Vintage Holzrohr Rundfunk Radio Musik Kunst Hemd

Vintage Holzrohr Rundfunk Radio Musik Kunst Hemd

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Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg
Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
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Stop Thinning Hair – Replace it With Something Better

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Have you found it to be quite hard to stop thinning hair? It certainly is not one of the easiest tasks on the planet. Yet it's very important that you do so because failure to control hair loss can lead to more and more hair fall. This is something you definitely do not want.

And while there are many different options to choose from in treating your hair loss condition, most are just plain failures. What works for your neighbor may not work for you. Even if it works for them, chances are they may go some kind of side effect or health risk as a result.

That's why natural remedies come in handy so well. They are your better solutions for stopping thin hair. They're cheap, very effective and you can feel safe knowing that you're using something healthy on your scalp.

For instance essential oils have always been my personal favorite tool for boosting my hair growth. These oils smell very good but besides that, when massaged into the scalp increases blood circulation. They literally wake your follicles up and makes any thinning hair grow back thicker.

Jojoba, henna and rosemary oils have been used for centuries, since the days of ancient civilizations. Adding a few drops of these essential oils to the scalp and massaging them deep down into the scalp every other day is the perfect solution to your problem.

It really helps stop thinning hair. You should give it a try. Never give up in your efforts to stimulate hair growth. Make sure of what motherrature has given you and you should be just fine.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg
Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
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Source by Roy Crawford

Makita Akku-Baustellenradio 7,2-18 V, DMR108

Makita Akku-Baustellenradio 7,2-18 V, DMR108

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Akku-Baustellenradio 7,2 V – 18 V DMR108 von MAKITA mit der EAN: 0088381817721Mit Bluetooth
Akku-Betrieb für Li-Ion-Akkus mit 7,2 V – 18 V, nicht jedoch mit maktec- oder G-Serie-Akku
Zum Empfang von UKW und Mittelwelle geeignet
Sender präzise einstellbar über digitales, großflächiges Display
Mit Weckfunktion

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg
Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
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The True Meaning of the Word Freedom

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Freedom is a very powerful word. Webster’s dictionary defines freedom in many different ways, but this is the one that really stuck out to me. Freedom is the state of being free – liberated from slavery, restraint or the power of another. When I read this definition, the Bible verse Acts 12:7 ran through my mind– And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands. Can you imagine the delight in Peter’s heart as those chains released his hands and he was no longer in captivity?

You too have the opportunity to escape captivity and live in freedom for the rest of your life. Can you imagine actually being free financially, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically? For most people that seems completely unrealistic, but I’m here to tell you it can be your reality. Remember, inside the word impossible is possible. It is possible for you to have freedom in every area of your life!

In the United States, we observe Independence Day on the fourth of July. There are fireworks exploding in the air across America in celebration of our freedom, which was made possible by the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. When that document was signed, it was „declared“ that America was free. Let me ask you a question. When will you declare your independence? When will you declare your freedom? Before you can achieve it, you must believe it so say it out loud now… I DECLARE THAT I AM FREE IN EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE! THE SHACKLES ARE GONE! I AM FREE!

After you declare that you are free, you need to understand exactly what freedom is to you. If you don’t know what it is, then how are you going to achieve it? What is freedom to you? I’m going to break down each letter of the word F-R-E-E-D-O-M, and I want you to visualize what it really means to you.

The first letter in the word freedom is ‚F‘, which stands for focus. Are you focused on being free in every area of your life? If not, then you need to shift your focus and become focused on your freedom. Most people don’t become truly free in their lives, because they are comfortable or simply aren’t courageous enough to stretch themselves beyond their current life boundaries. Take advantage of getting uncomfortable and stretching yourself, because to be free you have to do things differently than most people.

Just imagine standing inside of an average size circle every single day. Your current job, friends, habits and overall way of life are also in the circle. Can you feel it getting tight? Don’t you have the urge to step outside the circle? Now, imagine extending your foot, stepping outside of the circle and feeling an ultimate sense of relief. You have room to move and make decisions that you couldn’t make inside that circle. Sadly, you will never get to leave that circle because it’s the limit that you’ve placed on your life unless you make the decision get focused on your freedom and stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Whatever you focus on everyday will determine whether or not you achieve freedom in your life. One of the main objectives that you should focus on is taking advantage of every single minute in your day. If you are scheduled and plan your day, then you are forging forward towards freedom. On the other hand, if you lay in bed at night, reflect back on your day and have no idea what you did all day long, then you are allowing time to take advantage of you. I often hear people say, „I have no idea where the time went.“ It’s one of those moments when I have to bite my tongue, because I want to tell that person that they are wasting their time instead of investing it.

