Hama Funkwecker Digital „Dual Alarm“ (digital, 2 Weckzeiten, laut, ansteigender Weckton, sensorgesteuerte Nachtlicht Funktion, Snooze, Temperatur, Datum) Wecker weiß

Hama Funkwecker Digital

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Einfache intuitive Bedienung: Digitalwecker mit zwei separaten Weckzeiten: Alarm per Kippschalter an der Seite des Weckers aktivierbar und ausschaltbar
Snooze-/Schlummerfunktion: 4 Minuten Intervall 6-mal auslösbar zunehmende Wecktonlautstärke und -geschwindigkeit (Alarmdauer 2 Minuten)
Beleuchtung: weiße Hintergrundbeleuchtung aktiviert sich bei Dunkelheit automatisch (Sensor ist ein- und ausschaltbar) Hintergrundlicht auch durch Drücken von Snooze aktivierbar
Reisewecker: große Anzeige von Uhrzeit Temperatur Datum und Weckzeit Tastentöne an-/ausschaltbar Zeitzone einstellbar Displayanzeige bei schwacher Batterie
Lieferumfang: 1 Funk Wecker „Dual Time“, 2 Batterien AA Mignon, 1 Bedienungsanleitung

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The Importance of Reading

In today’s world we receive so much information via radio, television and multimedia experiences yet none of these avenues has the ability to educate as the fundamental skill of reading.

When examining how well a nation is doing and how likely its economic situation is improve so often the literacy rate is included. Often this figure is a reflection not only of educational levels but has a follow on effect of economic power, government administration, corruption and health. When this figure is low the country is more likely to be an economic backwater, government is likely to be poor or a dictatorship, corruption widespread and a lack of universities, doctors and other experts. When one looks at countries in the African continent often the literacy rate is a good reflection of quality of lifestyle.

Countries that have recently experience improving economic fortunes have increased their populations education level.

The easiest way to educate any problem is to teach them the skill of reading. If you can read you have open to you a world of knowledge. It was true in Abraham Lincoln’s day when he said he taught himself through reading as did many other early American pioneers. Although they were often in difficult situations their ability to read meant they could educate themselves to overcome problems.

Even in this day of multimedia reading is still the most essential skill to acquire knowledge. The internet has meant that information is freely available to anyone who can log on. However to absorb, teach and learn that information and apply reading is required. With the advent of websites and ebooks reading has continued to increase in importance.

What reading are you doing?

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Source by Alastair Harris

Monavie Review – Celebrities, Athletes Love Monavie!

Monavie is creating a lot of positive press with their premium acai berry blend. The acai berry is quickly causing a stir around the globe. It is getting world wide press from celebrities, athletes, talk show hosts and an array of media channels. On Oprah’s website you will see that Dr. Nicholas Perricone has the acai berry listed as the worlds top super food.

Dr. Perricone says „studies have shown that this little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world!“

He also says, „our cells use oxygen to produce energy and they generate free radicals as a by product of this and many other metabolic functions like circulation and digestion. Free radicals are also produced by sunlight, toxins such as pesticides, cigarette smoke and air pollution. Free radicals are without question the central players in the aging process.“

[The Oprah Winfrey Show] – February 5, 2008 – On February 5, 2008, Dr. Oz appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and, among other things, spoke of the highly nutritious acai berry. Listed on his ‚Ultimate Anti-Aging Checklist‘, Dr. Oz said he is ready to add the acai to his hall of fame of antioxidant rich foods.

‚It has twice the antioxidant content of a blueberry,‘ Dr. Oz said. ‚It’s just breaking through.‘

[CBS The Doctors] – January 7,2009 – The Doctors, a daytime talk show delivering up-to-the-minute information from a panel of four practicing medical professionals, featured the acai berry and MonaVie in a segment on the top 10 health trends for 2009. The acai berry ranked at No. 7 on the list, and according to the hosts: this miracle berry is made into a juice that is high in antioxidants.

