How To Use A Usb Port For Your Car Stereo

How to Use USB for a Car Stereo? All cars have a built in radio system and speaker set. This audio system is very good in quality. But still many people go for alternate speaker set and radio and for connecting their MP3 player through the cable for USB to transfer information and music from a particular device like computers to another device such as music players.. Youngsters in particular are crazy to use this new technology where the cable can be powered through the lighter for cigar inside the car

This article lists all the tools required to use USB in the stereo of the car and it also explains the procedure to remove the same without much difficulty. If we go for a car mechanic or an engineer they may charge heavily or doing this simple work of installing the cable for port of USB .So, doing this on our own is the right choice.

Screw driver (Philips), screw driver with flat head, USB cable, Aux cable and player are the things that we will be in need of to complete this job. We should make sure that all these things are ready before the work is started to avoid any wastage of time.

Get into the car. The audio system is switched on. If we find any media material like compact disc, cassettes in the in dash receiver of car, then it should be taken out first. Ignition engine of the car should be turned off. Hand brake is applied. Parking brake is the other term used to refer hand brake. Inspection of the stereo is done thoroughly. Locate the USB port and Aux port. The USB port is usually smaller whereas the Aux port is circular in shape. Do not get confused with the port of head phone as they both may appear nearly the same.

There is a provision for USB port in the stereo of the car where the cable is plugged after connection with player for MP3. Even if we don’t find USB port there is absolutely no problem as we can use Axillary port instead of the port for USB cable connection.

Shift lock button is pushed downwards. This button can be identified near the handle of the shifter. Pressing it down, the shifter is moved till the lowest level of grade is attained. Now the compartment for storage which is present below is pulled out. The adapter is inserted into some power source inside the car like the lighter for cigar. It is with this adapter connection is made with the cable. Adjustment of radio is made till the music can be listened through radio when player is switched on

Two ten mm bolts which are located just below the controls of the heater are removed. Two dash vents which are present above the audio system are removed. Two ten mm bolts are removed which are already exposed. The weather controller set is pulled out carefully. Harness for wiring which is plugged to the radio at its back side is disconnected.

Thus this article throws light on How to Use USB for a Car Stereo.

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