Laser Experiments You Can Share With Your Homeschool Kids

The word "LASER" stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is an optical light source that emits a concentrated beam of photons. Lasers are usually monochromatic – the light that shoots out is typically one wavelength and color, and is in a narrow beam.

By contrast, light from a regular incandescent light bulb covers the entire spectrum as well as scatters all over the room. (Which is good, because could you light up a room with a narrow beam of light?)

There are about a hundred different types of atoms in the entire universe, and they are always vibrating, moving, and rotating. Think of kids on sugar. When you add energy to these atoms (even more sugar to the kids), they really get excited and bounce all over the place.

When the atoms relax back down tot heir "normal" state, they emit a photon (a light particle). Think of the kids as coming down from their sugar high, and they all collapse on the couch.

A laser controls the way energized atoms release photons. Imagine giving half the kids sugar, and picture how they would bounce all over the place (like light from a bulb) when it took effect. They would be very high-energy among the other half who were potentially sitting down.

Now imagine those sugar kids jumping in unison (a focused laser beam). The sugar-kids are infectious, and pretty soon, the kids around them are joining in and sharing in their excited energy. This is how a laser charges the atoms inside the gas medium.

Now imagine a cat-flap that lets out a limited number of kids out at a time, while the rest are bouncing around inside, charging up everyone. That cat-flap exit is the laser beam exiting the laser. The atoms remaining inside the laser bounce off mirrors as they charge each other up.

Before we start, you'll need eye protection – tinted UV ski goggles are great to use, as are large-framed sunglasses, but understand that these methods of eye protection will not protect your eyes from a direct beam. They are intended as a general safety precaution against laser beam scatter and spinning mirrors. (Yes, you will be wearing sunglasses in the dark!)

A very neat addition to the experiments below is a fog machine. (Rent one from your local party supply store.) Turn it on, be sure you have good ventilation, darken the lights, and turn on the lasers for an outstanding laser experience!

A quick note about lasers: keychain lasers from the dollar store work just fine with these projects. Do not use the green lasers sold in astronomy stores – they are too dangerous for the eyes.

Plastic Bottle Beam: Fill up a plastic water or clean soda bottle with water and add a sprinkle of cornstarch. Turn down the lights and turn up the laser, aiming the beam through the bottle. Do you see the original beam in the bottle? Can you find the reflection beam and the pass-through beam?

Light Bulb Laser: In the dark, aim your laser at a frosted incandescent light bulb. The bulb will glow and have several internal reflections! What other types of light bulbs work well?

CDs: Shine your beam over the surface of an old CD or DVD. Does it work better with a scratched or smoother surface? You should see between 5-13 reflections off the surface of the CD, depending on where you shine it and how good your "seeing" conditions are.

Glass and Crystal: Pass the laser beam through several cut-crystal objects such as wine glasses or clear glass vases. Is there a difference between clear plastic or glass, smooth or multi-faceted? Try an ice cube, both frosted and wet.

Lenses: If you have an old pair of eyeglasses, pop out the lenses and try one or both in the beam to see the various effects. Try one lens, and then try two in line with each other to see if you can change the beam. If you have polarizer filters, use two. You can substitute two sunglass lenses – no need to pop out the lenses – you can just use two pairs of sunglasses. Just make sure they are polarized lenses (most UV sunglasses are). Place both lenses in the beam and rotate one 90 degrees. The lenses should block the light completely in one configuration and allow it to pass through the other way.

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Team Beachbody Business Opportunity – Affiliate Program

Is Team Beachbody a good business opportunity? Well lets talk about it. Team Beachbody is the most positively recognized name in the fitness industry. They have spent over 25 years building their exclusive product line. Some of the most popular products they offer are, Insanity, P90x, Turbo Fire and Shakeology. They spend over $100 million on infomercials and advertising. In additions to this form of marketing they also market their products through a network of multilevel marketing which distributes their products through Independent Coaches who get paid for promoting and selling Beachbody products. A large number of these Independent Coaches actually use the Beachbody products, which makes it easier to market a product that you use and believe in. There are currently over 10,000 Coaches around the country and it is evident that this figure will continue to grow.

