Tips to Get You Invited to the Rock Concert After Party

I want to start off by clarifying that when I say „rock concert“ I am talking about small shows featuring independent local and touring bands. The kind of shows you would see in a bar or a club. If you are going to an arena show your after party is getting stuck in traffic, so have fun with that. Your goal here is party and get friendly with real rock stars and it’s at the more intimate settings that it’s going to happen.

So you find your show and the band takes the stage. Now it’s time to let loose and have some fun. Hoot and holler, dance, clap and shout encouraging words between songs. „You guys rock!“ etc. The wilder the crowd gets the better time the musicians will have. When you introduce yourself after the set, the band will remember you as someone who really went off and take an instant liking to you.

When the band is done performing, they will have two things on their mind. Getting laid and getting intoxicated. If you are an attractive and easy going person then offering sex may get you invited. If you’re a slob like me, you might want to try booze. Offer to buy a round of beers. Be prepared and say „Hey guys, I got a hooker boat (18 pack) in my car. Where’s the party?“ Some musicians may be looking for drugs. I speak from experience when I say drugs are very dangerous and you don’t want to get involved with them at all. Don’t bust out an eight ball or someone could end up dead or institutionalized.

Always be friendly after a show and thank the band personally. A quick way to find the after party is to just ask. It may be at a bar down the street that serves stiffer and cheaper drinks. If this is the case just follow the crowd.

Not every band has the ability to have a house party after a show. If you have a well stocked and empty house you could always offer to host the after party at your pad. Just make sure the neighbors are cool because it could get loud and rowdy. Also put the fragile stuff away because your place might get trashed! If your house is big enough you might even be able to talk your new musician friends into playing a house show.

This last tip is what got me invited to all the after parties. If you got the equipment, videotape the whole show. Musicians are self conscience and they are gonna want to know if they killed it onstage or totally sucked. Bring your cords and let them know you can plug into their TV and let them watch the whole show. You will be a hero and instant friend.

Use these tips and you will be partying with rock stars in no time. Some of the friendships you make could even turn into business partnerships if you have any interest in show biz. I had the time of my life and I bet you will too.

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Source by Shane A Vozar

Film Review: Taara Zameen Par (Like Stars on Earth)


Taara Zameen Par is a 2007 Indian drama film directed and produced by director, producer, and actor Aamir Khan. The film has reissued its title as „Like Stars on Earth“ for Disney International viewing. The film plots the life story of an eight-year-old child named Ishaan Awasthi who has very vivid imagination. Although he excels in art, his academic performance was vice versa. He always gets red marks in his test papers. This leads his parents to send him off to a boarding school, the Tulips School, thinking Ishaan would get his act together and stop being a naughty kid. However, Ishaan’s performance in Tulips School mirrors his performance in his previous school.

Meanwhile, a new Art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh enters the scene and encounters Ishaan’s struggle in his early life. He has been bothered when Ishaan did not even paint a point in his canvas when ordered to paint whatever they want. He tries to figure out the problem of Ishaan by asking Ishaan’s physically-disabled-but-bright friend, Rajan, and his fellow teachers who think Ishaan is one of those mentally retarded whose life has nowhere to go, by checking out Ishaan’s past test papers and his red marks, and by visiting Ishaan’s parents‘ home. During his visit, he discovers how Ishaan loves to paint and figures with Ishaan’s family Ishaan’s disability. He points it as dyslexia – a reading difficulty in phonological awareness, phonological decoding, processing speed, orthographic coding, auditory short-term memory, language skills/verbal comprehension, and/or rapid naming.

Ishaan’s father, on the other hand, denies the fact and said Nikumbh was just making excuses for Ishaan the same way Ishaan excuses himself to study. Nikumbh, then, grabs a box that had writings in Chinese and asks Ishaan’s father to read the writings. Ishaan’s father says he can’t read what was written because he does not recognize the letters. Nikumbh here ridicules Ishaan’s father for him to understand and accept that Ishaan, indeed, is dyslexic.

The next day, Nikumbh tries to reach out to Ishaan by telling out a story that Ishaan nervously thought was his story. Apparent in the film, Nikumbh states the story was of Albert Einstein’s. Afterward, Nikumbh goes on citing different famous names who were dyslexic or learning-disabled but still made to do something different. Before sending the children out, Nikumbh calls out Ishaan’s attention to tell him there was another name he didn’t mention – Ram Shankar Nikumbh – his name. This figures that Nikumbh has been also dyslexic and has experienced what Ishaan was currently experiencing.

