Forgiving Yourself by Looking Beyond

If forgiving yourself first allows you to forgive others means to look beyond illusion you might be the one who pays most dearly if you don’t practice forgiveness.

By embracing forgiveness, you can also embrace the light of peace, bliss, appreciation–growth of the idea of healing and wholeness.

In forgiving yourself and forgiveness of others, I mean hope that for the most part we overlook ego-based behavior and thinking by looking beyond it to the Light we are. The ego is negative power that is only illusion.

I say for the „for most part“, because while in this world the illusion of ego, or, body, will still be part of who and what we think we are.

Consider how the real meaning of forgiveness can lead you down the path of physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Miracles shows us that forgiving yourself will take away what stands between your brother/sister and yourself. It is the wish that you be joined with him, and not apart, as you both see the effects of oneness.

We call this a „wish“ because you are still concerned with choices and have not yet reached beyond the world of choice entirely; but that’s okay for now.

The very fact that you recognize this means you are gradually moving beyond the need to make choices based on the idea of separation by forgiving yourself and forgiveness of others, which is to overlook the ego-based thought system by looking beyond it.

You are growing spiritually.

Your wish is in line with the state of Heaven and God’s Will, which is your own true free will, and your purpose while here on Earth.

So relax, and know that by forgiving yourself you are moving in the proper direction along the path. If, for now, you fall short of giving your full true essence, acceptance for divine Guidance does remove the obstacles you once placed on this path between you and Heaven.

You are now recognizing where and what you are, seeing time as not being an interference any longer, and seeing these facts of truth as unchanged.

Whether you realize it or not, by accepting this truth of who you are, you are allowing illusions to slowly fade away and this is forgiving yourself.

The ego doesn’t like it, but you can deal with that.

I can remember one stars-struck night as a boy, when my grandfather and I stood in the side yard to his old two-story home, analyzing the Big Dipper. I asked him, „Do you think someday I’ll be able to reach up and touch one of those stars?“

My grandfather answered, „You don’t have to wait till you’re bigger; you’re already touching them.“

With quizzical wonder and my head pointed upward, I responded, „Aw, no way, Grandpa. How could that ever be?“

He tapped his index finger against my chest and answered, „Son, those stars are in your heart. That’s why you’re able to see ‚em.“

For no other reason than control, the ego-based mind, which is our false sense of self, perceives salvation as something waiting for us down the road. We see it as some future event to prepare for.

Could it be the ego wants eminent domain over our time in this world?

Yes, the ego wants your time in order to exist, and this is why time concerns you. The continuous search for salvation seems to be on a path the ego directs, where „one day“ we will have our home with salvation waiting.

Along the journey the ego tells us we must do some of „this“ and much of „that,“ usually on our knees, repenting, in order that we may be saved. This is a price we must pay, the ego tells us.

What is wrong with the world’s outlook today? Such questions are bound to arise in thinking minds when we ask a simple question: What really are we looking to be saved from?

However, often the answers given to this simple question are widely varied and never completely honest.

The crux of the matter lies in the need today to dig religion from its ancient and narrow dark vault and let the spirit of present-day humankind shine out in honest glory.

To forgiving yourself

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Source by James Nussbaumer

Brennenstuhl Funkschalt-Set RCS 1000 N Comfort, 3er Funksteckdosen Set (mit Handsender und Kindersicherung) Farbe: weiß

Brennenstuhl Funkschalt-Set RCS 1000 N Comfort, 3er Funksteckdosen Set (mit Handsender und Kindersicherung) Farbe: weiß

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3-er Funksteckdosen Set zum komfortablen Ein- und Ausschalten von Elektrogeräten und Lampen bis 1000 W
Lieferumfang: 3 x Funk-Schaltempfänger, 1 x Handsender, 1 x Batterie Typ A23 (12 V) in der Farbe weiß – In bester Qualität von Brennenstuhl
4-Kanal Handsender (433,92 MHz) zum Schalten aller Kanäle – bis zu 25m Reichweite
Ferngesteuerte Steckdosen eignen sich besonders für schwer zugängliche elektronische Geräte
Mit integrierter Kindersicherung: Kunststoffplättchen verschließen die Kontakte der Steckdose

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Is FM Radio a Thing of the Past?

