Characteristics of Bad Public Speakers

Congratulations! You’ve set your sights on a lofty goal, being one of the worst public speakers imaginable. It will take a while and require a lot of practice, but if you do your best at being the worst, soon nobody will want to hear you speak in public. Follow these simple rules, and you’ll soon develop a reputation as one of the worst public speakers around!

1) Mumble and Speak Softly: Good public speakers want their messages to be clear and precise, easy for listeners to follow, so in order to be the worst you need to be as incomprehensible as possible. Mumble when you talk and speak softly, so that none of your listeners can hear what you say or understand your words. If even the front row of your listeners has to lean in to hear you, you’re doing a great job.

2) Avoid Eye Contact: The last thing you want to do is look at the audience; they might mistakenly understand something you’ve said, or at least think that you genuinely want to connect with them. Instead, look almost every place else; the ceiling, your shoes, the walls, or behind you, away from the audience (perfect if you have a chalkboard or white board to stare at the whole time). As long as you are looking somewhere other than towards the audience, they’ll get the clue that you’re really not interested in them.

3) Move Constantly While Speaking: Whether it’s a simple nervous twitch or full blown pacing up and down the stage or other public speaking area, you want to make sure that you never stop moving. Not simply walking calmly or making a few hand gestures either; you want to be moving frantically and unpredictably, one minute circling the stage, the next minute waving your arms around randomly. At no point do you want your movements to have anything to do with what you are talking about; the less sense your actions make, the better.

4) Don’t Practice Beforehand: The very first time you say your speech should be when you are on stage, looking at an eager audience who expect you to talk like a professional. Even if you are an expert on the speech material (and why would you give a speech on something you know when you’re trying to give a bad speech?), if you don’t practice what you want to say, you’ll be sure to struggle with the speech, making long pauses as you try to find the words you’re seeking, and fill the speech with ums and ahs.

5) Don’t Write Down Your Speech: While we’re on the subject, you definitely don’t want to write down your speech or any notes about what you want to say. If you have notes, you might stay on track with your speech, covering the material you wanted to cover, and generally staying on track. If you do keep papers on you during your speech (perfect for if you need something to look at rather than your audience), make them random and unorganized, flip through them at regular intervals, and read the most boring and irrelevant parts throughout your speech.

There you go; if you want to be a horrible, atrocious, and downright bad public speaker, all you need to do is to follow these simple rules, and you’ll be widely known as the worst speaker by anyone in your audience. Keep it up for a few speeches, and nobody will ever ask you to speak again! (Or, you could do the exact opposite of what this article says, and you’ll end up giving a fairly solid, well liked speech. Why you would want to do that, I don’t know, but the possibility is there if you want.)

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Source by Roger Raby

Anita Active Damen Nahtloser Sport-BH dynamiX-Star, Einfarbig, Gr. 75G, Weiß (weiß/metallo 670)

Anita Active Damen Nahtloser Sport-BH dynamiX-Star, Einfarbig, Gr. 75G, Weiß (weiß/metallo 670)

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Super Saturated Fats

I’ve noticed an inspiring turn of events. People within the Paleo community are reversing Fat-Phobia.

Maligned since the 1970s, when questionable research steamrolled into the anti-fat movement (followed by over 30 years of progressively declining public health), Fat may be poised for a comeback.

I have noticed, however, that as much as we Paleo folk love our nuts, avocados, and olive oil, there is still some confusion over Saturated Fat. Just recently I saw a little Facebook Sat-Fat-Fear-Mongering on the part of an excellent Paleo-oriented gym. I wanted to reach out, give that gym a hug, and tell them not to be scared of their bacon and beef tallow.

According to Ph.D Mary Enig, a well-respected researcher of fats and author of Know Your Fats, fear of Sat Fat is rooted in the profiteering of the commercial cooking oil companies – the Soybean Oil Guys, among others.

While I don’t see the word „conspiracy“ being thrown around with regards to this subject, I tend to believe if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…It’s probably trying to sell you Soybean Oil.

„Dietary fat, whether saturated or not, is not a cause of obesity, heart disease, or any other chronic disease of civilization.“

So says Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories. Taubes has spent over fifteen years on the research, evaluation, and synthesis of thousands of so-called „studies“ on health and the connection between diet, obesity, and traditional health markers like cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.