Nikumbh, who is eager to tell everyone, most especially Ishaan’s family that Ishaan is not to be treated „different“ and be sent to a special school for mentally challenged kids, walks on to talking the principal of Tulips School. He persuades the principal to give Ishaan the chance to explore himself and gain back his imagination that he draws out in painting, and let him do the job for improving Ishaan’s problems in reading and writing (literacy) and in other academic subjects. After some arguments, the principal agrees with Nikumbh after he quoted Oscar Wilde’s cliché – A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

Nikumbh goes on to enhancing Ishaan’s ability in painting further as well as his literacy skills. After some days, Ishaan’s father drops off to visit Nikumbh and tell her that his wife read about dyslexia. Again, Nikumbh tells his implication through his example story of the Solomon Islands – On the Solomon islands, when the tribes need to clear the jungle to make way for fields, they don’t cut down the trees, they simply gather and collect around it, and hurl abuses at the tree, they curse it. Slowly but surely, after some days, the trees begin to wither. It dies on its own. He implies to Ishaan’s father that what his son needs is care. Ishaan’s father, almost teary-eyed, runs away from Nikumbh’s office, and there upon his leaving, he discovers how Ishaan greatly improved. He sees from afar Ishaan reading orally an announcement posted on the school’s bulletin board. Ishaan’s father runs away with tears pooling in his eyes, filled with shame.

At the last minutes of the film has given the penultimate event – the Painting Competition set up by Nikumbh. The students, and even the teachers, have been welcomed to join the competition. Nikumbh’s guru in painting, Lalita Lajmi, arrives in the scene to be a guest judge. Nikumbh searches for Ishaan anywhere but could not find him. Ishaan’s friend, Rajan, tells Nikumbh he left the dorm even before the dawn breaks. After a few moments of waiting, Ishaan appears and Nikumbh quickly approaches him with a canvas to paint on. Ishaan moves to a much private place and begins to paint.

After finishing his painting, which is an illustration of a kid staring at himself in a pond (Ishaan painted himself), he walks to Nikumbh to show off his painting. Ishaan walks to see Nikumbh’s painting and cries himself after seeing it is him in so much glee, who Nikumbh painted on his canvas.

Before the film ends, it gives a brief view of Ishaan’s parents checking out on IShaan’s improvement in Tulips School. They find out Ishaan did a huge improvement in his literacy skills. Ishaan’s father, who is still on the verge of denying his lack care to Ishaan as his father, thanks Nikumbh after all for all that he has done for his son. The film ends with Ishaan running back to Nikumbh before leaving the Tulips School.

Strengths of the Film

The strengths of the film run down from the script itself to its direction and production up to the performances of the actors in the movie. The film is absolutely a two-thumb up. To begin with, the script was greatly written. Proper words were used to embellish the context of the film. The film used different famous names to emphasize the point of the movie – Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, and Oscar Wilde. It also used adages and stories that clicked to beautify better the purpose of the film – Nikumbh quoted to the principal of Tulips School Wilde’s thought regarding cynicism. The other, he told Ishaan’s father about the story of Solomon Islands.

The music production was also done greatly. The musicality of the film gave a vivid presentation to accompany the betterment of the movie. The lyrics of the songs were fitting to the scenes of the film, particularly, the song wherein the children with special needs were featured and are likened to „stars on earth“.

Aamir Khan’s direction and the production of the film deserved a five-star rating. He greatly thought of the scenes to be produced that would surely emphasize the purpose of the film and would give impact to its viewers. Most scenes featured in the movie, if not funny to give laughter, were leaving all eyes of almost the viewers pooled with tears.

Lastly, the film’s huge success owed itself to its actors. The minor characters in the story, particularly, Ishaan’s parents performed well. Ishaan’s father, Mr. Awasthi, did a great job in portraying the role of a father who is insolent and lacks care for Ishaan. Ishaan’s mother, Mrs. Awasthi, also did a great job in acting out the role of a mother who is very caring of Ishaan despite his naughtiness as an eight-year-old boy. Darsheel, on the other hand, who was playing the role of Ishaan Awasthi, gave a splendid performance. Factually, Darsheel is normal kid who is very much unlike Ishaan, but in the movie, he seemed and appeared to be a kid who is naughty and playful and has special needs. The way Darsheel acted, from his eyes that spoke of a kid who has been neglected or uncared to his actions that are only evident to a kid who is suffering from mental disability, deserved a loud applause.

