Pop Up Gazebos – A Metal Gazebo Has a Longer Life Span

Today pop up gazebos have become very important, they are required for a number of purposes. You require them for your outdoor parties, vacations, trekking and camping, going to a sunny beach or when you want to enjoy an evening tea at the backyard of your house. They not only enhance the beauty of your backyard but also provide you a shelter from the scorching summer days, rains, mosquitoes or windy day etc.

These are just few reasons that today pop-up gazebos have gone so popular among people and are widely sold in the open market. There are different ranges of instant canopies in the market and one of them is metal pop gazebo. Unlike other instant canopies, a metal pop up gazebo is stronger and last for many years.

Some people also prefer to buy wooden pop up gazebos though they also have a strong durability but when it rains continuously for days, they are likely to get spoiled. A metal gazebo comes in different design, material and style which give you plenty of options to choose from. Some of them are very elegant and beautiful but you could also find simple designed metal gazebos as well.

It is the durability of these instant canopies which attracts people to buy them, there are two kinds of metal gazebo available in the market, aluminum steel gazebo and stainless steel gazebo.

Aluminum steel gazebos are quite economical, hence people generally prefer to buy them in gazebos. They are resistant to corrosion. On the other hand, stainless steel gazebos have a strong durability and it gives value to your value by lasting for years. It is also rust resistant. Both of them are easy to maintain, as they are rust resistant so they stay fresh and new for a long time.

You could find these pop up gazebos in smaller size, four sized design or if you are looking for a bigger metal gazebo then you could consider 12 sided structure. The cost of any pop up gazebo depends upon the material used in it and how it is being designed. For instance, wooden and metal gazebos are more expensive than other pop up gazebos which are low priced.

Metal gazebos usually take few hours to put up unlike other pop up gazebos which are easier to set up and dismantle. A gazebo comes in a kit which contains detailed instructions on how to put it together etc. Before you shop for a metal gazebo, take time to consider shape and size of the gazebo you require for you and your family’s need. You may also visit online sites which showcase different shape and size metal gazebos available in the market.

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Source by Jack Sam White

Fun Facts About Radio

Are you interested in radio? If so, you may find it interesting to read the following facts about radio. Read on.

In the late 1800, A German inventor called Heinrich Hertz discovered the wireless radio. He did it when he proved that it is possible to send energy point-to-point without the use of wires.

An Italian businessman and inventor known as Guglielmo Marconi is considered the great Father of Radio since he transformed that discovery into the wireless radio. He also got the patent and kicked off his own business.

Another expert David Sarnoff introduced the broadcasting concept when he offered his services for the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of the USA. He suggested that the company might want to try wireless technology in order to send music to others‘ homes.

As far as „Disc Jockey“ is concerned, Lee Deforest is known as the first one on the list for playing music from the great Eiffel Tower.

In Pittsburgh, KDKA was the very first radio station that was licensed in the USA. Actually, Frank Conrad started KDKA and went under the ownership of Westinghouse. The company made radio kits and got them sold for 10 dollars at the popular Horne’s Department Store. Moreover, Conrad advertised those kits on KDKA. Interestingly enough, it was the first type of radio advertising; however, it was not the true advertising.

In New York City, WEAF played the very first real commercials in the USA.

Actually, the first news reports on the official level was played on a radio station in the USA and was about the results of the Harding vs Cox election, according to KDKA.

The Golden Age of Radio was between 1920 and 1940. At that time, radio got really popular. This was the same time when radio was the greatest medium in the USA. During this time, the radio had good block programming that was like that of TV today. The programs were telecast in blocks of time. Normally, the duration of these programs was up to one hour. The popular shows included soap operas, sitcoms, detective shows, action shows, news shows, dramas and a lot of other shows.

During the great times of radio, some corporations came into being in order to make programs that would be played on different radio stations. Actually, the stations were under the ownership of the corporations. Some of them were just affiliated. The first network was known as NBC. In the beginning, NBC consisted of two networks: the Blue Network and the Red Network. Moreover, the FCC made a rule that a corporation was not allowed to own more than one network. So, the NBC sold the Blue Network. The new owners turned the network into American Broadcasting Company.

Moreover, during the great times of Radio, the drama programs were called Soap Operas. It was soap companies that sponsored the dramas.

