Indecision – The Rock and the Hard Place

Recently on Yahoo News it was reported that 1 in 7 voters were still undecided in their voting preference just days before the election. This is a big decision and an important event. These decisions are where the True Self insists on being expressed, while the habitual human-mind pattern is still in play. It could be said loosely that the conscience is endeavoring to come forth.

However, weighing things up logically will not solve the dilemma.

The human-mind operates in logic and worldly fears. If I vote for Obama, will he raise my taxes? On the other hand, if I vote for McCain, will he send more troops into war? The human mind cannot know these things no matter how long it struggles to answer them.

These are Soul decisions. The Soul has an entirely different agenda than does the human -mind. The Soul is striving for growth: expanded capacity to love, expansion in joy, largess of Spirit and heart. Certainly these Soul goals are expressed ultimately through human means on the planet. Policies that include, rather than exclude. Legislation that goes counter to human-mind thought, of course. Then, the human-mind comes in with its fear and limitations: but what would that mean to my wallet and jobs? 

The Soul knows there is Infinite Supply. That is the key difference between human-mind thinking and Divine thought. Every offense that has been committed on Earth has been out of human-mind thinking that believes there is simply not enough of all the good stuff to go around. And in this economic climate, the appearance of lack is there just for that purpose: to make you FEEL rather than think your way though this choice.

When caught between the rock and the hard-place, whether it is a voting decision or a relationship decision, you are face to face with your True Authentic Self urging you to go for it. Be Free! Love! Expand! Risk!  And your human mind which is small and fearful and wants you to play it safe, stay little and don’t risk anything or rock the boat.

The experience internally in this position is torturous. Yes, No, Yes, No. Back and forth we go, round and round making pancake batter in our minds. The answer is always to stop the mind, quell and soothe it into quiet. Then feel your way though the conundrum. Truth and Love and Growth are always the potential in every irony or paradox. 

Should you go the way you’ve never gone before? Should you depart from your conventions, especially since you were just so vocal a few nights ago? What would people say? How can I understand this?

Once again, the Soul is not understood with the human-mind thought process. We change. We grow. We expand because that is why we came to Earth: to play, to love and to enjoy the adventure fearlessly.

Once you have answered the call of your Self and chosen contrary to your human-mind, you will feel such relief and contentment spread through you. This is your Self saying, „Well Done.“ The fruits of that new choice will ripple through every area of your live, as you have chosen joy and love over fear and limitations. You have grown and expanded.

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Source by Kathy Kirk

What If Pop Tarts Came in Party Packs With Multiple Flavors?

The other day, I took an ad hoc survey while I was at Starbucks. I asked a group of teenagers which flavor Pop Tarts they liked. It turns out, they all had different tastes. I found this quite fascinating, so I tried the same thing later on during the swing shift of security guards at a local facility. Everyone was standing around waiting for the changing of the guard, and I asked the same question – I got the same results, each one of them like a different flavor. Now then, I thought I was onto something with my new discovery.

Next, I asked a family sitting down to dinner at a local fast-casual dining restaurant if they might tell me what flavor they liked. It turns out that each one of them chose a different flavor, and none of them chose the flavor that I like the most. Interesting isn’t it? Pop Tarts are liked universally, but not everyone likes every type of flavor. Now then, as a good branding expert you should be asking yourself what opportunities can be garnered from knowing this information, even though it is a simple informal study of consumer research.

Well, what if they came in party packs with multiple flavors? You see, no one I asked told me they didn’t like Pop Tarts, each one appeared to very much enjoy these treats. If they are universally liked, but no group can decide on one specific favorite flavor, then they make the perfect party treat if you offer all the flavors. If you put them out everyone will be happy, they’ll be glad to munch on them, as long as you get some of each flavor everyone will be happy. I suppose that Kellogg’s knows which flavors are most liked in what ratios based on the demographics.

