Top 5 Most Searched Celebrities in India

Know the art of using top searched people in your articles you can be among the most famous in the Indian internet world. Here are top 5 most searched persons who are being searched on web these days in India:

1) Mahender Singh Dhoni: Being the captain of the richest and most popular cricket team of India. Indian captain Mahender Singh Dhoni is the most searched person of India. His new hair styles and cool looks have made him very popular among Indians. He is always in the news for wining tournaments, buying hummer and other imported cars & bikes.

2) Katrina Kaif: Being the most beautiful and sexiest actress of Bollywood Katrina Kaif is ruling the hearts of Indian males. Katrina Kaif is also the girlfriend of bollywood superstar and world’s 7th most handsome man Salman Khan. Her tall height, fair color, beautiful face, cool figure make her among the most searched celebrity on Indian web.

3) Shahrukh Khan: One of the most popular Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan has been ruling the Indian web for many years. He is not only popular in India but also in foreign countries. Shahrukh Khan has given many blockbusters to bollywood which make him the most popular star of India.

4) Deepika Padukone: Deepika Padukone is the daughter of famous Indian Badminton player Prakash Padukone. Deepika has recently given superhit movie to bollywood „Love Aaj Kal“. She is also the girlfriend of new superstar of India Ranbir Kapoor. Her tall height, beautiful eyes, hot figure make her the most searched celebrity.

5) Michael Jackson: After his sudden death suddenly Michael Jackson has become the most searched person in search engines of India. People are searching his biographies, cause of death, new song of Michael Jackson which has just come, Michael Jackson’s songs, pics and many more things about him. The sale of Michael Jackson’s music albums has also increased.

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Oral Sex Tips to Rock His World

You want to be the best at giving your man oral sex and you want to be able to make this happen today. You don’t want to be the timid woman that you once were. You want to unleash your inner sex goddess and learn some oral sex tips to rock his world.

Although every man is different and has different tastes, most men would agree that these tips are the sexiest and most pleasurable things you can do to a man during oral sex.

Make it wet. The wetter you have your mouth or the more lubricant you use on your hand, the better it is going to feel for him. You know that when you are really lubricated during sex, your man always comments on how good it feels. The same goes for oral sex. Make it wet and your man is going to love it.

Use both hands. A lot of women use one hand to stroke the man’s shaft as they work on the tip with their mouths, but they are forgetting that they could be putting that other hand to good use. Don’t forget to stimulate his testicles as well and this is where your other hand can get to rubbing. Rub and stroke his testicles, as your other hand and your mouth are busy working. This triples his chances of having a mind blowing orgasm and rocking his world.

Blow on him. After a while of stimulating your man with your warm mouth, blow on his member with your lips. This cool sensation will send shivers throughout his body and will definitely spice things up. It’ll be a neat little sensation that he never saw coming and one that he won’t soon forget.

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Why Are So Many Celebrities Wearing Red Threads?

You may have noted the many celebrities who have been wearing a red thread around their left wrist, despite the fact that there is no basis for this usage in either the Kabbalah, Torah, or Jewish law.

The only mention of this usage is in an early Talmudic text called the Tosefta, where it is described as being used to ward off the evil eye, and some rabbis interpret it as a „segulah“, a protective act which is sometimes permitted. However, the Tosefta itself considers it akin to idolatry and a worthless superstitious practice, and actively prohibits it.

Others, however, are more sympathetic. The red string is thought to represent Rachael, Isaac’s wife. The name Rachael comes from the Hebrew word, „rachil“, which means lamb or sheep. As a sheep stands still while it is sheered (representing humility), so we are to humble ourselves before God like a lamb before its master. Also, in the same way that Rachael’s prayers for a child were answered, so too our prayers will be answered when we come before God with the proper spirit and humility.

The controversy surrounding the wearing of this red thread hasn’t stopped Madonna and a host of other celebrity practitioners form wearing it, or from practicing a form of Kabbalah that is estranged from the very Judaism that marks its essence. The rabbis felt that the study of Kabbalah separated from an understanding and practice of Halacha, Jewish law, could unhinge the mind and lead to madness.