Also, during the WWII, the radio became the best medium for broadcasting news. Moreover, Edward R. Murrow was the most popular war correspondent.

So, these were some fun facts about radio. Hopefully, you have enjoyed them a lot.

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Top Ten Celebrity Cougars

1. Mrs. Robinson – The original Cougar. This was the first time a woman seduced a much younger man on screen. It was a glimpse of things to come.

2. Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher – 15 years

Demi officially kicked off the „Cougar Revolution“ by marrying one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood.

3. Cher & Rob Camaletti – 18 years

Though Cher had previously dated Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise, her relationship with the „bagel boy“ put her on the Cougar map.

4. Joan Collins & Percy Gibson – 32 years

This classic Cougar is ageless. She has been able to maintain her beauty throughout the decades.

5. Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins – 12 years

Their steamy romance started on the set of Bill Durham and endured for 23 years.

6. Madonna & Jesus Luz – 28 years

The material girl proves that the best accessory is a younger man.

7. Kim Cattral & Alan Wyse – 23 years

Just like Samantha in Sex and the City, this was a case of life imitating art.

8. Ivana Trump & Rossano Rubicondi – 23 years

Taking her cue from „The Donald“, Ivana married and later divorced a man over 20 years her junior.

9. Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry – 9 years

This was an instant love match when the two met on the set of a photo shoot for Versace.

10. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon – 12 years

This is Mariah’s first time in the Cougar den. The butterfly has turned into a Cougar.

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Source by Lucia Demasi

Classic Rock History – What is Classic Rock?

Classic rock – the definition defies most, and yet, everyone knows a classic rock song when they hear one. What makes it classic exactly? Well, for starters, it should be an older song. Nineties rock tunes do not qualify. Generally, 70’s, maybe a few 80’s and 60’s can qualify for the esteemed title of „classic rock.“

Generally, classic rock history begins with artists that still occupy radio time today, most of whom still generate huge crowds and pack large venues. The Who, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane – all of these artists are included in the classic rock genre. But does every song ever recorded by them qualify? No. Just the ones we remember, in our heads and in our hearts.

Classic Rock History – Come on Baby Light My Fire

The Doors with Jim Morrison leading the pack came onto the scene in the late 60’s, featuring dark themes (Riders on the Storm for one) along with cryptic song lyrics. Cementing them into the roots of rock and roll history was Jim Morrison’s untimely death.

Revolver, the Beatles‘ thirteenth album released in America. A turning point for The Beatles because it represented styles from their original, earlier works as well as experimental stylings for their latter works. Revolver is often hailed as one of the best albums in classic rock history.

The Rolling Stones, with Mick Jagger still in the mix today, has given the world a bevy of classic rock songs. The album, Sticky Fingers, in particular, was released at a time when the band was experimenting and still struggling to sculpt its identity.

Who Are You?

It’s hard to turn on the television set these days without hearing one or two classic rock songs. Whether they are starting a television series or used for a commercial, advertisers know that nostalgia sells, especially for the middle-aged demographic. The Who has released a number of (now) classic rock songs and one of them starts the program CSI, making it even more popular than ever.

Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd, those crazy Englishmen, have sold millions of albums world-wide. But what puts them at the top of the heap of classic rock history? Longevity. That’s what all of these bands and their songs that have stuck with us to modern day have in common. These songs are timeless. The album Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd may not have been their most popular album, but it does delve into some sticky mental issues that founding member Syd Barrett was having at the time.

Led Zeppelin – Enough Said

Led Zeppelin produced perhaps, the most agreed upon classic rock song ever: Stairway to Heaven. This song is comprised of several different and distinct „sections“ that give a living, breathing feel to the music. This song is probably the single most requested song on American airwaves today. Composed by Jimmy Page with vocals executed by Robert Plant, this song is the anchor of all classic rock songs.

Classic rock is a genre well known and loved by people in their teens all the way into their later years. In it, we find comfort and excitement, a nostalgia that is timeless and one we firmly believe will never be duplicated.

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Source by Wendy Pan

Home Satellite Radio Brings the World to Your Doorstep

Consumers can be indecisive with regards to home satellite radio subscriptions. Mainly because of the many costs associated with installation and monthly subscriptions. Unfortunately, they are usually unaware of the huge advantages to having a satellite radio at home. Advantages that will swiftly justify those costs.