What if they took some of that data and sold these party packs at Walmart and grocery stores in various regions of the country based on all of that knowledge in the ratios which met their preference surveys? Could Pop Tarts be the new party platter treat? What if they were a little smaller, circular, double stacked like an Oreo cookie? What if it was a new slightly different design, perhaps in a slightly different tray arrangement?

It seems to me they would sell millions of these things, and make customers very happy. Interestingly enough, there doesn’t seem to be an age limit for this treat. Kids, teens, young adults, adults, and even many seniors love them too. So I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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Source by Lance Winslow

What Is Chinese Zi Wei Dou Shu?

Zi Wei Dou Shui is a star system. It has ancient origins and a map of this heavenly astrology was found in the Chinese grotto of Dunhuang, as late as 1899–one of the oldest star maps known.

Zi Wei Dou Shu literally means „calculating the purple star,“ and is a birth chart based on the North star. There are fourteen major stars represented including the Sun (Tai Yang) and Moon (Tai Yin) as well as the nine dipper stars used in Feng Shui (I.e. Tan Lang, Ju Men, Lu Cun, Wu Qu, Lian Zhen, Po Jun, You Bi, Wen Qu and Zuo Fu). Most of the stars are considered to be mathematic points in space. The polar star (Zi Wei) is known as the emperor of heaven since it never moves and all the other stars revolve around it. A chart in Zi Wei Dou Shu is similar to the ancient south Vedic charts, and may have been originally inspired by the Indian Jyotish system.

There are twelve houses in the chart called courts or palaces that the stars move through in regular cycles. The houses used are very close to the more familiar Western houses (numbers shown below), although they do not follow in the same order. The Western house system progresses according to the yearly season. The palaces below follow a typical life path for an Asian individual in the past.

Karma/Virtue… (the inner you or self that comes before birth) – (12-Pisces)

Parents… (your parents and their resources) -(2-Taurus)

Ming/ Self… (developing the self) -(1-Aries)

Siblings… (awareness of your family) -(3-Gemini)

Marriage… (partnership is arranged early) -(7-Libra)

Children… (children soon follow) -(5-Leo)

Money… (money must be maintained to support a growing family) -(8-Scorpio)

Health… (health must be maintained also) -(6-Virgo)

Travel… (travel is often needed to expand wealth) -(9-Sagittarius)

Friends/Peers… (networking is needed for continued growth) -(11-Aquarius)

Career… (vocation takes a good part of the life to accomplish) -(10-Capricorn)

Property… (wealth from family and property) -(4-Cancer)

There is also a 13th house know as the Shen or body house that coincides with one of the basic twelve–revealing an especially important area of your life.

The natal chart is determined by the time of your birth with two-hour intervals. The fourteen main stars largely determine the overall meaning of the chart. In addition to the birth chart, there is also a 10 yr. luck cycle, a yearly and monthly cycle that all need to be compared for best results, especially for determining auspicious dates. The charts can include up to 144 stars in total–the lesser stars can add a bit of flavor, but have a lesser significance.

Of the fourteen main archetypal stars, their names and personalities simulate the personalities of a royal court, reminiscent of the Western gods and goddesses who lived on Mount Olympus.

1) Zi Wei: „The Emperor“ Is considered the most important star (North star) and is the location of the pole star in an astrological chart. The house it resides in is often what you become known for in your life and is considered a leadership star. If Zi Wei is in your Ming/Self court, you are often the most accomplished one in your family.

2) Tian Ji: „The Advisor“ Is strong in intelligence and knowledge. It carries an energy that is sensitive, acute and perceptive. It is a plain-spoken and an active energy that can sometimes can be unstable because it brings change.

3) Tai Yang: „The Masculine or Father aspect“ Represents the Sun influence, is masculine and shows an area where you will shine and be influential. It is upright, enthusiastic, altruistic and also represents your father or husband.

