The Most Famous Guitars in the History of Rock and Roll – Guitarists

If you like music, then you know about an American guitarist, singer and songwriter named Jimi Hendrix. He was classed as one of best and influenced many a budding guitarists with his music.

Though starting in England it wasn’t until the Monterey Festival in 1967 that he was recognized worldwide. He later went on to headline The 1969 Woodstock Festival and with his style of playing using guitar feedback and overdriven amplifiers he turned an undesirable sound into a highly popular type of music.


Another amazing artist is Jimmy Page, from England he is also a composer and record producer.
He started out as a Studio guitarist then joined a band called the Yardbirds, which played from 1966 to 1968. He then founded one of best and most popular English bands called Led Zepplin. In rock history, Jimmy Page is a legend in his own right. as a guitarist and songwriter. Page was also ranked the #9th greatest guitarist of all time.


You can’t talk guitarists without talking about“ Slowhand“ Eric Clapton. This English award winning rock guitarist, singer is also a songwriter and composer. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 3 times and was one of the best musicians of the 20th and 21rst centuries. Though he’s tried different styles, the blues are always present in his playing. He has played with Cream, The Yardbirds and blues -rock band John Mavril & the Bluesbreakers.


Another great guitarist, from America, is Joe Satriani. His style of instrumental rock music in a world previously dominated by pop opened the doors for a completely new type of music. His blues and rock tone has a warm sound and the influences of such artists as Jimi Hendrix , Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck can be heard in his music.


Fame came to Carlos Santana and the Santana Blues Band in the late 60s and early 70s. With a fantastic blend of rock, blues, jazz, salsa using Latin instruments such as congas, and timbales it was a sound with great melody that Santana perfected over the decades to come.


AC/DC is an Australian hard rock band and its co-founder Angus Young is an amazing guitarist and songwriter and is ranked in the magazine Rolling Stones list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time at 96th. He is known for his schoolboy -uniform outfits and his hard edge style lead guitar playing.


One of the most famous bands of all times is by far The Rolling Stones. One of the co-founders. Keith Richards is a guitarist from England and sings as well as produces music with lead vocalist Mick Jagger. Together they have written and produced many hit songs and Richards is rated number 10 on the Rolling Stones Guitarist list.


These are but a few of the most famous guitarists and the guitars they play!

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When Rockabilly Clothing Meets Psychobilly Clothing

The term ‚Rockabilly Clothing‘ originated when the three disparate musical styles of Country-boogie, Hillbilly and Rhythm and Blues crossed paths in the late forties and early fifties in America. The hybridization of these three music styles became known as rockabilly and then evolved into the well known Rock and Roll movement of the fifties.

Famous rockabillies are Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Rick Nelson, The Stray Cats, Glen Glenn and Buddy Holly.

At the beginning of the eighties the expression „rockabilly“ once again became very popular due to its usage as a description of a particular retro fashion style inspired by vintage pin-up girls and fashions from the 1940’s and 50’s as worn by the fans of the then new Rock and Roll music. This modern version of Rockabilly clothing, was known as Psychobilly Clothing with its edgy added embellishments influenced by both punk and rockabilly, it can so easily be developed into a unique look by a creative individual who is a fan of this updated Rockabilly style.

Psychobilly Clothing and fashion combines punk with elements of 1950s rockabilly style as discussed and the UK Teddy Boy fashion: brothel creepers are frequently worn which went hand in hand with skinny jeans often known as drain pipe jeans, as well as leather jackets, often times extreme full leopard print drapes, gas-station work shirts and Pschobilly band T-shirts.

Psychobilly hair consists of a quiff, most Psychobilly guys will shave the sides of their quiff into a mohican. Clothing is usually adorned with patches inspired by old school horror films and art work inspired by the famous Ed „Big Daddy“ Roth. This style also bleeds into the Cow Punk scene, however they incorporate cowboy boots and western style shirts and jeans.