As far back as the late-1980s, results of a women’s health study indicated that more fat and saturated fat consumption correlated with less breast cancer. The Nurses Health Study indicated as recently as 1999 that „for every 5 percent of saturated-fat calories that replaced carbohydrates in the diet, the risk of breast cancer decreased by 9 percent.“

And yet I just listened to a radio ad extolling the virtues of a vegetarian diet (almost certainly a low-fat lifestyle) for cancer treatment and prevention.

According to Nora Gedgaudas, author of Primal Body, Primal Mind, Sat Fats from naturally-occurring sources like eggs, grass-fed animal fats and coconut oil raise „good“ cholesterol, convert essential omega-3 fatty acids to EPA and DHA (essential for vision, among other things), assist in fat-soluble nutrient absorption, strengthen the immune system, and aid in normal hormone production. Our brains and the protective structure around our hearts are largely composed of Sat Fats.

And to think I spent years drinking the sugar-filled Sat Fat Haterade.

Beyond these obvious benefits, Sat Fats are extremely stable and less vulnerable to oxidation than polyunsaturated fats and even monounsaturated fats like olive oil. I almost always cook with SatFats. According to Dr. Eades of Protein Power:

„Saturated fats aren’t prone to free radical attack-only unsaturated fats can be damaged by free radicals.“

Eades also says that Sat Fats are „immune to heat damage. You can cook with them, you can hit them with a hammer, you can throw them on the floor and jump up and down on them. And they stay the same. Saturated fats are stable fats.“

Not only am I going straight home to start hitting various foods with a hammer (Gallagher-style), I’m going to enjoy myself some eggs, scrambled up in coconut oil, with a side of bacon.


– Mary Enig, Know Your Fats

– Nora Gedgaudas, Primal Body, Primal Mind

– Gary Taubes, Good Calories, Bad Calories

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Source by Steve Liberati

Funko – Figurine – Scream – Ghostface Pop 10cm – 0830395033600

Funko - Figurine - Scream - Ghostface Pop 10cm - 0830395033600

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10cm hohe Nachbildung von Ghostface aus Scream. Lieferung in einer designten Fensterbox.

Warnhinweis: Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet; Achtung! Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile. Erstickungsgefahr.

Empfohlen ab 14 Jahren.Ghostface Figur mit drehbarem Kopf
Scream Lizenzprodukt
detailreiche Super-Stylized Vinyl Figur
Lieferung in designter Fenster-Box
10 cm hoch

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Funeral Services

Losing a close relative or friend is a difficult, emotional and stressful experience for many people. Funeral sites provide help to bereaved people by assisting them in getting through the early stages of arranging a funeral and by guiding them through the various options available.

Regardless of whether you are pre-planning a funeral for yourself, arranging a funeral for a loved one, or providing grief support, it is a difficult task at best. Funeral sites provide help and guide you through the process. Information technology has made possible an entirely new concept by providing online the very latest in funeral service personalization. To take one example, online obituaries have become an accepted mode of disseminating information of the passing away of a loved one and arranging funerals.

Such new concepts are being added all the time and you may not be familiar with what can now be accomplished online in the way of end-of-life planning.

Among the many online services now available are:

-Funeral planning

-Memorial websites

-Grief support

-Funeral home directories and recommendations

-Obituaries/death notices

-Casket and urn sales

-Organ donation information

-Miscellaneous services, such as vital documents storage, cremation products, virtual cemeteries, and more.

Following is a listing of some of the more useful and innovative online resources you many want to research on these topics.

National Funeral Directors Association (

Funeral planning, grief resources, funeral service helpline and help in finding a funeral home. This is a complete funeral website.

My Wonderful Life (

Make funeral plans, write your obituary, take care of your pets, prepare a list where your vital documents are stored and a lot more.

The Co-operative Funeral Care (

Customized plans for cremations and burials, arrangements and memorials!

Respectance (

Online tribute and memorial website!

Funeral Planning (

All that you need to know about funeral planning and grief support!

Eternal Image (

Pioneers in exquisite high quality memorial products!

Tribute Direct (

End-of-life products and services including. Planning, caskets, monuments and urns!

Eternal Reefs (

Creates permanent environmental living legacies for families that choose cremation!

Memorial Ecosystems (

Specialists in conservation burials

The Family Plot Blog (

Provides information on what is new in funeral industry


Complete funeral planner, even lets you name a successor to your Facebook account and specify how it should be handled when you are no more!

Funeralwise (

Funeral planning, costs, funeral etiquettes and customs and everything else that you want to know about funerals.

The Digital Beyond (

In case you are worried about what happens to your digital assets.

Funeral Perfect (

Offers comprehensive funeral services with useful suggestion about what you need to discuss with your family and the funeral director.