4) Wu Qu: „The General or Manager“Is the star of wealth earned through hard work and application. It is calm, steadfast, duty bound and promises money where it is placed.

5) Tian Tong: „The Lover of Life“ Is the star of good fortune, leisure, has a good heart and is an area of sensitivity. It is child-like, dreamy and idealistic.

6) Lian Zhen: „The Politician or Charismatic“Is the star of charisma and gives you the ability to sway others to your goals. Lian Zhen type people may be indecisive because they like popularity, but know right from wrong, and love peach blossom.

7) Tian Fu: The Treasurer“Is a conservative and tolerant influence that represents the treasury and has the ability to store things like wealth that is beneficial for success.

8) Tai Yin: „The Feminine or Mother aspect“ Represents the Moon, the changeable lunar influence and femininity. It is emotional, quiet, reserved and moody and has the power to attract opportunities where it is placed.

9) Tan Lang: „The Artist or Talented one“ Is the star of the arts, desire, romance and personal drive. Tan Lang is curious about life’s experiences, acquisitive and likes material things– and can also be spiritual in later life.

10) Ju Men: „The Spokesman“ Is the star of thinking, communication, speech and verbal abilities.

11) Tian Xiang: “ The Administrator“Has a social conscience and represents prudence and perseverance. It is conservative, fair-minded and is often called the prime minister.

12) Tian Liang: „The Teacher or Priest“ Has the power to transform bad luck into good in the court it resides. It represents honesty, fairness and truth. It is a high ranking person, or someone who has the power to change your fortune.

13) Qi Sha: „The Adventurer or Soldier“ Is an assertive star, loves taking risks and can bring big changes. Qi Sha is brave, fiery and adventurous and loves challenges or difficult situations.

14) Po Jun: „The Rebel“ Represents a breaking down in order to rebuild something better, sometimes violently. This star is a powerful reformer, revolutionary or transformer similar to a Uranian or Plutonian influence.

Some of the smaller stars represent such things as advisors, affairs or angelic protectors with a few trouble stars that come to test one’s progress. The older more traditional Chinese interpretations of these stars can be quite negative since ancient man’s survival was more tenuous in the past. I have reinterpreted many of these archetypal influences in light of modern times and psychology.

Also important are the transforming stars that shift monthly, yearly and every ten-year cycle. These are Quan (power), Ke (fame/name), Lu (happiness) and Ji (trouble). These transforming stars can change the meaning of the other stars quite dramatically as they move about during the time cycles. You have a permanent set of these stars in your birth chart, and then a moving set for the 10 yr. annual and monthly cycles.

When I draw up a personal natal chart for a client, I use both Zi Wei Dou Shu and Western astrology to do a comparison study. There is a wealth of information available from comparing these two systems that is amazing in its detailed descriptions of our life potentials. Free will always plays into this template, and we make better decisions when we know our hidden or shadow side. The areas of our personality veiled from us will have a subconscious influence, so it is better to understand those tendencies, as they may undermine our best efforts to be happy. Many psychologists today (especially Jungian) are using astrology increasingly as a tool for insight into the human personality and what makes us tick. If you have never had your natal astrology chart done, isn’t it time you found a good astrologer to reveal your life’s potentials?

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Source by Lynda L Abdo

Explaining the Celebrity Kabbalah Bracelet Craze

Ancient religions and cultures of mysticism have always been a hot target for fashion trends in the celebrity world. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a remarkable growth in the number of celebrities beginning to showcase the famous Kabbalah bracelet.

Kabbalah is a Jewish Bible study with a rich history tracing back thousands of years. The Kabbalah teachings are based around a set of spiritual principles. The Kabbalah bracelet is traditionally work to fend off the negative powers of the evil eye and to provide rich spiritual guidance in times of need.

