Nwaab – Casting Agency, Modeling Agency, Celebrity Management in Mumbai

Nwaab – Casting agency, Modelling agency & celebrity management in Mumbai

Nwaab is founded in 2012 in Mumbai, India and has accomplished 6 years of success in field of media and entertainment. Nwaab is one stop agency catering to casting, modeling & acting and celebrity management.

Nwaab is a leading casting agency

As a casting agency, Nwaab works with production houses, photographers and ad agencies and undertakes casting for TV commercial, print ads, web series and movies. Nwaab has extensive data of appropriate actors, models celebrities of all age groups and looks. We undertand the importance of getting the right cast for the success of the campaign.

Nwaab is a model management company

As a modelling agency, Nwaab manages & showcases finest models and actors and provides them brilliant opportunities of work in various fields of acting and modelling. Nwaab also assists models and actors to build up their best personable & prepossessed portfolio.

Celebrity management

As a celebrity management agency, Nwaab manages and handles work of actors and celebrities. Our main focus and vision is to provide exceptional services to the celebrities we associate with. We excel our expertise into areas like Brand Endorsements, TV commercial, print ads, television, movies, events, promotional launches, personal appearances etc.

We take care of entire management like

Acquiring projects for you

Managing the schedule and dates

Negotiating budgets

Managing agreements and contracts

PR and marketing

Creation of work portfolio

Recommendation of right brands and projects leads to enhancing your brand image

Managing your whole work right from starting of the project till you receive the payments.

Advantages of Associating with our Agency

Casting agency along with being a celebrity management agency

Starting soon with our productions

Selection rate high due to right celebrities being recommended for the right projects.

Abundance & variety of affluent projects.

Priority and preference in our projects.

Fair dealings and better negotiations.

Works with only classy celebrities

No separates fees or charges.

Nwaab has completed more than 550 projects. Our opulent projects are Mc Dowells No.1, Britannia Rusk, Platinum Evara Jewellery, Kamla Pasand Mouth Freshener, Cadbury Silk, Asian Paints, Garnier Men & Samsung refrigerator, Vivel, Vaseline, Moonfils Bauli, Emirates, Skoda TVS scooty, Nescafe, Aprilla scooty, and many more.

With smart work, commitment, efficiency, reliability and professionalism, we deliver a unique offering.

kindly visit us on

web: http://www.nwaab.com

email: nwaab.agency@gmail.com

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nwaab_agency

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nwaab.agency

contact: 9820742424

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The Single Best Grip Exercise For Rock Climbing!

One of the best overall grip exercises for rock climbing is the kettlebell farmer’s walk. If you have never attempted this particular exercise then I am here to tell you that you are missing out. By now you may be familiar with the ancient kettlebell and understand this is one hell of a strength and conditioning device and because of that fact alone this is why you need it for your rock climbing strength training program!

Best Grip Exercise For Rock Climbing!

Grip exercises for rock climbing are a necessity whether you are looking at it as a safety issue or a competitive one. Either way you need a smart and highly effective workout for rock climbing if you expect to do well at this particular sport. If you have seen the ancient kettlebell by now then you know that it resembles a cannonball with a handle attached to it. Because of this unique design you will find that this particular device is fairly difficult and challenging to hold irregardless of how you hold it. This is because it is always pulling away from your center of gravity. This is why kettlebell training is good for your grip strength.

To kick this up a notch this is why I am introducing to you the kettlebell farmer’s walk. For this particular drill you will want the availability of a pair of heavy kettlebells. Now how heavy is up to you, but you will want to struggle gripping both bells at the same time when you pick them up. The other thing you need is a flat straight walking space. From here you are simply going to place the bells at one end of this walking lane and pick them both up off of the ground in order to walk to the other side of the walking lane. This heavy resisted walk is tremendous for helping you to develop a tremendous grip strength while taking your rock climbing strength exercises to the next level. You can’t go wrong with your climbing with kettlebell farmer’s walks.