Funeral Planning (

Helps plan funerals and memorials, find a funeral home near you and discover the services on offer.

Forever Remembered (

This is an online obituary service. You create your own obituary. It even provides online obituaries from your website if you have one, at a price of your choosing, even at no cost.

Memorial Farewells (

Offers memorial website for the bereaved to share obituaries, eulogies, funeral arrangements, guest book and everything else associated with the loss of a loved one.

My Condolence(

Offers personalized and lasting memorial web pages in the memory of your loved one.

Acorn Obituaries (

Online memorials and obituaries for the departed

American Memorials (

Offers an extensive database of obituaries and memorials

Eternal Star (

Offers permanent hosting of family photographs, histories, memorials and documents

Forever Network (

Affiliate funeral homes, obituaries and biographical memorials

Gates of Remembrance (

Create and view everlasting online remembrance memorial to celebrate the life of someone who made a difference to your life

Legacy (

Pay tribute to the dear departed, honor enduring legacies and connect with people for comfort and inspiration

Dignity Caring Funeral Services (

Website offers detailed information on funeral arrangements and plans

Online Funeral (

This site offers online solutions for funeral homes and bereaved families. Set up a family website and watch live funeral services.

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Source by Joseph L Ryan

Twitter – Tweet For Fun – Tweet For Profit

Here we are growing, learning, changing, doing the best that we can to achieve our goals and to market our business ..

We have many tools available to us that enable us to go out and make a difference. Most involve a lot of work, but some are fun.

One such tool that is sweeping the world is Twitter. The enigma surrounding Twitter is that there is no consensus as to what Twitter really is or what role Twitter plays in our modern world. Many think of Twitter as a place for instant communication, others call Twitter social media. Some say Twitter is the epitome of micro-blogging, that Twitter represents the larger reality in a small space. Celebrities use Twitter to update their fans. Others simply use Twitter as a way to stay in touch with friends and family.

The truth about Twitter is that Twitter is whatever you want it to be .

I think that most people feel a bit awkward the first time that we go to tweet. Twitter can be a bit overwhelming for the novice and it is normal to feel nervous about our early posts. For these reasons, try to involve and interact with both friends and family so that you do not have to step too far outside of your comfort zone.

Whatever purpose that you see or use Twitter for, just remember to have fun and above all else, be yourself. Let others see the passion that drives you. Let your inner light shine.

Be sure to take a little extra time to read the Twitter FAQ . It pays to familiarize yourself with what is and is not allowed on Twitter.

Do be yourself. Do make friends. Do be respectful of your listeners.

Do not overwhelm your audience with too many posts. Do not be rude. Do not use profanity or mock others.

Remember that Twitter has a worldwide following and that the service is used by children as well as adults. Be creative in your posts and most of all, enjoy yourself.

Whatever your view as to what Twitter is, just make it your own.

Now, in 140 characters or less: What are you doing?

To your abundant success,

LD Johnson
(Larry Johnson)
Independent Business Owner

One discipline always leads to another discipline. ~ Jim Rohn

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Source by LD Johnson

The Three Second Guitarist

You have exactly three seconds or less to capture your listener's attention or you have lost them forever!

Think about that for a moment, let's imagine you are in a CD store listening to a few albums to decide which one to buy. How long does it take for you to decide? When you check out each track, if it does not grab you immediately, what do you do? Skip on to the next track, or even try a different CD.

Fact: People lose interest very quickly!

All successful bands / artists know the secret, here's some classic examples:

Start Me Up – Rolling Stones Brown Sugar – Rolling Stones Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin etc

Try it out, put any of these songs on and time them with a stop watch …… you will be surprised to find how quickly they "grab you". You will find it very hard to pause the song after the first two or three three chords.

I first noticed this very important fact of musical life when I observed a record producer reviewing demo records submitted by up and coming artists. This particular producer personally reviewed approx 400 demo's per week. The company he represented received around 1,000 records per week, his staff were given strict criteria to follow when reviewing the material and narrowing the submissions down to the 300-400 records forwarded to the producer for the next stage in the elimination process.

Watching this guy at work was an amazing learning curve for me. He would put the recording in his playback machine listen for a couple of seconds, stop the machine then place the recording in one of two piles. One pile was very large (this was the pile heading for the bin), the other very small pile qualified to proceed to the next stage of the submission process.

"So what has this got to do with me?" you ask.

EVERYTHING ………….. image if you knew the secret to holding your audience's attention, this applies to all levels of performance, whether you are playing to a small group of friends at a party, submitting a demo recording to a record company, or writing your own material. If you do this properly you'll be on your way to a successful and memorable performance.

