The Wrong Kind of Power

Davia had been to a firewalking ceremony, and was now hearing things and seeing shadowy figures in the corners of her eye. The experience had opened up something within her, something that had become frightening and hard to manage. „Can you take it away from me?“ she pleaded. „I don’t want to have this power anymore.“

I know many people who have gone on weekend spiritual retreats that included meditation and a firewalk, and they’d found the experience fun and empowering. Though I wasn’t familiar with the group that sponsored Davia’s retreat, I’d seen their ads on the Internet, and had met several shamans whose names were associated with the event.

„Davia, tell me what you’re experiencing,“ I said.

„It’s like I’ve become oversensitive,“ she explained. „I feel like the spirit world is squeezing me. It’s difficult to go to the mall now, or anyplace that’s crowded. I start hearing people’s thoughts.“

I recommended Psychic Protection by William Bloom, an intriguing book that’s helped several of my students when they felt overwhelmed after opening their third eye for the first time. Davia dismissed my suggestion.

„That’s not what I’m looking for,“ she said. „I need someone to take this thing away. It’s like a curse.“

My lips pursed when I heard that word: „curse.“ I don’t believe in curses. People have the power to create their own reality, and those who believe they’re cursed do so because it’s easier to blame someone else – or something outside themselves – for their troubles.

„Perhaps what’s happened,“ I began, „is that the meditation and firewalk has stimulated your psychic center, which is something new for you. You might want to think about opening your intuitive abilities more slowly and gently. Why don’t you go to and see if there’s a meditation group near you to join? I’m sure you’ll feel more secure around like-minded people who’d like to help you.“

„No,“ she said, „that’s not for me.“ She sounded a bit angry. „Isn’t there something you can do right now?“

I sighed and sat back in my chair. I thought of Jane Roberts‘ series of books where she channelled Seth, an ascended master. In one book, she related stories of people calling with requests to interpret their dreams or solve their problems. One man who began meditating said he was contacted by an entity who ordered him to kneel and bow in his presence. Another fellow said Plato materialized on his bedroom ceiling and he felt compelled to become Plato’s slave.

Anyone was works with spirit knows that the spirit world doesn’t make harsh or ridiculous demands on us. If anything, spirit encourages us to keep love in our hearts and, in the words of Ellen DeGeneres, „Be kind to one another.“ Spirit doesn’t want power over us – it wants us to discover the power within ourselves. Nothing is stronger than self-empowerment – which is why I don’t believe in curses.

So, sadly, I knew what Davia wanted – she wanted me to solve her problem. She wanted me to snap my fingers, mumble some words and poof all her troubles away. Sorry, Davia, I thought, but I don’t do magic spells.

„If you want to explore what might be happening to you, I still believe your best path is to join a meditation group,“ I said. „If you want to stop negative thoughts, then stop giving energy to them, and stop letting them rule your life.“

„That’s not what I want,“ she said.

„Then I wish you peace,“ I said, „and I hope you find what you’re looking for.“

She hung up. I spoke a healing prayer that I hoped might help Davia, and then hoped that she wouldn’t look for a solution to her dilemma outside of herself, like contacting a psychic scammer who’d promise to remove her „curse“ for a few thousand dollars.

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Source by Carolyn Molnar

How To Stop Dog Eating Poop

Your dog eating poop or dog coprophagia is a habit which doesn’t make sense to us dog owner’s.

It’s a habit which is most prevalent in puppies, and certain breeds are also more susceptible to it than others. Many Shih Tzu owners including myself struggle with this disgusting poop eating habit.

How To Stop Your Dog Eating Poop

There are many theories and opinions as to why a dog would bother to eat poop. Finding the cause of your dogs poop eating habit is the key to determining the correct solution.

When dogs eat poop it is not only embarrassing for us owners, it can also cause diseases and worms to be passed on to your dog.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

There are two general causes for dog coprophagia:

1. Dog behavioral problem.

2. It could mean that your dog has an underlying medical problem.

More Specific Reasons Why Dogs Eat Poop

– It tastes good to your dog! I know it doesn’t make sense to me either, but this is the major reason young puppies eat their poop.

