Don’t Get Your Fingers Squashed by Bad Trundle Bed Frames!

If you are refurbishing a bed room then you should look at the trundle bed frames. It may not be what you originally had in mind, but they are strangely appealing. Once you realise the versatility they offer you suddenly decide that you can’t live without one.

Originally trundle bed frames were not much more than a mattress in a drawer, stored under a bed. Now they are stylish, easy to use and pop up so your guests don’t have to feel like they are sleeping on the floor.

However, before you go and buy on, there are several areas you need consider.

The Pop Up Trundle

If you are going to buy a trundle don’t bother looking at anything other than the pop up trundle. It is obviously significantly more expensive than the original design, but the other choice really is not much better than a mattress on the floor.

How Easy Is It To Raise Your Trundle?

A well designed pop up trundle bed frame should be easy to lift and lock. Obviously the frames are metal and do weigh a bit, but that is no excuse to make them awkward and have them squashing and removing fingers! Before you buy any pop up trundle frame you much check the reviews and make sure that people are happy with the mechanism used.

Can You Create A Comfortable King?

One of the main advantages of a pop up trundle is the ability to raise the trundle to the height of the standard bed and to be able to put them together in order to create a king size bed for your guests. This should be a simple and straight forward process. It is important to check that your trundle comes with the correct catches to link the two together. Otherwise you may find that you guests have an ever widening gap down the middle of their bed.

The Trundle Mattress

When your trundle bed is not in use the popup is lowered and the mattress and the now concertinaed frame will fit under your standard bed. This is usually quite a tight fit and you will need to buy the mattress recommended by the manufacturer. If you are going to use this frame combo as a king size bed then it is important to get the same mattress on the standard bed and on the trundle. Many people like to upgrade their main mattress to a higher quality. However, before doing this make sure that you can get the same upgraded mattress for your trundle and that it will still fit correctly under the bed. Getting this wrong can either lead to a bad nights sleep for your guests or could mean that you trundle mattress gets damaged and ruined as it is constantly being squashed into an unsuitable trundle frame.

All in the trundle bed frame is a great investment, but you do need to look out for a few simple things which can become issues if not addressed before purchase.

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