Top 20 Carpenters Hits

The nucleus of the Carpenters was sister and brother Karen and Richard Carpenter, both born in New Haven, Connecticut; Richard in 1946 and Karen in 1950.

Richard began playing piano at the age of nine. Karen would not realize her music ability until the family moved to Downey, California in 1963 and she took up the drums, while in high school. By then, Richard had formed the Richard Carpenter Trio with Frank Pooler and Wes Jacobs. The trio was signed to RCA Records in 1966, but failed to produce any hits.

In 1966, Karen tagged along with her brother Richard, who was auditioning a trumpet player at a studio owned by bassist Joe Osborn. Osborn asked Karen to sing and he was so impressed, he sign her to his Magic Lamp Records label. The label folded before Karen had a hit.

A year later, Karen and Richard joined a band called Spectrum. They performed at the famed Whiskey A Go-Go, but they disbanded in 1968.

After sending out many demo tapes, A & M Records co-owner and family friend, Herb Alpert (of Tijuana Brass Fame) signed the duo under the name "Carpenters" in 1969. Their first album, "Offering", produced a minor hit with a Slow version of The Beatles "Ticket To Ride." It was their second album, "Close To You" that put Karen and Richard "on the map."

On the charts, the Carpenters had twenty Top 40 hits on the weekly Billboard charts, with three going to number one. Here's a look at the Carpenters twenty biggest hits, according to Billboard's Weekly Top 40 Charts.

1. (They Long To Be) Close To You – 1970 – Originally recorded by Richard Chamberlain in 1963, the Carpenters first hit hit one number for four weeks.

2. Top Of The World – 1973 – When Lynn Anderson went to # 3 on the country charts, this version was released from the "A Song For You" album.

3. Please Mr. Postman – 1975 – A number one single for The Marvellettes in 1961, the Carpenters also went to number one.

4. We've Just Just Begun – 1970 – Richard Heard this song on a TV commercial for Crocker Bank in California and decided it would be a good song for them to record. It turned out to be their signature song.

5. Superstar – 1971 – Written by Leon Russell and Bonnie Bramlett, Richard Heard Bette Midler perform the song on "The Tonight Show" and he could not wait to arrange and record it.

6. Rainy Days And Mondays – 1971 – Composed by Roger Nichols and Paul Williams, this song appeared on their album "Carpenters."

7. Hurting Each Other – 1972 – Originally recorded by Jimmy Clanton, Chad Allen and The Expressions (Guess Who) and the Walker Brothers, before the Carpenters got a hold of it.

8. Yesterday Once More – 1973 – Written by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis for the "Now And Then" album.

9. For All We Know – 1971 – From the film "Lovers And Other Strangers.

10. Sing – 1973 – The Carpenters version of this song helped popularize a song written for "Sesame Street.

11. Only Yesterday – 1975 – Their last Top 10 hit came from the "Horizon" album.

12. Goodbye To Love – 1972 – Renowned electric guitarist Tony Peluso contributes the funky guitar work on this song.

13. I Will not Last A Day Without You – Co-written by Paul Williams, it was also recorded by Maureen McGovern.

14. It's Going To Take Some Time – 1972 – Written and recorded by Carole King in 1971.

15. There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World) – 1976 – A # 4 hit for Herman's Hermits in 1967, the Carpenters took it to # 12.

16. Touch Me When We¡¯re Dancing – 1981 – Officially, the Carpenters last Top 20 single, following a three year hiatus from the charts.

17. Solitaire – 1975 – Written and recorded by Neil Sedaka in 1972.

18. I Need To Be In Love – 1976 – Richard has reported that this was Karen's favorite song.

19. Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day) – 1977 – Originally recorded by Klaatu in 1976, the Carpenters version boasts a 160 member musical crew.

20. All You Get From Love Is A Love Song – 1977 – From the "Passage" album, Tom Scott, the saxophonist on the Carole King hit "Jazzman", can be heard here.

Although Karen and Richard projected a squeaky clean image, both had their share of personal problems. Richard had to take a break in 1979 to be treated for his addiction to Quaaludes. Karen, who had been battling her weight for years, suffered from anorexia nervosa, since 1975, and refused to seek treatment.

Karen's whirlwind romance and marriage to real estate developer, Thomas Burris, in 1980, only lasted a year, before the couple separated. Karen finally bought treatment for her anorexia, in 1981, where it was discovered that she had been taking ten times her daily dosage of thyroid medication.

In 1983, Karen returned home to her mother, in Downey, following an argument with Richard about her deteriorating condition. Two days later, Karen suffered cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead on February 4, 1983 at the age of 32.