If you haven’t already started to implement this particular hard hitting kettlebell grip strength drill into your climbing workouts then you are putting yourself at risk and holding yourself back. Take the time to learn more grip strength drills like this one by accessing more of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!

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How to Use "Pops a Dent" Effectively

Alright, so you just bought the „As seen on TV Pops-a-dent“ or the Ding King „Twist a dent“ and have tried using it. You may have even removed the damage a little bit, but usually, the repair results are less than respectable. How can we achieve better results? Allow me to disclose some wonderful information about how to use a dent puller kit you purchased more effectively.

This is supplemental information to be used while following the steps provided in the kit.

1. Plug in the glue gun and put a stick of glue in it.

2. Identify the impact area of the dent.

3. Look for high ridges, or „frowns“.

4. If there are any frowns or high ridges you need to gently tap them down by moving around the higher area, tapping consistently.

5. Once you have reduced the high areas, then you can address the low area (dent).

6. Use the solution provided along with a soft cloth (diaper rag, retailer’s towel) rub the damaged area you plan to glue until you feel the rag „grab“ a little. The wax should be gone now.

7. Apply glue to the tab (careful hot!) and apply to damage (start in the impact area).

8. Set up dent puller.

9. Check whether the glue has set by touching the exposed glue that has squished out the side of the tab. If it is no longer sticking to your finger, but is just tacky it is ready.

10. Use the dent puller.

11. Use solution to remove excess glue.

12. Tap down any high areas you may have caused.

13. Continue this process until dent has been removed.

This is pretty much the same process I use with an industry specific kit I use on a daily basis. I would guesstimate I use my glue dent puller on a third of the cars I work on daily.

Good luck!

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ExpertClickRadio Interview on the Frankie Boyer Radio With Renowned Art Conservator on Collecting

Internationally renown art conservator, YouTuber, blogger, author of the Save Your Stuff book series, The aExpert speaks about Restoration & Protection of Collectibles & Valuable Art, China & Pottery

In the final segment of his interview with Frankie Boyer, the topic turns to how to avoid getting ripped off by shady appraiser or restoration specialists. Also Scott gives examples of protecting valuables from natural disasters and finding the right person for fixing broken china or restoration of an art piece.

As a kid growing up, Scott was always interested in science and the arts. That stayed with him hethrough college. When I was about to get my bachelor’s degree, his art history program chair asked him if he had ever considered „art conservation“ for graduate work. IHehad never even heard of it. Turns out, it was the perfect marriage of his two main interests: „The application of science to the preservation and restoration of art.“

Scott’s Formal Training:

Most industrialized nations of the world have formal art conservation programs (Scott is not talking about private restoration schools, trade schools or apprentice programs) where something comparable to a Masters Degree in the US can be obtained. The waiting lists to get into these university or government programs are usually long and reapplication is required for years. But, the stars aligned and he was admitted after my first application to the conservation center in Lombardy, Italy – a satellite program affiliated with the National Center in Rome (ICR).

The first week of classes, he was on scaffolding looking and getting instruction for working on an affresco dated 1365. With a big smile he pinched myself and said, „This is great!“ He appreciated the experience knowing that other art conservation students around the world were going to have limited hands on experience, especially the two year. And here he was, already in the thick of things from the „get go.“ He was not disappointed with his choice over the years. During his three year program, he worked on numerous Renaissance to Baroque affrescos in ancient abbeys, libraries and churches. He also worked on many small and very large canvases. We worked on-site and in the state of the art laboratories of the conservation center.

The modern scientific art conservation facility was in a converted 800 year old monastery across the valley from a northern Italian marble quarry outside of Brescia, next to Garda Lake.