– Your puppy may have a vitamin or mineral deficiency and is trying to correct the balance through eating poop.

– Could be the result of anxiety or boredom.

– Some dogs that are over fed eat their own feces because the food hasn’t been fully digested. Therefore the feces still smell and probably taste like the dogs dinner.

– Your dog may eat his own poop when trying to clean up his area. This task should be performed by the dog owner.

Solutions To Stop Your Dog Eating Poop

– Feed a well balanced and nutritious meal. Do not over feed.

– Keep your dogs living area clean from feces.

– If possible, try feeding twice a day. Feed the same amount but just in two portions. This works for dogs who eat poop through hunger.

– Add a bit of pineapple or spinach to your dogs meals. When your dog goes to eat his poop, apparently it tastes horrible to him after eating the pineapple or spinach.

– Teach the basic obedience command „off“. Proper obedience training eliminates almost all problem behaviors, including coprophagia.

– If your dog eats his poop immediately after eliminating, provide a distraction. As soon as your dog does the business run away from the area and call him over. This should be enough to get his mind off the poop. When he gets to you be sure to praise and reward him.

If you believe an underlying medical condition is causing your dog to eat poop, please visit your VEt for a thorough examination. The above techniques will not help dogs that need medical attention.

Be consistent in your mission to stop your dog from eating poop, you should be able to break the habit before long.

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Source by Chris Smith

Great British TV Win at the Emmys

Its official, British TV shows are rocking the world. The recent Emmy Awards prove that Hollywood adore its British imports with the success of awards for some great TV shows and dramas. An Emmy award is an American Television Production award which is considered the equivalent to the film Academy Awards and the music Grammy Awards.

The Emmy Awards recognizes excellence within various sectors of TV. The awards are administrated by three organizations: The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences which is for primetime TV, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences which focuses on daytime, sports, news and documentary shows and finally the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Which is international.

Many British television actors, writers and directors were celebrating their success at this prestigious award ceremony. Downton Abbey which returned last night with the first part of the second series, took four awards in total. It won best miniseries, best director, and best actress for Maggie Smith. Maggie was not there to pick up the award herself but several cast members were there including her co-stars Elizabeth McGovern, who plays the Countess of Grantham, and Michelle Dockery who plays Lady Mary Crawley. The show also won prizes for the writing by Julian Fellowes. Fellowes said: 'This is really a David and Goliath story, except in this case Goliath was wonderful, some wonderful shows that we were up against, and it looks perfectly exceptional that we've won.' He also added: 'None of us know what's going to be a hit, we make these shows, we hope for the best, but we do not know why sometimes it comes right and this evening is such a marvellous moment in all our lives Because this evening it came right. ' The period drama has been a critical success on the US network PBS.

Further Downton Abbeys popularity was highlighted when ITV's online player crashed due to high demand from internet viewers. Unfortunately thousands of viewers were left disappointed as the player only managed to show three adverts on loop instead of the popular program.

The Emmy Awards which was held at Nokia Theater LA on September 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, California also saw Kate Winslet win her first Emmy award for playing Mildred Pierce in the Great Depression. The talented actress who was dressed in a glamorous red gown gave an emotional expectation speech and dedicated the award to her mother saying "It does not matter how old you are or what you do in your life, you never stop needing your mum and I Will never stop needing mine, so thanks mum, thank you so much, "

There was a little bit of disappointment for some British actors and actresses as Hugh Laurie lost out wining an award to Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights. Also sadly Scottish stars Kelly MacDonald, of Boardwalk Empire, and Alan Cumming, of The Good Wife, also went away empty-handed.