Time is our biggest form of currency so we must spend it wisely. If you focus on freedom and invest your time wisely, then you are one day closer to being free instead of remaining entrapped. While working with one of my coaching students, I asked her to show me her planner. I wanted to know where she was investing her time, because she was stuck in a rut. Surprisingly, she had every single minute of her day scheduled. This woman knew where she was every minute of the day and led an extremely busy lifestyle. However, I looked closer at the actual activity and saw the issue. I explained to her that just because she was active didn’t mean that she was productive. She filled her day with meaningless tasks that created activity instead of accomplishment. Just because your calendar is full doesn’t mean that you are investing your time wisely. I encourage you to sit down and take a good look at where you’re spending your time and how some of those insignificant, waste of time activities are pushing you further away from your freedom.

Another determining factor in whether or not you become free is what you actually look at on a daily basis. I love to take photos with other champions at events and have built a Why wall in my office in South Florida. This wall is filled with not only pictures but also letters, art, cards and many more positive, inspirational things that I have received from people all over the world. In my home office or as I prefer to call it my „construction zone“, I have pictures of my own dreams and goals. I focus on these things every day as I sit in my construction zone and build my business. No matter the obstacle that I encounter, I’m constantly reminded of my Why in life, because I see it in front of me.

What are you looking at? If your answer to that question is „nothing“, then that’s exactly what you are doing to achieve freedom in your life…NOTHING. In my favorite book, The Bible, it states that a man without a vision will perish. Another way of saying it is that a person without focus in pursuit of his dream will fail. I cringe when see someone reading those garbage books and magazines that highlight all the gloom and doom in the world. Can you really expect to achieve freedom in your life if you are focusing your mind and eyes on that trash? I challenge you to throw out the garbage and start reading positive, inspirational material. You can also take it a step further and hang some pictures of your dreams and goals in your construction zone. You won’t believe how quickly your results will skyrocket when your focus is shifted!

If you’re saying, „That sounds easy. All I have to do is organize my planner and hang a few pictures then I will be focused on achieving freedom in my life.“ YOU ARE WRONG! It’s not a one step process. It’s daily focus in every area of your life. When I say that you have to be focused, I don’t mean that you just simply think about freedom sometime during the day. You need to be focused like a sniper with a laser pointed at his target…laser-focused! If you let anything or anyone distract you, then your target (freedom) will no longer be in sight.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg
Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
Wir verkaufen für Verkäufer zu 100% kostenfrei
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Source by John Di Lemme

Reisenthel Shopper M Stars, Polyester, Schwarz, 51 x 30.5 cm

Reisenthel Shopper M Stars, Polyester, Schwarz, 51 x 30.5 cm

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reisenthel shopper M special stars

Schönes Understatement.

Wenn sich Stil im Praktischen beweisen soll, hat der shopper M die Nase vorn. Denn er besticht nicht nur durch eine klare, zeitlose Optik, sondern bietet auch den Einkäufen des täglichen Bedarfs genügend Platz.

Zudem betört er durch ein paar nette Extras, die er nicht zur Schau stellt, sondern ebenso dezent wie gekonnt ausspielt. Kurz, der shopper M glänzt durch Vorzeigbarkeit und Vorzüge der Größenordnung XXL!

– Öffnung mit Reißverschluss verschließbar
– 1 Innentasche mit Reißverschluss
– quadratischer Boden für sicheren Stand
– Material: reißfestes PolyestergewebeFarbe: Schwarz mit Sternen
Volumen: 15 l
Einkaufen mit Funktionalität und Stil – ganz ohne Wenn und Aber; Öffnung mit Reißverschluss verschließbar; 1 Innentasche mit Reißverschluss; Quadratischer Boden für festen Stand
Maße (B x H x T): 51 x 30, 5 x 26 cm
Material: hochwertiges Polyestergewebe, wasserabweisend

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg
Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
Wir verkaufen für Verkäufer zu 100% kostenfrei
Schnell, zuverlässig und kompetent

Viruses Are Not the Only Nasties in Town

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When we think of computer security the first thing that comes to mind are viruses and their variants that wreak havoc upon our computers.