Installing a home system can be an exceptionally smart choice. Especially for people living in districts where a regular radio reception can be a problem: for instance, a rural area with bad to zero reception.

Home satellite radio includes a wide variety of stations, suitable for a wide selection of personalities. Together, they cover an enormous range of outlooks, topics and interests. It provides religious stations; comedy stations; home and fashion oriented stations; entertainment; legislation; weather and sports. Even a good helping of bygone radio shows.

The assortment of music on offer is just as varied, and just as good, with over 100 channels of streaming music alone. Satellite radio offers a wide range of genre, from classical to jazz. Chances are, whatever anyone’s into, at least one of the stations is playing it right now!

And best of all, it is totally commercial free.

When chewing over the ‚ins and outs‘ of getting a home system, it is important, nay essential, to understand the entire costs that come with your purchase. Regularly referred to as start-up costs, the price for installing a satellite radio can range from $150- $300. Everything required for a working installation is included: receiver, cables, connectors, satellite meters, and wall mounts. This is a one off bill to cover the initial installation costs and activation. Frequently, various incentive packages are offered, temporarily omitting part or parts of those costs. For example, Sirius and XM recently included free activation. In addition, the total cost of start-up has lowered, in general.

The choices you make after installation will control how much the home satellite radio will cost, on a monthly basis. Many aspects will ultimately affect the price. Prepay is on offer, as well as contract. The length of commitment will vary the price. In addition, it is possible to add extra receivers and special channels. If the home satellite radio is actually for a business, the monthly charge will also be affected. Even so, normally everyone will be looking at quite a low fee. The average subscription being less than $30 a month.

Before putting in your order, take some time to browse the latest offerings online. You may just find an unexpected deal that will go on saving you money. Forever!

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Source by Ron King

The Porn Star Tricks To Last Longer In Bed – The Truth Behind Porn Stars and Their Super Stamina

It goes without saying that every men that suffers from premature ejaculation would like to have stamina that mimics, or even surpasses porn stars. There’s a misconception that porn stars are born with impeccable stamina and endurance. The truth is, most started out as just like us, they just mastered the mind state and the tricks to last longer in bed.

Below are some of the secrets behind porn stars and their seemingly impeccable stamina.

1. Trickery

Truth be told, while porn stars are definitely able to last longer than the average man, they also use tricks that should be avoided for long-term PE success. These methods include: special condoms, desensitizing creams, scene cuts, and looping. The best cure for premature ejaculation includes using natural methods that don’t require the use of any pills or creams, and help you enjoy the sex, not hinder it by using items that make you less sensitive to the whole experience.

2. Control Your Mind

The simple truth is that most men lost the battle of premature ejaculation well before they make it into the bedroom. Unlike porn stars, a lot of men lack confidence, and go in thinking that they will ejaculate too soon, and thus it happens. Porn stars have a lot of confidence – as you can tell – and therefore do not suffer from performance anxiety.

Set your mind to think that you will last longer in bed, and most likely you will. Try to think less about blowing your load early, and focus on pleasing your woman without penetration. So when the time comes to actually penetrate her, she will be so aroused that she will have her orgasm before you ejaculate.

3. Weak Pelvic Muscles

Another reason many men suffer from premature ejaculation is because they suffer from weak PC muscles. The great news about this is that the muscle can be trained, and when trained properly, you will be able to last longer in bed. Most porn stars have properly trained their PC muscles to help prolong them from ejaculating too quickly.

4. An Unhealthy Lifestyle

That’s right; a poor diet can also result in early ejaculation. As you can see with a lot of porn stars, they are actually pretty fit. Not that they live the healthiest lifestyle possible, but they do at least take care of their bodies by working out and doing a lot of cardio exercises. So you at least need to exercise a few days a week to help overcome your ejaculation problem.

Along with exercise, you should also cut down on drinking. Talk about a catch-22, many guys use alcohol before sexual activity, but it can actually cause temporary impotence, and decrease your libido and endurance. So avoiding alcohol should be your first priority, but if you feel you can’t live without it, at least prolong consumption until after intercourse, or many hours before. There are also foods that help prevent premature ejaculation.

There are many other techniques that porn stars have mastered beyond the average guy to gain greater stamina, but being able to fully control your orgasm without pills, creams, special condoms, or extra lubricant is the ideal way of preventing premature ejaculation and lasting longer in bed.