Worn on the left wrist, a standard Kabbalah bracelet has a fairly plain red woven appearance. But as the celebrities have flocked to the craze, we’ve seen more outlandish bracelets hitting the market. The cost of a Kabbalah bracelet can range from $20 to thousands of dollars. There are some premium jewelry brands that the celebrities are the only ones who can afford to pay for!

So how has the Kabbalah bracelet become such a fashion accessory for today’s Hollywood masses? Many would argue that it comes down to a lady named Madonna. She has been captured many times wearing her own Kabbalah bracelets and if the photos are landing in gossip magazines, they’re likely to catch on quickly. Madonna has even been sighted wearing the Kabbalah bracelets during her actual concerts. A sit down interview with Larry King confirmed her faith when she discussed quite openly her belief in the Kabbalistic teachings.

It’s thought that the late Michael Jackson also possessed a handful of Kabbalah jewelry items in his expansive collection. When you look at the star power of just these two names, is it any wonder that the modern wave of celebrities are catching on? Sure enough, we’ve seen Paris Hilton and Britney Spears out and about with the red bracelets in full sight.

The use of the sacred Kabbalah bracelet as a fashion accessory has received a mixed reception from the dedicated Jewish following. Some see it as degrading a sacred symbol. Others are happy that the teachings of Kabbalah are receiving such overwhelming mainstream attention. Either way, it looks like we’ll be seeing much more of these elegant red jewelry pieces over the coming years.

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Source by Martin Osborn

Jello-Rock: A Football Greased Pig

Running backs that run less than a 4.5 in the 40 yard dash don’t get much respect and they generally get ignored by most college coaches and scouts. A running back in NFL has to meet that speed parameter just as a quarter back in the NFL has to meet the height parameter. It doesn’t seem to matter how you performed in college as a short quarterback or as a slow running back, the metrics are against you and these metric requirements are the holy grail that football scouts, coaches and analyst live by.

So by all means, a running back needs to work on his speed. It is like having a diploma as a job requirement; you don’t get your foot in the door without it. However, once you open the door with speed, how do you distance yourself from all of the other speedy backs vying for the same job? One way to do it is with jukes and cuts. Most good running backs have a variety of moves in their repertoire. Is it possible to add another layer beyond jukes and speed to make a back unique? Yes it is possible. You can add a layer of unusual strength that can be used to move defensive piles and to break numerous tackles as exampled by Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch.

Could there be yet another layer? It is my contention that there is. Have you ever tried to move a mattress by yourself? A mattress is not that heavy, but unlike the box springs, it is flimsy and hard to grab. The mattress gives you almost nothing to push back against. This attribute makes moving a mattress difficult and harder to control.

Dancers in ballet, modern dance, hip hop and ballroom are taught isolation skills. They are taught to make certain parts of their bodies operate differently at the same time. For instance, in the ballroom dance called the quick step, a dancer is taught to keep the upper body, above the waist, rigid and erect, while at the same time the lower body is kept loose and nimble so he can nimbly glide sprint around the dance floor like a track star.

What if running backs could be taught to isolate the top and bottom of their bodies. So that in an instant, while pushing a pile of defenders, he could transform the upper half of his body from rock-like to jello-esque. His lower body would continue with the rock-like efficiency it always possessed, but the upper body would become jello-mattress slippery. As a result he would be able to break more tackles and get to the next level of the defense. A back trained with this kind of skill could differentiate himself from all other running backs. He would be slippery. He would be the proverbial football greased pig.

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Source by Stanley Clayton

How to Evacuate (Pop) a Pimple

Can’t I Just Pop This Zit?

OK, I know your mother has told you not to do it. But anyone who has ever had a professional facial knows the pros do it all the time. So, this is HOW to do it as safely as possible.

Keep in mind these instructions are for that occasional pimple that just pops up on you. If you constantly have a face full of pimples, you may have a more severe skin condition (like acne rosacea) or a hormone disorder. In this case a trip to the doctor is in order.

