Add Life To Your Pop-Up Banners With The Right Handling

Banners make some of the most affordable marketing and advertising tools, but they can also be used to direct people, create brand awareness in different areas among other uses. You can print basically anything that you wish to include graphics and then set up your banner where most appropriate depending on your target audience. There are different kinds of banners and pop up banners are some of them. The pop up banners are probable loved because of their low cost and lightweight, making them quite easy to carry and move from place to place to pass the intended message across.

These banners come with retractable stands hence they are very easy to set up and just as easy to pack away when the day is done for the display. They make excellent choices for product launches, trade shows, exhibitions and even presentations. They of course come in different sizes to suit different needs. Some are designed complete with a bag to pack away and transport. How you handle your pop-up banner will largely determine how long it lasts and serves your needs. A few precautions when handling can go a long way in adding life to your banner for whatever use you have for them.

1. Ensure that, when you pack the pop-up display you have the side with printed graphics on the outer side. This way you reduce the chances of interfering with what is printed on them, hence your banner will serve you longer.

2. When transporting or storing the banner, ensure that you have a proper case or bag for it for the display and the graphic panel. This ensures that your banner remains in good shape even when you take long before using it.

3. Keep the banner away from water and moisture or very high temperatures such as in direct sunlight that is intense. Water or too much heat could end up damaging the graphics and the stand itself so be careful with where you place the banner during use, transportation or storage.

4. Avoid using excessive force when assembling and dismantling the pop-up banner. If you experience any resistance, then it could mean that it is incorrectly setup. If you haven't used the display for a while, try it out before heading for your presentation just so you are sure it is okay and will pop up and fold in easy. Using excessive force will only damage the banner.

5. When packing the pop-up banner away, it is important not to un-hook graphic display from top or allowing it to drop as it can lead to damage especially to the spring mechanism at the bottom part of the panel. Always lower the graphic carefully into the base.

6. When selecting a setup area for the display, avoid areas with high traffic of people who can topple it over. It is also important to avoid areas that are too windy as this can also lead to damage when the banner falls.

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Source by Shalini Madhav

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