Is FM Radio a Thing of the Past?

There is a lot of talk about HD, DAB, as well as satellite and podcasts in listening technology today. With all of the advancements in listening, many people wonder if FM radio will be a thing of the past. The transition to digital from analog broadcasting for television has many people wondering if the transition will occur for listening devices as well.

While advancements are being made in listening technology, most can be reassured that the answer is “no,” at least for another 11 years or so. In the UK, DAB technology has been introduced as an alternative to FM radio broadcasting. While many listeners enjoy the quality of the digital signal for talk radio, the quality of music is to be desired, and many are still listening to their old stations because the quality is better for now.

Technology is improving rapidly for radio, and with the introduction of HD and Satellite broadcasts, FM radio seems to be phasing out. Realistically, the cost for devices plays a major part in an individual’s ability to purchase this kind of technology rapidly enough to create a complete transition.

With FM radio being free and these types of devices being standard in vehicles, it will take quite a while for a transition to occur on a mass level. The signal quality is also a major issue, where our current signal is still viewed as having a better quality for music listening depending on the sophistication of the device that is used.

While the quality of signals for DAB and HD are excellent for certain types of talk stations or music channels, it does not span across all channels or all FM stations, and the transition for many types of stations will be long and tedious. In the UK, 2020 is the most realistic date as to when a transition will occur from analog to digital, but even that date may change depending on how ready individuals are to make that switch.

We are familiar with the length of time for television transitions and the difficulties in getting every person reason for that transition. Many people are not economically able to support purchasing television services on a monthly basis, and others still will not be economically able to purchase radio devices to complete that transition without government help.

Do not worry about any FM transitions happening soon. Enjoy your current stations and keep yourself up to date on listening technology so that you can be prepared either way. There will not be any hurry in worrying about this kind of shift in technology permanently for at least another 11 years.

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Source by Uma A Ilango

Neewer® BM-700 Professionelle Studio Rundfunk & Aufnahme Kondensator-Mikrofon Set inklusive: (1) BM-700 Kondensator-Mikrofon + (1) Kugel-Typ Anti-wind Schaum Kappe + (1) Mikrofon Audiokabel (Schwarz)

Neewer® BM-700 Professionelle Studio Rundfunk & Aufnahme Kondensator-Mikrofon Set inklusive: (1) BM-700 Kondensator-Mikrofon + (1) Kugel-Typ Anti-wind Schaum Kappe + (1) Mikrofon Audiokabel (Schwarz)

Jetzt kaufen

– 1x Kondensator-Mikrofon:

– Richtcharakteristik: Cardioid

– Frequenzgang: 20Hz-16kHz

– Körpergewicht: 11 Unzen / 316g

– Farbe: Schwarz

– Material: Metall

– Farbe: Schwarz

– Material: Metall

– 1x Kugel-Typ Anti-wind Schaum Kappe:

– 1x Netzkabel:
– Länge: Ca.2,5 m / 8.2feet

– Achtung:
– Dies Mikrofon ist von Soundkarte mit 5 Volt betrieben, NICHT von den traditionellen Batterien. Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Soundkarte von Ihrem Computer bevor Sie mit dem arbeiten. Im Allgemeinen ist die Voltzahl der Soundkarte von alterem Computer 3V, von neueren Computer 5V. Das Volumen des Mikrofons von 3V Soundkarte ist niedriger, während von 5V Soundkarte das Volumen normal ist.
– Mikrofon Erschütterungsabsorber nicht enthalten!

– Hinweis:
– Die Kondensator Mikrofon betriebt nur mit Anlage, die genuge Leistungen dafür unterstützt(verlangespannung:5V).
– Wenn die Mikrofon mit Destopcomputer verbindet,kann sie gleich verbrauchen.Aber wenn die Mikrofon mit Laptor computer, verbinden Sie bitte die Laptor zu elektronike AUsgang oder eine 48V phantom Leistung, um genüge Leistungen zu bekommen. Und dann können Sie klare Stimme erhalten.
– Wenn Ihre Anlage die verlangene Leistungen nicht bieten kann, wird die stimme Ihrer Mikrofon leichter. Bitte verbinden Sie unter dieser Bedingung eine 48V phantom Leistungadapter.
– Die Mikrofon kann nicht, mit dem Mobilphone und Tablet PC zu gebrauchen.
– Wenn Sie eine bessere Stimme möchten, können Sie eine Soundkarte zuständig kaufen.
– Wenn Sie Ton aufzeichnen, legen Sie bitte die Mikrofon hin von die Lautsprecher, um Lärm zu verminden.