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Source by Walt Winger

Has Your Beach Shell Collection Turned Into a Sorry Looking Rock Collection?

Well, you may be too young to remember all this, but decades ago, the shells on the beach were much more prevalent and they were quite a bit bigger as well. Let’s say you live by the beach and you take walks each day – well, perhaps by now you’ve started a little shell collection, but you have probably noticed that you have fewer shells and more rocks these days. The reason is simple, those cool multi-colored rocks are quite common, but most of the shells have been removed and the larger ones just are not around much anymore – plus there are more people out treasure hunting, so even if there were more, your chances have been significantly reduced.

Now then, let’s say you want to find more shells and not come home empty handed with more colored rocks, if so what should you do about that? Well, you need to understand a little more about tidal action, currents, and high and low tides. You also need to consider where those rip-tides are which take things back out again, and where the greatest point of debris gets washed ashore. Since the beach is vast and the landscape ever slightly changing, you might want to get a GPS system and start documenting where you found the best sea shells, sand dollars or multi-colored rocks, then as time goes on slightly adjust these coordinates to allow for what you’ve found.

If you do this, you will easily outperform your fellow beach combers all vying for the best find of the week. Using simple tools like this can immediately change your positive success rates and ratios in finding the best stuff. A computer scientist acquaintance of mine has done just this, and he has shown me his charts of the sea shore. He uses a very sophisticated mathematical formula and a derivative equational approach to it. He did explain however that the key was not just in the data, but the tools of the trade – his trusty Garmin GPS portable system with long-lasting batteries.

He has switched from metal detecting gear to sea shell hunting, albeit using the same general strategies with his GPS unit and mathematic probability schemes. He assures me that you hardly need to be a computer scientist nerd (self-proclaimed) like him to win the game when it comes to finding the best shells. This simple methodology and GPS technology will get it done every time, even if you are completely computer illiterate on odd-even days. Please consider all this and think on it.

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Source by Lance Winslow

Emergency Preparedness Pop Quiz

Ever wonder why your teachers told you not to cram for a test? Do you remember anything from that British Literature class you took way back in high school? I didn’t think so. It’s the same with emergency preparedness. Truly being ready for an emergency takes hard work, including studying, using all your senses. We hope this emergency preparedness „Pop Quiz“ helps you improve your survival knowledge; as you think about the answers don’t just answer the questions, talk about them with your friends and family. The more connections you make the more you will be able to retain the information you have learned. If you are just beginning your emergency preparedness this is a good place to start, for those who are „expert“ survival gurus, this may help you focus in on areas where you can make improvements. Let’s get started!

Quiz 1

1) What is the first and most important item to store in case of an emergency?

a. Food

b. Cell Phone

c. Flashlight

d. Water

2) What are the four (4) factors that cause immediate deterioration of food storage?

a. Oxygen, Light, Elevation, and Moisture

b. Oxygen, Light, Heat, and Moisture

c. Light, Elevation, Time, and Pressure

d. Light, Heat, pressure, and Time

3) The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) recommends individuals to have at least enough emergency food and water to last for

a. 12 hours

b. 24 hours

c. 48 hours

d. 72 hours

4) Emergency experts recommend ______ of water for personal hygiene and consumption purposes during an emergency?

a. 1 gallon

b. 2 liters

c. 2 gallons

5) A Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) stored at 70 degrees will last for approximately

a. 22 months

b. 76 months

c. 100 months

The Rule of Three’s, as taught by the US Armed forces, suggests you can survive three seconds of blood loss, three minutes without air, three days without water and three weeks without food. There is no question, emergency food and water is essential to surviving a disaster. Evaluate your current supply and consider what things you may be lacking. You can never have too much emergency food and water storage. Hopefully you have recognized ways you can improve with the questions in Quiz One. Now let’s try another:

Quiz 2

1) When preparing for a long trip it is crucial to

a. bring a toothbrush and toothpaste

b. take money for souvenirs

c. tell someone where you are going and for how long

2) The sound of a whistle can be heard from approximately ½ to two miles.

True or False?

3) The following is are very helpful emergency preparedness information sites EXCEPT

a. American Red Cross

b. Safety First Association

c. National CERT

4) An emergency blanket retains up to 50% of your body heat.

