Review on Five Minds for the Future

In this book, Howard Gardner stresses on five minds that is fundamental for survival in the present digital era and century. As we live in a digital technological world and era, inculcating and cultivating the habits of using these minds are mandatory. The five minds in brief are:

  1. Disciplined Mind: For each one of us to successful in life, we need to focus on one or two disciplines to succeed. Or else we need to compromise doing menial tasks and to master discipline in one subject takes about 10 years. To develop this disciplined mind, one must consistently work on for long enough until he attains mastery in the discipline. In future, Gardner stresses that for each productive and successful individual, he must focus on one or two disciplines proficiently to thrive in the coming generation.
  2. Synthesizing Mind: is basically integrating one or more disciplines to take effective decisions and actions so as to succeed. Most leaders and presidents have to use this mind most of the time in their career.
  3. Creative Mind: involves thinking creatively and outside the box. This result in creative breakthrough, inventions, innovations etc. The author stresses that having creative mind alone helps you reach nowhere unless and until it is backed up by disciplined mind and synthesized mind. Or else creative mind is a total failure. Whatever one does creatively need to be practiced and mastered regularly and built into a skill in that particular discipline.
  4. Respectful Mind: is another word for tolerant mind. Cultivating respectful minds helps to celebrate the difference across opinions, view, judgments, religious views, castes, races etc. Here one needs to be respectful of each other across nations, groups and community
  5. Ethical Mind: is building of ethics, principles and moral values. Here religious values play a great role. Gardner also considers digital way of communicating especially the chat as unethical and stresses here one must be as ethical as possible with support of respectful mind.

This book is a book I would recommend to read not only for the educators but also for the people in all professions including management and leadership. The language is very easy to follow and Gardener had been very down to earth in putting his ideas across. This book is one of the best book I have ever read because I think most of us lack the five minds and we need to be sure to have these 5 minds as a means to live and thrive in the coming decades. I would personally give 5 stars to this book.

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Source by Yasmin Muhammad Elias

Funko – Figurine Sesame Street – Cookie Monster Pop 10cm – 0849803049133

Funko - Figurine Sesame Street - Cookie Monster Pop 10cm - 0849803049133

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We are excited to announce a brand new series of Sesame Street Pop! Vinyl Figures!

The Sesame Street Pop! Series features some of the most beloved characters from the popular children’s television program.
Do you know how to get to Sesame Street?

Gewicht: 135gSesame Street Sammelfigur Cookie Monster Vinyl Figure 02 für None – Standard Standard

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The Guide to Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes have gone a long way over the years. Pregnancy has been also a phase where the woman can show how sexy she can be. Today, there are variable clothes for business, formal wear, and even lingerie specifically for the pregnant woman.

Pregnany may now be equated to, "how stylish can you get!"

A problem that would occur is how much money you are willing to spend on maternity clothes. This is because it is only worn for a short period of time. Not every body is like Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes that can sport designer clothes during pregnancy and then just stuff it back in the closet like it was not that expensive.

On the brighter side of things, these celebrities show us that there are really maternity clothes that are fashionable, where you could still be yourself. Well, this is opposed to unflattering maternity pants and tent-like dresses.

Here are some solutions where you can dress like celebrity pregnant moms but still be within the budget.

1. Get your money's worth. Select clothes that you can wear while you're pregnant all the way to your nursing stage. Another suggestion would be buy clothes that could go well with your existing clothes that still fit.

2. Borrow. There is nothing wrong from borrowing your sister's or aunt's maternity clothes. Here you really save money. The problem is you just have to let their sense of style work for you.

3. Plus size rocks! Sometimes, just plus sizes of the average clothing would work for you. No need to buy special maternity clothes. Often times, plus sizes cost less than clothes meant for pregnant women.

4. Look through your husband's clothes. This speaks for itself.

5. Look for discounts and sales. Raid the halls with sales. Visit factory outlets and yard sales to look for some cheap clothing.

Now you know where to look for the maternity clothes for at less cost. However, sometimes we really have no choice but to shop for new ones. Here are list of steps to follow in shopping for maternity clothes.

1. Know your before pregnancy size and shop for it. Most shops base their sizes on your size before you were pregnant. This way they can estimate how big you are going to get.

2. Keyword: Stretch. Buy clothes that can stretch. These clothes would have made up of 4-10% elastin or spandex. This would ensure that the clothes will expand while you do.

3. Consider your growing belly. Thus, check the maternity clothes' cuts. There should be room for the growth of the belly.

4. Buy dresses that would flow down to your knees or lower. This is because the hem will rise when your belly gets bigger.

5. Buy more tops than bottoms. Mix and match the different tops with the bottom.

6. When trying the maternity clothes, feel how it wraps around you tummy and if the meals are comfortable.

7. Buy only two to three bras because the breasts tend to grow larger after pregnancy.

8. Splurge on only one outfit. This one outfit can be used during special occasions when pregnant.

NOTE: It is recommended that solids are preferred over stripes and prints during pregnancy. This is because stripes and prints emphasize how large you are.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to forget about your style. Even during pregnancy, you can express yourself through your clothing. This simple guide can advance you to the road to the maternity fashion highway.