But do you know that viruses, worms, and Trojan horses are not the only enemies threaten your pc security?

Here are some other baddies that can attack your computer and do unimaginable damage:

Dreaded Dialers

Dialers are not as well-known as viruses but they certainly can do a lot of damage not only to your computer but to your pocketbook. When they get into your computer they will make your computer to call long distance or premium calls and you would not know this is happening until you get a hefty phone bill. They also can change the phone number you use to connect with the dial-up connection with the result that you will not be able to connect to the internet but someone else may be using the surfing time while you pay for it.

Snoopers: Spyware and Adware

These are other sneaky programs that can do another kind of harm to your computer. Spyware and adware are used interchangeably by many, but they are two different animals. Of these, adware is considered less dangerous because it sends you un-requested advertising to your computer while you are surfing while not damaging your computer registry in anyway.

From the point of computer security such actions of the adware may sound less threatening, but consider the effect of adult content popping up on the computer screen when your kids are surfing the internet. This side, the unwanted pop-ups and ads are a nuisance to your surfing experience.

On the other hand spyware is more harmful. When it is on your computer it will gather information about which sites you visit, where you shop or surf. This information is used to send you ads related to your interest. While this may not sound too sinister, the spyware can get your usernames, passwords and also personal financial information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers all of which can be used to impersonate you and involve you in financial loss as well as get you into potentially difficult situations.


This is one of the most dreadful things that can happen to a computer. Here a hacker literally takes control of your computer without your knowing it. In the hands of the hijacker, the computer turns into a mindless zombie committing illegal acts which can be blamed upon you.

This could be sending massive amounts of spam emails or attacking web pages of other sites which are considered criminal indemnity.

This threat is more insidious because when a hijacker takes control of a computer, the owner does not normally become aware that there is anything wrong with his machine. Such hijacked computer may become a little slower but as this can happen because of many other causes. So the computer owner is blissfully aware of the trouble that he could land into because of such hacking.

Can all this happen to you?

While it is illegally that all bad things that can happen to a computer would happen to you. But assume that they will. Because such things do happen to other computers, it is possible that your computer may come under threat sometimes.

Starting with this promise, install a firewall on your computer if you have not done so already. A firewall acts as a shield against unwanted programs carrying malware. While you can invest in paid firewall if you wish, you can also use Zone Alarm which is free and very effective.

Also scan your computer for viruses, spyware and adware. Use good antivirus and antispyware programs. Here also you have the choice of free and paid versions from many reputed vendors. Paid or free whichever you use make sure to get the latest versions which can not only detect the viruses present on your computer but can also successfully destroy them.

And above all, be security conscious. Learn all you can about pc security and always be on the guard. This is like auto insurance. While we do not expect to get into an auto crash every time we drive out, we do take out auto insurance – just in case. So is it with pc security. Never let down your guard. You can come under attack anytime.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg
Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
Wir verkaufen für Verkäufer zu 100% kostenfrei
Schnell, zuverlässig und kompetent

Source by Frank Gray

Your Virtual Reality

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You are not going to like this, but the odds are uncomfortable high that your physical reality isn’t physical at all, but virtual. In other words, you don’t exist with the substance and structure you think you exhibit. Even though you might play various simulation or video games, you in turn are being played, or at least programmed, by persons or things unknown. So here is the Simulation Hypothesis, otherwise known as the Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe scenario, in review.

Premise: There exists technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations (the exact number is of no consequence) and/or our descendants qualify as having constructed an advanced terrestrial civilization, way in advance of that in the early 21st Century.

Premise: Such civilizations, ours or theirs, not only possess advanced technology, but have and do experience exponential grown in those and ever newer technologies.

Premise: Such civilizations do not become extinct.

Premise: Such civilizations construct and run simulations, just as we in the early 21st Century do. The reasons are numerous. There are simulations for research purposes, fun and profit, educational training, etc.