Aamir Khan, who was also the director and producer of the film, also didn’t fail to give the movie a huge victory. Aamir Khan was, without a doubt, versatile as an actor looking back on the numerous he made. Like Darsheel, Aamir Khan also acted how a teacher, who was previously dyslexic, should respond to the needs of a child who has special needs. He delivered his lines great enough to emphasize his point as Ishaan’s (played by Darsheel) teacher. Same with Darsheel, his eyes gave the movie something to pool the viewer’s eyes.

Overall, the movie was excellent, from the production, and of course, up to the performances of the actors.

Weaknesses of the Film

If there were weaknesses in the film, not even a lot would say the flaw(s) matter or affect the production of the film. On the other hand, for movie critics there was at least one flaw that the movie lacked. That is the highlighting of the other characters in the film. Given that the main characters were Ishaan and Nikumbh, it should have not focused the development of the film in them.


The movie was absolutely a two thumbs up. It achieved its purpose as indicated in its title that „Every Child is Special“. It was not just a movie for children. Rather, a movie intended for everyone, most especially to teachers who are apparently obliged to deal with students with special needs. The movie also, allegorically could have pinched and itched people’s hearts who were judging children with special needs and treating them as „indifferent“. The movie gave the children who like Ishaan, are mentally challenged, the hope that they would be treated like normal kids and be given proper and adequate care.


The film should have also highlighted the other characters who were part in developing the upshots of the events in the film.

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Source by Angelyn T Laus

Real Celebrity GPS Voices – How to Make Your Garmin GPS the Star of the Road

European GPS manufacturer TomTom has been known for allowing their users to customize the voice of their device with famous celebrities, but one might be surprised by how many celebrity voice options are available to users of GPS devices from Garmin, TomTom’s main rival. Here are five downloadable Garmin celebrity voices that will make any drive more enjoyable.

Mr. T – As one of the most popular TomTom voices of all time, it was only a matter of time until Mr. T brought his brand of jibber jabber to Garmin users. Only a fool would consider setting off on a journey without this tough talking co-pilot inside their Garmin.

K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider) – Knight Rider was an international television sensation from the moment it debuted in 1982, and according to a recent survey in the UK, its talking car star, Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), is still the most popular TV car of all time. There are many poor impersonations of this GPS voice available on the internet, but there is only one website offering the officially-licensed version of KITT which features the voice of the original TV series‘ actor, William Daniels, and addresses drivers by name, so make sure you’re getting the real thing – it’s worth it.

David Hasselhoff – Not to be outdone by his TV co-star, KITT, The Hoff also has his very own GPS voice. After all, one cannot fully embrace their inner 80’s geek without the full Knight Rider package.

Daria (MTV) – Daria Morgendorffer is the star of the hit MTV animated series, Daria, which originally aired from 1997 to 2002. Known for her sharp wit and incessant sarcasm, Daria does indeed have a personality consistent with what might be expected to emanate from a standard GPS voice were it allowed to speak its mind. If dry and sarcastic is your style, this is the navigation voice for you.

Flavor Flav – This hip hop icon turned reality TV superstar has always spoken his mind freely, and the Flavor Flav GPS voice is no exception. This multimedia impresario will leave drivers and passengers breathless as they listen to his colorful and explicit turn-by-turn driving instructions. Yeah boyee.

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Source by Baxter Gordon

Tips For Winning a Science Fair Project With a Rock Set

Collecting rocks is a popular hobby that kids and adults can enjoy together. More than just a fun activity, rock collecting is a great way to study rocks and geology. It can also make a great science fair project. This article provides tips on how to win a science fair project with an amazing rock set.

Rock collecting can be done for fun or for learning or both at the same time. Many children return from the beach or park with a pocketful of assorted rocks, drawn to shapes, colors, and textures. Taking a more systematic approach to rock collecting can help kids take their fun to another level while they also discover the underlying geology.

For a science fair project, it’s more impressive if the student has collected many samples in person. It makes for interesting stories to include in the presentation. Photos of the adventure mounted to a foam board or set in a photo album can help tell the story.