The Talmud tells the story of four rabbis who met regularly to engage in mystical studies-Azzai, Ben Zoma, Elisha ben Abuyah, and Akiva. Azzai „looked and went mad [and] Ben Zoma died“. Elisha ben Abuyah became a heretic and left Judaism, and only Akiva „entered in peace and left in peace.“ From this, the rabbis concluded that only married men over 40 well grounded in Torah and Talmud should study Kabbalah.

Modern followers of Kabbalah center around the controversial Kabbalah Center, established in 1965 in the United States, and is now located in Los Angeles. Complaints about this institution center around the sale of trinkets for extraordinary sums and a noted secrecy around its fundraising and expenditures, and its avoidance of the „stigma“ of Judaism, while at the same time following orthodox customs like separation of men and women at Friday and Saturday Sabbath services, the wearing of sheitels (wigs), putting mezuzot (cylindrical objects containing a portion of Deuteronomy) on doorways and much more.

As we strive to find authenticity in our lives and behavior, and celebrities may be more needful of this than most, the red thread symbolizes the „thread of grace“ that greets us every morning when we arise, and God renews our lives and that of the world one more time.

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Socialites and Celebrities – These Days, It’s Getting Increasingly Difficult to Tell the Difference

The idea of socialites has probably been around for millennia – at least as long as there have been cities – but the concept as it is used today is a fairly new one, yet at the same time, old.

In the U.S., the category of socialites first came about as a result of the concentration of wealth during the First Gilded Age from 1877 to 1893. Largely due to the industrialization of the country aided by the building of a vast network of railroads, a new class of the very wealthy arose in the U.S. (something that would have horrified Thomas Jefferson). Socialites became known for giving lavish parties, entertainments or formal occasions. Often, they would associate themselves with celebrities of the day, but were rarely heard about outside the Sunday „society pages“ of big-city newspapers.

With the crash and subsequent economic depression of 1893, the First Gilded Age came to an end, and socialites became far less visible. However, because of many fortunes made as a result of U.S. involvement in World War I, socialites came back during the Second Gilded Age of the 1920s. Typical socialites of the period were depicted by writer F. Scott Fitzgerald in his novel, The Great Gatsby, and were mercilessly mocked in the satirical lyrics of Cole Porter. Both men knew their subject well; as celebrities, they frequently associated with the very same socialites of whom they were critical.

Nonetheless, there was still a neat distinction between socialites and celebrities; today, the names of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Cole Porter are remembered and revered, yet hardly anyone remembers the socialites of the „Jazz Age.“

Since the beginning of America’s Third Gilded Age in 1981, however the line between socialites and celebrities have become a bit blurred. It is as if money buys fame without the achievements that are normally the basis of celebrity. It’s highly unlikely that the expolits of Paris Hilton would have been national news in the 1920s; yet too many Americans who cannot name their representative in Congress know a great deal about the nation’s socialites.

On the other hand, celebrities in many ways are now starting to look like socialites. In the old days, very few people knew much about the lives of prominent figures outside of their achievements; between 1932 and 1945, virtually no Americans outside of Washington DC knew that their President was a paraplegic, confined to a wheelchair.

Today however, many Americans clamor to know more about the personalities and everyday lives of celebrities, just as they do socialites. Why this should be is unclear; perhaps in today’s media-saturated world; perhaps it makes the inaccessible seem just a little more accessible.

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Where to Touch a Man to Get Him Aroused – Get Him Rock Hard in Seconds With These Foreplay Tips

If you feel like your sex tips in the bedroom are lacking and that you are unable to give your man pleasure, you need to do something about it. You need to learn what your man is craving in the bedroom and how you can satisfy him to his fullest potential. Only then, will you be able to give him the right kind of pleasure.

You want to learn where to touch a man to get him aroused. You want to be able to get him rock hard in seconds and to show him that you aren’t quite the good girl that he has always made you out to be. You want to unleash the inner wild child and to show your man that you are a sex vixen.

You need to learn some foreplay tips so you can learn where to touch him to get him aroused. Foreplay is when you are going to tease him and get him aroused. Even if men complain about foreplay and say that they just want to get things onto the main event, which is untrue. Men love foreplay and it is a very important stage of his orgasm. Foreplay preps him for pleasure and he needs that prep or else he just isn’t going to have a proper orgasm.