He got instruction from seasoned professionals who had worked around the world on UNESCO projects (on murals in temples in Burma and in the tombs of Egypt) and who were well informed on international current standards of practice, and techniques especially after working with the international community in response to the devastating Florence Flood of 1966 (9 years earlier). The conservation center’s professors and teachers came up from Rome and Scott’s class went to Rome often to interact with the Istituto Centrale Del Restauro.

He graduated from the formal Italian government 3 year painting/mural conservation and restoration program in mid 1978.

As you can see, art conservation and restoration has specializations in the profession. Scott works on paintings; Paintings on walls (murals), paintings on canvas (easel paintings) and art on paper. I don’t work on books, furniture, stained glass windows, old cowboy boots, antique cars, ancient documents, mummies… just paintings. From this point of the story onward, he’ll let you scroll through the background info in the navigation bar under the header photos on his website at


Also, here are a couple of newspaper articles:

For a feature article in the Life Section of the Santa Barbara News-Press go to http://www.fineartconservationlab.com/media-roo… ewspaper/

Article in New York City about mural conservation is Los Angeles http://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-edit… ne-mural-at-a-time

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On Restoration & Protection of Collectibles & Valuable Art, China & Pottery by Expert Click Radio is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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Numerology of the King of Pop: Michael Jackson

[This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Michael Jackson. Its purpose is simply to reveal the relationship between some aspects of his life and numbers in furthering the understanding of numerology as a science.]

It was the great bard, William Shakespeare, who said: Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown (Henry IV. Part II, 1597). In many ways, Michael Jackson (born: Michael Joseph Jackson, 29 August 1958) wore an entertainment crown laden with diamonds and jewels. Yet, in many ways his diamond-studded crown left him with an uneasy head and troubled life.

It is the way of the world – kingdoms and kings, cultures and queens, rise and fall. Karmic Law cares not for princes or paupers, heroes or heroines, celebrities or nobodies, cheers or sneers. We all are bound by laws far greater than our vision, or our egos, can perceive… let alone control. Furthermore, we all have a destiny that is inexorable, inescapable, immutable. Michael Jackson’s destiny is so clear in his numbers that his life serves as an excellent example of study for students of numerology. He led a famous but tragic life, a life both revered by some and reviled by others; a life which exemplified a meteoric rise to fame and fortune but an equally meteoric fall from grace into the depths of misfortune and despair. Michael Jackson was a self-proclaimed and narcissistic King of Pop who demanded the media refer to him in such terms. Yet, kings – self-proclaimed or not – are subject to the same divine laws as everyone else. No one is exempt from the Law which operates, like gravity, without regard to persons, however talented or famous. This article will briefly touch upon a few aspects of Jackson’s life and explain through the science of numerology why his life was the way it tragically was.

Love of Music

Michael Jackson’s love of music is clearly visible in his Basic Matrix. Not only is his first name, „Michael,“ a 33-6, but his Soul is a 33-6 as well, and his Material Soul [MS] is a double 66-3 with a 111-3 triple master root. This reveals an intense desire and need to express himself through art, words, music, harmony, love, pleasure, action and, unfortunately, addiction. These master numbers are the „fire in the belly“ that moves the engine, regardless of whose engine they inhabit.

The master numbers 33 and 66 are powerfully creative but potentially vicious opiates. Controlled, they can elevate a person to great heights, as in Jackson’s case. Uncontrolled, these pleasure-based master energies can express themselves with such destructive consequences that they lead to the most insufferable depths of despair and death, also as in Jackson’s case.

Intensifying Jackson’s 33-6 Soul and 66-3 Material Soul is his 6 Lifepath – a journey forcing him to learn lessons [both positive and negative] regarding love and harmony [in all aspects of life, not just music], sex, family, community, responsibility, addiction, hatred, envy, jealousy, bitterness, nurturing and its lack. This 6 Lifepath gave Jackson what his heart desired – all things 6 – but it also blinded him and, as we shall see in his Challenges, became a lodestone of immense suffering, helping energize his misfortune and ultimate demise.

