How To Make A Shortwave Antenna

The following is a straight-forward listing of the stages required to construct a shortwave antenna:

  1. Get hold of a simple broom-handle. Altrnatively you can make use of a dowel rod or ready-made plastic tubing that is available from a plumbers or builders merchants
  2. The thickness of the of rod is not paramount and anything from about half an inch or better will function perfectly well
  3. Create a relatively large base to hold the rod vertically. The base should be heavy enough to keep the rod vertical at all times
  4. Get hold of an aluminium disk with a minimum 6 inch diameter. A disk of approximately 12 inches seems to be the optimum size. The disk will provide a capacity hat termination and will assist in reducing any noise pick up
  5. Source a quantity of no.16 PVC plastic covered standard wire. If this is not possible then an good alternative is no.16 or no.18 enamel covered copper wire. If this is not available then standard no.18 speaker wire will suffice
  6. With one end of the wire connected to the disk, begin winding a consistent coil around the rod. The coils should sit next to each other and be bound tightly to the rod. On completion of binding the rod you should then terminate the wire either by connecting it directly to your antenna tuner or by a proprietary wire connection terminator. Ensure that the wire extending from the base of the rod is as short as possible
  7. On completion you can protect your antenna by coating it in proprietary insulation tape or by giving it several coats of protective spray
  8. For optimum performance ensure the antenna is placed close to a window, in a garden or veranda. Ensure that the connection from the base is as short as possible
  9. You can use it your antenna without a dedicated tuner, however there will be a lack of enhanced core quality if the antenna is not attached to a receiver via a bespoke dedicated tuner
  10. Your new antenna is now geared up for use
  11. This simple wire-wound antenna will provide a great basis on which to trial your experience. Providing a ground link to both the antenna and tuner will optimise the system. A simple method of creating an artificial ground is to connect a minimum 5M strand of wire which you allow to fall on the floor of the room or garden

This atricle demonstartes what may be achieved with a straighforward home-made antenna, especially if you are limited in your space and budget

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Learn How to Promote an Event

What are you trying to achieve?

So the first thing you want to think about is why exactly you’re putting on this event to begin with and that is a seriously fundamental question. Do you want to make loads of money and raise your status? Do you want to simply put on a night for yourself and a few select mates to party at? Or do you simply want to give a much needed outlet to a niche and under represented genre of music? As said before, this question is absolutely essential as by asking making this decision early on you’ll dodge any potential bullets that might occur from having aims that clash. For instance, if you wanted to make as much money as possible but at the same time wanted to promote glitch or IDM music, you’d hit a serious wall because next to nobody listens to IDM and your earnings will likely be very small. Decide on what you want to achieve and then decide on how feasible it is.

Who are you trying to attract?

This is an area where a lot of people come into problems because they assume that because they like whatever it is they’re promoting that everybody else will and that simply isn’t the case. Here’s an example, say you’re promoting an indie/rock clubnight and handing out flyers in a town centre; you’d be wasting your time (for the most part) giving these flyers to ethnic minorities, business people, chavs, or anybody who seemed to be dressed smart casual because the fact is that these types of people generally aren’t into indie and rock. You’d also want to not focus your promotion on areas where the aforementioned people congregate because it will be a serious waste of time. You’re targeting indie and rock kids and so you’ll want to hit up their places of interest. On top of that there are also considerations such as price and here’s an example; the average indie/rock club in the UK doesn’t charge any more than £5 for entry. If you however are charging £15-£20 for your night then you’re gonna seriously alienate your target audience; unless you’ve got a major band scheduled to make an appearance. Your prices need to be in line with what your target audience wants and expects.

What do these people want from a clubnight?

Where I live the „sexiest“ clubs in town generally play Electro House. The girls typically look like premiership footballers wives (or try to), and to be honest, it’s a very beautiful, very sexy, very „cool“ scene in which everybody is on display, has spent hours perfecting their look at home and generally are all out to show how sexy and with it they are. Now musical tastes aside, the people that frequent these places do so for a few reasons. The women want to be worshiped and adored; they like the idea of being the hot girl in the hot club full of hot people that’s making all the hot guys go weak at their hot knees. The guys on the other hand simply love the idea of having loads of fabulous looking women to ogle at and walk around convincing themselves that they have what it takes to possibly snare one some day. You see, musical genres generally carry with them different attitudes in the people that listen to them. Anybody frequenting a Hard Dance club will be primarily concerned with dancing the night away, losing their inhibitions and possibly taking a few drugs to boot. When you’re promoting and organising your event you’ll definitely want to take the expectations of your potential customers into account.

Stay tuned for part two of our guide, but in the mean time one of the best ways to get started in promotion is to network. Why not join an online music community where you can interact with the DJ community and get further first hand advice and pointers or possibly meet local artists to work with.