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Source by Carolyn Clayton

O sole mio-Italienische Lieder&Lebensart (Classical Choice)

O sole mio-Italienische Lieder&Lebensart (Classical Choice)

Jetzt kaufen

(2010/UNIVERSAL) 22 tracks (68:45) Decca 1959-90 ADD/DDD

Medium 1
O Sole Mio – PAVAROTTI, Luciano
Non Ti Scordar Di Me – DOMINGO, Placido
Parlami D’Amore, Mariu – STEFANO, Guiseppe Di
Torna A Surriento – CARRERAS, José
Mattinata – DOMINGO, Placido
Firenze Sogna – STEFANO, Guiseppe Di
Mandolinenkonzert – KAMMERORCHESTER Paul Kuentz
Sona Chitarra! – STEFANO, Guiseppe Di
L’Ultima Canzone – PAVAROTTI, Luciano
Ti Voglio Tanto Bene – NUCCI, Leo
Chitarra Romana – STEFANO, Guiseppe Di
La Serenata – CARRERAS, José
Mandolinenkonzert – KAMMERORCHESTER Paul Kuentz
Come È Bello Far L’Amore – STEFANO, Guiseppe Di
La Danza – CARRERAS, José
Fiorin Fiorello – PAVAROTTI, Luciano
Funiculi – Funicula – PAVAROTTI, Luciano
Flötenkonzert – NICOLET, Aurèle & MUSICI
La Strada Del Bosco – NUCCI, Leo
A Vucchella – CARRERAS, José
Fenesta Che Lucive – CARRERAS, José
Addio Mia Bella Napoli – STEFANO, Guiseppe Di

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6 Reasons Why Publicity Is More Powerful Than Paid Advertising

While there are potentially dozens of reasons why publicity (even free publicity) is more powerful than paid advertising, I have outlined the top 6 here:

Reason Number 1: It’s the cheapest form of advertising you can do. In fact, you can do a local campaign for under a dollar and do a full scale national campaign for under 10 dollars. All you need to do is send out a correctly prepared press kit (press release, bio and reporter Q&A) to several select reporters and the rest does itself. Paul and his students have gotten multi-page articles written about them and their business for the cost of three pieces of paper.

One example he gave was a 2 page full color story that ran in Forbes magazine. In the story they gave out all his business information, the price of his products and even how to order them. A 2 page paid ad would have cost over $100,000 and Paul was able to do it for 15 cents. He has duplicated this thousands of times and it works every time.

Reason Number 2: When you use publicity you get instant credibility. If someone reads a story about you or hear you on the radio, they immediately view you as the expert on the topic. This instant credibility leads to more people calling you and to more sales and income.

Reason Number 3: The speed to market is much faster with publicity. Some larger magazines may take months to run your ad and even getting ads on radio and tv can take awhile. But writing a press release can be done in about 15 minutes and within minutes of the reporter receiving your release you could be getting exposure. You want to get a jump on your competition and this is the quickest way to do that. If other people start using publicity before you, they will win. If you do it first, you win. It’s that simple.

Reason Number 4: Turning yourself into an expert/celebrity can be a lot of fun. You get to do interviews for the radio and other news media and you get to talk about yourself and the benefits of your product or what problem it solves. This is a lot more fun than writing ads.

Reason Number 5: When you are part of the media, you get instant trust. People don’t trust you until they know you and they won’t buy from you until they trust you. By becoming a household name, people get to know you a lot quicker than they ever will by seeing your ad a number of times.

Reason Number 6: When you are in the media, you get instant celebrity status. We have switched from a credential obsessed world to a celebrity obsessed world. By becoming a celebrity in your field, people will hold you to a higher level.

In the past you should have included publicity in with your other advertising campaigns. In this day and age if you are not including publicity you are dead. For all the reasons mentioned above, the time is right for you to start using publicity for your business.

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Source by Chuck Abbott

The Real Truth about Celebrities

Celebrities have a mesmerizing personality charisma. Fans, followers, journalists, paparazzi and even the critics want to know each and every thing in the life of celebrities. What they are up to, where they hang out, what are the projects they are working on, why they behave like this and like that! The quest never ends. Newspapers and television programs try their best to hunt for the latest sizzling celebrity news, hot and happening celebrity photos and spicy celebrity gossips.

People are fascinated about the glamour and glory of the world of celebrities. This is the life of ease and comfort with all the amenities, name and fame; this is what they think. Fans look at their heroes as if they were the denizens from some other world or the stars descended upon the earth.

