Celebrities – Their Power And Influence

Why are we so obsessed with celebrities? Yes they’re beautiful, wealthy, happy but these are not the main reason. What we are drawn to is the power they hold. It is their influence that traps us.

Think about it. If they didn’t have such power and influence then why do companies pay so much money to have a celebrity endorse their product? It is because celebrities hold the power and influence to get that product sold.

“Our worship of celebrities does indeed turn them into the most powerful people on the planet…They’re the equivalent of gods in our midst.” – Psychiatrist Raj Persaud

Sponsorships aside, think about the influence these celebrities wield and think of all they could do with it. Celebrities like Bono, Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie often use their power and influence for good. Bono spends money and time on charities all over the world, Bill Gates sold his billion dollar company to become a full time philanthropist and Angelina Jolie travels to third world countries to provide aid and homes to children who desperately need it.

“Why not use your leverage [celebrity] for the good things, because leverage is used for the evil of things all the time. Stand up.” –Jamie Foxx

Given the shape our world is in today, we need them more than ever. We need celebrities to use their power and influence for the good of the world. They have the resources to do well on their own but they also have the special ability to inspire people around the world, from all walks of life. This is not to say they are the only ones able to do good.  Only if everyone pitches in can we succeed in turning our troubled world around. Celebrities need only be the catalyst to get the people of the world together in a fight against the destruction of the world.

This doesn’t only pertain to our environment, although this is a major issue that needs to be dealt with. Third world countries need our help and in return we will be able to tap into the resources and the knowledge that goes along with them. These may be of great benefit to the human race. We also need to bring to the forefront the voices of our underprivileged segments of society. The women and children of the world need to be heard.

Celebrities hold the power. It is becoming more and more desperately obvious where we need to be collectively turning our heads. We need to make this a better world for ourselves and those who come after and we need to do it quick.

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