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The Cycle of Pop Music

Rock music has always had its critics and those that wish that rock and pop music would just go away. But over the years rock has proven to be pretty resilient and has withstood the test of time. Pop music is a bit of a different animal than rock music although the two genres do tend to cross over a great deal. Rock music is usually classified as music driven by electric guitar and all the various sub-genres of rock are usually identified with electric guitar driven music. Rock usually has a certain angst or message to it and many in the rock music industry take their music and their message very seriously. Pop music is usually a little more encompassing than rock music. Pop music is used to identify music that seems to be universally popular with a large audience and can cross over from genre to genre. Pop is usually accepted as being short for popular so what we are really dealing with here is what the music industry considers to be popular music which translates into music that has greater potential to sell a lot of records. Pop music is music that is designed to be catchy to the ear and grab a large audience right away. Many newer country artists are starting to write songs that are country but are also being classified as pop because of their universally catchy hooks. Sometimes pop can create other genres of music due to the growing popularity of the music within the pop genre. Disco was pop music until it evolved into its own music genre and became very popular in the 1970’s. Hip Hop is a mixing of rap and pop music that has become an extremely popular sub-genre of pop and stands today as one of the most popular genres of music in the industry. But rock music always seems to be there whether it is in the background as it was in the 1980’s or in the foreground as it was in the 1960’s and seems to be again today. Rock music seems to work in cycles and those cycles are definitely influenced by the popularity of pop music at the time. It seems that there is a large audience within the music industry that likes to jump from one genre to the next and that audience is the one that creates the pop music crazes that rule from year to year and that audience also dictates when rock music is at its peak and when rock music seems to be in decline. In the days when Britney Spears and Christine Aguilera were at the peak of their popularity pop music was at its peak which cause people to lose interest in rock music. Artists such as Pearl Jam and Metallica seemed to lose their luster and their record sales shifted to those acts offering a more pop music sound. Today acts like The White Stripes and The Killers are starting to bring rock music back to the forefront and it won’t be long before rock music is giving hip hop and other forms of pop music a run for their money. For more information on music, visit and

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Internet Use and Teenagers

Teens everywhere are using the computer to connect to family, friends and even strangers. My Space and MSN are two very popular avenues that they use to communicate with one another. Teens love the convenience of being able to log online and talk with people from all around the word. Unfortunately, parents are less than enthusiastic about such sites. If you are the parent of a teenager, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the Internet.

In Australia, nearly 93% of all children have a computer they can use at home. Of those students, 83% have access to the Internet. Teens use the Internet for a variety of reasons. 63% of kids use it for sending and receiving emails. 59% of use is for instant messenger, such as MSN. With such high percentages, it is clear why it is so important for parents to be involved with their kids' computer usage.

MySpace: the ins and outs
MySpace is a website that allows your child to post blogs, post pictures and send messages back and forth to anyone connected online. My Space allows people from any part of the world to send messages back and forth. The site also allows people to search for other people with certain demographics. This site is probably one of the most popular sites among teens.

MSN: The ins and outs
MSN allows user to access their Hotmail email along with many other features. One of the main features teen love about MSN, is the messenger program. With MSN messenger, teens can chat with others who also have the messenger program. The use of a messenger program often interrupts teens who are supposed to be working on their homework. Instead of concentrating on their homework, they are distracted by messages popping up from their friends, who are trying to chat with them.

The risk to teens:
Like a lot of things teenagers try out, there are risks to using the Internet. Predators fill the Internet just looking for vulnerable people to prey on. Often times, they will pretend they are teenagers in order to gain trust. Once a bond is formed, they may ask to meet with your teenager. Ensure your children never give out their personal information, name, age, location, school, sporting team etc.

Interruption to study or homework:
Czerwinski, a leading expert in interruption science, says, "The danger of interruptions is not really the interference – it's the havoc they wreak with memory; what on earth was I just doing?" Although we believe teenagers are far better than any generation at multitasking their flow of work will suffer when MSN or MySpace pop up to alert them that someone wants to chat. It can take anywhere between 5 and 25 minutes to return, with the same kind of attention, to the task they were working on.

When completing work that requires flow, such as writing an essay, it is best to turn off all programs that pop up at you. If working on an assignment that requires you to multitask then the distractions are not so bad. Managing the distractions is the most important thing, and some teens are not great at controlling this. Software programs are a great way to monitor and control your teen's use of the Internet. There are many great ones available – if you would like to know more you can email me directly.

The Internet can be a fascinating place when used properly. Begin by educating your pre-teen or teen on how to safely use the Internet. Become an involved parent with your child's Internet usage. With some proper guidance, the Internet can be a fun and safe place. So the next time your teen wants to log on, be sure they are equipped with proper Internet safety.

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iPhone Apps for Radio Stations

The business of radio has been in some turmoil even before the economic downturn of 2008-2009. There’s a lot of consolidation, competition, and less advertising to go around. Add in satellite radio and internet radio to the mix with earthbound stations and the pie seems to be getting cut up into more pieces. The Radio industry will have to look to new technologies and innovation to get healthy again. iPhone applications are one of these new innovations to watch for.

