Learn How to Promote an Event

What are you trying to achieve?

So the first thing you want to think about is why exactly you’re putting on this event to begin with and that is a seriously fundamental question. Do you want to make loads of money and raise your status? Do you want to simply put on a night for yourself and a few select mates to party at? Or do you simply want to give a much needed outlet to a niche and under represented genre of music? As said before, this question is absolutely essential as by asking making this decision early on you’ll dodge any potential bullets that might occur from having aims that clash. For instance, if you wanted to make as much money as possible but at the same time wanted to promote glitch or IDM music, you’d hit a serious wall because next to nobody listens to IDM and your earnings will likely be very small. Decide on what you want to achieve and then decide on how feasible it is.

Who are you trying to attract?

This is an area where a lot of people come into problems because they assume that because they like whatever it is they’re promoting that everybody else will and that simply isn’t the case. Here’s an example, say you’re promoting an indie/rock clubnight and handing out flyers in a town centre; you’d be wasting your time (for the most part) giving these flyers to ethnic minorities, business people, chavs, or anybody who seemed to be dressed smart casual because the fact is that these types of people generally aren’t into indie and rock. You’d also want to not focus your promotion on areas where the aforementioned people congregate because it will be a serious waste of time. You’re targeting indie and rock kids and so you’ll want to hit up their places of interest. On top of that there are also considerations such as price and here’s an example; the average indie/rock club in the UK doesn’t charge any more than £5 for entry. If you however are charging £15-£20 for your night then you’re gonna seriously alienate your target audience; unless you’ve got a major band scheduled to make an appearance. Your prices need to be in line with what your target audience wants and expects.

What do these people want from a clubnight?

Where I live the „sexiest“ clubs in town generally play Electro House. The girls typically look like premiership footballers wives (or try to), and to be honest, it’s a very beautiful, very sexy, very „cool“ scene in which everybody is on display, has spent hours perfecting their look at home and generally are all out to show how sexy and with it they are. Now musical tastes aside, the people that frequent these places do so for a few reasons. The women want to be worshiped and adored; they like the idea of being the hot girl in the hot club full of hot people that’s making all the hot guys go weak at their hot knees. The guys on the other hand simply love the idea of having loads of fabulous looking women to ogle at and walk around convincing themselves that they have what it takes to possibly snare one some day. You see, musical genres generally carry with them different attitudes in the people that listen to them. Anybody frequenting a Hard Dance club will be primarily concerned with dancing the night away, losing their inhibitions and possibly taking a few drugs to boot. When you’re promoting and organising your event you’ll definitely want to take the expectations of your potential customers into account.

Stay tuned for part two of our guide, but in the mean time one of the best ways to get started in promotion is to network. Why not join an online music community where you can interact with the DJ community and get further first hand advice and pointers or possibly meet local artists to work with.

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