Premise: There are vastly more simulated worlds and beings than there are real worlds and beings if our own here and now is anything to go by given the ever proliferation of video games, etc.

Premise: Consciousness or awareness can be simulated. Consciousness or awareness is what you are, but you are just information, a code, an alphabet constructed out of letters that form words that form sentences that form paragraphs that form chapters that ultimately form you – you’re a book in human form. You can reduce any life form down to its genetic code – information. Information can be coded as bits and bytes. In essence your uniqueness is just a barcode and your consciousness or awareness is just the interactions of your barcode with all the rest of the sets of software that comprise the Simulation (Virtual Reality) Universe scenario.

If the above six are granted, then the conclusion is that it is highly likely that we are ‚living‘ in a simulation. The logic is sound. If you reject the conclusion, you must reject one or more of the six initial premises and there could be no if, ands or buts about your objection. There could be no possible counter objections or exceptions to your objection or rejection of any one or more of the premises. For example, you might object and say that such civilizations do go extinct before developing advanced simulation technologies, but that would have to apply 100% across the board.

Let’s start with the assumption that you don’t really exist in a really real reality. Instead, you are virtual reality, a creation (along with the rest of life, the Universe and everything) by a flesh-and-blood fallible Supreme Programmer that created software that resulted in our Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe. What sorts of things might follow from such a scenario?

In case that idea freaks you out, reflect that even if you have just existed as bits and bytes (instead of a collection of elementary particles and forces), it doesn’t alter one jot anything you did or didn’t do in your past, whether or not you are pleased with anything you have or haven’t accomplished. Whatever runs you have on the board are still there.

Being a virtual being won’t alter one jot anything about your future. Since the software controls life, the Universe and everything, once the initial parameters were set, everything became deterministic, even if not predictable to mortals (of which the Supreme Programmer is one). The Universe, of which you are a part, is unfolding as it should. The fact that the outcome isn’t predictable shouldn’t be surprising since that’s the point of doing a simulation. What’s the point of doing a simulation if you already know what the outcome is going to be?

Free Will: A software generated universe wouldn’t give you the option of free will. Even for quite different reasons, many people believe that they don’t have any free will and yet they still go through life quite content with whatever their deterministic runs are on the board happen to be, so a sudden discover that you don’t have free will because you are pre-programmed bits and bytes shouldn’t unplug your heating pad. If you stop and reflect on things, even if you do have free will it is so constrained by physics, chemistry and biology and by society that you might as well stuff most of it in a box and bury it.

If you’re still freaked out, does it ultimately matter whether your chair is made of tiny strings; electrons, neutrons and protons; a quantum wave function; or bits and bytes? You can still sit in it! That’s your bottom’s line! If your simulation is as good (or better) that really real reality, what’s the difference?

Billions and billions of people have come and gone never ever even conceiving of the possibility of a virtual reality world, and though none the wiser, their virtual reality had absolutely no bearing on what they thought they were, what kind of life they thought they had led, and all the things they accomplished and patted themselves on the back for.

So what are some of the outcomes of the Simulation (Virtual Reality) Universe scenario?

For starters, you have an explanation of why there is something rather than nothing – a philosophical quandary that ranks right up there with the Big Questions of reality. Software is a something and you can’t have a virtual reality or a simulation without those bits and bytes.

Ageing: At the moment of your conception your ageing process began yet there would appear to be no theoretical reason for the ageing process Regardless, there appears to be nothing you can do about this or its inevitable conclusion. Your health will decline with ageing until you die. Even if you spent your existence in some sort of ’safe house‘ free from accidents and deliberate acts of malice against you; even if all the air you breathed was filtered free from harmful bacteria and viruses and pollutants; even if you ate a perfectly balanced diet of three meals a day with all foods free of artificial colors, flavors and ingredients and everything was 100% ‚organic‘ with lots of fruits and vegetables; even if your water was distilled and absolutely pure; even if you took no drugs like caffeine or nicotine or alcohol; even if every moment of every day was absolutely stress free; even if you got your eight hours of sleep a day; even if you got lots of exercise, both mental and physical, you will still age and go downhill towards that bucket which you will kick. You cannot prevent that complex biochemical ageing time bomb that’s inherently inside you and which emerged from the simplicity of your conception. As I said, there doesn’t appear to be any physical, chemical or biological reasons why you should age. On the other hand, that could be considered one of the consequences or subroutines of your software program