Jackson’s Challenges

The 3/11-2 Challenge

As Michael Jackson was destined to be a global icon and music revolutionary, he was equally doomed to suffer a challenging family and love life, health and self-images issues, as well as an unrelenting attack on his continuing but alleged pedophilia tendencies and actions. These conditions are clearly flagged in his four life Challenges-all of which house a double set of 3/11-2 and 6/5 energy. For all four Challenges to house two identical sets of numbers is extremely rare.

The number 3 rules health/disease, self image, vanity, children, communication, words, art, pleasure, beauty and sexuality [with the 5 and 6]. When located in a Challenge position, this negatively aspected 3 creates internal issues involving these topics. For Michael Jackson, this 3 Challenge plagued his entire life because of its complete occupation in his four Challenge timelines. Furthermore, when combined with the 8 energy of social interaction and connection, it manifested in the realm of the 2 which rules close personal relationship, others and female [yin] energy. The 3/2 Challenge references children [3] in relationship [2], a direct inference involving potentially untoward behaviors, i.e., his alleged pedophilia tendencies, which caused him great stress and turmoil, as is all too commonly known.

This 3/2 combination also helps explain why Jackson’s looks [3] became feminine [2] as he aged, as well as being bizarre and freakish [negative 3]. It is also this 3/2 pattern that gave Jackson a childlike manner [when he chose to use it] and crafted his personal cross to bear regarding not having a normal childhood, which he often lamented but was quoted as saying he wouldn’t exchange for the fame and power he possessed as a music icon. Furthermore, this 3 Challenged energy played a major role in his poor self-esteem and self loathing. Jackson was obviously consumed with his appearance and challenged by it throughout his life. As his numbers indicate, this was a lifelong issue he couldn’t avoid.

The 6/5 Challenge

Coupled with his 3/2 Challenge was a 6/5 IR set (Influence/Reality). The 6 governs personal love, music, family, nurturing, support, beauty, sexuality, harmony, community. When in a Challenge position, it can reference its opposite side of abuse, jealousy, envy, hatred, bitterness. Mixing with his 8 Expression, the 6 played itself out in an environment of the energy of the 5 [8 + 6 = 14 > 1 + 4 = 5] of change, loss, detachment, movement, diversity, freedom. It is this 6/5 IR set that was the basis for Jackson’s familial issues, especially with his father, Joseph Walter Jackson [born 26 July 1929], whose Soul and Material Soul [his desires, needs, wants and motivations] were both 6s. Michael’s 6/5 IR set indicates that he would detach [5] from his father’s most ardent desires [6]. Having a 6 Challenge in a 6 Lifepath heralds problems with his life’s journey in the realm of the heart and home.

The flip side of this 6/5 component is that Jackson had a very loving and loyal [6] fan base comprised of a diversity [5] of individuals. Loyalty is one aspect of the 6, and in many ways Jackson’s fan loyalty was as much a curse as it was a blessing. Fans demand attention, and oftentimes their obsession with the one they loved and admired placed enormous pressure and stress on Jackson to behave in ways deleterious to his health and well-being. „The show must go on,“ right? Yet, from a health standpoint sometimes it’s better that the show not go on. How much is a life worth? The cost of adulation? In the final analysis, whose life is lost and at what price?