To collect your own rock set, you will need to choose a good location for the hunt. Check local geological maps and look for hills, cliffs, beaches, and quarries. Pick up interesting rocks on trips. When collecting in person, label each sample with a number and location to help later identification. If using a rock hammer to collect samples, wear goggles and gloves.

However, not everyone has time to collect their own rock set. The good news is you don’t have to collect your own because you can purchase a rock set containing just about any kind of rocks you could ever find on your own. For many busy families, a store-bought rock set provides a good place to start.

To win a science fair project, your rock set should include examples of all three rock types as listed below. There are three types of rock categorized by formation:

o Igneous

o Sedimentary

o Metamorphic

Igneous rocks form from cooling magma, or molten rock. Volcanic or extrusive rocks result from volcanic activity at the Earth’s surface and fast cooling of lava. The rapid cooling produces fine-grained rocks like obsidian and basalt. Plutonic or intrusive rocks form beneath the surface, from slowly cooled magma. These rocks, like pumice and granite are typically rougher and have larger crystals.

Sedimentary rocks form through deposition in water. Small rock particles are eroded and accumulate in lakes, oceans, and rivers. Over time, these particles settle in layers and compress into rock, such as sandstone, limestone, and chalk.

Metamorphic rocks are igneous or sedimentary rocks that have undergone extreme pressure and temperature conditions, resulting in new forms. Marble forms from limestone, while quartzite develops from quartz.

For a winning science fair project, consider using a rock tumbler to polish some of the samples. Rock tumblers smooth rocks by moving them around in grit and other polishing compounds. Rocks of a similar hardness should be polished together, so first identify and classify samples on the Mohs scale. The process takes about a month, starting with a rough grind to smooth edges and moving to finer grit and polish with each step. Follow all tumbler directions for the best results. Careful recording of the amounts and types of rock, polishing materials, and duration will create an informative science fair project. Note any changes in the tumbler contents or actions taken to improve the process.

All of the tips provided so far are essential for winning a science fair project. However, if you really want to take your project to a higher level, you’ll need to become fluent in speaking rock talk. This is what separates the true rock lovers from the more casual passers-by. You’ll need to dig a bit (no pun intended) into the science of how rocks are formed. Often rocks are made up of several minerals. Once a child knows how rocks and minerals form, finding different types becomes easier. Understanding chemistry is useful. Elements such as carbon, iron, and fluorine are the simplest building blocks of minerals. A specific combination of elements forms a mineral, such as quartz or mica. Minerals have characteristic crystalline structures made up of repeating elements. Kids enjoy identifying minerals with a rock set and tools to test hardness. The systematic approach involves looking at the streak color left by a rock, along with its ability to scratch glass or be scratched by a metal probe. All this extra knowledge will make your science fair project more impressive while building your own knowledge, understanding and appreciation for rocks.

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Source by Joe Kanooga

How to Make a Hip Hop Remix of a Pop Song, an R&B Song, Or an Existing Hip Hop Song

There are many different equipment/ software choices to use in order to put together quality Hip Hop remixes. The software known as Ableton Live (now on version 8) provides all the tools needed to produce a quality Hip Hop remix mixing elements from any tempo without degrading the sound quality. Sony Acid software is another choice to consider for remixing purposes as well. Research online to find additional gear & software choices. The purpose of this article is to provide tips on putting together the Hip Hop remixes after you already have your recording & production equipment and/or software set-up & ready to start remixing. The information presented is not to be thought of as „Rules of Remixing“ however when following these tips you will have a much better chance of producing Hot Hip Hop Remixes that will please audiences of all types.

In order to have the most flexibility & options when starting a Hip Hop remix, you will want to have the original song’s accapella & beat instrumental as these will allow you the most options when making your Hip Hop remixes. The first thing to consider when planning a Hip Hop remix is to decide if you are going to keep the general focus of the song the same as the original while just adding Hip Hop elements to the track such as a rap verses and/or beat replacement or if you are going to change perspective of the song from say a female point of view to a male point of view or vice versa. The main thing to consider when deciding whether or not to change the beat/instrumental of the song to another is based on the popularity of the song’s current beat/instrumental. If the song’s original beat/instrumental is found to be a huge factor in the overall success of the song & may not be improved upon, do not change the beat, Doing so could quickly alienate Your listeners who have really grown attached to the song’s original beat.