The secret ?: Make sure have a semitone movement (preferably in the bass) within the first three seconds.


If the given chord progress was:


You could strengthen the progression as follows:

GD / F # Em

The semitone movement would be between the G in the first chord and the F # bass note in the second chord.

Fortunately it's easy to spot the semitones on a guitar, if you know what you are looking for ….. the guitar fretboard is divided into semitones by the frets ie, the distance from one fret to the next is a semitone.

Performance Tips: If you are planning to perform in public, these hints will help you develop a solid professionalism that will bring immediate results.

Be Prepared: The first thing you should do is make sure that your equipment is in order. Have new strings on your guitar, but be sure they are well stretched out so they do not slip in the middle of a tune. It also helps to have a performance checklist of everything you need: tuner, picks, strap etc., When you know your equipment is in order, you can concentrate on your music.

Play something easy: If you're not accustomed to playing in front of an audience (or even if you are), strange things can sometimes happen, your hands get sweaty, your knees get weak, and you start to shake all over. This is perfectly normal, it happens to everyone, the best way to combat these symptoms is to play a tune that you are absolutely, undeniably sure of, especially for the first number.

The audience will not know the difference, and they'll appreciate the fact that you're relaxed and in control.

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Source by Mike Hayes

AEG 97152 Funk Rückfahrkamera-System RV 3.5, mit LCD-Farbdisplay inklusiv Nachtsichtfunktion

AEG 97152 Funk Rückfahrkamera-System RV 3.5, mit LCD-Farbdisplay inklusiv Nachtsichtfunktion

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Kabellos3,5 Zoll/ 8,9 cmBessere Sichtbarkeit hinter dem FahzeugMit NachtsichtfunktionMit FunkvermittlerIdeal für PKW, Wohnmobil und AnhängerErlaubt eine bessere Sicht hinter dem Fahrzeug und sorgt für mehr Sicherheit. Kabellose, verschlüsselte 2,4 GHz Funkübertragung. Bei Dunkelheit schalten automatisch 7 Infrarot-LEDs ein. So bleibt Ihnen auch in der Dunkelheit kein Hindernis verborgen. Die Kamera besitzt einen erfreulichen großen Blickwinkel (110°) und iststaub- und wassergeschützt. Noch sicherer durch Abstandshilfslinien zum Hindernis. Bedienungsfreundliche Menüführung. Einfache und unauffällige Montage. Technische Daten: Funkvermittler: Übertragung: 2,4 GHz Reichweite: max. 10 m Stromversorgung: 12 V Gleichstrom. Kamera: Auflösung: 652 x 582 Pixel Nachtsicht: 7 Infrarot-LED Blickwinkel: 110 ° Farbsensor: 1/3″ Farb-CMOS Belichtungskorrektur: Automatisch Weißabgleich: Automatisch Kameraneigungswinkel: Variabel einstellbar bis 30 GradStromversorgung: 12 V Gleichstrom. Monitor: Bildschirmdiagonale: 8,9 cm / 3,5″ Auflösung: 320 x 240 Pixel Abmessungen: Gehäuse: 100 x 75 x 22 mm Technik: LCD-Farbdisplay Stromversorgung: 12 V GleichstromLieferumfang: MonitorMonitorhalterung12 V Kfz-AnschlussTransmitterKameraMontagematerialMehr Sicherheit für Pkw, Wohnmobil und Anhänger ( besonders in kinderreichen Wohngebieten ). Einfache und unauffällige Montage.
Die Kamera kann oberhalb des Nummernschildes durch die Montagebleche befestigt werden. Die Montagebleche sind im Lieferumfang enthalten.
Technische Daten „Funktransmitter“: Übertragung: 2,4 GHz, Reichweite: max. 10 m, Stromversorgung: 12 V Gleichstrom
Technische Daten „Monitor“: Bildschirmdiagonale: 8,9 cm / 3,5″, Auflösung: 320 x 240 Pixel, Abmessungen: Gehäuse: 100 x 75 x 22 mm, Technik: LCD-Farbdisplay, Stromversorgung: 12 V Gleichstrom
Technische Daten „Kamera“: Auflösung 652 x 582 Pixel, Nachtsicht: 7 Infrarot-LED, Blickwinkel: 110 °, Farbsensor: 1/3″ Farb-GMOS, Belichtungskorrektur und Weißableich sind automatisch, Kameraeigungswinkel ist variabel einstellbar,

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