What Type of Fire Alarm Do I Need and Where Should I Put It?

It is probably quite evident that there are a number of fire alarms available, and at vastly varying prices, so it may be very difficult to understand the differences between Optical, Ionisation and Heat alarms. This guide is aimed at taking some of that confusion away.

So what is the difference between the models?

As stated above there are three types of alarm, each with its own uses.

Optical Alarm: This type of smoke alarm typically uses an infrared beam between two points, the alarm being triggered should the beam be disturbed. In much the same way as a criminal might trip an alarm when breaking into a bank vault or museum in the movies, if the beam is broken, the alarm will go off. It detects larger smoke particles best.

Ionisation Alarm: These alarms use 2 small plates (one charged positively, one negatively) and an alpha particle source to create a constant current running across the gap between the plates. When smoke enters the chamber it interferees with this process, interrupting the charge. When the charge drops, the alarm goes off. These alerts are best at detecting smaller smoke particles.

Heat Alarms: A heat alarm will trigger if the room temperature reaches a certain level. They do not detect smoke, and are not to be used as a substitute for a smoke alarm, but should be used in assisting these alerts for greater fire detection.

Why do we need different types of fire alarm?

Different types of alarm exist due to the different types of fire. Believe it or not, fires act in different ways depending on what is burning, and is important to identify the fire as quickly as possible. Different alerts are better at discovering different fires, and choosing the right alarm for the right room could save your life one day.

Fires can be particularly smokey, often caused by the burning of papers or clothing etc, and burn rapidly, producing smaller smoke particles. The Ionisation alerts are better at detecting these fires.

Other fires can be a lot less smokey, often being harder to detect, and are caused by the burning of carpets, sofas or electrical devices. These fires tend to burn less quickly, producing larger smoke particles. Optical alerts will be better at detecting these fires.

Which fire alarm do I need?

This article is meant as a general guide, and for more detailed safety advice it is highly recommended that you contact your local Fire Service. This being said, the information below should help you decide.

  • Optical alarm: Living room, dining room, hallway
  • Ionisation alarm: Bedrooms, walk in wardrobes
  • Heat alarms: Dusty areas such as garages, unconverted lofts etc where the dust could interfere with the other alarm types.

Alarms are available as either battery operated, or mains operated with battery backup. The mains alarms will continue to work for a time after power is lost to the unit, but only as a backup. If this is the case, mains should be restored to the unit right away, or the battery changed.

Some alerts even come with the option of interconnectivity, meaning if one alarm sounds, then all the alarms sound. This is highly useful in larger properties where one alarm may not be heard by everyone. The idea is to raise the alarm to everyone right away – as soon as a fire starts – and having the alarms linked together will achieve this.

Fires are responsible for a large number of deaths each year, as we all know from the adverts broadcast on television or radio. This is a fact, and can be greatly reduced by just checking your alarm to be sure that it works, and that it is the correct alarm for the location it is placed. Be aware that alerts need replacing after a certain amount of time, and it is worth checking on the unit and to note the replace by date. If you are unsure, check with your local Fire Service.

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Source by Dan D Stevens

Technoline, WT 8000 Funk-Wanduhr, Ø 30cm, Silber

Technoline, WT 8000 Funk-Wanduhr, Ø 30cm, Silber

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Funkwanduhr, Kunststoffrahmen, betriebsbereit mit 1x AA Batterie, nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten.Die WT 8000 ist eine klassische Wanduhr.
Dank ihres Kunststoffgehäuses ist diese Wanduhr besonders leicht.
Die Uhr läuft mit einem Funkwerk, sodass Ihnen lästiges Zeitumstellen zur Winter- sowie Sommerzeit erspart bleibt.
Der Durchmesser der WT 8000 beträgt 30cm und somit ist das Zifferblatt auch aus größerer Entfernung sehr gut ablesbar.

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9 Tips For the Back-to-School Mom – Organization is Everything!