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Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead – Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy -Dancing Groot

Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead - Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy -Dancing Groot

Jetzt kaufen

From the Guardians of the Galaxy film comes this Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl Bobble Figure! The Guardians of the Galaxy has been around since 1969 and with a movie finally made, Marvel gives the superhero team the Funko Pop! Vinyl treatment! This Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl Bobble Figure can dance along to your „Awesome Mix“ on a desk or on your car’s dashboard with his bobbling head! The Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl figure makes an essential addition to any Guardians of the Galaxy fan’s collection! Ages 14 and up.“Dancing Groot Pop!
Check out the other Guardians of the Galaxy figures from Funko!
Dancing Groot features classic bobble head action with a spring, so you can make baby Groot „dance“ along on your car’s dashboard while you listen to your Awesome Mix album
Standing 3 3/4 inches tall
For age 3+ only

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Bands Known By Initials

In rock ’n‘ roll history there have been many bands whose moniker and names were shortened and universally recognized by abbreviated lettered names. Let’s explore some popular initial nicknames of bands.

Creedence Clearwater Revival (also known as CCR) began churning out classic rock ’n‘ roll singles shortly after the John Fogerty led band formed in 1967. With their „swamp-rock“ sound and style, the group amassed seventeen top 40 hits like „Bad Moon Rising,“ „Green River,“ and the wedding band staple „Proud Mary.“ The group disbanded in 1972 and any hopes of a CCR reunion were quashed with the death of band member Tom Fogerty in 1990.

Another 60’s band that had huge commercial success was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, also known as CSN &Y. Band members David Crosby (formally of the Byrds), Graham Nash (of Hollies fame), Stephen Stills and Neil Young (both with Buffalo Springfield), blended their flawless harmonies into a long and successful career. With hits such as the Nash led „Teach Your Children,“ Neil Young’s antiwar protest song „Ohio“ and a Joni Mitchell composition „Woodstock“ about the legendary rock festival, CSN &Y blended their unique acoustic-folk and progressive hard rock sound to be a classic example of the 1960’s psychedelic era. Additionally, after Young left the group, Crosby, Stills and Nash (also known as CSN) continued to release melodic pop/rock songs with 1977’s „Just A Song Before I Go“ and „Wasted On The Way,“ which was released in 1982. The group still tours, occasionally joined by Young.

Hard-rocking Bachman-Turner Overdrive, or simply BTO consisted of Randy Bachman (formally of the Guess Who), fellow Guess Who alum Chad Allen, C.F. „Fred“ Turner and Randy’s brother drummer Robbie. Capitalizing on the arena rock/pop rock era of the mid 70’s, BTO had a short but successful career with chart singles such as „Takin‘ Care Of Business,“ „Let It Ride“ and the number one single „You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,“ a song which was intended for an audience of one- Randy’s brother Gary Bachman who had a speech impediment-stuttering. They recorded the song for fun but needing another song to complete the lp „Not fragile,“ Randy Bachman was pressured to include the joking stuttering lyrics and the song spent twelve weeks on the Billboard charts in 1974.

There are many other rock ’n‘ roll bands that were known by initials as well as their „given“ name and I will include a couple more that I know of. The Electric Light Orchestra (also known as ELO) led by guitarist Jeff Lynne, scored twenty top ten hits with songs like „Telephone Line and „Don’t Bring Me Down.“ A similar sounding name ELP was a supergroup consisting of keyboard genius Keith Emerson, bassist Greg lake (of the band Nice) and drummer Carl Palmer (a former member of The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown). They instilled their keyboard dominated, progressive rock throughout the 70’s, creating a FM radio phenomenon with songs like „Lucky Man,“ „Still You Turn Me On“ and „From The Beginning.“

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Sesame Street Party Games Are So Fun Oscar the Grouch Has to Smile

Come and Play, Everything's A-OK! At your next Sesame Street party, have your guests play these games that have a Bert, Ernie, Elmo and Big Bird twist!

Big Bird's Balloon Pop
This is a great game for small children to play and will keep them entertained and laughing. Place a chair in the middle or back of a room where everyone will be able to see what is going on. Blow up brightly colored latex balloons and hand one to each child and have them stand in line. Place the child's balloon on the chair and tell the child to pop it without using their hands! Show them how to sit on the balloon and make it pop! There are no winners in this game but it's sure to make some great home movies and pictures!

Rubber Ducky
Everybody knows that Ernie loves his rubber ducky and even has been known to sing a song or two about his favorite duck! Gather all guests and their chairs for this rubber duck twist to musical chairs! Pop the rubber ducky song into the CD player and have the children walk around the chairs while the music is playing. When the music stops have everyone try to grab a seat. But wait! There are not enough chairs for everyone! The person who has not found a seat is out and must sit on the floor outside of the game. Remove another chair and play the song again. This game continues until the last person can not find a chair!

Kids young and old love Sesame Street. Consider adding these party games to your next Sesame Street party to keep your whole cast of characters smiling and laughing until the credits have stopped rolling.

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Spy Bugs to Listen In

There are many different spy bugs that can be used to listen in on conversations. These can be bugs that you plant at a home, or listening devices that you wear on your person (or have someone else wear). But no matter how you use spy bugs, it is possible to glean useful information with them, whether you are an amateur, a professional, or are just looking for the truth.