Death: If life is an emergent property of the cosmos, then death is an emergent property of life, though if you can stay clear of accidents, murder, or disease, there would appear to be little reason for one to kick the bucket since there is no theoretical reason why a living organism has to die a natural death providing the body continually receives an adequate supply of all resources required for life (food, oxygen or carbon dioxide (if a plant), water, etc.). However, entropy will not be denied and there is nothing you can do (at least in the here and now) about it no matter how well you follow doctor’s orders. Again, perhaps death is just one of those programmed in subroutines of your software programming.

Afterlife: Although many people believe in an afterlife, or at least would like to, they would be hard-pressed to come with logical or scientific reasons how it could actually come to pass other than God says so. However, in the Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe, an afterlife is just a software program away, as ‚easy‘ as constructing as your normal programmed virtual ‚life‘. It’s just end software subroutine Jane Doe’s ‚life‘; begin software subroutine Jane Doe’s ‚afterlife‘. The other interesting possibility here is that the sort of afterlife your culture instilled into you will be the one that you receive, even though concepts of the afterlife differ widely from culture to culture.

God: The Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe scenario has no impact on theological belief systems. If you believe in God, then you argue that God created the Supreme Programmer. If your theology is flexible, you could believe that the Supreme Programmer is a ‚god‘ or passes for a deity. If you’re an atheist, you still have your faith against the existence of a supernatural being, of which the Supreme Programmer isn’t – supernatural that is. You can give God the big thumbs down while acknowledging ET having some fun with a software program. But you’ve got to wonder how the major organized trilogy of monotheistic religions are going to react when they discover that their God is actually some teenage computer geek who virtually created our life, the universe and, well, virtual everything as a science project!

External Reality: There would relatively little effect on what you perceive about your external reality. It would apparently be a reflection of really real reality (RRR). That is unless you came across an anomaly or a miracle, something that most would say „it can’t be therefore it isn’t“ to counter your „I know what I saw“. I mean witnessing such out of the ordinary things as crop circles, Sasquatch (Bigfoot), the Loch Ness Monster or a sea serpent, a ghost or a host of other paranormal or pseudoscientific mysteries that are unexplained phenomena.

Quantum Physics: Quantum physics is all around (and inside) of you, and has to be counted as part of your really real reality (RRR). Quantum physics would have to qualify as one of those ‚paranormal‘ anomalies. Any physicist who tells you with a straight face that quantum physics isn’t highly anomalous is a very good actor and superb liar. However, you are unlikely to detect the anomalies unless you are conversant with quantum physics and look for the anomalies as a matter of course. Everything appears normal, but looks can be very deceiving.

Fine-Tuning: It’s been noted by many that quite a few of the laws, principles and relationships of physics, and chemistry too, have values such that if those values varied by even a tiny amount, biology wouldn’t be possible. In fact, in some cases chemistry wouldn’t be possible, nor even much of physics. This calls for an explanation. The first is that it’s all blind luck – sometimes you get dealt a royal flush on the very first hand of your very first poker game. The second explanation is that there exists a Multiverse – thousands, millions, billions, even trillions of universes each with a differing set of those laws, principles and relationships of physics. 99.999% of those universes will not be suitable for biology (as we know it) or even chemistry or much of physics for that matter, but just based on sheer probability, a tiny few will turn out to be a Goldilocks (bio-friendly) universe. The initial objection I have is not with the concept of a Multiverse, but with the idea that the laws, principles and relationships of physics will be different in each of the various universes. There’s no explanation of why this must be so. Of course that doesn’t alter why our Universe is bio-friendly, and that’s what counts, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, would we? Explanation number three is of course God and intelligent design. We’re here because God designed in the beginning a bio-friendly Universe and a bio-friendly Planet Earth. The concept of God has so much baggage that I have lots of trouble accepting that explanation. But I do like the variation on the theme – the Supreme Programmer. If you are going to design software for a simulation or a video game, etc. you have got to intelligently design that software to keep those inconsistencies or oops to an absolute minimum, if not ideally zero. The simulation or video game has to be a viable simulation or video game, or in other words, a Goldilocks simulation or a bio-friendly video game.