Team Beachbody has a vast amount of fitness products that they sell. Ranging from home fitness DVD’s, fitness tools, fitness gear and supplements that are designed for nutritional value, weight loss, performance enhancement and just overall improvement of your health. They also have their own clothing line.

Lets take a look at the business opportunity. You are able to become a Team Beachbody Coach by buying a starter package as well as an initial acquisition of items. Next, you’ll have to conserve a monthly auto shipment order to increase the compensation plan. The compensation plan consists of 8 ways to earn money. It works like a binary and pays out weekly. Just like other multilevel marketing companies, your earnings are going to be due to the effort both you and your team people put in. Additionally, when you hit the greater positions, they put clients they acquire using their advertising techniques beneath you. This is often potentially significant being that they are obtaining a lot more than 30,000 clients per week using their commercials and radio advertisements. This marriage of multilevel marketing and traditional marketing could possibly be considered a winning combination. But for the right person, Team Beachbody might be a potentially lucrative opportunity.

However, to genuinely make use of the Team Beachbody opportunity and also to take full advantage of the compensation plan, it’s important that you learn to effectively advertise your business and generate a never-ending flow of leads. Without leads, it will likely be very hard having your business becoming successful. However, if you’re able to make use of an effective prospecting system that allows you to definitely develop a stream of 40-50 leads each day, there’s no limits to how successful you are able to become with your Team Beachbody business.

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Attending a Race

Deciding on what NASCAR race to watch depends on each individual. Additionally, there are several NASCAR-sanctioned series that are held all-year round. There are fans that watch all the series and there are others that like to view only those series that they are most interested in. If you are a true NASCAR fan, you should know that the NASCAR series include the Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series, Craftsman Truck Series, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, NASCAR Corona Series and the regional racing series. To better decide what NASCAR race you want to attend, it is important to know what the stated series are all about. The cars being used from each series also differ from each other and if you are a car aficionado, this may also help you decide what race you want to attend.

First is the Sprint Cup Series. This is the top racing series of NASCAR and has undergone several different names, such as: Strictly Stock Series, Grand National Series, Winston Cup Series and NEXTEL Cup Series. The Sprint Cup cars are mostly front engine rear-wheel-drive, high powered vehicles with a roll cage that serves as a space frame chassis and thin sheet metal covering. The cars also have a blocked cockpit, some fenders, wing on the car's rear and an aerodynamic splitter. Additionally, the cars are powered by carbureted V8 engines with cast iron wedges and a pushrod valve train activating two valves each cylinder. The Sprint Cup is now also being represented by several manufacturers such as Chrysler (Dodge Charger R / T), Ford (Ford Fusion), GM (Chevrolet Impala SS), and Toyota (Toyota Camry).

The NASCAR Nationwide Series is also a stock car racing series and provides ground for drivers who are hoping to step up to the big league circuit, the Sprint Cup. Normally if you decide to attend the NASCAR Nationwide Series, you are also encouraged to watch the Sprint Cup since both events are regularly held in the same venue. The cars being used today in the Nationwide Series are a little different from their Sprint Cup counterparts. The main difference is the shorter wheelbase and a larger spoiler. To untrained eye, the cars used in the Nationwide Series may seem completely similar to their Sprint Cup counterparts. However, the Nationwide Series cars are lighter, less powerful and have a shorter wheelbase. Currently, the NASCAR Nationwide Series is being represented by the same manufacturers representing the Sprint Cup series.

For truck lovers out there, the Craftsman Truck Series is the best choice. This series features several trucks in racing events including the Dodge Ram from Chrysler, Ford F-150 from Ford, the Chevrolet Silverado from GM and the Toyota Tundra from Toyota. The Craftsman Truck Series is the only series in all of NASCAR to race modified pickup trucks. Nothing beats the experience of having to watch the Craftsman Truck Series in person but several television stations broadcast the series and some of them include ESPN, TNN, WTBS, ABC and CBS. Remember these stations in case you missed your favorite Craftsman Truck Series event.

For those living in Canada, the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series brings NASCAR spirit to their country. The series is the successor of the former CASCAR Super Series. The NASCAR Canada Tire Series uses cars with steel tube-framed silhouette powered by carbureted V8 engines. The cars used have a reliably high minimum weight.