Well, just about everything. If you're a mom who's headed back to school, you want to get serious about time management, delegating, well, everything. Here are nine tips to help you get both you and your children back to school easily, confidently and most importantly, quickly!

1. Ditch Perfectionism. The dust on top of the furniture? Protective coverage. Smudge on the front door? All your best friends come to the back door anyway. Perfection is not everything, especially when you have a test to prepare for.

2. Delegate. Even young children – and husbands! – can pitch in. And they should, no matter what Mom's doing. Helping gives children (and Dads) a feeling of competence and confidence which helps their self-esteem (yes, Dads, too).

3. Be Realistic. No one, not even Oprah or Martha Stewart, has it all or can do it all. Do not believe me? Then tell me why Oprah just gave her best friend a million dollars? For all the help she cave Oprah along the way, that's why. Celebrities have staffs who do it all for them, they do not do it themselves – and neither can you, unless you employ a staff of 20 full-time people. Keep expectations of what you can and can not do in any 24-hour day realistic, and both you and your family will be a lot happier.

4. Flexibility Is Queen Every Day. When you're juggling school, work and family, you have to be flexible and be able to shift priorities quickly. Think of life as one large yoga exercise, and be ready to bend and stretch as needed, when needed.

5. Play Beat The Clock. Setting deadlines is a great way to motivate you to take care of the most important priorities. Create deadlines for your tough chores and assignments (and your children's) and put a portion of your time aside each day to tackle the largest ones. This will keep you from getting crazed the night before your midterm when your son's science project is due the next day.

6. Organize, Organize, Organize. Do not just talk about it, do it. Pack lunches, lay out clothes, bathe, get book bags ready, and set out dishes and non-perishable breakfast items the night before. This will not only save you time in the mornings, but also make them far less stressful overall. Have a place for everything – make sure everyone knows where those places are, and let them go there all by themselves!

7. Know Your Prime Time. Everyone has a time of day or night when they perform some tasks better than others. For example, studying may be easier at night after everyone's gone to bed, and mornings are your best time for household chores. Take time to learn what your prime time is for the truly important tasks you need to accomplish daily – then use it to your advantage.

8. Do not Learn To Say No, Say It! We all know how to say "No", we simply do not do it often enough. Do not let yourself be bullied or guilty-tripped into taking on projects or volunteer work that strips you of valuable time you need to spend elsewhere. You will not be in school forever, and those volunteer organizations will still be around when you're finished and have more time.

9. Reward Yourself. You are wonderful, Mom! Just look at everything you do every day – and on top of it all, you're taking school and making it to your daughter's swim meets and your son's soccer games, and on time! Have that bowl of ice cream (two scoops is fine, really), and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

Copyright 2006 Karen Fusco

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Source by Karen Fusco

Reinigungspaste/Polierpaste für Acryl-Oberflächen „Acryl-Star“ (2 in 1)