During foreplay, use a back massage as a technique to get him aroused. Feeling your soft hands digging into his skin and massaging his muscle tissue will drive him wild. The back contains a lot of nerve endings and touching him the right way will definitely get him going. Also, you can kick this up a notch and you can massage him completely in the buff. Straddle his bum and sit on top of him. Oil him up and run your hands all over his back and this will get him going.

Another way to touch a man to get him aroused, is to use a light touch all over his body, excluding his most sensitive areas of course. Doing this will send the anticipation through his body and it will have him craving you. He will be dying for you to touch him by the end of this. Touching him everywhere in a light way and not touching his penis will get the sexual tension going crazy in his body. This will easily get him hard in a matter of seconds and it will leave him begging for you to give him release.

Use these foreplay tips on your man tonight and before you know it, you will be controlling him and dominating him.

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Source by Michelle Jacobs

Celebrities Using Subliminal Messages

The rise in popularity of subliminal messages seems to of come out of nowhere! All of a sudden people are talking about subliminals, using CDs and mp3s, and there are more companies out there selling subliminal mp3s and CDs than ever before.

This has partly been down to celebrity endorsement such as Tony Robbins using them, Stephen Spielberg too. and even Tiger Woods. These are people who are highly successful in their fields who have done everything they can to reach the top, and have all at some point „confessed“ to using subliminal messages to help them succeed.

If you are new to subliminal messaging it is a pretty simple concept. Subliminal messages are basically just positive affirmations, only the benefit is that instead of saying them yourself someone else has recorded them for you… with the added benefit that you can play the album in the background and it won’t distract you – because you won’t even hear any audible voice. This means you can take it anywhere with you. Play the CD or MP3s anywhere, anytime and no one will even know what you are listening to. On the surface all it sounds like is ocean / nature sounds.

Subliminals may not be for everyone. Some people prefer a more active form of therapy, a conversational one, or even audible hypnosis. However it is available to everyone. There are hundreds of subliminal audio albums out there on pretty much every topic you can think of. So whether you want to improve your harmonica playing, or improve your confidence there is a subliminal CD out there with your name on it.

If it’s good enough for Stephen Spielberg and Tiger Woods then why not give it a try too?

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Tattoo Influence and Teens

Kids these days are growing up faster than ever. Cell phones are amongst the most popular accessories of kids as young as ten. But currently, cell phones aren’t the accessory that’s stressing out more and more parents, while tattoos are. Tattoos are being found on more and more teens. Why the obsession with tattoos at such a young age? From Mattel’s, Totally Stylin‘ Tattoo Barbie, which may influence children as young as 5, to the newest temporary tattoos, to the most popular celebrity teens flaunting their new ink to our young generation, tattoos are seen everywhere and amongst all age groups of children. One state even started a new law as recent as July 1, 2010 because of the number of teens going to tattoo parlors to be inked.

In 2009, Mattel launched a new Totally Stylin‘ Tattoo Barbie. The doll came with temporary tattoos for both the doll and child. It also included a tattoo gun in which the tattoos were to be applied. Many parents were outraged, but others saw the new doll as a sign of the times. Mattel kept the Barbie on the shelf due to the number of sales. Mattel believes the Tattoo Barbie gives young girls a chance to express them selves. Many parents like the idea of their children expressing themselves, but believe it can be in a different form than tattoos, especially the heart tattoo bearing Ken’s name. Tattoos of significant others is the most regretted tattoo later in life. The argument continues on whether these dolls influence children on getting tattoos.

Another large influence on teens and tattoos is the amount of teen celebrities donning their ink. Just last year, at the Teen Choice Awards, which as the name implies, has an audience of mostly 11-17 year olds, a Jonas Brother, a heartthrob amongst young girls, was tattooed on stage by none other than celebrity tattoo artist, Kat Von D. It wasn’t revealed to the viewers at the show or at home that the tattoo was not real. Many parents were again outraged.

While the Jonas Brother tattoo was not real, many teen celebrities do have real tattoos. But not only do they have tattoos, they love to show them off. Of course, the media loves to show and point out celebrity tattoos as well. Justin Bieber, only 16 years old, already has his first tattoo. His family was fully supportive of him getting a tattoo at such a young age. They actually went on to explain the bird tattoo that Justin got was a family tradition. The other family members with the bird tattoo had them inked on their wrists while Justin opted for the lower side of his stomach. Miley Cyrus, 17 years old, already has at least two tattoos. Miley’s family was also completely supportive of her decision to be tattooed before she turned eighteen. Miley was actually with her father who was getting a tattoo when she decided to have „love“ tattooed on her ear.