[Rachael Ray] – January 11, 2008 – On January 11, 2008, MonaVie™ made its daytime television debut on Rachael Ray. During a segment of the show entitled, ‚the dish,‘ guest Lara Spencer extolled the health benefits of MonaVie.™

Lara said „MonaVie™ is probably the healthiest drink you can get. It’s made with acai berries, and apparently it has more antioxidants than any other food known to man.“‚

[Salt Lake City, UT] -April 23, 2009 – MonaVie announces for the second year in a row its partnership with the Boston Red Sox, the 2007 World Champions, which makes MonaVie an official juice of the Major League Baseball team. ‚We’re proud to continue our relationship with MonaVie for a second season,‘ says Red Sox Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Sam Kennedy. ‚MonaVie’s commitment to growth in their category and excellence in the marketplace makes them valued partners of the Boston Red Sox.‘ The sponsorship agreement supports MonaVie’s mission and focus on health and wellness. ‚We are thrilled to be associated with the Boston Red Sox,‘ says MonaVie Founder and President Dallin Larsen. ‚It is no coincidence that we are partnering with a team that clearly demonstrates a dedication to achievement and a winning attitude.‘

Monavie is the premier company in the health and wellness industry. For more information on the health benefits of the acai berry and to purchase Monavie’s premium blends go to Monavie Acai.

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Source by Lucien Bechard

So Just What Are This Year's Top Selling Christmas Presents?

So just what are this year's top selling Christmas Presents for children? When I was working out what to give our teen children, I decided to look at Amazon's best sellers, and the results were very interesting.

Some were new kids on the block, while others had been around for a while longer.

Nintendo DS Lite First off – the Nintendo DS Lite – remarkably, this portable games machine topped the best seller lists last year as well as this. The Nintendo DS Lite offers all of the unique features of the Nintendo DS but also includes a variety of distinct changes which certainly sets it apart from other handheld consoles. Nintendo DS Lite retains the advanced touch screen technology, allowing players to control software with a stylus or even their finger, as well as dual screens, voice recognition and Wi-Fi capabilities of the Nintendo DS but is now both smaller and lighter. Where Nintendo has done really well is in their attention to color. Cobalt Blue and Black is the hotselling color for Christmas 2008 and they are selling out quickly. It's neck and neck with Metallic Rose – perhaps one for the discerning lady.

Wii Fit for Nintendo Wii While talking about Nintendo, the Wii Fit for Nintendo Wii is the most exciting must-have toy for all the family. The WiiFit and the pressure-sensitive Wii Balance Board, which comes bundled with it, will make any Christmas a great success if only you can get one. They are in VERY short supply at the moment.

Bakugan Battle Bakugan Battle and especially the Bakugan Battle Starter Pack is a great Christmas gift idea for younger children. It's based on the popular TV series. For best gameplay you might consider the Bakugan Battle Arena as well. There's a lot to be said for letting their creative minds have free play with a game such as this.

Wild Planet Hyper Dash For the very youngest children, the Wild Planet Hyper Dash is an amazing, award-winning fast-paced race course game from Wild Planet that encourages kids to be active and think on their feet. Designed to improve listening, coordination and math skills, this exciting game is easy to set up and is an ideal way to help kids aged six and above to practice addition and subtraction while exercising and having fun.

Star Wars Clone Wars Popular with all generations, the latest from the Star Wars franchise is the Star Wars Clone Wars. You will not be surprised to hear that there are some top-selling toys to let your child become one of their favorite characters:

– Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Light Saber Assortment: Whether he's an aspiring Jedi or an apprentice to the dark side, your child will love the possibilities of this Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Light Saber Assortment. Movie fans six and up will delight in customizing the hilt, blade color, and end cap to approximate Yoda, Mace Windu, or Maris Brood, while lights and sounds add an authentic element to any battle. The Ultimate Light Saber is an absolute must have for Star Wars Clone Wars fans who need to defeat the intergalactic enemy. One of the best things about the Ultimate Light Saber is the way it emits different sounds along with a different color light inside the clear plastic blade depending on what Ilum crystal or crystals are inserted in the handle.

– Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels: Now everyone with a Nintendo Wii can experience the fun and excitement of a Lightsaber fight. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels immerses you in the characters, locations, and epic duels from the all-new Star Wars animated feature film and television series set between Episode II and Episode III. Built from the ground-up for Wii, Lightsaber Duels features an intuitive motion-controlled combat system that puts the Lightsaber weapon in your hand.

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Source by Chris Nicholson

Grundig Music 60 Empfangsstarkes Radio im modernen Design grau

Grundig Music 60 Empfangsstarkes Radio im modernen Design grau

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250 x 140 x 70 mm (BxHxT)/ 0,7 kg/ Farbe: Grau/ 2 Wellenbereiche ermöglichen die Auswahl unzähliger Sender/ Exzellenter Sound durch den eingebauten Qualitäts- Lautsprecher/Empfangsstarkes Radio im modernen Design
Exzellenter Sound durch den eingebauten Qualitäts-Lautsprecher
Einfache Bedienung und ausgezeichnete Empfangsqualität
Zwei Wellenbereiche ermöglichen die Auswahl unzähliger Sender
Lieferumfang: Grundig Music 60 Empfangsstarkes Radio, Bedienungsanleitung, Netzkabel, Garantie-Hinweis

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Why Wear a Snake Ring?

The snake ring is a trendy piece of jewellery we’ve noticed slithering across the fingers of A-list celebrities over the last few years. So why are the rich and famous wearing it? We can’t answer this question, however we’ve got a few good reasons as to why the rest of us would wear one. This fashion trend is a classic and one that has actually been around for a long time. Over many centuries people from different cultures around the world have chosen to wear the snake ring, some for the sake of fashion and others for the symbolic nature of snakes in their cultures.

Celebrities have been wearing snake rings for years. These celebrities might be wearing expensive snake rings, however these days you don’t have to be rich or famous to be able to afford this fashionable piece of jewellery.

The snake ring was in fashion quite a long time before today’s celebrities began wearing it. Back in the Roman Era, this was a very popular design and was used to represent eternity. The ancient Roman women wore a lot of jewellery, as did the women during the Victorian era. In the nineteenth century snake rings were often set with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. It is said that the ring became popular during this period because of the emerald-set engagement ring that Queen Victoria received from Prince Albert.

In Greek mythology snakes were considered a symbol of healing. The snake ring was worn in honour of Asclepius, the ancient Greek God of medicine, healing and rejuvenation. Asclepius had a snake-entwined staff which has become the symbol of medicine today. The ancient Egyptians also wore jewellery with snake shapes. They had snake goddesses who were associated with fertility, protection for the kitchen and were viewed as protectors of the King.

Snakes are also very symbolic in other cultures such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Australian Aboriginal mythology. In Chinese astrology, a snake in your home is a good omen as it means your family will not starve. The Chinese zodiac also states that snakes are considered spotlight magnets and they will not be ignored. So if you’re looking to attract attention, then the ring with the snake is the one to wear.

The snake ring is an interesting conversation piece and a piece of jewellery that anyone, especially snake lovers, would be proud to wear. There are different designs around and most of them have the snake wrapping around the finger. The snake design by Puzzle Jewellery has the snake perched on top of the interlocking puzzle bands. When wearing the puzzle jewellery snake design, you get to see the beauty of the entire snake. Puzzle Jewellery has snake ring designs with 5 bands or 7 bands, and some of their snake designs have precious gemstones like rubies and diamonds set into the snake eyes.

As you can see, the choice to wear a snake ring can be based on the symbolic nature of snakes in different cultures, for the sake of fashion or because you want your jewellery to stand out in a crowd. So perhaps the real question here is, „Where To Find a Snake Ring?“

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Source by Rozana Rusevska

Pop displays

POP Displays: Tips for a Great Presentation

Attractive, convincing and well-displayed Point-of-Purchase or POP displays can make the difference between converting a curious customer into a sure-shot sale. Here are some useful tips for a great presentation.

