New Generation Radio Broadcasting – Digital Radio

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Gadget and music are close friends of human beings. In the long list of gadgets from which music can be listened, radio is on the top in terms of price and accessibility. Apart from music, other programs like talk shows, humour programs, reality shows are also broadcasts. Being commercial-free radio broadcasting, the digital radio is the new generation radio which comes with more services, clearer reception and a range of other features. This is including of record and rewind capability, text information regarding programs and songs broadcasted in the air, graphics, pictures, web pages and turning by station name. It is now well established in the various parts of Europe, UK and Asia. It uses Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), which is also known as Eureka 147, for broadcasting. In the year 1999, first commercial receivers began. ‚Spart gap telegraphy‘ was the oldest form of digital broadcasting, used by one of the pioneers, Marconi. By 2006, 1000 digital audio broadcasting stations were in operation and 500 million people were in the coverage area.

In this 21st century, most new radio systems are digital. It has some fabulous features like easier tuning and more choice of stations. It also has a small screen for text information about the programs on air. This might includes song and artist details about the music you are hear, business news and sports results, the latest news and weather. DAB radio technology can double the number of radio stations you can get on FM, because of the way it transmits a signal and for this technology sound is not interrupted. There is no hiss, crackle, overlap, or fading, just great radio all the time.

Apart form normal FM radio, it can be of two types – Satellite radio and Internet radio. A satellite radio which is also called subscription radio, broadcasts by a communication satellite, covers a much wider geographical range than territorial radio signals. These type of radio services are usually provided by commercial ventures and are subscription-based.

The world of digital radio broadcasting is not static – it demands adaptability and flexibility to meet the ever more rapid digital development, new applications, spectrum efficiency and device features.

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