Drugs and the number 6

One of the potential attributes of the number 6 concerns its dark side of drug use and addition. This is attributed not only to its powerful and potentially addictive 33 master root but also to its transition root of 15, which appears in Jackson’s Lifepath and 2nd Challenge along with the 3/2. The explanation of the 15 is that the 1 of action embraces the 5 of the senses, freedom and experience, combining to create the 6 [1 + 5 = 6] of love, sexuality and sensuality while being challenged by the 4 [5 – 1 = 4] of discipline, self-control and materialism. Having a 15-6 in a chart does not automatically mandate drug usage, but it does infer the potential. Interestingly, the numerical configuration of the word „Drugs“ is a 6. Many of Jackson’s inner circle mentioned in interviews after his death that he did have a problem with prescription drugs. In fact, Deepak Chopra stated in one such interview that in his observation Jackson was addicted to prescription drugs and he urged him to terminate his indulgence in them. Chopra also stated that prescription drugs are responsible for more drug addiction than street drugs. This is a sobering, painful and dangerous reality, not just because drug usage destroys bodies and minds and contributes to the degradation of society, but because it references a need for drugs in the first place, a testimony to the absence of a spiritual nucleus in the lives of those consumed by them.

Fame, Power, Egomania and the 1/99-9 Master Energy

Michael Jackson’s first Pinnacle was a 1/99-9. Its timeline was from his birth through age thirty. No two numbers acting in concert have more potential for creating individual power and fame than the 1 and 9. Together they represent the star [the one (1) who is the center of attention] and the crown [the one who rules and holds magnetic power among the masses (9)].

It’s impossible to get any more iconic and famous than the1/99-9 combination. The 1/9 (simple version of the 1/99-9) cipher lives in the public eye. The 1 represents the self, the ego, the originator, doer, activator, leader and star. The 99 represents the masses, public acclaim, popularity and recognition. The symbol for the 9 is the crown. More than any combination, it is this 1/99-9 combination that rocketed Michael Jackson to global stardom in his early life.

As positive as this 1/99-9 combination was for Jackson, it was also immensely instrumental in his destruction. This combination represents the ego and its power, and if that ego and power are not controlled and placed in the proper perspective, together they inflate a person’s sense of self and worth to levels of extreme egomania, self-absorption and narcissistic self-proclamation, placing him or her on a pedestal in a tower of enormous height, an edifice insuring a fall of gigantic proportions. This type of human expression is sadly common in the world of celebrity and flies in the face of all that is spiritually appropriate and divine, which is why Saints and Perfect Masters always teach that humility is the best insurance against the pejorative potentials of personal power running amuck.

It is no secret that Jackson’s ego was highly inflated and beyond mitigation, this in stark contrast to his seemingly soft and tender nature. It was Jackson himself, not the public, who coined himself the „King of Pop“ and demanded, not asked according to one reporter, that the media do the same. It was Jackson who, saturated with a Messiah Complex as reported by Chris Ayers in a Times Online article, commissioned a giant replica of The Last Supper by famed artist Leonardo da Vinci to hang above his bed. In the portrait, Jackson had Christ’s face replaced with his own and Christ’s disciples replaced with famous people such as Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Charlie Chaplin and others. What normal, humble, spiritually focused, balanced and whole individual would ever think of doing such a thing, let alone doing it? It staggers the imagination to understand the dimensions of such an ego. Is this humility? Unfortunately, like other personages throughout time, Jackson succumbed to the illusion of his own importance and it destroyed him, as it will anyone who believes he or she is bigger than God.


Michael Jackson’s life was, as all of our lives are, a manifestation of destiny, as revealed in the numbers of his birth name and birth date. He could not, as we cannot, escape his destiny. Jackson was a musical genius, extraordinary performer and global icon. The number patterns 1/99-9, 33-6, 66-3, 3/11-2 and 6/5 played a major role in his life’s fame, fortune, success and turmoil. During his life, Michael Joseph Jackson adorned the crown of a superstar, but as his life unfolded it became obvious that the weight of such a crown created an equal sense of unease following him into his grave.

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Bad Radio Commercials

It’s almost too easy…picking on radio commercials, that is.

Commercials are the life-blood of radio. Without them, radio goes out of business, because they provide the bulk of the operating dollars for radio. If radio stations pay close attention to the quality of the commercials on their airwaves, they end up with listeners who listen longer because bad commercials aren’t forcing them to change stations. Good radio programmers and consultants have known this for a long time, and great consultants encourage their clients to pay attention to the quality of the ads on their air. One radio guru, Dan O’Day, is a leading advocate in recognizing bad commercials and replacing them with better ones.