In Mexico, the NASCAR Corona Series breakthrough NASCAR to Mexican fans. The series is the most important stock car racing series in the country. Being a stock car racing series, the NASCAR Corona Series uses the same car type used in the Sprint Cup series.

The last series you need to consider in your decision for the race to attend is the regional racing series. Under this category is the Whelen All-American Series, which is a semi-professional and amateur auto racing series. The cars used on each event may vary and the participants rarely compete directly against each other.

There are other things you need to consider aside from the different types of NASCAR series, such as accessibility. The racetrack where the race would have held should be reasonably near to you but, then again, it may depend on your specifications. If you are a hardcore NASCAR fan, you may opt to travel to any location where there are NASCAR races. The schedule of the NASCAR race should also be considered. It would be easier if you check out the web site of NASCAR to see the current season schedule of races.

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VicTsing Bluetooth Lautsprecher, Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker mit FM Radio 5W Tragbarer Wasserdichte Wireless Lautsprecher mit Wecker Funktion Freisprecheinrichtung für Outdoor, Dusche für iPhone iPad Freisprech usw

VicTsing Bluetooth Lautsprecher, Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker mit FM Radio 5W Tragbarer Wasserdichte Wireless Lautsprecher mit Wecker Funktion Freisprecheinrichtung für Outdoor, Dusche für iPhone iPad Freisprech usw

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Zuverlässige Garantie
Jedes Produkt aus VTin genießt 45 Tage Geld-zurück-und 12-Monats-Garantie. Wir haben auch ein professionelles After-Sales-Service-Team haben, die Dinge richtig innerhalb von 24 Stunden zu machen.

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V4.0
Maximale Wireless-Reichweite: 10 m (im offenen Raum)
Frequenzgang: 100Hz-20kHz
Betriebsspannung: 3,7 V
Lade Voltage: 5V
Ladestrom: 500-600mA
Spieldauer: 10 Stunden bei 70% Volumen
Standby-Zeit: 2160 Stunden
Ladezeit: ca. 4-5 Stunden (abhängig von verschiedenen Netzadapter)
Material: ABS + Silikon

1. Unter FM-Modus ist die Zeitfunktion Einstellung nicht verfügbar;
2.Die FM radioquality wird im Zusammenhang mit lokalen FM-Signal und einige Vor-Ort-Störungen.

Paket enthalten:
Wireless Speaker * 1
USB ChargingCable * 1
AUX-Audio-Kabel * 1OUTDOOR / DUSCHE LAUTSPRECHER:IPX5 wasserdichtes Design macht es sicher und bequem für alle Arten von Outdoor-Aktivitäten auch in einem regnerischen Tag. Verwenden Sie es in einem Badezimmer beim Baden wunderbare Musik zu genießen.
HOHE STEREO-MUSIK:Ausgestattet mit einem hochwertigen 5w-Audio-Treiber liefert dieser Lautsprecher ausgeglichen, sauberen Klang mit befriedigender Bass. Lassen Sie 10 Stunden Musikzeit im Volumen von 70% für den ultimativen Spaß.
FM RADIO:Besticht seine eingebauten digitalen FM-Radio-Tuner, diese wasserdichte Lautsprecherkanäle mit nur einer Taste automatisch scannen kann, so dass Sie Ihre Lieblingssender leicht UKW-Bereich hören :. 87.5MHZ-108MHZ Hinweis :. Das UKW-Radio Qualität wird im Zusammenhang mit lokalen FM-Signal und einige vor-Ort-Störungen.
WECKER:Mit einem von hinten beleuchteten LCD-Display, kann desse Helligkeit eingestellt werden, andere Umgebung zu passen, kann es als Uhr genutzt werden, um Zeit zu zeigen. Weckerfunktion macht es vielseitiger. Stellen Sie eine besondere Zeit, um Ihr einen Freund Hinweis zu geben, nie Gedanken über wichtige Datum Hinweis fehlt : Unter FM-Modus die Zeitfunktion Einstellung ist nicht verfügbar.
Bluetooth V4.0:Erlauben Sie 33ft drahtlose Reichweite und kompatibel mit den meisten Bluetooth-fähigen Audiogeräten. Die Einbau-Gurt wird für seine portability. Nehmen Sie Ihre Musik zu gehen.