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Source by Tim Jonny

Get Up and Dance!

I still remember the "dances" in the gym when I was a tenth-grader in school. They were excruciating affairs; Girls animatedly chattering on one side of that big room, boys squinting silently at the girls from the other. No dancing. No talking. Vague, compelling inner churnings and urges, but no action.

My mother and father loved to dance, but had no outlet. In our house, just outside a tiny western New York state town, they sometimes waltzed in the living room. I remember them as quite graceful together, doing their ballroom steps in the lamp-light.

As for me, I showed no evidence of dance-ability in my youth. I was shy, physically awkward after an early bout of polio, and very self-conscious.

Fast forward to 1968.

I was your friendly anchorman on the evening local television news. I reported all over the south, mostly following the swirling civil rights battles that flared in small and large towns alike. I interviewed Ralph Abernathy and Dr. Martin Luther King, and I watched history up close and personal.

Most of the civil rights demonstrations began with gatherings at the local black churches. This skinny white journalist from the north stood in churches packed shoulder-to-shoulder with brave black people, their faces hopefully and intensely alive, who traveled and sang gospel songs, knowing they would soon be beaten and jailed.

When they sang and walked, I walked with them. It was in those churches that I began to feel connected to my body in any form of movement-as-expression.

Then there was the 'counterculture' … free-love hippies, marijuana smokers, vastly talented musicians. They certainly knew how to move and dance.

I covered this culture, too, short-haired, in a coat and tie. I did not dance, but I watched. And I like to think it all finally penetrated my tight self, like WD-40 on a closed-up part. The black churches, the hippies, the incredible music of the times finally got into me.

I quit the TV job, and someone turned me on to marijuana. Well yes, I had to move then. And sing. And begin to learn about love. And I started to dance.

It was free-form rock and roll dancing. The music carried me away, and I found, to my delight, that I had a talent and love for dancing.

Fast forward to 1992 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I was a marriage counselor in private practice (No, I never went back to broadcasting), and I still loved to dance. In Santa Fe, that mean doing the country two-step, waltz and swing.

I had discovered that, unlike those times at the gym at high school, I was a pretty popular guy. It was not necessarily my sterling personality. I discovered this secret: If you are a man 35 or older who is clean, polite, employed and can dance, you are a rare and precious commodity, and the women will line up to dance with you. I danced at least three nights a week, and it was a blast.

And that was where I met my wife, Betsy. She was one of the women on those dance floors, and we danced for eight years before we ever had a date. I did not think she was my 'type'. The women who were my type kept turning out to be opponents on two feet, so I finally decided to date outside my type, and there was Betsy.

When we married, we were the last couple on the dance floor with the band at our reception, well after midnight, dancing and dancing.

We sometimes tell people the "eight years dancing before a date" story, and they all go, "Awww … that's so sweet!"

It's more than sweet. Dancing is very intimate, even when you are not involved or especially friendly off the dance floor. You must feel, expect and know each other on a wordless level to be good dancers together. You must be able to lead and follow, to blend, to move quickly or slowly, to synchronize. It's good training for a relationship.

Now that my knees are cranky, we do not dance so much. But we still love it, and when a great band comes to town, we go, and we dance at least one full set. We used to dance three sets, but one is very satisfying now.

So, my friends, get up and dance … good things will happen!

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Source by Doug Hickok

Adware Protection

Over the years, computer programs have evolved from being productive to being malicious. Malicious software programs are rampant these days; Some of these are computer viruses, spam, spyware, and adware. Spyware and adware are both classified under malware, which means that they are malicious software that changes system and registry settings of the operating system which in turn causes the computer to be unstable.

Adware in its basic form is a program that shows advertisements on your computer monitor. Once a computer gets affected by adware, windows showing advertisements may popup on the display even if the computer is disconnected from the Internet. Aside from displaying popup windows, adware can also add website shortcut links to a webpage browser's favorites folder and change the setting of your browser's homepage. Adware also redirects search engine search results to other websites, most often to websites that earn income out of the number of clicks or hits that gather.

Adware is typically installed on a computer system through false pretenses. Adware websites trick users into clicking links that will install the adware program onto their systems. Similarly, adware can also be installed through freeware and bundled software, among these are free FTP or file sharing programs. Users are typically eager to use free software, which made combining adware with freeware software a "" package. ""

Adware takes advantage of the gullibility of users when it comes to using free things from the Internet. The most basic protection against adware would be for users to make sure the software they are planning to install comes from a reliable source and does not include adware. Synonymously, users are advised to visit only trusted websites. When faced with a dialog box or a popup window during software installation or upon visiting a website, users are advised to read carefully before clicking on the "" OK "" or "" Yes "" option.

Aside from practicing safe web surfing, users may protect their computer systems by making sure the operating system is patched up or updated. Another solution would be to download and install "" Pop-up Blockers "" to stop popup advertisements from showing on the display. Antivirus software also provides protection against adware.