If you do an internet search on dan o’day bad radio commercial generator, you’ll find a toy that Dan created to demonstrate how easy it is to fall into the cliches that haunt bad radio commercials. You should go and play with it if you have a little time to kill and a desire to laugh. Though if your company uses radio and you don’t have a great copywriter, the Bad Radio Commercial generator might make you cry. Often, the results sound suspiciously like the stuff that’s on the radio everywhere.

Commercials are a reality on broadcast radio and television, as that’s how broadcasters make all of the money that they use to run the station, pay the staff, and keep the lights on. But since many of the commercials that air are local buys, sold directly by a station salesperson, the station has the final say in what the local spots sounds like.

Why they would intentionally pollute their airwaves with pitiful excuses for writing and production is not hard to figure out. It’s really easy to write a really bad radio commercial, but it’s not too tough to write a good one. Radio managers just need to work a little harder on their local ads to reap big benefits in listenership.

A great example of a bad local commercial is often the local big volume car dealer. Somehow, at some point in history, all of the car dealers must have gotten together and agreed to yell at their target audience.

Do you like to be yelled at? Most of us don’t. Wonder why car dealers think they have to yell to get our attention? And I wonder why they think we’ll respond positively to all that yelling?

Delving deeper into that bad car commercial, you’ll probably hear a line like, „We’re Mr. Big Volume, and we’re going to be number one soon!“ Why do we care? I don’t care if he’s #1 or #10…he hasn’t told me what he’s going to do for me.

Even deeper, you might hear something like, „We’ll do whatever it takes to get your business.“ Again, why do we care? And the sly part of me might be thinking…“whatever it takes? What can I do to call that bluff?“ Because we know that „whatever it takes“ is not true, so now Mr. Big Volume has yelled at me, lied to me and told me what I can do for him.

Still no reason for me to go see him, is there? And look at all the money he’s spent to make me totally disinterested in buying a car from him.

When you think about the time and effort the station expended to produce a poor-quality product for their client, you quickly realize that no one got their money’s worth there, including the station. Sure, they got the client’s money for the schedule buy, but bad spots run off listeners, and if the client doesn’t get a good pay-off for their ad buy, they don’t come back either. Lose-lose-lose. Not smart.

With just a little bit of thought, the commercial could be very different. Drop the old-school car spot style and embrace a new paradigm. Reach out to your customer with a compelling, common-sense message about why that customer should consider trading with you. Make the focus the benefit for the customer, not for the dealership. Make the message clear, and for goodness sake, make it one message, not four or five. If the commercial is to be a 60 second spot, only write 45 to 50 seconds of copy, so the voice talent can have a chance to really create a bond with your customer.

There are a lot more ways to make a good spot great, but for now, maybe radio creative departments might just want to focus on how to make their bad spots good.

That should keep them busy for a while!

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Source by Sandy Weaver Carman

Celebrity Updo Hairstyles – Tips to Create Celebrity Updo Haircuts

Updo hairstyles can easily make you look sassy and elegant. These haircuts mainly range from vintage to modern styles. Some of the most popular celebrity updo hairstyles are French twist, bun, curls and braids.

Most of the celebrities such as Kristin Bell, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, Christina Aguilera, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez are fond of updo hairstyles. We have seen them flaunting chic and classy hairdos at various events like the Oscars, Cannes etc. Although, they have different face shapes and hair lengths but still they have carried themselves flawlessly with these haircuts.

Tips To Create Celebrity Updo Haircuts

* You can easily create smoothed down bangs, which draws attention to your eyes by pulling your hair back into a ponytail that can be easily teased, pinned and placed around the center in smooth swirls.