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The Great Debate: Quality or Quantity?

Experts have long debated just how big your professional network should be. Should you focus more on the quantity or quality of your relationships? The easy answer, of course, is „both.“ Unfortunately, though, there are only so many hours in the day. Building and maintaining relationships take time; building stronger relationships takes more time.

Given that your time is limited, the number of your relationships and the average strength of your relationships end up being inversely proportional. The more people you know, the less well you know them. If you want to build stronger relationships, you’re going to have to do so with a smaller number of people. You can spend all of your time with your close friends and family (strong ties, low number), or spread yourself thin across a wide number of people (weak ties, high number). However, maintaining both high strength and high number is physically impossible. How can you find the proper balance between strength and number?

This debate has been exacerbated by the proliferation of social networking sites that make it feasible to have a personal „network“ of several thousand people. The leaders of some of the networks have taken some strong stands on the issue:

  • Thomas Power of Ecademy says, „Go for volume over ‚quality,'“ arguing that there’s no such thing as a quality person vs. a non-quality person. He walks the talk — he’s personally met with several thousand Ecademy members one on one.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, Mike Walsh, CEO of Leverage Software, says, „Look for quality,“ and encourages people to look for networking sites with features that help you evaluate whether a certain contact is worth pursuing or not.
  • And Adrian Scott of Ryze, discussing some changes in Ryze’s policies and functionality, said, „We’d like to create an environment that encourages quality, rather than quantity for its own sake.“

Those absolutes are difficult to sustain in practice. For example, LinkedIn very strongly positions itself on the quality of its membership and encourages members to focus on people you’ve worked with before in some capacity. Their tips on who to invite say:

  • Only invite those you know well
  • Only invite those you trust
  • Only invite those you want to forward things to you

But at the same time, the design of the site encourages people to maximize their number of connections. The more people you’re directly connected to, the fewer number of degrees away you are from people, on average. With more direct connections, you can see more people, more people can see you, and you’re more likely to come up at the top of searches, which by default order the results by „degrees away from you.“ The FAQ may encourage quality over quantity, but in practice, quantity is also rewarded. This is a fundamental tension in LinkedIn’s design. What allows LinkedIn to still be a valuable application is that quantity also carries a cost: more link requests which you are likely to reject. Some of the most-connected people on LinkedIn have complained about the number of irrelevant requests they’re getting. That’s exactly the way the system should work; those people are paying the price for linking indiscriminately.

Another interesting example of the value that people place on quality relationships is the new Ecademy BlackStar program: a lifetime membership, plus some exclusive coaching, introductions, and other services, all for a $4,500 one-time fee. While that might seem prohibitively expensive, apparently many see the value — over 2,000 of Ecademy’s 47,000 members have already applied. The fact that people will pay that much money is proof that people value online network systems such as Ecademy. Membership is limited to 25 new members per month, „because Thomas Power and Roger Hamilton have limited time available to serve BlackStar Life Members and wish to provide exceptional service and intimacy levels,“ and „to ensure quality levels, service levels, and qualification levels.“ While Thomas may practice the volume approach for himself, he recognizes that it’s not necessarily the approach everyone wants or needs, and that building stronger relationships requires doing so with a smaller number of people.

So, back to the original question: How do you find the right balance of strong ties with highly relevant people vs. maximizing the number of people in your network?

The answer is that each person’s needs are different, and the way to optimize the value of your network is to determine the necessary level of strength required to accomplish your goals, and then maximize the number of people at that level.

For example, if you are selling investment banking or strategic consulting services, you need a high strength level for someone to buy your services. These are big-ticket items which require a high level of trust in their provider. Ideally, you have a small number of close relationships with senior executives who are in a position to buy these services. You may be tempted to try to meet everyone in your golf club, but that is both unrealistic and unproductive. Instead, develop a substantial relationship with the top thirty most relevant to you.

However, if you are a celebrity trying to sell movie tickets, your relationships can be much weaker but your number has to be much higher. Movie stars mainly make money by selling people the chance to watch a movie for $5-$10 per view. They try to have ties with as many fans as possible.

There is no one right solution overall; your needs will likely be different from one context to another. For example, the movie star will want to develop strong ties with producers and directors.