Das Set besteht aus: (1) Schwarzes BM-700 Kondensator-Mikrofon + (1) Kugel-Typ Anti-wind Schaum Kappe + (1) Mikrofon Audiokabel.
Das professionelle Kondensator-Mikrofon übernimmt die völlig neue Audio-Schaltung. Erfassen Sie reichen, vollen Klang aus Quellen, die direkt vor dem Mikrofon sind. Die Nierencharakteristik minimiert Hintergrundgeräusche und isoliert die Signalquelle.
Die Kugel-Anti-wind Schaum Kappe kann das Mikrofon vor Wind Störungen und Sänger Spucke schützen.
Das Set kann für Karaoke verwendet werden, in Schallverstärkung oder Aufnahme, zum aufnehmen von Stimme oder Instrumente, drinnen oder draußen.
Hinweis: Lassen Sie nicht fallen, schlagen oder anstoßen . Um die Empfindlichkeit und die Qualität der Klangwiedergabe zu halten, vermeiden Sie Feuchtigkeit und extreme Temperature

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Is There A Connection Between Weight Loss And Beauty?

Have you ever noticed that most of the leading women in movies and television shows are very skinny? Many celebrity women are so skinny that they barely have any feminine curves. There might be a less important-probably funny-female character on the show that is overweight, but you almost never see a plus-sized leading lady.

If you are a magazine-reader, you might have noticed a similar phenomenon. You almost never see overweight people represented in popular literature. And online advertising is the same-lots of very thin people and never very many larger ones.

The message that we receive as consumers is that thin is beautiful. After all, the thin people are the only ones we see, and they usually look perfect without any pimples or age spots. The advertisers invite us to compare ourselves to the people we see in the ads. They are asking, "Do you look as good as this person?" If the answer is no, they are expecting that you will be willing to buy whatever they are selling to make yourself look better. That's the major advertising strategy.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be as skinny as the players and models that we hold as our standard of beauty. Differences in genetics alone prevent many women and men from ever having a chance of being a size 2 or a 26 inch waist.

Instead of simply accepting the fact that everyone has a unique body, many people are desperate to lose weight so that they can be beautiful. They are not satisfied with their bodies, and they assume that other people find them unattractive too.

When you are desperate to lose weight, you may be willing to crash diet, become anorexic, or take dangerous supplements to get the job done. You may not even be aware of the risks of your weight loss attempts. For example, women who spend years crash dieting are more like to develop diabetes than women who do not.

Weight loss can, of course, be very good for your health. A lot of diseases are made worse by excess weight, and you may need to drop a few pounds for medical reasons. This is a good motivation because you are not likely to do anything extreme if your health is so important to you.

But if you are obsessed with losing weight just to look beautiful, you might want to think about a few things. You've probably heard the adage, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." It really is true that every person has different different ideas about what makes a person beautiful. Some people are attracted to a very skinny form, but others like more curves. The trick is finding a mate that likes your particular shape, regardless of your size.

Also, remember that your life is not likely to change very drastically just because you lose weight. You will have the same family and the same friends, as well as the same life difficulties that you faced before. You might assume that losing weight and becoming more beautiful will fix all of your problems, but that just is not very likely. You will still be you, and the people who like you now should still like you then.

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Source by Richard Earl Bonn III

Pop-up Tv

Everyone multi-tasks these days, even our rooms. Offices, dorm rooms, living rooms, kitchens and every other space have multiple uses. Want to have a party in the living room without your flat screen TV being the focal point of the evening? A pop-up TV is the answer. What’s a „pop-up TV“? Simply put, this is a flat screen TV attached to a device that lifts up out of a cabinet for viewing. Have your party without fear of an accident or someone turning on the set to watch „the game“ in the middle of the party.