True or False

5) Each of the following is an example of what to do in a specific emergency EXCEPT:

a. You find an unconscious person lying on the ground, but breathing; you contact 911 and keep the person warm.

b. You pull a child out of a river, shivering and blue: You contact 911 and give them a warm drink (if available), dry clothes and have them lay down.

c. A friend sprains their ankle badly; You tell them to sit down and put heat on the injured area.

Now that you have taken our short quizzes, we hope you discovered some ways you can be better prepared. As you think about your emergency preparedness kits, emergency water and food, and basic survival tools consider the situations you may face. Understanding the importance of being prepared and acting on this knowledge could be the difference between life or death.

Answers: Quiz 1 – 1) d; 2) b; 3) d; 4) a; 5) c – Quiz 2 – 1) c; 2) True; 3) b; 4) False; 5) c

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Source by Micah Thompson

Save on Satellite Radio and Any Other Monthly Services!

As I sat on hold with SiriusXm Radio last night, I thought I would drop some knowledge on how to get the absolute BEST deals on satellite radio. I renewed my 2 satellite radios and this is how I get my service for more than half off the normal monthly rate. Follow these steps and I can almost guarantee you that you will save money and/or get them to throw in some freebies to keep you happy.

  • If you are a current customer, ask to speak to the Cancellation Department. BE NICE about it, but tell them you only want to speak with the Cancellation Department.
  • If not a current customer, use the tactics below for getting a new account also. Just do this with regular Customer Service person.
  • Once you get to these people, rule number 1 is to be NICE. Remember they are people too so treat them with kindness and keep it lighthearted. I am sure 90% of the people they talk to are angry, frustrated or just plain a-holes. Don’t be a 90%.
  • Don’t forget to smile while you are talking, this is a tried and true method that makes your tone over the phone much more upbeat and friendly.
  • Use their first name when talking to them. This is Sales 101. We all like to hear our names and I bet over 90% of the people never take the time to use the Reps. name.
  • I usually start off by saying, „Ok, Rep.’s name, are you ready to play, Let’s make a deal, tonight?“ This almost always gets a laugh and starts off the conversation on a friendly tone. If they don’t laugh, oh well, they must be lame.
  • Explain to them that you really want to keep the service but you need a super good deal to make it happen. Remind them how long you have been a customer and if you can afford it, tell them that if you make a deal, you can pay for the full year while on the phone.
  • Don’t get frustrated and start threatening. Kill them with kindness if you want to end the call with a few extra bucks in your pocket. Take your time and remember, he who speaks first, loses. By that I mean ask for something then shut up, do not say anything and even though it is awkward silence, they will eventually start talking to break the silence. This also works if they offer you a deal that you feel is not any good.

Not only does this work for radio providers, it also works well for Cell Phone providers. I have Sprint and I have received countless credits on my account, free smartphones, free extra line added to my account with a free BlackBerry thrown in to use on it and free monthly bonus minutes and texts added to my monthly plan. 

***BTW, I finished up with my wonderful Cancellation Rep. and she gave me another full year for $31.08 less than I paid last year! Cha-Ching!

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Source by Chad Pierce

How You Can Create Your Own Romance Luck

„I’m not handsome enough.“

„I’m not pretty enough.“

„I’m not rich enough.“

And many many other reasons that you may have. It may be true that these reasons are stopping you from finding the romance that you desire. In a practical sense, yes, richer, prettier and handsomer people do have an edge over those who are less rich,less pretty and less handsome.

However,with the knowledge that I am going to share with you soon, you won’t really need to be more good looking and richer in order to find that relationship you desire.

The very first thing you need to know are the 3 romance stars. Depending on your Chinese zodiac sign,your 3 different romance stars enter your sign during different years. Later, I will show you which are the years the different romance stars enter your sign. I need to introduce the 3 types of romance stars to you first…

First, is the Marriage Star, also known as the Hong Luan star in Chinese. The marriage star will bring romance or marriage,depending on your age.When this star enters your sign,you can expect your romance luck to be extremely good. No matter what, you should always be on the offense in looking for romance when this star enters your sign.