* You can also create soft buns by gathering your hair that can be easily secured with pins. A side-swept in the front section usually compliments this elegant updo hairstyle. You can flaunt this style in all weather conditions.

* For a relaxed and laid back appearance, you should preferably set your tresses in rollers, which can be later brushed and teased to create a knot in the back. You should secure it with pins. You can easily side swept your bangs and pin them behind your ears. This hairdo can look ultra chic in a heart shaped face.

* In order to create a soft, uncluttered and graceful updo, you should firstly set your curls in rollers. Then you can gather them into a ponytail and twist them into a bun. You can easily create soft waves by pulling your tresses back loosely. Try to keep you sides loose too for shaping dramatic lines. You can easily accentuate your neckline by flaunting this elegant updo.

In order to find out the most appropriate celebrity updo hairstyles for your face, you should preferably know your face shape. It is advisable to consult a hairstylist or try out some hair makeover software online for flaunting your best look this season.

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Source by Lisa Mendis

Rock-hard Erections Without the Blue Pill

Can a man aid his erection without expensive and potentially dangerous medications?

The answer is yes. The Chinese have been obsessed with this issue for thousands of years, and produced a whole panoply of natural medications for libido and erection.

Somehow overlooked, there has been such a natural way to increase the quality and quantity of erections in the Mediterranean area since before recorded history.

Every Eurasian (and Mediterranean) man knows from his own experience the power of the Pistachio nut, and here we will present it for you, and how its combination with honey produces in men an abundance of prostatic fluid (and sperm), with the accompanying quality of enhanced erections.

The Mighty Pistachio

The nutritional values for the pistachio can be seen at the close of this article. It is so full of micro-nutrients, and many of which are responsible for the male response actions, its value as a food cannot be underestimated.

1 ounce of dry roasted pistachios contain 165 calories, with 7 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of protein (and see the protein list in the chart at the close of this article), 14 grams of fat (containing 1.7grams of saturated fat…required for the effective production of testosterone in the man’s reproductive system). The pistachio is cholesterol free. They do contain high values of Vitamins A and C, as well as important percentages of calcium and iron

The Recipe for Your Daily Supplement of Erective Elixir

Starting with the nutritionally rich pistachios, about one cup full (de-shelled) of dry roasted pistachios are added to an equal amount of natural organic honey. The honey should be from „free“ bees that were let out to gather their pollen naturally, and from specific plants near the hives.

Place the mixture into a glass jar, and expose to the sun for one week. The best time to make this mixture is during the summer months. After the one week expose, the mixture is ready.

The Proteins and Vitamins of the Pistachio

The pistachio contains 18 essential proteins, save Hydroxyproline. It is almost a complete food on its own. From vitamins, pistachios contain Vitamin A. C, D, E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folates, Vitamin B12, and K.

From minerals, pistachios contain high amounts of calcium and iron, and magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium.

From sterols, pistachios contain zero cholesterol, but the beneficial phytosterols of campersterol, stigmasterol, and beta-sitosterol, all with a powerful effect on the male reproductive hormone system.

When mixed with honey, the nutritional value of the elixir becomes a highly enriched food that will show its benefit to overall good health and circulatory benefits demonstrated in rock-hard erections.

How and When to Eat the Honey-Pistachio Elixir

We recommend one tablespoon daily, in the mornings, and one tablespoon when sexual activity is anticipated. It may be eaten alone, mixed with natural unflavored yogurt, or with some fruit. The result, over time, will be an increased sexual potential, rock-hard erections, and healthy libido.

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Source by Sacha Tarkovsky

Acne Causing Foods You Need to Avoid

Over the years, you’ve probably read a number of studies and heard a number of people telling you that certain foods cause acne breakouts. We’ve all heard that dairy products are not good for your skin, that eating chocolate or pizza will proof detrimental to avoiding acne, and that eating enough fruits and vegetables will ensure you have a beautiful, flawless face.

