National Candy Corn Day

Wikipedia says that Candy Corn was invented by George Renninger in 1880 and that 90 billion pounds of them are sold annually. The numbers are impressive and represent the kick-off of the holiday season where no one loses weight and the majority of us put on five to fifteen pounds.

So what is it that makes Candy Corn so popular?

It can not be the color because it now comes in different colors with the popular addition of brown. The brown, chocolate, layer appeals to many, while most of us prefer the traditional colors of a yellow base, orange middle, and white top.

I suppose their small size is one reason for their popularity, although there is now a new and optional larger size. You feel innocent while eating a couple dozen at a time because they're so small. "Just a few will not hurt me." You say to yourself as you pop another 2-3 into your mouth. And before you know it, the bag is half empty and guilty sets in.

As an adult I over indulge, because because as a child I was not allowed to go begging for candy. I envied my neighbors for their success, and hoped my parents would give in, but that never happened. So, I ever rebelled by encouraging my children to begin early and end late on that single evening.

While speaking of that evening, I would take several children to a part of town that had a higher density of houses per block where the candy yield would be greater, and then charge them a fee for my services. My fee was reasonable and required them to give to me each and every Clark or Butterfinger candy bar leaving the reminder for themselves. This system of mutual beneficence worked for many years, and made its predictable contribution to my current physical stature.

Over the years I've had love affairs with different candy. It began with Clark candy bars, and progressed to Butterfinger, as mentioned above, but with age came a coup shift to include Easter Peeps and Candy Corn.

For those who are strictly addicted to Candy Corn, a recent addition to the Autumnal line-up is the Candy Pumpkin. You know that orange pumpkin with a green top. This candy is about the same volume as 4-5 Candy Corns and provides a great sugar rush. One can feel less guilty when eating fewer pieces while ignoring the undeniable fact that the total amount of sugar being consumed is significantly larger.

I'm glad someone thought to make a special day for this wonderful gastronomic invention. If I had realized before that the 30th of October was the day to celebrate this candy, I would have made a point of eating them with everyone else. In the past I've bargained hunted them a few days after Halloween in order to get them at half-price or less, and then eat them during November. But now that I know of this special "Candy Corn" day, I'll fork over the extra dough and get them earlier.

How about you?

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Gerald E Greene

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