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Source by Josh Riverside

Casio Funkuhren Herren-Armbanduhr Digital Quarz WV-59DE-1AVEF

Casio Funkuhren Herren-Armbanduhr Digital Quarz WV-59DE-1AVEF

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Herrenchronograph, Gehäuse Edelstahl, Band Edelstahl, Zifferblatt schwarz, Hintergrundbeleuchtung per Knopfdruck, Funksignalempfänger (USA, Japan, EU), Stoppfunktion, Weltzeit, Tagesalarm, Wochentagsanzeige in mehreren Sprachen, Tastentöne ein/aus, gewölbtes Uhrenglas, wasserdicht bis 5 Bar

Gehäuseabmessung: Durchmesser ca. 39 mmEdelstahl-Resin-Quarz-Uhr mit Edelstahl-Armband und Sicherheits-TrisnapverschlußZusatzfunktionen, z.B. Funk, Stoppuhr, Alarm, Beleuchtung
Funk und mehrsprachige Wochentagsanzeige
Illuminator und 5 Bar wasserdicht
Weltzeitfunktion und Sicherheitsverschluss

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Health Issues That The Stars Have To Deal With

Even though celebrities have buckets full of money and have the best doctors that money can buy, doesn’t mean that don’t get sick and have illnesses just like the rest of us. We are going to take a look at what some of stars or suffering from.

Pete Wentz: Wentz suffers from manic depression and is currently taking medication. Manic depression when left un-medicated can cause violent mood swings that are linked to bi-polar disorder. He currently takes anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and receives therapy treatment.

Nick Jonas: this young pop start suffers from type-1 diabetes, which means that he has to take insulin every day because his body doesn’t produce enough. He also has to monitor is blood sugar regularly. This young pop star will have this condition for his entire life.

Pamela Anderson: Anderson suffers from Hepatitis C and she claims that she got infected from sharing a tattoo needle. Having Hepatitis C can cause liver damage and may lead to permanent damage. Anderson takes medication for this but Hepatitis C is not curable.

Mary-Kate Olsen: Olsen has been fighting anorexia since 2004. This disease has nearly killed her and she is now seeking help that will help her move past the disease. This disease is characterized by deep fear of weight gain and thinking that their body image is always fat no matter how skinny they appear.

Elizabeth Taylor: Taylor was diagnosed with basal cell skin cancer. She was diagnosed in 2003 and has received surgery and radiation to help with this disease. This is one of the most common cancers in there are over a million cases that occur every year.

Prince: This well-known singing sensation was diagnosed with epilepsy as a child. This is a brain condition that causes the neurons in your brain to not function properly. Prince is taking current medications to help with this condition. He claims that his flashy persona is from having to live with this condition all his life, he says that he was compensating from having to live with this condition.

Robert De Niro: This major movie star was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was 60 years old. He caught the disease early on and had surgery and radiation to cure him of the caner. This cancer is usually treatable as long as it is caught early on and hasn’t had a chance to spread to other areas of the body.

Coolio: This old time rapper once suffered an asthma attack so severe that he passed out on stage and couldn’t breathe. Approximately 1 in every 10 kids suffers from asthma; and can be controlled by the use of inhalers and some medication. The inhalers and medications that you can take help in opening the lungs to help with breathing.

Just because stars have a lot of money and can afford the top doctors doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from the same illnesses as everyone else; the only difference is, is that they can afford to take the best medications.

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Source by Sachin Kumar Airan

Wall Mount Speakers

Wall speakers are the new hip thing in surround sound systems because it eliminates the wires on the ground that are in the way and it also eliminates the space taken by regular sound systems because they are mounted to the walls.

If you want your surround sound system to look classy and get rid of the wiring problem you should consider buying wall mount speakers for your home entertainment room.

The definition of speaker: speaker is a device which receives commands from the player (CD, DVD, MP3 etc.) via a cable or signal which is then converted so that the speakers play the sound of a song or video that played.

The wall mount speakers have audio enchantments that is linked with the master speaker of the system, this audio enchantment advances a few features of this system like; the bass, treble, small and soft sound details so that you can feel at ease when you have a wall mount system in your entertainment room.

There are a big variety of wall mounts to choose from which will be compatible with most of the brands in the market and you can also place them on speaker stands.

By adjusting your wall speakers to the right angles and levels you can improve your sound quality of your entertainment system to your likes.

One of the key reasons why we buy sound systems for our homes is to get the satisfaction of the movie experience in our homes that is why we sometime even buy the high brand name Sound systems to get the best surround sound out of the system.

When buying wall mount speakers just make sure you do not buy cheap products because you will sooner or later pay extra to either fix your current system or to buy a new one, so pay a little extra to make sure you do not buy a cheap system to satisfy your needs and a long lasting system.

If you want to know anything more on wall mount speakers, surround sound systems, where to buy the products and reviews on these sound products, please visit the following sites.

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Source by Abel Konel