Indecision – The Rock and the Hard Place

Recently on Yahoo News it was reported that 1 in 7 voters were still undecided in their voting preference just days before the election. This is a big decision and an important event. These decisions are where the True Self insists on being expressed, while the habitual human-mind pattern is still in play. It could be said loosely that the conscience is endeavoring to come forth.

However, weighing things up logically will not solve the dilemma.

The human-mind operates in logic and worldly fears. If I vote for Obama, will he raise my taxes? On the other hand, if I vote for McCain, will he send more troops into war? The human mind cannot know these things no matter how long it struggles to answer them.

These are Soul decisions. The Soul has an entirely different agenda than does the human -mind. The Soul is striving for growth: expanded capacity to love, expansion in joy, largess of Spirit and heart. Certainly these Soul goals are expressed ultimately through human means on the planet. Policies that include, rather than exclude. Legislation that goes counter to human-mind thought, of course. Then, the human-mind comes in with its fear and limitations: but what would that mean to my wallet and jobs? 

The Soul knows there is Infinite Supply. That is the key difference between human-mind thinking and Divine thought. Every offense that has been committed on Earth has been out of human-mind thinking that believes there is simply not enough of all the good stuff to go around. And in this economic climate, the appearance of lack is there just for that purpose: to make you FEEL rather than think your way though this choice.

When caught between the rock and the hard-place, whether it is a voting decision or a relationship decision, you are face to face with your True Authentic Self urging you to go for it. Be Free! Love! Expand! Risk!  And your human mind which is small and fearful and wants you to play it safe, stay little and don’t risk anything or rock the boat.

The experience internally in this position is torturous. Yes, No, Yes, No. Back and forth we go, round and round making pancake batter in our minds. The answer is always to stop the mind, quell and soothe it into quiet. Then feel your way though the conundrum. Truth and Love and Growth are always the potential in every irony or paradox. 

Should you go the way you’ve never gone before? Should you depart from your conventions, especially since you were just so vocal a few nights ago? What would people say? How can I understand this?

Once again, the Soul is not understood with the human-mind thought process. We change. We grow. We expand because that is why we came to Earth: to play, to love and to enjoy the adventure fearlessly.

Once you have answered the call of your Self and chosen contrary to your human-mind, you will feel such relief and contentment spread through you. This is your Self saying, „Well Done.“ The fruits of that new choice will ripple through every area of your live, as you have chosen joy and love over fear and limitations. You have grown and expanded.

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Source by Kathy Kirk

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