When remixing a song that will retain the original beat/instrumental, you should instead enhance the song by re-arranging the vocal elements of the track and add an 8, 12, or 16 bar Hip Hop verse as an intro to the song over the song’s already popular beat/instrumental. You want the Hip Hop/rap verse to deal directly with the song’s current subject matter while adding another outlook/point of view and excitement to the track. You may want to bring the song’s hook into the mix directly following the rap verse intro, or you may decide to go into the 1st or even second verse & really switch it up. You don’t want to change the order of things just for the hell of it, the changes you make should have purpose to enhance the excitement level of the song so that the remix brings it up even higher, the remix should be able to be heard as an improvement on the original song and if not then should not be done at all.

When you encounter a song that you would like to change the beat/instrumental to enhance the remix, remember that you don’t have to use an original beat that you produced for the remix in fact, a technique that works very well involves working with pieces of previous hit tracks that may have dealt with similar subject matter as the current song you are remixing. By mixing the beat elements from the previous popular song you will enhance the remix while also further grabbing the listener’s ears with a sense of nostalgia. you may even use elements from several songs to complete your Hip Hop remix. This technique should not be confused with the mixes known as mash-ups which are essentially several songs that are mashed together more like a live deejay blend. The different song elements used in the remixes should have a more planned, edited & polished sound using only the song elements that mesh perfectly together with any tweaking carried out prior to recording so that the track sounds like a professional production. On some Hip Hop remixes you may decide to only use the hook/chorus of the original song while completely replacing the singing verse with rap verses, this can be done while using the original beat/instrumental, or changing to a different one if you believe you may improve upon it.

If you are a rapper/Hip Hop artist putting together a „mix tape CD/download for the purpose of promotion using instrumentals from already popular songs I suggest that rather than putting your rap verses on the popular song’s beat/instrumental by themselves instead add your rap verse (one or two 8 or 16 bar)to the song keeping the original artist on the song too. If the song is popular you would run the risk confusing the listener as they will be expecting to hear the artist they already like on the song. If you add to it instead of replacing them, you will be able to showcase your raps on a song that already has fans as well as show that you can fit in and show your skills right along with the already popular/established recording artist.

It is a good idea to have at least one vocal tag near the beginning of the track that announces the track as a Remix. This tag will give the listener a sense of excitement and anticipation while also letting them know that it is a remix.

**The Remixer must always remember that a remix that does not offer an enhancement of the original song is in fact, a remix that should not be done.

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Source by Brian Griffith

Is Online Radio The Best Way to Break Into the Business And Build A Name For Yourself?

The other day, I was talking to a radio station manager, as I had come in to meet with him about running a possible business innovation radio show, and I had a good „in“ because I knew the owner of the station. As we got to talking, I realized that there really aren’t that many choices for someone who wishes to start a new radio show. There is lots of competition, fewer and fewer radio stations, and everyone is concentrating on the most lucrative markets, not any sub-formats which may or may not have been decent choices prior to the Internet, social networking, and cable-TV which takes up such a large amount of time for the average consumer.

Of course, if someone builds a name for themselves, and are already a star personality, then they might find themselves with a decent radio gig for a talk show. Many of the top radio jocks for talk radio are syndicated, and as radio stations try to cut costs, just like newspapers and magazines, they are more likely to allow a syndication to run on their airwaves because it also comes along with decent national advertisers. The radio station needs to make money, and they need to go with what works, trying new things is dangerous, especially for a radio station which is just trying to keep its head above water and stay in the black.

In any case the offer they made wasn’t so good, but then again I would be new to radio and therefore offering me the world and a contract with no guarantees is just too much of a business risk. There are other options, and it has been said online radio is actually a better way to reach people because people these days always have a mobile device with them and they can get streaming radio, simply by loading an app to one of the online radio station websites.

Additionally, if you are in a sub-topic niche then you might gather listeners from all over the country and the world, not just your local area which means you could have a dynamic set of listeners quite quickly, that is to say if you were good, and you developed a quick following, and allowed your notoriety to go viral with friends of friends on social networks.

So, is online radio the best way to break into the business? Is it the best way to develop a name for yourself, even if you don’t have years of experience in radio? Face it, you have to get the experience somewhere, and online radio is probably much better simply because it has higher shelf life. People can listen to it at any time in the future, they can download each episode and you can label whatever you were talking about making it available through keywords and searching.

So yes, online radio has its advantages, and I thought you should know. Please consider all this and think on it.