Radio is moving in a new direction with streaming audio on iPhone apps. The mother of all radio iPhone apps would be Clear Channel’s „I Heart Radio“ application, which feeds off of Clear Channel’s „I Heart Radio online streaming website of 750+ radio stations. Last count showed 150+ stations streaming via I Heart Radio on the iPhone. But streaming individual stations on a giant aggregator app like this can sometimes be slow with lengthy buffering times.

Another option is for a radio station, either land based or online or satellite to have its own dedicated iphone app. Why be one of hundreds or thousands of radio stations on someone else’s app when you can have your own custom Streaming Radio iPhone app with its own icon on your listener’s iPhone screen? Your radio station gets one step closer to your audience, and your listeners have direct icon access to your streaming broadcast! Add advertising to your Radio Station iPhone app for increased revenue and social networking features to build your listener community.

A recent count in the iTunes App Store showed over 40 radio stations of all kinds with their own iPhone apps for streaming their broadcasts. From large organizations like Public Radio to smaller niche online stations like Classical Philippines Radio, streaming broadcasts via iPhone apps.

The cost to develop a streaming radio app is very reasonable if the station already has an MP3 or other compatible stream. A basic streaming radio app can cost as low as $1200.00 with optional upgraded features possible, or the app can be upgraded at a later date. The initial development cost can be offset by adding advertising, sponsorships, selling playlist music through iTunes, and more.

Will iPhone applications turn the radio industry around? Not by themselves, but this new technology should be seriously considered by any radio station that’s seeking to position themselves for the new era of broadcasting.

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The 7 Myths People Have About Messaging and Music On Hold and 7 Dispelling Facts You Need to Know

Myth #1: We do not put our callers on hold, our phones are answered by live receptionists.

Fact: All businesses put callers on hold. Even if your phones are answered live by people, your call is put on hold when transferring a call to the appropriate party. This can take 5 seconds up to 40 seconds, or more.

Also, when the receptionist is busy on one line, your other lines (two, three, and/or four) are likely answered by the system. Again, this is an „on hold“ situation which your callers are exposed to.

Bottom line, even if you are answering your phones „live“, you are putting callers on hold. Period.

ACTION: Call your office from your cell phone for one week and see how often you are in fact put on hold. You’ll be surprised the time you are „in limbo.“ This is what your callers are going through daily and they hate it. And it’s hurting your image and your profits.

Custom messaging and music on hold is an ideal „patch“ for replacing silence or the radio when putting callers on hold.

Myth #2: Custom Messaging and Music on Hold is too expensive.

Fact: Custom Music on hold is more affordable than you think. Advances in technology have driven down scripting, recording, and production costs. Fully custom messaging and music on hold is just a few hundred dollars with nothing more to buy ever. Also, professional on hold players are a great investment and usually price discounts are available when buying messaging at the same time. Always look for a player with a multi-year warranty.

Myth #3: My phones will not support messaging and music on hold.

Fact: Almost all phones (99%) support on hold messaging one way or another. If you have a professionally installed PBX/Key phone system, then you are 100% guaranteed compatible.

If you have standard office phones (AT&T, Panasonic, RCA, Brother, Uniden, Sony, etc.) then you most likely can use on hold messaging.

You’ll want to discuss your set up with a qualified on hold provider so they can ask you the right questions to make a determination for you. However, rest assured that most phones will work with music on hold these days so compatibility is not an issue.

Myth #4: My customers don’t want to be „pitched to“ when waiting on hold. It annoys them.

Fact: Most on hold callers (85%) when surveyed reported that they prefer to hear SOMETHING as opposed to hearing NOTHING. Isn’t that what you prefer too?

Silence is a killer on hold and it increases hang-ups. Moreover, a custom messaging and music on hold production need not be a „pitch-fest“ any way.

Helpful information on hold is very useful for your on hold callers. This includes: your location, your hours of operation, your website address, your slogan, your service offerings (most people only know some of your offerings, not ALL like you think they do), and how long you have been in business. All people need information like this…

Again, useful information is HELPFUL, not annoying. Silence is annoying. The radio blaring is annoying. Help educate your callers while on hold using custom messaging and music to keep them in the loop. Your image and sales will rise accordingly.

Myth #5: We use the radio (or silence) on hold and no one is complaining about it, so it must be working.