The tattooing of teens is such a large issue that some states have decided to ban tattooing minors under any circumstances. Many states let teens get tattooed with parental consent. However, in Minnesota, starting July 1, 2010, teens will no longer be able to get a tattoo even with parent permission. Minnesota believes that this new law will prevent those teens that feel the need to express them selves through a tattoo without thinking of the later consequences in life that tattoo might bear. Minnesota does not dislike tattoos but the state does believe that a person should be an adult when making the decision to get a tattoo.

Whether influence from a doll, teen celebrity, or another factor, tattoos are on the rise amongst today’s teens. Many teens believe that a tattoo expresses who they are, but they often get tattoos without thinking of the lifelong consequences. Many teens see getting a tattoo as a step in growing up. States like Minnesota agree that tattooing is a decision for an adult to make therefore passing a law stating so. Teens are so easily influenced by their peers and celebrities and the number of teens with tattoos is continuing to increase.

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Source by Stacey Goldmeier

10 Top Jazz Fusion Albums For The Ultimate Jazz-Rock Collection

Is it Rock? Jazz? Or something in-between?

Jazz-Rock (or Jazz Fusion) slammed on the music scene in the late 1960s and early 70s, combining elements of progressive rock music with the improvisational elements of jazz.

This was the time when many musical artists from Miles Davis to Frank Zappa were using amplified and electronic instruments with which to create complex rhythmic patterns, odd time signatures, and very long tracks which included seemingly endless solo improvisations.

Looking back, it would be easy to refer to jazz fusion as an „era“ rather than a genre. This is because during the late 60s and early 70s, fusion was extremely popular, producing a mind-boggling litany of bands and musicians who were blazing new trails and pushing jazz-rock to extreme limits.

Here is a list of 10 Top Jazz Fusion Albums which have been critically acclaimed:

1. Bitches Brew – Miles Davis

Primary Instrument: Keyboards/Ensemble

Year: 1969

Tracks: Pharaoh’s Dance, Bitches Brew, Spanish Key, John McLaughlin, Miles Runs the Voodoo Down, Sanctuary

2. Third – Soft Machine

Year: 1970

Primary Instrument: Keyboards/Ensemble

Tracks: Face Lift (Live), Slightly All The Time, Moon In June, Out-Bloody-Rageous, Out-Bloody-Rageous (Live), Facelift, Esther’s Nosejob

3. The Inner Mounting Flame – Mahavishnu Orchestra

Primary Instrument: Electric Guitar

Year: 1971

Tracks: Meeting of the Spirits, Dawn, The Noonward Race, A Lotus on Irish Streams, Vital Transformation, The Dance of Maya, You Know You Know, Awakening

4. Caravanserai – Santana

Primary Instrument: Electric Guitar

Year: 1972

Tracks: Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation, Waves Within, Look Up (To See What’s Coming Down), Just in Time to See the Sun, Song of the Wind, All the Love of the Universe, Future Primitive, Stone Flower, La Fuente del Ritmo, Every Step of the Way

5. Where Have I Known You Before – Return To Forever

Primary Instrument: Keyboards/Ensemble

Year: 1974

Tracks: Vulcan Worlds, Where Have I Loved You Before, The Shadow Of Love, Where Have I Danced With You Before, Beyond The Seventh Galaxy, Earth Juice, Where Have I Known You Before, Song To The Pharaoh Kings

6. School Days – Stanley Clarke

Primary Instrument: Electric Bass

Year: 1976

Tracks: School Days, Quiet Afternoon, The Dancer, Desert Song, Hot Fun, Life Is Just A Game

7. Jaco Pastorius – Jaco Pastorius

Primary Instrument: Electric Bass

Year: 1976

Tracks: Donna Lee, Come On, Come Over, Continuum, Kuru / Speak Like A Child, Portrait of Tracy, Opus Pocus, Okonkole y Trompa, (Used To Be A) Cha-Cha, Forgotten Love, (Used To Be A) Cha-Cha, 6/4 Jam

8. Romantic Warrior – Return to Forever

Primary Instrument: Keyboards/Ensemble

Year: 1976

Tracks: Medieval Overture, Sorceress, The Romantic Warrior, Majestic Dance, The Magician, Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant