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Source by Lance Winslow

What is the Latest Celebrity Fashion Trend? Gladiator Shoes!

Recent findings suggest that the gladiator shoes have emerged as the latest trend for most of the celebrities all across the globe. The sales of gladiator shoes have increased manifolds after they started being featured by celebrities as a fashion statement.

Gladiator shoes have come back with a bang, as they have more style and variety. Previously, celebrities didn’t wear gladiator shoes, since they were considered old-fashioned, but my oh my how things have changed now!

The warrior-likeness design of these shoes has inspired many young celebrities to opt for the gladiator sandals. The knee high design is one of the most selling types of shoes as they are thought to be a sign of a strong woman. This design is one of the most popular amongst celebrities too, as I am sure you’ve noticed.

Another type of gladiator sandals, which is becoming rather popular, is the gladiator boots with pointed heels. This boot looks sexy yet classy when used with matching outfits. Thus, it is very vital to choose the right outfit for your particular gladiator sandals. Skinny tight jeans are the best option to wear with all kinds of boots to look more trendy and stylish, and these boots are no different.

The best place to search for the knee high or boot type gladiator shoes is the Internet. Online portals provide a range of these shoes to choose from. There are several types of shoes available in the market, but one needs to make sure about the quality before buying a pair online.

Gladiator shoes have undergone several changes from their time of origin in Rome. These old-fashioned shoes have transformed into sexy high heels and modern knee-high shoes. They have combined durability, style and comfort and are giving the previous dominant types of shoes a run for their money. These sandals are well suited for any kind of occasion and any locale, whether you are going to the beach to party or to a black tie event.

You’ll find that all the other shoes will either be less comfortable or less durable. It is due to both of these reasons that the gladiator shoes have gained so much popularity. They have emerged as the first choice for the majority of women’s population all around the world.

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Source by Sarah Pucci

Rock Star: Supernova

The premise of Rock Star, a completive music-industry reality series, is that a band or music group seeks to hire a new lead singer from a cast of contestants who have auditioned and been accepted to be on the program. In season one of Rock Star, Australian super group INXS chose contest winner J.D. Fortune as their lead singer. For season two, a new group called Supernova was formed explicitly for the purpose of the reality series. The second season of Rock Star (Rock Star: Supernova) premiered on July 5, 2006 on CBS in the United States.

Rock Star: Supernova operates somewhat like American Idol; however Rock Star’s contestants keep their wardrobe resplendent with leather pants, studded necklaces and skull and crossbones t shirts. Season two of the Rock Star series focuses on the formation of Supernova, a rock super group featuring Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, and former Guns N‘ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke. The newly formed Supernova will record an album once the season wraps up, and will begin a world tour sometime in early 2007. Supernova’s first live performance will take place on New Year’s Eve at The Joint, a club at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The show is hosted by Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction and Brooke Burns. It features 15 contestants vying for the lead singer role of Supernova. The series actually began online on the Supernova website on MSN on July 3, 2006 with an internet exclusive episode and then debuted on CBS two days later on July 5, 2006. Votes are allowed on the website or by text message.

During the first season, viewers were able to watch behind the scenes footage on television; however Supernova offers those episodes solely online at the MSN website or through a Verizon subscription.

Each week, contestants perform on one performance episode and one judging episode. During the performance episode, contestants cover songs by artists such as Nirvana, Bon Jovi, The Police and The Who. Each week on the judging episode one finalist is asked to perform an encore of the song they performed the night before. The three finalists with the lowest votes are asked to perform a song of their choice in front of the judges and the audience. Occasionally one finalist is chosen to debut a new Supernova sing with the members of the group. The weekly elimination of one contestant is based on both performances.

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Advantages of a Pop Up Market Stall

Think of a market stall and many people will think of the traditional slot together steel structure with a large ill-fitting rectangular candy stripe sheet. This type of stall epitomises a rather old fashioned view of markets – poor quality products sold cheaply from a stall made up from a jumble of rusting bars and faded dirty covers.

Markets, however, have undergone a revolution in their image, traders and products offered. As large, „buy it all under one roof“ shops, slaughtered the competitiveness of the lower end of the retail spectrum, markets began a serious decline. Couple this with an image of hooky knock off goods and something had to be done if markets were to stand a chance of surviving.

