Fans Say Farewell To Popular Radio Station That Is Changing Formats

Several friends and I were discussing the demise of our favorite local radio station, which has been sold to a Christian broadcasting company. We will miss the eclectic mix of alternative rock, pop, and folk on the station, and we began to wonder what would be an appropriate last song to play before the change in format.

Here are ten tracks, all from bands who were often heard on the station, that would serve as a fitting coda.

One More Last Song by Kaiser Chiefs

This indie rock tune from Education, Education, Education and War epitomizes the station’s dedication to alternative acts.

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now by the Smiths

Morrissey’s band, born about the same time as the station, has always been a favorite artist on it. The title sums up how many of us will feel after that final song is played.

Losing My Religion by REM

Some folks rely on spirituality for comfort, but many supporters of the station turn to the radio for that very reason. This title also makes sense in that a Bible company bought the station and will begin airing a Christian format in April.

Where Will You Go? by the Minus Five

This title from Down With Wilco is the question many of us fans are asking right now, for the radio choices in our city are rather narrow.

Up the Junction by Squeeze

Lyricist Chris Difford took this Cool For Cats title from a common British phrase for being in a troubled situation without much hope.

Troubled Times by Fountains of Wayne

Before „Stacy’s Mom“ became a huge hit for this New England indie rock quartet, our station had several tracks from their first two albums in heavy rotation.

No Sunlight by Death Cab For Cutie

Ben Gibbard and all of his projects remained favorites of the disc jockeys, who will unfortunately be no longer a bright spot on the radio dial.

You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go by Bob Dylan

In dark times there is no better record to play than Blood On the Tracks, which features this poignant heartbreaker.

1985 by the Minor Leagues

Ben Walpole’s band fills two characteristics of the station, in that they are a local band as well as an indie rock act.

Not the Same by Ben Folds

The oldies station plays „Brick“ occasionally, but it was our station that brought us dozens of other tracks by the guy who recorded „Rockin‘ the Suburbs.“

Whatever serves as the last song, as soon as it ends we agreed that we will all need to find a different station for the preset 1 button on our dashboard radios.

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Source by Doug Poe

How to Use Web 2.0 to Get PR 2.0 For Your Book Or Ministry

Online Publicity – PR 2.0 is the way to go!

The internet is not going away. You’ve got to embrace. The Michigan Chronicle is even online and some of the editors blog there! So, how do you as an author or an aspiring – use the internet to the max? Here some tips:

1. Write a web site plan. Know what you want it to do before you build a site. Create a favorable buying experience for your ministry products. Make the web site easy to use. Provide good customer service by shipping products within 5 to 7 days. Use auto responders when people make purchases. Make your site „shopper-friendly.“

2. Attract people to your site by promoting it through frequent email campaigns linking back to the site. Have your site content-rich to keep visitors at your site, wanting to share it with others. This is called viral marketing.

3. Capture names of visitors by using a „squeeze page.“ Offer something for free like a CD or booklet if they provide their contact information. Get their email address at the very least so you can send the booklet in a PDF file or the CD as an MP3.

4. Publish a regular online magazine called an Ezine. This is a motivational tool for people to look forward to receiving. It has the ministry updates in it.

5. Include recent news hits in your ezine. Stream TV interviews and audio clips. Use a template from an Internet database management company like Constant Contact. I’ve used them for years!

6. Join discussion groups and nings like ChocolatePagesNetwork dot com. You can learn a wealth of information this way in any particular industry. There are groups for pastors, ministry communications professionals, Christian authors, or whatever your specialty. Look up your area of interest in Yahoogroups, or Google.

7. Put banner ads on other sites that your target audience may visit. If it is Gospel Today or DetroitGospel dot com, inquire about placing a banner ad on those sites. These ads are usually very inexpensive. You can promote your TV ministry schedule or other products.

8. Update your site frequently. Current information sends the message that you are current in your ministry. It keeps people coming back to your site. Try new things on your site like podcasting or webcasting. Keep it fresh.

9. Concentrate on great content so the search engine optimization will give you a high ranking when people are surfing online via search engines like Google or AOL. Adding links is another great way to increase your site rankings and get noticed among the search engines.

10. Add a „news room“ to your site. The media will access your high-resolution photo (300 dpi), get a press release, ministry history and a good bio from this section. It makes their life easier and shows you’re a pro at handling media interviews. This is also a good place to list other media hits that you have received like magazine/ezine articles, radio interviews, and columns you’ve had published.