First of all, NEVER pick at a pimple. If it doesn’t have a whitehead on it you will do damage to your skin and probably won’t get anything out of it anyway. If you are desperate to get rid of this, see your dermatologist for a cortisone shot. Pricey, but effective and fast.

If on the other hand you have a whitehead, even a small one, you can probably „pop“ it safely.

Here’s how–

1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

2. Take a very warm washcloth and hold it over the zit for about 60 seconds.

3. Put some astringent (like Sea Breeze) on two cotton balls.

4. Hold the cotton balls over your index fingers. Place your fingers on either side of the pimple and use a gentle rolling motion to squeeze out the pus. This should feel like you are getting under the zit and gently forcing the liquid out the top. (Note: if you are squeezing so hard it hurts the skin around the bump-stop, it’s not ready.)

5. Continue to squeeze until clear water or blood (no pus) comes out.

6. With a fresh cotton ball apply more astringent, then dot on a benzoyl peroxide product (like Clearasil) to prevent infection and speed healing.

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Source by Marie Esselstein

Goal Setting – Why Reaching For the Stars Causes Crash and Burn

Goal setting forms a vital part of frontline leadership and KPIs. Setting goals is a more delicate art than most managers believe. This is because of the impact goal setting has. While on the one hand it can prove to be motivational, on the other hand get it wrong and it will be demotivational.

Oversetting goals

It is remarkably easy to get caught up in the moment and get just a bit over excited and overset the goals. Put yourself in your employee’s shoes for a moment. In the meeting everything seems possible, but as soon as they walk out they quickly realise that they’ve overcommitted and that the goal is impossible to achieve in the time frame.

With the impossibility of achieving the goal hanging like a shadow it becomes a demotivator to even make a decent attempt at the goal.

Goals that work.

An effective frontline leader works with employees to set goals that are both a challenge and achievable. But how do you work this out. Consider this – do you have a sales rep running at around 70 percent capacity? What would 90 percent look like? Is it achievable?

The next step is to provide the appropriate assistance to meet those goals. What are the critical behaviours they need to use to meet these goals? Coach your employees to reach the goals. Catch them doing the right things and reinforce that behaviour with immediate, detailed and accurate feedback.

Monitoring or measurement systems.

Complicating this equation of oversetting goals is that there often isn’t sufficient monitoring or measurement systems in place that can minimise the fallout of oversetting.

Key results need to be identified and tracked, reported and reviewed frequently. Sales results, goals and KPI metrics need to be available daily for each employee and work group, and reporting ought to be available weekly. This means that any issues and difficulties can be dealt with as they arise. It is far easier to deal with a small problem as it develops than a large problem when it’s the end of the month and targets haven’t been achieved.

To implement this successfully, the key results measured for each employee and work group must be perceived as fair, which can be achieved if employees have control over the result.

Making it work for better business performance

Creating achievable goals with your employees takes some self control, but is much more effective in the long run. When smaller goals are achieved gradually you can increase the challenge – so often employees find themselves reaching far more than they ever though possible. With small steps your employee don’t need to crash and burn.

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Source by James Brava

Classical Music – A Friend of Rock and Pop

Influence is widespread

Classical music certainly has an influence on many aspects of society. This includes music, movies, poetry, commercials, and culture in general. Many artists, whether they play rock, pop, jazz, hip hop, or other types of music, implement various components of classical music in their work. In a way, every kind of music is related to the music that preceded it. Rock and roll was heavily influenced by blues and country music. It also drew from folk, jazz, and classical.

Much can be learned from the Baroque period

Many rules of music theory were developed during the Baroque period of 1600-1750. This period included composers such as Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi. These rules are just as relevant today as they were back then. Included are theories concerning chords, scales, note patterns, and chord progressions. A lot of musicians learn from these theories, and then implement the knowledge. The modern piano was invented during the Baroque period by Bartolomeo Cristofori of Italy. So anyone playing a piano or listening to piano music is connected to the Baroque period.

