Look To The Stars To Improve Your Social Skills

Improve your social skills by reading the signs

Even though you are a unique individual and one of a kind, believe it or not, but you share the same personality traits with others born on the same day. The day you were born, affects your personality.

You don’t have to believe in Astrology to know that there is truth behind star sign personality types. There are so many websites and books which tells you about star sign personality traits, but even though they might get a few things wrong, the one consistent similarity they share, are the facts about your strengths and weaknesses.

There are twelve signs and each of those signs can be identified or grouped under the following generalized personality traits, although each person’s date of birth will reveal more accurate strengths and weaknesses:

Aries – Creative, adaptive, Passionate, Short tempered

Taurus – Loyal, Selfish, Stubborn, Short-Tempered, Materialistic, Family orientated

Gemini – Supportive, Adaptive, Social, Outspoken

Cancer – Family orientated, Irritable, Home makers, Private

Leo – Bossy, Head-strong, Brave, Confident, Direct

Virgo – Impatient, Caring, Logical, Clever, Fussy, Analytical

Libra – Reasonable, Problem solvers, Graceful

Scorpio – Dominant, Self-destructive, Confident, Argumentative, Calm

Sagittarius – Active, Positive, Outgoing

Capricorn – Conservative, Faithful, Practical, Intelligent

Aquarius – Imaginative, Thinkers, Easy going, Unpredictable, Lazy

Pisces – Compassionate, Devoted, Giving, Gentle, Emotional

Astrology can teach us a lot about ourselves, as strange as it is to believe, but it has been proven to have an effect on our personalities. Have you ever wondered what the stars can tell you about yourself? It might even help you to understand yourself a little better.

You need to keep in mind, that what Zodiac signs don’t tell you, is who you are or who you are meant to be, but 85% of the time it’s 65% accurate, therefore you can be sure that the dominant personality traits will be mentioned.

Various employers apply this theory when they are looking to employ new people. If they know what type of employee they are looking for, they can look at the applicant’s date of birth, and have an overall better idea of their personality when they match it up to their star sign personality profile.

The same applies to relationships. If you have a better understanding of your partner’s personality, you might be able to better understand each other and know how to accept or work with each other’s differences.

Each of us has a weakness, has a strength. It’s how we deal with it and use that to our advantage that makes the difference, but in order for you to embrace these traits, you must first know what they are.

If you want to know what your dominant strengths and weaknesses are, feel free to have a look at the numerous sites online, where you will find your three most dominant traits listed.

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