.

Everyone loves to pop bubble wrap, which is most likely why the Bubble Wrap app is so popular. It just fills your screen with bubble wrap that you "pop" by touching each bubble.

While this one does not do it anything useful, it certainly is cool – the PhoneSaber . It basically turns your touchscreen into a light saber, complete with visuals and sounds. It's pretty awesome, yet there seems to be limited things you can do with it. Challenge your friends to a duel, maybe?

One that may seem silly, but has popped up at concerts and rock shows a lot laTely, is the Virtual Zippo . Gone are the days when you hold up a lighter at shows if something moves you – now you have the virtual version. This is admittedly better than people just holding up their cell phones, which has always looked silly.

CoinFlip is another that goes into the "is that really necessary?" Category, yet everyone sees to have it. It does exactly what its name indicates – it flips a coin.

A pretty amusing app is the Abacus , which seems to be going against everything the iPhone really is – cutting edge technology. But again, maybe for the drunk people trying to figure out how much money they have at the end of the night, this might work.

Too tired to yell enthusiastically for your sports team of choice? Then the " Wooo! " App may be for you. It's a button that shows up on your touchscreen, and every time you hit it, a tinny voice says "wooo!" Very exciting.

Lastly, there is the I Can Has Cheezburger app, which sends you an update every time there's a new location posted. Who does not need that?

There's something about some of these iPod touch apps , even though they do absolutely nothing useful, and in fact, just mostly take up space on your iPhone or iPod touch. However trivial some of these applications may seem, they offer enjoyment to the hundreds of thousands of users who download them. After all, is not that the point of these applications?

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How to Configure Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with an MSN POP3 Account

How do you check your web-based email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail and MSN. You connect to Internet open a web-browser type in the user name and password of your emai account and you access your mails, you read mails, you compose mails staying online and you send them once you are done.

What do you do when you want to read a mail you have got long back or a mail which you have sent sometime back, you do the above process again connect to internet, login to your mail account and do it. But do you know that most web-based email service providers allow pop3 forwarding…by using which you can configure web-based email accounts to be accessed by using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook express which comes with Office and Windows respectively.

Below configuration setting would tell you how to configure Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and earlier versions of Outlook with a MSN email account.

1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

2. Double-click the Mail icon.

3. Click E-mail Accounts.

4. Click to select Add a new e-mail account, and then click Next.

5. Click to select POP3, and then click Next.

6. Type the following setting information:

a. In the Your Name box: type you name as you want it to appear to recipients.

b. In the Incoming Mail Server (POP3) box: type

c. In the E-mail Address box: type your e-mail address.

For example: “”.

d. In the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) box: type

e. In the User Name box, type your MSN account name.

f. Click to check the Remember Password checkbox.

g. In the Password box, type your MSN password.

h. Click to check the Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) checkbox.

7. Click More Settings.

8. On the Outgoing Server tab, click to select the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication box.

9. Click to select Use same settings as my incoming mail server, and then click OK.

You can now send and receive MSN POP3 messages.

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What’s the Average Speed of Male Ejaculation?

When a man is ready to ejaculate his body will undergo a series of events.

He will see an increase in the size of the head of the penis and the head may also change to a purplish color. His Cowper’s gland will secrete ‚pre-cum‘ fluid which dribbles out of his urethra. His testes will move in towards his body, and increase in size. As well, he may experience a body flush, muscle tension, increase in heart rate and rising blood pressure.

Just before ejaculation he will feel contractions in his vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and the prostate, causing seminal fluid (ejaculate) to collect in a pool at the base of his penis. He will feel a ‚tickling‘ type sensation. When ready to ejaculate, he will feel a „throbbing“ around his urethra.

Ejaculate will leave his penis at roughly the same rate of travel as a city bus, about 28 miles per hour. But can reach speeds of 43 miles per hour depending how long since the last time he came. (It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!!)

Once he has ejaculated, his scrotum and testes will return to normal their size. He will have a general feeling of relaxation and experience a refractory period (where a he is physically incapable of getting another erection). This period may be from a few minutes to much longer depending on his age.

Sex Tip: Unless he is at the point of no return, you can stop him from ejaculating by firmly (yet very gently) squeezing on the tip of the penis.

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