Let me list out for you when the marriage star enters your sign basing on your Chinese zodiac sign…

    Rat’s marriage star is at Rabbit.Year 1999,2011,2023.
    Ox’s marriage star is at Tiger.Year 1998,2010,2022.
    Tiger’s marriage star is at Ox.Year 1997,2009,2021.
    Rabbit’s marriage star is at Rat.Year 1996,2008,2020.
    Dragon’s marriage star is at Pig.Year 1995,2007,2019.
    Snake’s marriage star is at Dog.Year 1994,2006,2018.
    Horse’s marriage star is at Rooster.Year 1993,2005,2017.
    Sheep’s marriage star is at Monkey.Year 1992,2004,2015.
    Monkey’s marriage star is at Sheep.Year 1991,2003,2015.
    Rooster’s marriage star is at Horse.Year 1990,2002,2014.
    Dog’s marriage star is at Snake.Year 1989,2001,2013.
    Pig’s marriage star is at Dragon.Year 1988,2000,2012.

Whenever the marriage star enters your sign,you can easily find romance. Take full advantage of the opportunity when the tides are in your favor.

Meanwhile,congratulations to those born under the Rabbit sign. This is a good year for finding romance and getting married.

I can read your mind…are you thinking „What should I do if I miss my marriage star? Does it mean that I have to wait for another 12 years?“

I will answer your question now. Introducing…the next romance star. The happiness star,also known as Tian Xi in Chinese. As you can see from the name,this star brings happiness to you. As new romances and weddings are also joyous occasions, you can also expect them when this star enters your chart.

Let me list them out for you…

    Rat’s happiness star is at Rooster.Year 1993,2005,2017.
    Ox’s happiness star is at Monkey.Year 1992,2004,2016.
    Tiger’s happiness star is at Sheep.Year 1991,2003,2015.
    Rabbit’s happiness star is at Horse.Year 1990,2002,2014.
    Dragon’s happiness star is at Snake.Year 1989,2001,2013.
    Snake’s happiness star is at Dragon.Year 1988,2000,2012.
    Horse’s happiness star is at Rabbit.Year 1987,1999,2011.
    Sheep’s happiness star is at Tiger.Year 1998,2010,2022.
    Monkey’s happiness star is at Ox.Year 1997,2009,2021.
    Rooster’s happiness star is at Rat.Year 1996,2008,2020.
    Dog’s happiness star is at Pig.Year 1995,2007,2019.
    Pig’s happiness star is at Dog.Year 1994,2006,2018.

Which sign has the happiness star this year?The rooster.Congratulations to those born under the Rooster sign.This may be the year you tie the knot,or meet the love of your life.

The last romance star is the one that most people are interested in…you probably are too.This romance star also has the potential to break up families and marriages.You certainly want to handle it with care.

Introducing…the sex star,also known as the Xian Chi star. Why is this star called the sex star? Because whenever this star enters any sign,there will be sex, flings, one night stands or co-habitation. If you are looking for extra marital affairs or flings, this is the star for you. But be forewarned, this star can also break up your family.

If you are single,it is ok. But if you are married, do be careful.

Let me list them out for you…

    For Rat,Dragon & Monkey,your sex star is at Rooster.Year 1993,2005,2017.
    For Ox,Snake & Rooster,your sex star is at Horse.Year 1990,2002,2014.
    For Tiger,Horse & Dog,your sex star is at Rabbit.Year 1999,2011,2023.
    For Rabbit,Sheep & Pig,your sex star is at Rat.Year 1996,2008,2020.

Singles born under the Rabbit,Sheep & Pig signs may find themselves getting into flirts and flings. Those who are married should be wary of extra marital affairs. If you are looking for one night stands,this is the year.

So after telling you all about your 3 types of romance stars,what is the morale of the story?

The conclusion is that once you know when your romance luck is at its peak, you are able to strike at the right time and get the results you desire, instead of gambling on the right time to make your move. Before I knew about all these, I made a lot of stupid mistakes that wasted a lot of time and resources.

If you strike at the wrong time, you may find that you need a lot of extra effort and you seem to be fighting an uphill battle.

After touching on the 3 romance stars, the other ways to create your romance luck include…

    1.Activating your romance stars.
    2.Getting rid of your loneliness stars.
    3.Taking advantage of the monthly flying romance star.
    4.Eating the correct types of food to boost your charm and romance luck.
    5.Engaging in activities which can increase your chances of success with your date during outings.

Due to the lack of space, I will touch on the other ways in another article. Meanwhile,have fun learning about your 3 romance stars.

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Source by Marco Chong

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