Market operators began to look at a different way of marketing themselves. With a rise in continental markets, the UK was exposed to the smart uniformity of the pop up market stall. Traders from the near continent were bringing a wide variety of food, drink and handicrafts which attracted huge crowds of investigative shoppers who were looking for something different. Shoppers were also attracted by the much more professional approach to presentation that the continental traders had. Their pop up market stalls were quick to erect with smart fitted covers, their traders were equally as smart and professional.

Thus the idea was born to change the way the UK had approached markets for decades. Change didn’t happen overnight and even now there are poorly performing pockets of stubborn traders who fail to understand the full impact that presentation has on shoppers buying decisions. However, change has occurred. There is now a huge number of markets and traders who have thrown out their old style market stalls and replaced them with the pop up market stall.

The main advantages of the pop up market stall are:

  • Very quick to erect and dismantle – allows the trader to spend much more time on their „flash“ or product display.
  • Very easy to store as the majority come in a wheeled carry bag which is no longer than 62″ in length.
  • Waterproof covers in a huge colour range, that are fitted to the framework.
  • Smart sides with clear PVC to make stalls feel light and airy.
  • Huge range of available accessories such as anchoring systems, weights and hanging displays.
  • Market Operators can create a uniformity of size and style that was virtually impossible with the traditional style stalls.
  • Health and Safety often deems that the traditional stalls are of a higher risk of injury to traders and customers because of falling bars and ill-fitting metal held together with tie wraps and string in the worse case scenarios.

There is no doubt that the manufacture and purchase of pop up market stalls has had a huge impact on the viability and continuing success of many markets. With farmers markets emerging and using pop up market stalls and the call to buy locally sourced and home grown produce, the market place has transformed itself into a 21st century business model.

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Those Sexy Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrity baby names are dashing and sexy. Some are so strikingly unusual, you know who they are the moment you hear the name. Who could mistake Kelsey Grammer … Reese Witherspoon … or Leonardo DiCaprio for anyone else. These superstars are like old friends.

New parents are thrilled to name their babies after celebrities. Such star-studded names project the beauty and sophistication they want for their own children.

Let’s look at 20 celebrity baby names and their meanings.

Celebrity Baby Boy Names

Brad (English) is a place name from „Bradley“ meaning „broad meadow.“ Several actors are Brad Pitt, Brad Davis, and Brad Garrett.

Dustin (Germanic) means „brave fighter. Notable is actor Dustin Hoffman.

Ewan (Scottish) means „youthful spirit.“ Actor, Ewan McGregor bears this name.

Justin (Latin) means „just.“ A prominent actor is Justin Timberlake.

Leonardo (Italian) means „lion-hearted.“ A notable bearer of this name is actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Milo (Latin) from „Miles,“ means „a soldier.“ There is well-known actor, Milo Ventimiglia.

Rory (German) means „strong.“ Actor, Rory Cochrane, is a notable bearer.

Russell (French) means „red-haired charmer.“ A well-known actor is Russell Crowe.

Sly (Latin) from „Sylvester,“ means „of the forest.“ Sly Stallone is a prominent actor.

Zac (Hebrew) from Zachariah, means „God has remembered.“ Actor, Zac Efron, is a well-known Zac.

Celebrity Baby Girl Names

Avril (French) means „April.“ There is singer and pop star, Avril Lavigne.

Charlize (German) from „Charles“ means „well-loved.“ Actress, Charlize Theron bears this name.

Kristen (Greek) means „follower of Christ.“ Actress, Kristen Bell, is a famous Kristen.

Lindsay (English, Scottish) means „bright and shining.“ Actresses, Lindsay Lohan, and Lindsay Wagner are popular Lindsays.

Paris (French) means „graceful woman.“ Superstar, Paris Hilton, is a well-known Paris.

Penelope (Greek) means „weaver of dreams.“ A notable actress is Penelope Keith.

Reese (Welsh) means „style-setting.“ A well-known bearer is actress, Reese Witherspoon.

Sigourney (Norse) means „victory.“ A talented actress is Sigourney Weaver.

Valentina (Latin) means „strong.“ Valentina Cortesee is a notable actress.

Yvette (French) means „lively archer.“ A famous Yvette is actress, Yvette Mimieux.

Baby names are magical. They carry within them a long-ago history of heroes and goddesses. Many are bold and daring such as these celebrity baby names. No wonder they are so admired by today’s parents.

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