Rock musicians utilize classical music

Throughout the decades, many rock and rollers have taken bits and pieces from classical music, and inserted its knowledge and technique into their own style of play. The following artists borrowed from classical music for at least one of their songs. This includes Elvis Presley, The Ventures, The Toys, Procol Harem, The Beatles, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Neil Diamond, John Denver, Barry Manilow, Eric Carmen, ELO, The Beach Boys, Deep Purple, Billy Joel, Rainbow, Sting, and Green Day, who based their hit „Basket Case“ on Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major. Relatively new artists such as Alicia Keys are also influenced by classical music.

A big winner in 2012 is classically influenced

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, better known just as Adele, won six Grammy awards in 2012. This tied the record for most Grammy awards in one night, including the record, song, and album of the year. Classical music was a big influence in the music of Adele. Her 2011 recording „Someone Like You“ has definite similarities to the music of Franz Schubert, who was born in 1797. Schubert was an important composer of the era called „The Classical Period“. I play the intro to „Someone Like You“ on piano. You can hear and feel the classical influence.

Being influenced by classical music

A lot of artists from many genres are influenced by classical music. Being influenced can mean taking a note pattern from Mozart, and incorporating it into your playing style. It could be note for note, or a very similar pattern. It can also mean taking a classical chord progression, and implementing it into your playing or song writing. It can be all or part of the chord progression that is used. The possibilities are virtually endless.

I learned Bach’s „Minuet in D Minor“ on piano. I was influenced by the wonderful sounding note patterns. Now, when I play certain chord progressions, time permitting, there is a good chance I will play the following note pattern right before an F chord. The note pattern is C#-E-G-A#-A-G-(F-E). The notes in parentheses I added myself. Even though I might be playing rock music, I am influenced to a certain degree by classical music. You can become a better player on piano or guitar, by implementing classical note patterns or chord progressions into your own style of playing. I suggest only adding ones you really like. It can work great. A perfect example is Adele.

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Source by Gary E Kerkow

Introduction To Indi-Pop Music In India

Indian pop music originated in late 1990s with arrival of bands such as Usha Utthup, Sharon Prabhakar, Baba Sehgal and others. This gradually led to India’s own dedicated music channels like MTv and the present Channel V.

I remember Alisha Chinoy’s „Bombay Girl“, which was amongst the first modern age Indi-pop albums. Its success led to birth of various other hindi and punjabi artists.

Many of today’s popular Indian musicians have their roots in western countries. Bally Sagoo, Malkit Singh, Apache Indian, all were artists in the UK, who gained popularity in India through their breakthrough styles.

There has also been a reverse trend where Indian artists have gained popularity in the west like featuring of the Indian song „Chamma Chamma“ in Moulin Rouge. Popular US artists of Indian descent include Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, Tony Kanal of No doubt and many other, including Norah Jones, daughter of Indian Sitar Maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Pakistan, which was a relatively late entrant in pop music has done very well, with talented, young groups of pop and rock music coming up via various media channels. One thing India hasn’t experienced is Hindi/Urdu Rock, which is hugely popular in Pakistan with Bands like Aaroh, Junoon, Aakash etc. Indians have had their share of desi rock, but it has always been in English – Bands like Parikrama and Indian Ocean have done very well.

Many Pakistani bands like „Atif Aslam“, „Roxen“, „Strings“ have been picked up by Indian directors for movies like „Shootout at Lokhandwala“, „The Train“, „Zeher“ and many others. This trend was largely started by the Indian director „Mahesh Bhatt“ who introduced the Pakistani band „Jal“ in the movie „Zeher“. The song „Woh Lamhe“ was a superhit and this started a trend of hiring pakistani artists for Indian movies, latest being the movie „Ek Chalis ki Last Local“.