Reinigungspaste/Polierpaste für Acryl-Oberflächen

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Cramer Acryl-Star Polierset 100 ml für Acryl, Polyester und Mineralguss
Hochwertige Sanitärausstattungen benötigen eine ganze besondere Pflege. Mit einem ungeeigneten Reinigungsmittel oder gar Scheuerpulver verblasst der brillante Glanz von Mineralguss und Acryl – die Oberflächen werden stumpf und matt. Mit der Kombination aus speziellen Tensiden und Polierkörpern entfernt Acryl-Star hässliche Verfärbungen, Flecken und Kalkablagerungen, während er die Wannenoberfläche gleichzeitig poliert. Tiefere Kratzer im Acryl können gar mit dem beiliegenden Schleifpapier ausgeschliffen und mit der Reinigungs- und Polierpaste wieder auf Hochglanz gebracht werden.
Das Set enthält: Reinigungs- und Polierpaste 100ml, Nass-Schleifpapier Körnung 1200 und 2500. Mit der Kombination aus speziellen Tensiden und Polierkörpern entfernt der Acryl-Star Kalk, Verfärbungen und Ablagerungen während er gleichzeitig die Oberfläche poliert. Tiefere Kratzer werden zuerst mit dem beiliegenden Schleifpapier ausgeschliffen und anschließend mit einem weichen, nassen Tuch und Acryl-Star auf Hochglanz gebracht. Säurefrei!
Reinigungs- und Polierpaste zur schonenden Entfernung von Kalk, Verfärbungen, Ablagerungen und feinen Kratzern
Ideal fur Intensivreinigung, Fruhjahrsputz und Wohnungswechsel
Acryl-, Polyester-, Mineralguss- und Fiberglas-Oberflächen
Reinigt und poliert die Oberfläche schonend
Fur kleinere Kratzer keine zusätzliche Politur notwendig
Reinigungskonzentrat (Paste)
Hautschonend, angenehmer Duft, umweltfreundlich
Reinigen: Mit feuchtem Tuch oder Schwamm auftragen, mit warmem Wasser abspülen und trockenreiben.
Polieren: Kratzer mit Schleifpapier ausschleifen, mit Tuch und Acryl-Star polieren.
Bei Kratzern auf Mineralguss verwenden Sie bitte ausschließlich die Polier-Paste, die beigelegten Schleifmittel sind aufgrund der dünnen, farbgebenden Schicht hierfür nichAcryl-Star, die schonende säurefreie Reinigungs- und Polierpaste für Acryl, Polyester und Fiberglas.
Reinigen und Polieren in einem Arbeitsgang. Ein Produkt für zwei Arbeitsgänge!
Entfernt Kalk, Verfärbungen und starke Ablagerungen ohne zu verkratzen.
Kratzer und Gebrauchsspuren unverdünnt mit einem nassen, weichen Lappen säubern und auf Hochglanz polieren.
Mit deutscher Bedienungsanleitung. Aus unserer Produktreihe „Sanitär-Professional“.

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Galileo and the GPS NTP Server

Currently there is only one Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) the NAVSTAR GPS which has been open for civilian use since the late 1980’s. Most commonly, the GPS system is thought to provide navigational information allowing drivers, sailors and pilots to pinpoint their position anywhere in the world.

In fact, the only information beamed from a GPS satellite is the time which is generated by the satellites internal atomic clock. This timing signal is so accurate that a GPS receiver can use the signal from three satellites and pinpoint the location to within a few metres by working out how long each precise signal took to arrive.

Currently a GPS NTP server can use this timing information to synchronise entire computer networks to providing accuracy to within a few milliseconds.

However, the European Union is currently working on Europe’s own Global Navigation Satellite System called Galileo, which will rival the GPS network by providing its own timing and positioning information.

However, Galileo is designed to be interoperable with GPS meaning that a current GPS NTP server will be able to receive both signals, although some software adjustments may have to be made.

This interoperability will provide increased accuracy and may make national time and frequency radio broadcasts obsolete as they will not be able to produce a comparable accuracy.

Furthermore, Russia, China and India are currently planning their own GNSS systems which may provide even more accuracy. GPS has already revolutionised the way the world works not only by allowing precise positioning but also enabling entire globe to synchronise to the same timescale using a GPS NTP server. It is expected that even more advances in technology will emerge once the next generation of GNSS begin their transmissions.

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Source by Richard N Williams

The Telegram

A Life Altering Event

In 1902, Victor Depaz was in Bordeaux, France, to complete his education. In late May, he heard the news of a series of devastating volcanic eruptions from Mount Pelee, on the island of Martinique. He received a telegram from a family friend in Fort-de-France, that the first eruption on May 8, 1902, had claimed his entire family! The family home, the distillery, and the entire estate were gone as well. The words on that telegram stopped the course of his life. He was no longer a loved young man of promise and privilege. He had no purpose. Alone and destitute, Victor was an orphan at age sixteen.