During their reign, the Carpenters were the number one selling music artists of the 1970's. They won three Grammy Awards, including, Best New Artist in 1970. They also hosted several TV specials and they had their own variety series, "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" in 1971.

There have been a number of documentaries done about the Carpenters. "The Karen Carpenter Story", a 1988 TV movie, was based on her life.

Richard continues to make concert appearances and he raises funds for the Carpenter Performing Arts Center located at California State University.

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How To Ground Car Stereo

Grounding is an important thing to be done after purchasing the car stereo amplifier. This ensures stable operation after the aftermarket of your car stereo. The ground wire should be secured firmly by using either a nut or bolt along with the body of the car. The amplifier gets its power only after completing the circuit and grounding completes the circuit. The power wire is connected to the positive terminal of the battery of the car. And then the role of negative lead is taken up by the ground wire which is attached to the car through a metal wire. But how to properly ground a car stereo amplifier? Here are a few simple steps to answer this.

Certain tools are required for accomplishment of this task. Tools make processing easier and less time consuming. The process of grounding a car stereo can be easily accomplished using simple tools like ground wires and of course an amplifier for grounding.

Safety is first when it comes to doing a job. Especially while working with a car stereo it is a must to avoid electrical damages by disconnecting the wire connected to the car’s battery and the negative terminal. This is the most important thing to be done to avoid short circuits in the car.

The next step is to decide the place where the amplifier is to be mounted. This is considered a very important step. There must be a gap for 18 inches from the car amplifier to the ground. Over heating is another problem which causes damage to the amplifier. So care should be taken to avoid overheating. This can be avoided if the amplifier is mounted in a well ventilated cool place inside the car. One such place is the trunk of the car which is very useful for mounting the amplifier.

The ground wire is connected to the ground point present in the amplifier. It is necessary to have a wiring diagram of the amplifier safe which is given by the manufacturer. Referring to it often may avoid wrong connections and it also helps one to have a clear over look of the output that is connected to the ground wire. It is generally marked in the amplifier itself.

The next step is to locate an area in the gap of 18 inches from the ground to the amplifier. The body of the car is the place where it can be mounted. While mounting the wire to the body of the car make sure to use nuts and screws as this ensures tight connection towards the body of the car.

The final step in this process is very important. The nuts and screws are all unscrewed. The ground wire’s metal lead is placed in between. And then these screws and are all re installed. And finally it is all kept secured.

The problem of short circuits and other types of electrical problems causing damage to the amplifier can be avoided if one knows how to properly ground a car stereo amplifier.


How to Ground Car Stereo

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Grundig City 31 Tragbares Radio (UKW-/MW-Tuner) chrome

Grundig City 31 Tragbares Radio (UKW-/MW-Tuner) chrome

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Grundig City 31 / PR 3201Kompaktes Radio im Taschenformat
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Facts of stars of the sky

The stars are familiar objects. We see them every day and every night. A single star, our sun makes life possible on earth to grow. Stars live so long they seem eternal to us. But they all had a beginning, and they all have a purpose, too.

Stars begin their lives in huge clouds of gas and dust called nebulae. Nebulae contain mostly hydrogen gas, with a little helium. In most places, a nebula Gossamer is often so thin that if you crossed one, you do not notice. However, there are areas in a nebula where gravity causes the gas and dust to gather more and more dense and hot.

As more and more solid materials together in these areas, the temperature inside can become very hot, about fifteen million degrees. The gravitational pressure is so great that electrons in atoms of hydrogen and helium are stripped, leaving only the nuclei. As increases the gravitational force, the fuse atomic nuclei. This event is called nuclear fusion. It creates a huge boost of energy strong enough to offset the crushing gravitational force. The energy flows into space as light, heat and electromagnetic radiation. A new star is born, and he begins to shine.

Throughout his life, a star is caught in a balancing act between the crushing forces of gravity and the explosive force of nuclear fusion in its core. So it is important to the heart of the star can undergo the process of nuclear fusion, the star will fight gravity and continue to shine. But when the star has run out of fuel, it dies.

Most stars are the size of our Sun or smaller. Our sun is a yellow dwarf star, and it is fairly average in the universe. Stars the size of our sun, emit light generally in the spectrum of yellow or orange, and they live for about ten billion years.

The process of nuclear fusion converts hydrogen into helium. A star the size of our sun turns all its hydrogen into helium, then start converting helium into carbon and oxygen as it ages. The oxygen we breathe and the carbon material that provides the most vital for life on earth was created inside a star like our sun.

As middle age stars, the core contracts and the outer envelope expands to many times the original size of the star. This changes the stars from a yellow dwarf to a red giant. What will happen to our sun, one day she will swell until it covers the same orbit of Jupiter. Red giants are several times larger than our sun, but they are also cooler.