Customers browsing through the racks are looking for two things: information on the products and a good bargain. POP displays can not only satisfy this need, they can also convert window shoppers into customers and sales more effectively than other types of signage.

The most tempting of all point of purchase displays is perhaps the one that says, “Buy two get one free!” But there are other ways to lure a customer into making a snap decision to buy a product.

One way is for POP displays to offer information about the products displayed. Information can be used subtly to make a sales pitch. Without screaming “buy this product”, POP displays can list its advantages, as in the case of organic foods, and convince customers that it’s the best choice they cam make.

Creatively designed Point-of-Purchase Displays never fail to catch the customers’ attention, and there are many types of POP displays. For instance, interior signs, menu boards, floor graphics, counter cards, shelf decals and cut-out displays.

There’s a wide range of Point-of-Purchase Displays to choose from. But choose carefully because the type of POP display should match your product and business requirements. For instance, a larger-than-life cut-out doesn’t work in a restaurant but a counter-card will.

Similarly, innovatively designed flood graphics may not be a good option in a restaurant but they could work wonders in a retail store. As a POP display, a floor graphic usually involves a logo and minimal lettering. It can be used to direct customers to a certain section of the store or to directly advertise a product.

Not many entrepreneurs use floor graphics as point of purchase displays but they never fail to draw attention. Using durable vinyl underfoot effectively uses space and is a creative canvas that can result in more impulse sales than you had imagined!

Not all customers in a store are there to actually shop. Some are there to window shop, others to while away their time, and still others may be browsing while a friend shoots down the aisle to make a purchase.

The challenge for the proprietor is to convert even the disinterested customer into a potential sale. Innovative POP displays can do this very effectively and score several impulse sales.

That’s because POP displays play on a customer’s relative indecision and if convincing enough, will convert him or her into a customer. Touchy-feely POP displays signs that engage the customer can effectively hook him or her, even if only because the sign was so innovative!

If you’re trying to think up tips for great presentation, you first need to decide on the material you want to use. POP displays can be made of cardboard, paper or card paper inserted into plastic holders, vinyl as used in floor signs.

The best tip, however, is to be creative and innovative. POP displays are common and if yours stands out from the rest, it will most likely result In an impulse sale!


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Source by shawn walsh

Herbal Erection – What Are the Best Natural Herbs for Harder Erections?

What are the best herbs to get you a hard erection? In this article we will look at a number of herbs which id you take them, can give you a hard erection just like man made drugs but the good news is they are safe and natural and have no side effects. Let’s look at how to get an herbal erection in more detail.

The penis needs to swell with an increased volume of blood to make it hard and for this you need strong blood circulation to the pelvic region and you also need to produce high levels of nitric oxide which is the key to getting more blood into the penis to form an erection.

Nitric oxide controls the flow of blood into the penis and it does this by relaxing and expanding the blood vessels when you become sexually aroused. When the blood vessels relax in response to nitric oxide being secreted, they expand and an increased flow of blood, can then enter the penis and harden it.

The best herbs to increase nitric oxide are – Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed and Cnidium and they can be found in all the best herbal sex pills for men.

You also need a strong flow of blood to the pelvic region, when you become sexually aroused and both Ginseng and Cnidium, are excellent general blood circulation herbs. Other herbs that keep the blood flowing to the penis during sexual arousal are Ginkgo Biloba and Niacin which also keep the blood vessels healthy and free of obstructions such as furring which can impede blood flow.

Good sex is not just about having a hard erection, it’s also about having a strong sex drive and both Horny Goat Weed and Ginseng, increase testosterone which helps to increase sex drive and sexual stamina which leads to longer lasting sex.

Get ALL the Above Herbs in the Best Natural Erection Pills

You will find all the above herbs in the best natural erection pills and they will help you enjoy better and longer lasting sex – safely and naturally, just like nature intended.

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Source by Kelly Price