11. Create a blog. Do this only if you have time to keep it up. A good blogger posts about 2 to 3 times a week. A blog is like a personal journal online. A blog is an abbreviation of „weblog.“ It is the online version of you. It’s more personal and informal than a web site and visitors can respond directly to you. Go to blogger dot com to set one up free. See the Ministry Marketing Solutions blog. It’ll give you ideas too.

12. Use a signature at the end of every email that includes your tag line, web site, blog and contact information. Please. The best form of advertising – and it’s free!

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Source by Pam Perry

My Great Personal Experience Staying in Hong Kong

Whenever I am required to travel, I am the most delighted any time the location is actually Hong Kong. Therefore unnecessary to declare I have frequented it a lot more than simply a handful of instances. Throughout just about all my personal trips, Mandarin Oriental has often been my own personal favorite. I call to mind an event a couple of years in the past in one of my travels. My airline flight ended up being overdue and I arrived in Hong Kong very late in the night. When I landed, I was worried about my hotel reservation.

When I turned on my mobile phone and locked on to roaming, one of the texts I received had been from Mandarin telling me that they heard bout the delay and also had rescheduled my check in and since this was very late, presently there would be a chauffeur ready for me when I departed the arrival lounge. Sure enough as I exited, I saw a hand poster with my name.

Inside of moments of getting out of the arrival hall, the cheuffer whisked me through the crowds and to the chauffeur driven car and drove me personally efficiently to the hotel. In the car, the cheuffer called forward in order to alert the hotel I was on the way. To my absolute amazement, the Hotel manager was waiting and whisked me straight up to my room. There had been absolutely no need to stop at the reception to check in. They told me that they would handle check-in the next morning because I should have been tired. As well as I was. The Mandarin Hotel is the greatest I could ever need.

Hong Kong is probably the earth’s most diverse holiday location. It is a mix of commerce, heritage, customs, a food paradise and also a play ground for the youthful soul. For young children along with grown ups it provides activities abound.

My first time in Disneyland held uncertain prospects for me and I wasn’t sure if this was a kid’s thing or a family experience. Believe it or not, it turned out that Disneyland hotel ended up being my haven. In the event that you believe you have experienced lavishness, you haven’t seen anything at all yet till you’ve spent the night at the Disneyand Hotel. I couldn’t help but feel as if I boarded a 5-star ship that transported me through the realities of this planet to the getaway splendour of a faraway planet.

During the entire vacation, whilst my family members enjoyed the activities and also the jolt of childhood as well as innocence wrapped within sophistication as well as comfort, I took the occasion to relax and get in touch with my own childhood.

At some other periods, to get the reason of selection, I do patronize other hotels. One of my personal other favorites is The Peninsula Hotel. This is the definition regarding old school luxury, along with chauffeur driven Bentleys as well as Baroque era sculptures, no expense is sparred to make guests feel the opulence of colonial hospitality.

The hotel is about cradling every visitor in the lap of opulent luxury. From the ceilings in the actual lobby to your bath areas in each of the suites, almost everything is actually designed in order to make you remember that you are well worth it.

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Source by Yamana Michiru

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Some Infant Formulas Contain Omega 3

Are you aware that Omega 3 DHA is being added in the infant foods? Top experts recommend the addition of both, omega 3 DHA as well as omega 6 AA in the infant foods. This recommendation came from a group representing 11 different countries. Although breastfeeding feeding is considered to be the best, but if due to any reason, it is not possible, then supplements containing omega 3 DHA and omega 6 AA are the best options.

Omega 3, DHA falls in the polyunsaturated fatty acid group. It is considered to be a good fat. Omega 3 fatty acid in the diet is very important for the proper development of a child's brain. Did you know that DHA accounts 97% of the omega 3 fats in the brain which is 60% fat?

The infant food should contain between.2 to.5% of the omega 3, DHA fatty acids and it should also contain AA at an equivalent percentage to the DHA level. Omega 3 is also present as an additional ingredient in baby food.

Getting enough omega 3 in the baby's diet is not only important for the development of its brain, it is also important for the baby's eyes and nervous system. An expecting mother should consume sufficient omega 3 in the form of supplements or otherwise while she is pregnant. Third trimester is the right time to do so. That is when the baby's brain is developing the most.