Unfortunately, all of these studies and ideas are not always true. Don’t you know plenty of people who can eat just about whatever they want, including greasy potato chips, pop tarts, and soda pop, and never have a single pimple? And have you ever met someone who eats a relatively healthy diet but still struggles with acne problems?

Herein lies the truth. Foods do sometimes impact the health of the skin and may cause acne, but it isn’t the same for everyone. One food that may cause an acne breakout in girl A may not cause an acne breakout in girl B and visa versa.

If you’re struggling with acne, there are a couple of things to look at. You’ll probably need to experiment with different diet changes until you find a solution. The first thing to assess is, are you getting enough water? A lot of people who are chronically dehydrated suffer from acne just because their skin is so thirsty. The second thing to consider is your weight. People who are overweight may notice an increase in acne that will diminish as they lose weight to be at a more healthy level.

As far as foods go, you may notice that when you eat more refined sugars and processed foods, you tend to break out more. Decreasing the sugar you have in your coffee and coffee in general as well as the consumption of processed foods such as white bread, packaged cheeses, or most snack foods may be the solution you need.

If you tend to eat a lot of fast food, heavy foods, full restaurant meals, or greasy food, this may be the cause of your acne. You can determine this by changing your diet and decreasing the amount of the above food you eat and replacing it with healthier alternatives.

Again, though there have been many studies done that try to tell us that we cannot eat a chocolate bar if we want healthy skin or that a slice of pizza is the absolute enemy in the war against acne, there is no absolute answer as to which foods cause acne breakouts. It really is a great world of experiment to see which foods and dietary habits impact your skin to make it the most beautiful that it can be.

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Gio Rigt

Star Anise – Stellar Swine-Flu Fighter

Not many people know that when they are given the drug, Tamiflu (oseltamivir) for swine flu, bird flu or seasonal influenza they are taking a product derived from the particularly tasty, decorative spice, star anise.

Star anise (Illicium verum) is a universally used spice grown primarily in China, India and the Philippines. It is included in a wide array of ethnic dishes and is a component of Chinese cooking’s five spice powder and Indian cuisine’s garam masala. It has a similar taste to ordinary anise and is often used as a substitute for that spice. However it is the star-shaped pericarps (seed-pods), rather than the seeds themselves, that gives it both its flavor and provides the shikimic acid – the chemical compound used in the production of Tamiflu.

Shikimic acid

Shikimic acid itself does not have any known antiviral activity. However it does have a distinctive chemical structure that is used as the starting point for a complex, multistage process that culminates in the production of Tamiflu.


Oseltamivir is known as a neuraminidase inhibitor that does not actually kill swine flu or other influenza viruses directly. Instead it inhibits the internal spread of these viruses by blocking a protein that facilitates the escape of replicating viral particles from body cells. Although some virus strains have developed resistance to this drug it is still very effective in most cases – especially if it is taken early on in the infective process.

Global Shortage?

As a result of the growing swine flu pandemic there is now a global shortage of star anise. However this is likely to be a temporary problem as shikimic acid can now be produced by the fermentation of specific E. coli bacteria. Another less important plant source of shikimic acid is the fruit of the liquidambar (sweetgum) tree. However the sweetgum fruit does not have very high concentrations of this compound. Other spices that contain shikimic acid, but are not used as commercial sources for the compound, are ginger and fennel.

Other health benefits of star anise

Although shikimic acid does not have any direct antiviral effects, star anise contains a compound called linalool that does indeed have antiviral activity. Like all spices, star it also has strong antioxidant activity. In particular it protects against the oxidation of fatty acids thereby helping to contain the deposition of cholesterol deposits in the arterial walls. Limonene is another important phytonutrient found in star anise that demonstrates strong anticancer activity.

Star lifesaver

In star anise we have yet another spice that, in addition to its enhancement of our gustatory experiences, is making a massive contribution to the containment of one more life-threatening disease.

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Keith Scott M.D.

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