Legendary Rock Songs – 10 of the Greatest Rock Ballads

We all love listening to the greatest rock ballads and legendary rock songs. They give us shivers down our spine and they make us want to listen to more. We all have our favorite song and band. However making this list was very difficult finding which songs to leave out because there are so many great songs about.

Here is my list of 10 greatest rock ballads and legendary rock songs

1. Guns N Roses – November Rain
November Rain is a fantastic entry by Guns N Roses with a great blend of piano and vocals both provided by Axel Rose the leading man. This song also includes immense guitar rock playing by Slash with a fantastic end guitar solo…

2. Extreme – More than words
What can I say about this track! What makes this song so good is that it only contains vocals and an acoustic guitar. The guitar makes the song initially followed by the class signing.

3. Scorpians – Wind of change
With a German band, the wind of change is a song about the huge changes around the world. It features great melodic guitar that sets the tone for this song followed by fabulous singing and a lovely drum beat.

4. Whitesnake- Is this love
White snake are English rock icons. This is purely a love song. With the lead singer having such a strong and powerful voice is what sets this song followed by the beautifully created guitar solo at the end.

5. Aerosmith – Don’t want to miss a thing
This Aerosmith song is one of greatest rock ballads and legendary rock songs ever. Tyler sings a beautifully crafted vocal. This song was used in the movie epic, Armageddon.

6. Bon Jovi – Always
With Bon Jovi being one of the most popular bands due to the women and the well known band’s songs of love. This song creates a relationship between the listener and Bon Jovi through the lyrics of the music. Richie Sambora plays a tasty guitar solo and is definitely one to listen to live.

7. Guns n roses – Don’t Cry
Don’t Cry is another epic song by Guns n Roses. The song portrays love. It has a slow tempo and is very melodic. This song weeps from Slash’s guitar playing.

8. Bon Jovi Bed of Roses
Another song about love by Bon Jovi, I just had to put two songs in due to the popularity of the band. This song made it through by the fantastic sound of Richie Sambora guitar intro leading up to his big solo later on.

9. Bonnie Tyler – Total eclipse from the heart
This song maybe a cheesy one of Bonnie Tyler however it provides some great sounding rock and sang out great by Tyler.

10. Bob Dylan, Guns N Roses – Knocking on heaven’s door
This piece is definitely one of the legendary rock songs available to date. Created by Bob Dylan and then covered by many other artists. Guns N Roses performs a knock out version making it sound purely like a rock track through Slash’s guitar performance with those great sounding power chords and guitar solo.

I know I promised 10 but…

11. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
I had no choice but to make an eleventh entry with one of the most legendary rock songs created by a legendary rock band. This song may not appear to be like many other greatest rock ballads out there it has a different feel to it and that is what the band Pink Floyd is like and this is what makes the unique. Check out David Gilmour’s guitar work in this one and check out the live version. Two words, Utterly Incredible!

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