A relatively new trend in Indian music is the „Hindi-English“ blend in songs from movies like „Bluffmaster“. A new pop group „Arjun Anant“, who have a mixed variety of music ranging from Bhangra to Indo-western music have done well in the UK and are soon launching their album in India – called Safar.

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Source by Arjun Sandhu

The Rise and Fall of Hip Hop Stars MC Hammer and DMX

The increasing desire for fame and fortune are driving many of today’s young aspiring hip hop artists. Innocent and pure at first, many hip hop artists claim that they do it for the love of the music and not for the fame and money. However, only a handful of them actually pull off this simple task. As one’s fame and fortune rise, these superstars become distracted from their „roots,“ the real reason why they are in the business.  Perhaps it was a facade from the start, but we will give them the benefit of the doubt.

This article will provide a quick run down of the rise and fall of two of the best know hip hop rap artist in their time; MC Hammer in the late 1980s to the early 1990s and DMX from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. As the saying goes, „what goes up, must come down.“ How fast one comes down and how one comes down from their stardom solely depends on the day-to-day decisions of the artist.

Let’s take a moment to consider…“Stop! Hammer Time!“ MC Hammer proves the difference between success and foolishness is a fine line. Hip hop artists are dismissing certain consequences that arise from over spending their quick fortune. They continue to flaunt their fortune by purchasing bling style urban hip hop jewelry and consequently fade out of fame, much like many lottery winners today.

In the 80s, MC Hammer was a music sensation in his prime, arguably rivaling the popularity of the late Michael Jackson. With the release of Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‚Em, MC Hammer realized approximately $33 million in profits. Coupled with further album sales, tours, endorsements, and merchandise, he raked in millions upon millions. Hammer spent $12 million on his home alone. Along with his house, he also purchased 2 helicopters, 17 expensive automobiles, bad investments, and very high-priced antiques.

MC Hammer’s biggest regret was who was around him during his rise to fame. He employed 300 people for a payroll total of half a million dollars per month. Many of his „friends,“ or the 300 people who he tried to help out, were only there for his money and fame. In 1996, Hammer filed for bankruptcy. In the late 90s he became a preacher while continuing to release albums that could not replicated his earlier success.

… and then there was X.

DMX went from Ruff Ryder to a proverbial flat tire. Raised in a city just north of New York City, he spent much of his time on the streets committing crimes. DMX found a sanctuary in hip hop music – to escape from his hard knock life. He enjoyed many of the background tools used for rapping such as beatboxing and spinning on turntables. Eventually he began rapping himself.

Though he started rapping in the early 1990s, Earl Simmons aka DMX did not rise to fame until signing to Ruff Ryders Entertainment and Def Jams Recording in 1998 with his double album release, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood. DMX became the first artist to ever have 5 albums debut at #1. His popularity began to decline after his 2003 album, Grand Champ, where he announced his retirement. From this point onwards, DMX spent most of his money on drugs and fell deep back down his troublesome ways.

In 2004, DMX was arrested at JFK Airport on charges of cocaine possession, criminal impersonation, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal mischief, menacing, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol while claiming to be a federal agent and attempting to carjack a vehicle. From 2005 to 2008, DMX spent a total of a half a year in prison.

Where are they now?

MC Hammer is a super star in the social networking site, Twitter, ranking in the low 30s with just shy of 1.3 million followers. He continues to produce songs and is living a relatively decent life less expensive hip hop jewelry, exotic cars and large entourages. In 2009, DMX claimed that he would pursue preaching much like MC Hammer. However, after speaking with hip hop artist Mase, he decided to return to rap. He will be planning on releasing his next two albums, Walk with Me Now and You’ll Fly with Me Later in the latter part of 2009 or 2010. This may spark a return of the Ruff Ryers and DMX to widespread popularity.

Although it seems that both artists have turned themselves around after hitting their major lows, it is unfortunate that this cycle of hip hop rise, fame, and crash seems unlikely to be broken anytime soon.

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Source by Jansen Davis

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