Finally, the basic contracts whenever possible. The atoms are packed in so well they can not be contracted. When this happens, a large amount of energy is released, pulling the outer envelope of gas and forming a nebula of gas and dust.

The only thing that remains of the star is well-packed core, called a white dwarf. White dwarfs still emit heat and light, but they no longer undergo nuclear fusion. Finally, when they radiate all their heat, they become cold, lifeless black dwarfs. There are no black dwarf stars of today, the universe has not existed long enough for all white dwarf stars to lose all its heat.

The most important stars have a different fate. A star about three times larger than the sun becomes a red supergiant as it ages, when many stars of the size of a red giant. It will run out of hydrogen and helium. It will start converting helium into carbon and oxygen, as an average star. When he runs out of helium, it will start converting the carbon and oxygen it produces heavier elements such as sodium, magnesium, sulfur and iron.

When such a star dies, contracts based on iron in an instant, sending a massive shockwave. This is a supernova explosion. Supernovae appear in our skies from time to time, many times brighter than the surrounding stars. The outer layers of gas are extracted and form a huge nebula. The explosion ejects also heavier elements like gold, silver and other metals.

The core, however, is another story. In most major stars, the core contracts so strong that even the protons in its remaining atoms are pulled out, leaving only neutrons. This is called a neutron star. Much more than ten miles or more in diameter, but they have an extremely strong magnetic field.

In stars more than three times larger than our sun, the core is so massive that the gravitational forces pulling together are too strong to stop. All remaining mass of the star is crushed into a single point, or singularity, no larger than a single atom. Here’s how a black hole is born.

A gravitational black hole is so great that nothing, not even light, can escape. For this reason, black holes can not be directly observed. However, the question swirling around a black hole may indicate its position. Scientists think that black holes lurk at the centers of most galaxies, including ours.

Without stars, the universe could be an empty place. The stars are the furnaces that forge most of the elements that compose our world, the air we breathe for the metals that we build with the materials that compose our bodies. The next time you see a beautiful gold necklace, handle an iron skillet, or take a breath of fresh air, remember it from the heart of fire of a star.

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Relationship Selling – The Buy and Buy

By understanding the dating process, you can better understand the selling process, and why some sales people have such a repeat business they never have to cold call. Let's take a look.

Here are the typical steps in the dating process.

-First meeting or introduction
-Second meeting
-Get to know each other
-First date, social gathering
-Second date another social gathering
-Romantic dinner or movie
-Several more dates
-Meet the parents
-Pop the question
-Engagement period

If you ask your date to marry on the first meeting, you will probably get returned! There is a process and following the steps of this process is necessary to have a successful relationship.

Now, let's look at a typical sales process.

-Cold call
-Second cold call
-Business meeting or event
-Warm call or referral
-Present to decision makers

If you ask your prospect to buy on the cold call, you will get returned, just like above.

So write down the steps to your sales process and follow them. In fact, the more steps you have, the better the chance of closing the sale.

Relationship selling is simply the most powerful sales tool you could ever employ. Forget all the closures, trial closes and persuasive techniques. Establish a relationship with your client that will insure repeat business more than anything else.

How exactly do you establish this relationship?

First, you must find common ground; Something outside of work, but not too far. Here are some relationship selling examples …

-Birthday cards
-Personal collections, stamps, golf balls, pictures, stamps, cards, figures and more.
-Weight loss

I think you get the picture. You must find something that you refer to then expand on that. Add a golf ball to their collection, discuss fishing tips, share diet plans.

It does take some energy to do this, but clients want to buy from someone they like and trust. The best way to establish this is to find the common ground and relate to them.

After the sale is made, stay in touch with your client at least every 90 days. Drop them an e-mail to ask how it's going. Most sales people never do this and just show back up when it's time to renew.

Relationship selling is the ultimate continuing sales process that springs forth an eternal source of renewals and referrals.

You client wants to deal with someone they feel cares about them. If you care about them, you must care about their company. Go get em!