The most common spy bugs are bugs that use a radio frequency to transmit the sounds around them. These bugs may be placed inside a home or office to catch conversations held in a room, or they may be hooked into a phone. When hooked into a phone, they can listen to both sides of a conversation over a phone line. Additionally, it is possible to wear these listening devices hidden on the body in what look regular items (pens, lighters, hats, etc.). The radio frequency is transmitted to a location where it can be heard, usually with no more than a regular FM radio.

Other spy bugs make use of ways that tap into the line itself and do not send radio transmissions. These types of bugs are harder to detect. A wiretap might fall into this category of direct bugs, as may a soft tap that makes use of computer software to listen to phone conversations. The best spy bugs, however, are the portable kind that go with the subject and allow you to phone in.

While it is possible to plant radio transmitting spy bugs on a person to go with her or him, it is far more practical to use a device that they trust, and that is unlikely to be shed or lost. This is a cell phone.

Of course, spy bugs in the form of cell phones can only be used to learn information from people you know, and whom you might reasonably be expected to give a cell phone. A Spy Matrix Spy Phone is really a portable bug that lets you listen to conversations that make use of the cell phone as well as whatever is going on in the room at the time.

When you need to hear what is being said, the best things to use are spy bugs.

Other helpful spy equipment accessories include camera housings. These housings for CCTV cameras protect them from the elements, helping them last longer and protecting your investment in better home security through premises surveillance. Some housing are even equipped with blowers and heaters. These keep the cameras from overheating during the summer and protect them from the bitter cold during the winter.

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Royalty Free Instrumentals – Fuel Your Next Production

Nothing sounds better to an up-and-coming rapper than royalty free instrumentals. The deal just couldn’t be any better: you pay one low, flat rate, and the beat becomes yours to do whatever you please with. Make an album, make a single, play your song on the radio, play it at concerts, and so on and so forth! All you have to do is give the original producer full credit! Also keep in mind that you should never use royalty free instrumentals for resale purposes. Other than that, you are good to go!

With all this in mind, you are probably wondering where you can find these beats so you can get right to rhyming and slanging albums! Well, let me give you a little information about what to look for when scouring the web for your very own royalty free beats!

Studio Ready

Nobody wants to listen to a low-quality beat. It just sounds poor and amateur-ish, and above all, it could potentially damage your expensive stereo equipment. Make sure the beats you have in mind are properly mixed and mastered. When listening to the instrumental, try to imagine one of your favorite artists rapping over it. Does it work? If not, move on!

Radio Friendly

If you ever plan on having a chart-topping hit, you are probably aware that radio play is an essential step towards reaching that goal. Radio has such an influence on what we as a collective people hear every day.

So if you are expecting to make it big, know that your beats need to be radio friendly. They need to capture the essence of the current popular music while doing something completely new and unique at the same time. Remember that the music will represent you as much, if not more, than your lyrics, so choose your beats wisely!

With these essentials in mind, open up another window or tab in your browser, and get searching! The latest and greatest royalty free instrumentals are out there, waiting for you to snag them and brew up some hot fire with them!

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Tips for Using a Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Tips for Using a Hot Air Popcorn Popper

If you want a healthy alternative to oil popped popcorn or those microwave bags of popcorn, you may want to purchase a hot air popcorn popper of your own. They allow you to add a bit of salt and butter if you want to and you can easily control how much popcorn you pop at once. Of course, if you choose one of these machines to make your favorite snack, it’s important that you know how to use it for the best results. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind to use an air popper properly for the best popcorn.The first tip to remember is to pour the popcorn into the machine. Only put in the amount of popping corn that you want to pop. The great thing is that even if you only want a couple cups of popcorn, you can do this with the machine instead of having to pop a big bag and waste what you don’t want. You can put in a whole lot of popcorn too if you are trying to make popcorn for the entire family.After you have the desired amount of popcorn in your hot air popcorn popper, you need to make sure that the lid is closed. These machines have a top that you need to put in the right place. Without the lid, you’re popcorn will end up going everywhere, which could definitely make a huge mess for you to clean up. Once that lid is on, you’re ready to begin.Now it’s time to turn on the hot air popcorn popper. Ensure that the popper is properly plugged in and then turn it on so it can begin popping the popcorn for you. Make sure that you have a big bowl ready to catch the popcorn as it pops. Listen to the machine as it is popping. Allow it to run until all of the popcorn has been popped. Then you can turn off the machine.Once the popcorn is all done, take the time to enjoy your popcorn. This provides you with a great snack that is easy and healthy for you too. Just beware of adding too much butter or you will ruin a perfectly healthy snack. Other toppings for your popcorn can be purchased as well to enhance the flavor or to provide something different. Just make sure you don’t add to many calories to your snack.Of course, after enjoying your popcorn, don’t forget to clean up. The machine needs to be cleaned up so it is ready for you next time you want to use it. Some machines come with parts that can be washed in your dishwasher. Otherwise, you need to hand wash the parts to the machine so they are clean for next time.Most people find that a hot air popcorn popper is extremely easy to use. Not only is it easy and fast for you to use, but it also provides a healthier snack than oil popped or microwave popped popcorn. You can pop the amount you want and then enjoy a wonderful snack, all with this wonderful machine that can pop huge amounts of popcorn in a few minutes of time.

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