Because time is the constraining factor, seek out strategies that allow you to build stronger relationships or reach more people with the same amount of effort. The effective use of technology offers several such strategies:

Take private conversations public.

Rather than carrying on an email conversation with just one person about a topic of mutual interest, move it to a discussion forum or mailing list, where more people can participate and offer their input, as well as benefit from your knowledge and ideas. Or cc: a few other carefully selected people to include in the conversation.

Start a newsletter or blog, and make it personal.

Make it possible for hundreds, or even thousands, to keep up with what’s going on in your life and business. Rather than making it an impersonal article or collection of articles, make it about your personal experience, even when talking about your business. This approach is what helped Chris Pirillo grow Lockergnome to nearly a million highly loyal readers.

Write more effective emails.

Once you learn how, it doesn’t take much longer to write a good email than a bad one.

Master mail merge.

As we discussed last month, the effective use of mail merge, even in small quantities, can dramatically increase your ability to keep „high touch“ with a large number of people.

Focus on quality venues.

For example, having an article published in a major periodical is going to serve you better than being in „Joe’s E-zine.“ It may take a bit more time to pitch it, but no longer to write it.

Say less in more places.

If you have time to make, say, 10 good contributions a week to discussion forums, it’s probably preferable to post one message each in 10 different networks than 10 in a single group. You’re helping more people, instead of becoming a boor in one location.

Above all, respect that there is no one right approach, and that what works for you may not work well for someone else. Seek out venues where you will meet the kind of people who can support you — and who you can support — in achieving your professional goals, determine the strength of relationships you want with them, and gradually grow the number of people in your network at a pace that allows you to maintain the relationships you’ve already created.

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Source by Scott Allen

STAR Micronics TSP143 USB – POS-Terminal (POS, direkt Wärme, 65 – 85, 58 – 80, verkabelt, USB)

STAR Micronics TSP143 USB – POS-Terminal (POS, direkt Wärme, 65 – 85, 58 – 80, verkabelt, USB)

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Star Micronics TSP143U KASSENDRUCKER, USB-Modell mit Papierabschneider/ grau/ internes Netzteil, im Lieferumfang: Wandmontagehalterung/ Papierführung/ Anschlusskabel/ Stromkabel/ Installations-CDDatenerfassung

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Learn How To Trade Stock Properly

In a volatile market such as stock trading, learning how to trade stock is critical, there is no sure fire way of continuously posting growths in profits for any investor year after year, stock after stock. It is statistically impossible.

This is true simply because of the unpredictability of the market. The lack of an accurate prediction tools and the lack of a consistent trend for any stock only compounds the problem.

The greatest myth about how to trade stock is successfully the need for the investor to be able to predict the stock market's movements. People unlawfully assume that stocks bounce around the range forever and therefore they must be able to predict a trend in the movement in order to buy stocks during their lowest value and sell them at their highest peaks.

This is grossly incorrect.

The best way to make money in the stock market is to avoid approaches that rely on stock market predictions.

If you look at it, a conscious action of lending the market is no better than buying a stock and holding on to it for a long period.

The reason behind this is because there is simply no way to predict stock performance. There is no person who can accurately predict stock movement consistently, all of the time.

An analyst may be able to predict a stock's performance in the immediate future but rarely in the long term. The analyst may predict next quarter's performance, or even for the entire year. But it is statistically impossible to predict stock traffic correctly quarter after quarter, year after year.

A good way to learn how to trade stock is to configure your own strategy. Consider the following:

Take time to do a careful evaluation of the history of a stock's performance.

Keep up with the latest news and stock market reports

Study the structure of successful mutual funds to see how their investment strategy is done. You can choose these funds to choose the best they are composed of and build your own portfolio from them.

It is best to invest in a stock that has good dispute and growth.

Invest in stocks that have a history of progressive gain.

Evaluate the type of sector your company deals with.

Again, there is no specific and proven strategy that consistently reaps profit for any investor. Stocks are volatile and any strategy that proves reliable today may prove entirely worthless tomorrow.

The best way is to study several stocks and consider them as long-term investments. These may take you longer before you post any profit, but it beats putting all of your eggs in one basket.

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Source by Ray Mills