AA, or arachidonic acid is relatively easy to consume. It is readily available in our daily diet. AA can be obtained from meat, eggs and milk. it is reliably easy for a pregnant woman to get sufficient AA in her diet, but getting enough DHA omega 3 is much more difficult. DHA is found in oily cold water fish. Most of the people in the US do not really like fish so there is a lack of getting enough in their diet.

A lactating mother can pass on these vital nutrients to her breast fed baby, if she eats a proper diet. In case the baby is bottle fed, then these nutrients have to be added externally. Adding omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to a baby's formula has made it a lot closer to being just like breast milk.

Researchees have shown that babies getting enough omega 3 in their diet performed better in the cognitive tests, they also slept better and were not nearly as restless as babies fed formula without omega 3.

As soon as you find out that you are going to have a baby, be sure to add cold water oily fish to your diet. If you are unable to eat fish, then you can take fish oil supplements, or flax seed oil. Make sure your flax seed oil supplements are in a dark colored bottle to keep them away from light.

If you are pregnant, getting enough omega 3 could reduce your chances of premature birth.You will also know that you are doing what you think is best for your new baby. Getting them started out in life the best you can.

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Source by Sandy Sachs

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Decorative Ways to Use Solar Powered Lights

Do you have curb lighting, driveway lighting, or patio lights at your home? If so, I'll bet they're solar.

Solar lights increase visibility and safety. They're highly cost effective and can make a significant difference in your energy bill. With no electrical wires, or plug-ins necessary, they can be placed anywhere in your landscaping that you desire. They're weatherproof and require little or no maintenance. You can have bright light or low light, depending on the number of LEDs used, and the fixture in which it is contained.

Today, you can find a huge selection of outdoor solar lighting on the market. From luminaries that look like Japanese paper lights to lady bugs, turtles, and a myriad of other designs, solar powered lights have become so popular it's hard to find a home without them.

Solar energy is increasingly becoming beautiful, reasonably-priced garden art. Rechargeable AA batteries (solar charged of course) are combined with LED lights in fixtures created by imaginative artists. This decorative garden art takes you from the romantic to the frivolous and accents your landscape without the requirement of a string of electrical lights and a plug-in, or a minimum-maximum spacing requirement.

You can be as creative as the artist in your placement of your decorative lights and create exactly the setting you want. You can change your look on a whim, or by elaborate design. Whatever theme you may want to capture for a particular outdoor event, you can move easily from dusk into darkness with exactly the lighting that will best accent and capture the mood.

From fireflies to Calla-Lillies, Finials, Fuchsia Finials, to the beautiful Soji Lanterns, Allsop Gardens has solar lighting artistic creations to please the most discriminating decorator.

Solar path lights, candle glass lights, solar spotlights, and solar tube lights can be found at the Solar Light Store, along with many other solar lighting options.

They're available in stepping stones also, making it easier to know where you're going, and to "light your way" as you traverse a dark section of your yard after dark. You will not need a flashlight to see where you're going, and the person behind you will not be left in the dark if you're the only one with the flashlight.

A solar lighted house number can ensure your home is easily found by emergency providers in case accident, fire, or medical emergency. A great gift for your mom on Mother's Day, or your dad on Father's Day, especially if they live alone, and may have that occasion when they need help, and can not get the yard light turned on. Being able to see an address easily has on more than one occasion saved a life.

Solar powered security lights are another great option. They're ideal for remote mountain cabins without electricity, as well as ensuring you'll always have a security light at home in the event of a power outage.

Decorative solar lighting is available to fit any style desired, as well as fit within whatever budgetary constraints you might have.

OK, yes, you can go hog wild over decorative solar lighting. You can have fireflies in every tree, a turtle on every rock, soft romantic lighting around your hot tub, and a light-strewn pathway that will ensure no visitor, guest, or family member member will trip for lack of lighting.

And what about your water feature? Why not have some beautiful solar spotlights, rock-encased, that light up your waterfalls or whatever water feature you've created in your yard. Why just enjoy your water feature in the daylight, when solar lighting can allow you to enjoy it through the after-dark hours.

And, of course, best of all, decorative solar lighting requires no action on your part … at all. After capturing and storing light throughout the day, when night time falls, solar lights come on automatically. Then, as daylight returns, and the cycle reverses, they turn off automatically. And your utility meter does not move as a result … at all.

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Source by Timothy J. Peters