Human life is a gift that comes to us with no guarantee of happiness or success. In an instant, our fortunes can change without our fault or in spite of our finest effort. A child who has grown to expect the safety and love of his family is least prepared to have love and care to be lost in the blink of an eye. Most people who experience such a calamity feel powerless, and they see no choice other than to accept that happiness has been replaced by despair. People and animals throughout the world commonly capitulate, or accept fate’s cruelty. To not do that is an exception, a word that means rare. One is exceptional if one deviates from the norm. Victor loved his family and his life. He cried for them. He prayed for them. Then, he decided to be exceptional. Victor became a man on the day that he received a telegram. As a man, aged sixteen, Victor Depaz resolved to keep for himself the purpose that his family had intended for him.

The Path to a Purpose

Victor fought the overpowering urge to return home to St. Pierre. The human need for closure during death in the family is horrific, yet he could not succeed in his purpose if he gave in to that. He would honor his family by completing his education, which was now doubly hard for he had to find his own money to do it. His life became one day at a time, a week at a time. He turned to reading, becoming a voracious reader. He read about industrial techniques, and he bound what he learned about that with his memory of how agriculture and the rhum distilling process worked. Having suffered financially, Victor read about banking techniques. He used his story, which was compelling, to reach Frenchmen of influence and means. This was how he financed his quest to return to Martinique. A day at a time, a week at a time, and years passed before he amassed the means to go home. In 1917, at age thirty-one, Victor Depaz returned to Martininque. At St. Pierre, he wept again. He grieved at the cradle of his childhood, upon the land that entombed the unmarked graves of his family. Then, he resolved once more to be exceptional!

The Strength to Carry Others

St Pierre remained in ruins. The 1902 volcanic eruption was a killing horizontal protoclastic blast. His family was part of more than 29,000 who were killed! Mercilessly, Mount Pelee had sent a later, second blast to take two thousand responders! The volcano was quiet now, and so was St. Pierre. Very few people had come to clear out the ruins to make their lives there. But, Victor Depaz was home! He found a Catholic priest who struggled to put back the town’s cathedral, the moral symbol of hope. Victor dedicated himself to the priest’s purpose, pledging to share the bounty from his estate, which he said that he would restore. Envigorated by this man of hope, the priest dedicated himself to send helping hands to Victor. Remembering the importance of details, and how perseverance had led him home, Victor applied what he learned from what he had read. The blue sugarcane was the heart of the family business. From can to can’t, can see (dawn) to can’t see (sunset), Victor and those who helped him, returned the soil of the Depaz estate to cultivation. Then, he built a windmill to turn the rollers that would squeeze the juice from the cane. Applying the exact technique of his father, he distilled rhum from pure cane juice. But, he found out that other distillers now added sugar or molasses to boost production and cut costs. Depaz rhum would be limited in quantity and more costly unless he incorporated those changes too. Yet, if he did that, he would be at cross-purpose. Victor had plenty of justification to do anything necessary to survive. Yet, he had resolved to reclaim his family’s legacy. By recreating the exceptional product of his father, he had achieved his resolution. Now, he resolved to make France recognize and honor that product!

A Continuing Story

Through dogged determination, Victor succeeded in establishing the agricultural process of using only cane juice in the distilling of rhum as a distinct standard. The French Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC) honors that standard to this day, and Depaz estate-grown blue sugarcane juice distilled rhum wins AOC approval year after year. Victor married. He rebuilt his family home precisely as he remembered it to be. He and his wife filled that home with eleven children, with love, and hope. Through his children, Victor set the course of the continuing saga of the Depaz family. They say that cream rises to the top, no matter how much it is stirred. An exceptional person is always a winner because he does not quit trying no matter how hard or how many times he is knocked down. The legacy of Victor Depaz is complete, and it endures in a growing and thriving family, estate, and superb rhum distillery, exactly where it was supposed to be in St. Pierre, Martinique. Victor Depaz was a world shaper.

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Source by Tony A Grayson