SETI: Why can’t radio or other astronomers find any evidence for ET? – Perhaps because extraterrestrials were never programmed into the VR software.

The End: Computers (or CD and DVD players which run ’software‘ in the form of CDs or DVDs) come with all manner of controls. You can hit the ‚pause‘ bottom to freeze the action in time or the ’stop‘ button to recycle the action back to the beginning. You can hit ‚enter‘ or ‚play‘ to unfreeze the action or to start or restart the action. In many cases you can hit the ‚delete‘ button. If our simulated world is embedded in software in a typical computer (we’re unlikely to be encoded on a CD or DVD but who knows) then ‚The End‘ can come at any moment (sort of like what Christians keep saying about their Second Coming, the apocalypse or Armageddon).

The Supreme Programmer could hit ‚pause‘ which means life, the Universe and everything just freezes until the Supreme Programmer hits ‚play‘ again. We’d never be aware of that ‚missing time‘ any more than the characters in a DVD film are aware of the time lapse if you hit the pause button to go answer the phone while watching their film. The Supreme Programmer could hit the ’stop‘ button to recycle everything back to the beginning. We wouldn’t be aware of that until perhaps such time as our recycled moment in the sun came around again and we got that feeling of déjà vu. The Supreme Programmer could perhaps tweak his software with a downloadable update which might also serve to wipe our memories of ‚before the tweak‘ so that we wouldn’t notice any discrepancies between the ‚before‘ and the ‚after‘. Or, if our virtual memory wasn’t wiped with the upgrade, then that might account for why some of our physical ‚constants‘ don’t seem to be quite so constant after all. Rewritten over software might also account for phantoms, both animate (like ghosts) and inanimate. Lastly, the Supreme Programmer is finished and the program ends. Of course the Supreme Programmer could now rerun the program, or tweak/upgrade it and rerun it. It’s interesting to note how many cosmologies, especially ancient ones like the Maya and Hindus, have a recycling cosmology: cosmic Birth – cosmic existence – cosmic death; cosmic birth – cosmic existence – cosmic death. Even Christianity promises a new heaven and a new earth after those ‚end of days‘ or the ‚end times‘. Of course the Supreme Programmer could just hit the ‚delete‘ button and that’s just The End of our virtual life, the virtual Universe and the virtual everything; or perhaps accidentally drop the computer smashing it to smithereens; or spill his coffee over the keyboard; or maybe the hard-drive crashes; or maybe the Supreme Programmer just turns the computer off and dies before ever turning it back on. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a fade-to-black.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg
Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
Wir verkaufen für Verkäufer zu 100% kostenfrei
Schnell, zuverlässig und kompetent

Source by John Prytz

TechniSat DIGITRADIO 210 Schlagerparadies Edition Digital-Radio mit Schlagerparadies Direktwahltaste, DAB+, UKW, zweizeiliges LCD-Display, Teleskopantenne, Kopfhöreranschluss, Netzteil, weiß/pink

TechniSat DIGITRADIO 210 Schlagerparadies Edition Digital-Radio mit Schlagerparadies Direktwahltaste, DAB+, UKW, zweizeiliges LCD-Display, Teleskopantenne, Kopfhöreranschluss, Netzteil, weiß/pink