9. Heavy Weather – Weather Report

Year: 1977

Primary Instrument: Ensemble

Tracks: Birdland, A Remark You Made, Teen Town, Harlequin, Rumba Mama, Palladium, The Juggler, Havona

10. Elegant Gypsy – Al Di Meola

Primary Instrument: Electric Guitar

Year: 1977

Tracks: Flight Over Rio, Midnight Tango, Mediterranean Sundance, Race With Devil on Spanish Highway, Lady of Rome, Sister of Brazil, Elegant Gypsy Suite

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How to Make Popped Quinoa

Over the years I have come across many different ways of cooking quinoa. The most unusual is that of popping. I have also seen this described as toasted quinoa. There a number of things you can do once you have toasted it but first let me describe the best way to pop your quinoa.

Popping Your Quinoa

Take a small amount of vegetable oil and warm it in a pan on the hob. Some cooks say you do not need the oil but in my experience using just a teaspoonful makes all the difference. Once the oil is warm put a cup of quinoa grain in the pan and heat it up. Always keep the grains moving. After a minute or so you will start to see the grains start popping in the pan. They can jump up a couple of inches and make the same sound a popcorn popping.

When the quinoa grains start to turn light brown they are ready to remove from the pan. Take care not to over cook the grains as this can happen very quickly. Cool the grains on a plate for 30 minutes and they are ready to eat. They taste a bit like peanuts and popcorn mixed together.

What To Do With The Popped Grains

I have mixed the popped quinoa with some toasted brown flax seed to make the most exquisite mix of flavours. With popped flax you have to cover the pan with a lid and shake it during cooking. This is because the flax grains jump up high enough to jump out of the pan.

With pop quinoa and pop flax, some added nuts and raisins you have one of the healthiest snacks you could imagine. It also tastes completely delicious. Once you have made a batch you can store it for a few days in an airtight container. I guarantee it won’t last that long because you will eat it.

A second thing to do once you have popped your quinoa is to add 2 cups of water and boil it in the usual way. The seeds will absorb all the water and there is the extra nutty taste to go with whatever recipe you are making.

The final thing you can try is sprinkling the toasted quinoa over your breakfast porridge. It tastes good with quinoa flakes and the traditional oat porridge flakes. It also makes the porridge a highly nutritious and substantial start to the day.

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Celebrities Who Are Gluten Intolerant – Even Hollywood Has Issues

While Hollywood may seem like it is full of perfect people, you can find the occasional gluten intolerant celebrity out there. For some reason, this particular sector of people isn’t very vocal about having any sort of gluten sensitivity, so finding confirmed cases of Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance can prove to be difficult. Three are, however, some stories of star studded gluten issues that have come to the surface. This list contains some known and not so known celebrities who have been vocal about their gluten free needs.

Probably the most well known celebrity with gluten intolerance is Billy Bob Thornton. Whether you know him as Angelina Jolie’s ex or the guy in Sling Blade, you might be surprised by the fact that he is gluten intolerant. He’s not the most popular actor around, but he has been a well known name in Hollywood for his provocative nature and his random appearances in low grade movies. Bad Santa and Mr. Woodcock are just a few pieces of his work. Amanda Donohoe from LA Law is also gluten intolerant, though she is not as well known as Thornton.

Among the more obscure celebrities with gluten intolerance are Terence Stamp from Star Wars Episode 1 and Elizabeth Hasselbeck from „The View“. Also on the list is Joe C, best known for being Kid Rocks right hand man. He actually died from Celiac Disease, though many sources don’t exactly know how that happened. Some people say that the great John F. Kennedy was gluten intolerant, but there is a debate surrounding that. We know that he did not die from it, but only few people know if he was forced to not eat gluten products. Another rumor says that Dr. Phil’s wife Robyn has a gluten sensitivity based on implications she made on a show. That, however, has not been confirmed as of right now.

What all of this goes to show is that even members of the media can get impacted by gluten intolerance. They’re human, just like you. With 15% of the population suffering from gluten sensitivity, Hollywood was bound to have a few people with this issue. Those celebrities go through the same diet and lifestyle changes as anyone else. While this may not have much of an impact on your wife, it does at least reveal the connection you have from even the most elite members of the world.

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Source by James M Novotny

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