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TriAction Damen BH (Ohne Bügel) Hybrid Star P , Gr. 80F, Weiß (WHITE)

TriAction Damen BH (Ohne Bügel) Hybrid Star P , Gr. 80F, Weiß (WHITE)

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Weltneuheit! Hier werden innovative Technologien zu einem einzigartigen Sport-BH verbunden. Der BH mit Einlage ist ohne störende Nähte durch ein spezielles Klebeverfahren verarbeitet. Somit können keine Hautirritationen entstehen. Das Unterbrustband ist extra flach verarbeitet, da an dieser Stelle die Reibung am größten ist.Mit Air Condition Cup: dieser ist mit feinen Luftkanälen durchzogen. So wird eine Luftzirkulation auf der Haut ermöglicht, die Hitzestau sowie auch ein Auskühlen der Haut verhindert. Die gepolsterten, breiten Träger und ein Softseal-Haken-Haftenband runden den BH für Extrem-Sportarten wie zum Beispiel Running und Handball ab. Versetzt mit Silberionen zur Geruchsreduktion.Gibt sehr guten Halt und stützt
Weiches Material, trägt sich angenehm auf der Haut
Breite Träger und Unterbrustband

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Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Pop! Vinylfigur

Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Pop! Vinylfigur

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Game of Thrones has become a TV sensation with an ever growing audience who revel in the finely detailed characters and a world of bravery and brutality. This series of POP! figures brings us even more of the characters in this highly collectible form. The POP! vinyl figures stand around 9cm tall.Officially licensed
3.75″ Pop Vinyl Figure
Collect All Game of Thrones Pop Vinyl Figure
Highly Detailed
A must for any fan

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Andrea Berg Best of

Andrea Berg Best of

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Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen krähte sie beim Kölner Karnevalsumzug die ersten Lieder, tanzte zwischen den Funkenmariechen herum und fühlte sich am wohlsten, wenn richtig was los war. Klar, dass sie bei der Musik blieb — zuerst in einer Band, mit der sie am Wochenende über die Dörfer zog, später dann, nach ihrer Entdeckung durch den Produzenten und Komponisten Eugen Römer, hauptberuflich. Dazwischen machte der langbeinige Rotschopf eine Ausbildung zur MTA und wurde Mutter. Seit 1992 gehört Andrea Berg nun zu den deutschen Schlagerstars, singt Lieder, die sowohl ins Herz als auch in die Beine gehen.

Nach zehn erfolgreichen Jahren kann man getrost eine Zwischenbilanz ziehen, was Andrea Berg mit der CD Best Of auch tut. „Bittersüße Zärtlichkeit“ und „Kilimandscharo“ stammen vom ersten Album 1992. „Die Gefühle Haben Schweigepflicht“ und „Wenn Du Mich Willst“ waren 1995/96 ihre ersten großen Hits. 1997/98 ging der Erfolg weiter mit „Warum Nur Träumen“, „Wenn Du Mich Berührst“ und „Diese Nacht Soll Nie Enden“. „Vielleicht Ein Traum Zu Viel“ und „Und Wenn Ich Geh“ begeisterten 1999/2000 ihr Publikum. Vom letzten Album Wo Liegt Das Paradies kamen die Singlehits „Du Hast Mich Tausendmal Belogen“, „Tango Amore“ und „Ich Sterbe Nicht Nochmal“. Aber natürlich gibt es auch Neues auf der CD: „Geh Doch, Wenn Du Sie Liebst“ und „Auch Heute Noch“. Und für die tanzwütigen Fans gibt es auch noch einen „Andrea Berg Partymix“. Fazit: ein Hit-Album, das den Namen auch verdient. –Julia Edenhofer

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Popups In IE – Rid of this Annoying Problem !

The unwelcome experience of having popups in IE can pop up seemingly out of the blue, and if like most people you have no idea where and how to fix it, you can start to breathe easy… – the solution is just moments away. Take a look at the information below – it will soon be obvious that you or anyone else can straighten out this and other pc troubles quickly, effectively, and for (almost) free!

First we need to talk about what is actually causing this type of problem. With all the new software available these days, you probably update your windows with the latest programs, and this means a lot of new data for your system to handle; it’s typically at this point that we may start experiencing problems. Incorrectly adding or removing software programs can impair the functioning of a critical part of the windows os, which is called your windows registry.

A corrupted registry file can trigger such frustrating occurrences as popups in IE as well as additional tiresome malfunctions. What the registry was designed to do is keep track of all your software and hardware setup, updates, and removals. With the loading of a new program or version, it records the application’s specific settings, like where it is located on your computer, etc. Thus, if this component of the registry is impaired, then you can expect varied troubles with your pc to pop up.

So if you encounter popups in IE, your number one priority should be to do a scan of your registry to establish the exact sector that’s responsible. A simple and effective way to go about this is to download a professional registry cleaning software; in almost no time, the registry fixing application will do a thorough search, locating these problematic areas and finally fixing them for you. The majority of these tools provide a certain number of no charge registry scans and repairs, thus you can give your registry a thorough check-up and the odds are good that you’ll be able to eliminate these problems once and for all. One last thing – don’t try to mess with your windows registry system by yourself; this can result in additional sources of worry.

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