Jetzt kaufen

Stylische Digitalradio Schlagerparadies Edition in buntem Design Digitalradio in besonderer Optik Die stylische Schlagerparadies Edition des DIGITRADIO 210 präsentiert sich frÃhlich in den Farben Pink und Weiß und läd optisch schon einmal zu jeder Menge guter Laune ein. Durch das besondere bunte Design präsentiert sich das Digitalradio als echter Eyecatcher und wird zum neuen stylischen Accessoire. Digitalradio mit extra Schlager-Funktion Doch nicht nur optisch ist das Digitalradio eine Besonderheit. Mit einer Direktwahltaste für den bundesweit via DAB+ ausgestrahlten Sender Schlagerparadies ist das Digitalradio ein absolutes Musthave für die Schlageranhänger unter den Radiohörern. Auf Knopfdruck liefert das Radio non Stop deutsche Schlager, sowohl aktuelle Hits als auch Evergreens in erstklassiger Digitalqualität Das DIGITRADIO 210 Schlagerparadies Edition liefert natürlich nicht nur einen Sender, sondern eignet sich zum Empfang von digitalem DAB+ und UKW Radio und liefert folglich optimales Digitalradio in die heimischen Wände. Durch kluge Bauweise befinden sich die Funktionstasten des smarten Radios zur einfachen Bedienung direkt unter dem auf der Frontseite verbauten zweizeiligen LC-Display zur Anzeige von Sendernamen und Zusatzinformationen. Das Radio bietet zudem jeweils zehn Favoritenspeicher für DAB+ und UKW Radiosender. Das DIGITRADIO 210 Schlagerparadies Edition ist portabel und lässt sich wahlweise mit Netzteil oder Batterien betreiben. DIGITRADIO 210 Schlagerparadies Edition- Highlights auf einen Blick o smartes Digitalradio in stylischer Pink-Weiß Optik o empfängt digitales DAB+ und analoges UKW Radio o Direktwahltaste für den bundesweit via DAB+ ausgestrahlten Sender Schlagerparadies o einfache Nahbedienung – die Funktionstasten sind auf der Gerätevorderseite verbaut o zweizeiliges LC-Display zur Anzeige von Sendernamen und Zusatzinformationen o zehn Favoritenspeicher für DADAB+ Radio mit Direkt-Wahltaste für den bundesweit via DAB+ ausgestrahlten Sender Schlagerparadies
Kopfhörer-Anschluss (3,5mm Klinke), Mono-Lautsprecher mit 1 W RMS Ausgangsleistung
Mobiles DAB-Plus Radio mit zusätzlichem Favoritenspeicher für je 8 DAB+ und UKW Sender
Das portable Radio kann wahlweise mit Netzteil oder mit Batterien betrieben werden
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Immobilienmakler Heidelberg
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Nautical Star Tattoos The History, Meaning And Symbolism – What A Strange Mix!

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The history, meaning and symbolism of nautical star tattoos is

a hotly debated topic. Today many different groups have

adopted the Nautical star tattoo as a symbol for their own

movement and they have all ascribed their own meaning and

history to the symbol. Thus has lead to a wide

disagreement as the the meaning of the tattoo.Historically

most everyone agrees that Sailors were the first people to get

nautical star tattoos. In fact the very word nautical

relates back to sailing. So this connection has been

pretty firmly established. Most people would agree the

sailors were a pretty superstitious group historically and

sailor lore abounds with superstitious and fantastical stories

of life and death and being lost at sea. Early on

sailors navigated by the stars at night and the north star

became the symbol for finding ones way home. Once you

know where the north star is you can point your ship in the

right direction to get home. So the star became a symbol

for finding ones way home or more symbolically even finding

ones path in life. Therefore many sailors would tattoo

nautical stars on their forearms as a good luck symbol in

hopes of returning home.

However their modern day meaning is a more debated topic.

Many believe that groups including gay and lesbians, punk

rockers and those in the military have adopted the nautical

star tattoo as a very important symbol. The diversity of

these three groups has lead many to argue the meaning of their


For the military the connection is pretty obviously point

back to the early sailors and the symbolism and meaning is the

same as the early sailors. Many military people get a

nautical star tattoo as a symbol for finding ones path home

safely. Of course this can also include more

symbolically just finding ones way in life.

Here is a quote we found from a member of the armed

services and his interpretation of the tattoo:

„I am in the United States Army, an MP who searched towns

and villages for Al Quida and insurgents. I was in Iraq for 1

year. I have a red and black nautical star on my wrist. The

reason I got it was because when I was out there, I felt it

was a guide to guide me home to my family safely. I got it so

that it would remind me that I am going to make it to see my

son grow up. I am not gay, it doesn’t matter what you believe

it represents, it means something different for everyone. Out

in the desert, I would look up at the stars and think about

home. So anyone can think what they want to, that is what it

means to me. „

Punk rockers have also adopted this as a popular symbol to

have tattooed. The punk movement traces its history and

use of the nautical star tattoo back to Sailor Jerry.

