Blue Man Group Tickets – True Blue Wonders

Blue Man Group Continues to Delight Audiences

Live performances can dazzle audiences when what they are seeing is uniquely different. One of the most innovative and uniquely different acts now seen on tours as well as in Vegas is the Blue Man Group, a trio of androgynous beings that are quite literally…Blue. This group was created in 1988 and is listed under the genre of performance art and music, but truly, there is no one clear way to define the BMG. In the 20 years since the group’s inception, they have delighted and amazed audiences of all ages and their newest live shows are continuing to win them many more admiring fans. The best Blue Man Group Tickets are quickly claimed within the first few days of being offered which is a very strong indicator of just how popular this trio really is.

Understanding the Performers

The Blue Man Group does not speak or utter any sounds during their performances, but they always communicate perfectly with their audience and each other. Their unique communication is established through eye contact, subtle but well rehearsed hand and head movements, and other choreographed body language. The trio is so expert at this type of silent interaction that they can convey emotions of curious wonder, surprise or delight without resorting to overly exaggerated motions. Audiences delight in the uniform look of the group members with their earless, hairless, neon blue heads and identical appearances. Although the main trio generally performs in harmony, there are some hilarious skits that involve one of the three being just slightly out of sync with the others.

The Blue Man Group Performances – Made For Fun

There are always pictures, words, instructions, or information that is being flashed on screens behind the performers. These vary at each show but sometimes the screen shots simply show some funny messages using the real names of ticket holders. You might also witness some ditzy slogans, cute pictures, photos from the current newspapers or even candid shots of people in the audience. This is done to entertain and provide diversion while you are waiting for the show to begin. All of this pre-show activity is interesting and most is undeniably hilarious, especially if your name (or some you recognize) makes it onto the montage.

As the show revs into gear, there are frequently important announcements and instructions that are flashed on the giant screen located behind the performers. Although the words are large and clearly printed, there is always an unseen narrator that reads them aloud for you. Using this compelling off stage voice is a great way to gently encourage the audience to follow the instructions that are flashing. This interactive stage performance is one of the few live shows that really make a connection with everyone in the audience. Whether you become a fist pumping rock star in training or a poncho covered art critic ducking spurting drumbeats of colorful paint the Blue Man Group will make sure that you have the time of your life.

The group incorporates different themes for their shows, and some of these are information overload, innocence, and imitation. The theme of imitation is used during their How to Be a Rock Star show that offer instructions on how you can metamorphose into a rocker. There is an unseen narrator that will read the instructions as they are flashed onto the screen and he is able to compel people to get involved early. This program gets everyone out of their seats and moving.

Soon the audience is filled with people of all ages who are performing fist pumps, and exaggerated dance movements. Instruction is always available because the Blue Man Group is performing the same moves on stage. However, there is a very cool animated stick figure on screen to show you the moves as well. For sheer party fun, this is one of the most popular shows that fans come to see.

The Blue Man Group – Keeping it „Real Fun“

Toilet paper, crepe paper, balloons, and truly weird musical instruments are also a major part of any of the BMG events, and if you have Blue Man Tickets for seats in the front rows don’t forget your ponchos. The group already has a schedule that includes US, Canadian and worldwide tours in addition to their current Las Vegas run. This keeps the group working at a frantic level and even with more than 500 BMG performers, they are pressed to keep up with the demand for performances.

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