But this is only the other side of the celebrity world. Celebrities don’t attain the dizzy heights of eminence overnight. Scores of years of relentless efforts, diligence and perseverance are what make a celebrity. So many compromises and adjustments they have to make. Most of the celebrities in the world have made their way through out of nothing. Sometimes they may have trampled down someone else as well to achieve what they wanted to. Even when enjoying the fruits of success, these famous personalities have to go through many ordeals.

It may be taken as a harsh fact or some may even call it the necessity of the celeb life. Many of these celebrities have at least two faces; one for a public display and the other a private one. You can get my point if you have a look at some of the exclusive celebrity pictures available.

For example a photo showing Angelina Jolie in some casual moments and the other one showing her in Kashmir (India) with simple folks or a pick capturing contemplative Charlize Theron in Johannesburg and the other one showing her in Malibu posing for paparazzi will prove the point. These celebrities too are the human beings with all feelings and sensations awake. Their public life makes them put a mask of mannerism on their faces. But actually many of these celebrities yearn for a simple quiet life.

Are these celebrities allowed a single moment privacy? Hardly they are. Always sought after by the paparazzi, they can hardly be all themselves. That’s what makes them famous; but after a few years these personalities start asking themselves a grave question: „Is my life worth living?“ Imagine what Lindsay Lohan must have gone through when the media went trailing her around when she was drinking and when her lose fitting halter top and a forceful breeze made her even go topless before the world. What an embarrassment for her!

The world of fashion for instance, has got its own evil face. If a model wants to elbow her way through in this field, he/ she will have to please many in every way possible. That’s what is called a struggle in simple words. When we read the news about the sex scandals and mental tortures in the celebrity world, it should make this other black side visible.

The huge amassment of wealth is yet another major concern for the celebrities. How to spend this money becomes the problem. Celebrities lose their peace of mind. And then comes the news of some superstar sniffing drugs, indulging in wanton sexual pleasures or getting arrested for some illegal activities. Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson are proof enough.

No one is completely white or completely black. We all are gray. People make a mistake in expecting their heroes to be perfect in every possible manner. Celebrities, too, do have their own flaws and frailties. They remain unnoticed and this becomes the reason enough for someone like me to reveal the real truth about celebrities.

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Source by josepha jain

The 80's Are Back!

It's true – the 80's are back! The decision of pop hits is making its way back onto the live music scene. Some of the huge acts are reforming for another assault on the chart and some are even touring again. Duran Duran are about to embark on a national tour and they're not the only ones.

Function bands and tribute bands are also getting in on the act. There are a great many 80's cover bands out there performing up and down the country on a smaller scale to audiences that simply love the 80's. Visit any entertainment agent's website and there are sure to be some 80's tribute bands.

Let's face it a lot of 80's music had that feel good factor and that's what we all love. Even in 2011 when Wham comes on most of the room is up on the floor doing their thing. That kind of nostalgia has a place in our hearts and so it should. While sometimes not some of the most challenging music ever written the catchy melodies and cheesy lyrics just work. They should not but they do.

There are many professional bands have caught on to the new found interest in eighties music and polished up a set of the biggest hits. Doing the rounds in pubs and clubs throughout the UK they earn a good living. A lot of corporate parties book 80's bands for their events too. Now in their 30's the 80's kids have grown up and are successful business people.

There are also a range of eighties radio stations popping up on the Internet with growing audiences. Commercial local radio still includes the hits of the 80's in their playlists as they know what draws in audiences. Record labels are releasing 80's albums for the second time or compilation 80's albums.

You probably know of someone who has thrown a party with an 80's theme. The eighties are everywhere! As well as the music at eighties theme parties most of the fun is dressing up in mullet wigs and other 80's gear.

As the huge stars of the eighties are touring again somehow you should grab a ticket and relive your youth. If you are from the younger generation the go along to see what you're missing – you will probably find you know most of the songs! That's what's great about the 80's. It crosses over from one generation to another. Whether you like it or not the 80's are back!

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Source by Samuel Joseph Chapman