Sailor Jerry is historically one one of the most famous tattoo

artists ever. He was well known for his innovative and

„cool“ designs. Punks have taken this symbol and it has

very much the same meaning of finding one way in life.

Being the rugged individualists type Punks are drawing to the

symbolism of true north and finding one own unique way in

life. So the Nautical star has become a symbol for this.

You see many punk bands that have full sleeve tattoos

typically incorporate nautical star tattoos either on their

elbows or elsewhere.

The lesbian and gay connection is the one that does not

seem so obvious at first. Historically back in the

1940’s and 50’s when alternative lifestyles were not the norm

and often women had to hide their alternative choices they

would sport a hidden nautical star. Often they would get

the star tattoo done on the inside of their wrist where it

could easily be hidden by a watch during the day but shown off

in the evening when out on the town. Today many lesbians

where the nautical star tattoo to show their connection with

their early pioneering sisters. Here is a little

evidence to support my points.

„Here’s the passage (with some pieces dropped) from „Boots

of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian

Community“ by Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy and Madeilne D. Davis

copyright 1993 p. 189.

(talking about the 1940’s and 1950’s):

„…During this same time period, the cultural push to be

identified as lesbians- or at least different- all the time

was so powerful that it generated a new form of identification

among the tough bar lesbians: a star tattoo on the top of the

wrist, which was usually covered by a watch. This was the

first symbol of community identity that did not rely on

butch-fem imagery. We can trace this phenomenon back to an

evening of revelry in the late 1950’s, when a few butches

trooped over to „Dirty Dick’s“ tattoo parlor on Chippewa

Street and had the tiny blue five-pointed star put on their

wrists. Later, some of the fems of this group also go the idea

one night and did it…The community views the tattoo as a

definite mark of identification…“the Buffalo police knew

[that] the people that had the stars on their wrist were

lesbians and they had their names and so forth. That it was an

identity thing with the gay community, with the lesbian

community“. The fact that the star tattoo was created by those

who were firmly into roles, in fact by the group that was

considered the butchy butches and their fems, suggest that the

force to assert lesbian identity was strong enough to break

through the existing traditions of boldness based in butch-fem

roles. The stars presage the methods of identity created by

gay liberation. In fact, the mark has become something of a

tradition in local circles and has seen a revival since the


This meaning of the symbol has of course created a lot of

problems and arguments among the other two groups of bearers

of nautical stars. Most puck and military people do not

want to have a nautical star that points back to anything from

the lesbian movement so many will say that there is no

connection there and this is false.

Here is a quote from another armed forces member about the

symbolism of the nautical star among the gay community:

„This „gay symbol“ is a load of hooey that someone made up

VERY recently. The nautical star tattoo has been around nearly

as long as tattooing itself. The late Celts (or early Irish,

depending on your view of World History) were said to have

been the first to have the tattoos, although evidence of it

being used on ships in Spain has been found pre-dating the

Irish claim.

As a Marine, it’s a very commonplace symbol amongst us if

we have been part of a Boat Raid company, red for port, green

for starboard on varying parts of the body. On ship, I saw

about a million different variations on the Sailors I was was

serving with, obviously harking back to the sailor roots.“

Here is a quote from a punk rocker and his feelings about

the symbolism of the tattoo:

„what idiots..even the military boys dont know what it

really means….JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW!!!!!it was used by OLD

sailors.. and the symbol represents North on a Map …and it

is the North Star the sailors would use it as a baring to get

home….you can find it on Really really old maps and old navy

vessels… Punk Rock.. well we use it because we can and

because Sailor Jerry made the coolest tattoos who started

putting them on everyone.. my grandfather even had one thus

being used as a traditional icon“

It just goes to show that when the same powerful symbol is

used over and over again over decades of time it can taken on

very different meanings for different groups. So all of

those that you see sporting a nautical star tattoo might not

all have the same interpretation of its symbolism.

So do you have a nautical star tattoo or think about

getting one in the future? Which meaning of the symbol

will you get the nautical star for? As long as you know

what the symbolism behind the star is for and you have gotten

it for the right reason to either support the lesbian movement

or as a symbol to finding your way!

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg
Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
Wir verkaufen für Verkäufer zu 100% kostenfrei
Schnell, zuverlässig und kompetent

Source by Chris Ryerson

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