Fact: Hogwash. Just because your callers aren’t providing you feedback doesn’t prove it’s working. „Absence is not evidence.“ Most people are being polite by not criticizing you, and also, they don’t care enough to tell you how to make your business better. That’s your job to figure out, not theirs.

Radio on hold is illegal (BBB Oct. 2002) and silence is just downright amateur. The benefits of custom messaging and music on hold are worth their weight in gold, and you need to start realizing just how important it actually is to your image.

Myth #6: We can’t afford messaging and music on hold. We spent all of our advertising dollars this year.

Fact: You need to re-allocate your marketing dollars to include custom messaging and music on hold. Yellow pages, billboards, TV, radio, and all the other advertising mediums are ridiculously expensive. And you know it.

You can shave off just a little bit ($100) from each medium and get messaging and music on hold. Again, total costs are just a few hundred dollars, with nothing more to buy, ever. If you look for the dollars, you will find them.

Myth #7: We have WAY more pressing issues to deal with right now.

Fact: What can be more important than the first impression you make to your callers? And what can be more important than your prospects and customers?

After all, they are your „life line“ to profits and you need to understand just how important looking professional is. You NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression.

Custom messaging and music on hold not only makes you look less amateur it also shows your callers how much you really do care about them. Not only that, the on hold message process is automated. The instant the callers are placed on hold, your music on hold plays through your phone, time and time again. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month.

What to do next…

If interested, you can receive a free quote and free phone compatibility analysis by clicking HERE

Or, please call 1-877-422-1051.




„Because impressing callers and reducing hang ups increases profitability.“

(c) 2007 – Garrett Todd, LLC – Impress Callers – All Rights Reserved

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Rock Music – History and Facts Revealed

Rock music is often associated with heavy instrumentation, reverberating through a sound system, and played by hyperactive musicians wearing all-black garb. This kind of music has enjoyed over half a century of popularity with its strong beat and catchy melody.

Rock music started in the 1940s and the 1950s as a fusion of rhythm and blues, gospel music, and country music. Originally known as rock and roll, as branded by disc jockey Alan Feed from Ohio, rock music combined influences resulted in simple blues-based style that was fast and danceable.

Instrumentation for rock music often include electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboards. Others add to their line-up reed instruments like the saxophone and the French horn. String instruments like the mandolin and the sitar are occasionally seen in the realm of rock music. Of all these instrumentations, it is the guitar that is considered to be the star of the show. Guitars come as solid electric, hollow electric or acoustic.

The electric guitar was played rock and roll style by early rock legends Chuck Berry, Link Wray and Scotty Moore. Texas blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan played a fusion of blues and rock. As multitrack recording was developed by Les Paul along with electronic sound treatment by Joe Meek, it was not long after when rock music artists like Jackie Breston and Bill Haley came out with their first rock and roll records. Breston released his record Rocket 88 under recording label Sun Records. And then several years after, Haleys Rock Around the Clock was launched and topped the charts of Billboard magazine in terms of record sales and airtime plays. Sun Records also produced rock and roll king Elvis Presleys first single labelled Thats All Right (Mama). Shake, Rattle & Roll of Big Joe Turner was also topping the Billboard R&B charts during this time.

The fusioning of rock music extended into the 1960s and the 1970s, with rock music being combined with folk music to create folk rock, with blues to create blues-rock, and with jazz to create jazz rock. Electrical instrument ambiance was incorporated into rock music to create the carefree psychedelic rock. Influences from soul, funk and latin music were integrated with rock music to pave way for subgenres as soft rock, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, and punk rock.

Rock music took a metallic turn in the 1980s and 1990s with the entry of rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen, Aerosmith, Kiss, AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Hard rockers heightened the commercialization of rock and roll with albums and concerts being launched all over the country. Arenas and other similar big venues were used as a places to gather crowds and crowds of rock music fans. Live performances in rock concerts had rock fans screaming and going wild over rock bands performing to full performance level complete with stage design and pyrotechnics.

Some of the other developments in rock music are retro style grunge, theatrical glam rock (Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and the New York Dolls), intense Britpop (John Lennon and the Beatles), indie rock and nu rock (Police, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, and the Culture Club).

Rock music has not been as popular with music critics at some point in time owing to its dark and overly loud metallic sound. But innovations and developments in look, style and sound has slowly developed a following for rock music not only in the young crowd but for the public in general as well. Rock music still manages to chalk up big hits in popular music.

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