So where can a pop-up TV be installed? Anywhere you can place a cabinet. Bedrooms, outdoor rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, RV’s, mobile homes, RV’s, boardrooms, the list goes on. Some even have a swivel so the screen can be pointed to any part of the room, thus allowing it to be installed practically anywhere. Nexus 21 TV Lift Systems TV Lift Systems provides the industry’s best systems, so quiet they can barely be heard. In fact, they have been measured at only 5db! That’s quieter than a whisper.

Have an existing cabinet you’d like to modify? No problem. Nexus 21 TV Lift Systems sells the lifts for your future pop-up TV, contact them and they’ll be more than happy to help you select the right lift for your TV and your cabinet. Nexus 21 TV Lift Systems supplies lifts for all flat screen TV’s, from the smallest to the massive 65″ screens. An additional component shelf is available for your DVD and VCR so your pop up TV is all in one cabinet.

Want to buy the whole package instead? No problem. Nexus 21 TV Lift Systems has your pop-TV cabinet and lift, component shelf, etc. fully assembled and ready to deliver. The only thing you supply is the TV. Just follow the easy to read instructions and you’re ready to use your pop-up TV. Nexus 21 TV Lift Systems has several beautiful cabinets to choose from to fit every taste from budget to extravagant. Nexus can make your dreams of owning a pop-up TV come true.

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Source by Amber Scott

Musicman MA Soundstation Stereo-Lautsprecher mit intergriertem Akku und LCD Display (MP3 Player, Radio, MicroSD Kartenslot,USB Steckplatz) schwarz

Musicman MA Soundstation Stereo-Lautsprecher mit intergriertem Akku und LCD Display (MP3 Player, Radio, MicroSD Kartenslot,USB Steckplatz) schwarz

Jetzt kaufen

Technaxx MusicMan MA Display schwarzMobiler Stereo-Breitbandlautsprecher mit Display für MP3/4, CD/DVD, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, Mobiltelefone, PC/Notebook, integrierter MP3 Player für USB-Sticks und TF MicroSD Karten
Das Display (128x32mm, sw/weiß) zeigt Musiktitel, Liedtext, Wiedergabezeit, Gesamtzeit, EQ, Uhr, Datum, Wecker und mehr
Integriertes Stereo-FM-Radio + Line-in/AUX (3,5mm/analoger Audioeingang), strapazierfähiges Aluminiumgehäuse in 5 trendigen Metallic-Farben (schwarz, blau, silber, pink, grün)
Mehrere Möglichkeiten der Stromversorgung: eingebauter wiederaufladbarer – austauschbarer Akku, Computer USB oder AC Netzteil* (*Netzteil nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
Der Akku ist nicht nur über die Steckdose sondern auch aufladbar über USB per PC oder Notebook, hierbei verlängert sich die Aufladezeit
Lieferumfang: USB-Kabel, Audiokabel (3,5 mm Klinke), Bedienungsanleitung

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Northern Rock Panic in the UK

If you have heard any news from the UK in the past few days you would know that the savings bank Northern Rock has had people lining up to take their hard earned savings out of the bank and move them elsewhere. I was lucky enough at the weekend to talk to Ben Costella who is a financial consultant in the UK and understands exactly how all of this works.

Ben told me that a bank has to hold funds that are in the region of 10% of what their current lending is. This means that every time the bank lends out $100 they have to top up their reserves with $10. This is the way that banks work.

Banks have from the beginning of time been using this system, however due to there being a little bit of panic in the US market at the moment with over lending on mortgages and credit the banks have stopped lending money to each other. So now when Chase go to MBNA and ask them to top up their reserves the answer is no. This means that the banks have to borrow from the central funding that is available should they need it.

Central funding in the USA comes from the Federal Reserve and in the UK it is from the Bank of England. The reason that the Northern Rock currently have thousands of people lining up outside their branches all across the UK is because they asked the Bank of England for funding to top up their reserves. In the past this has been a sign of a bank being in financial difficulty and people have put their trust in the banks and lost a lot of money.

So now it has happened again people want to take their money from Northern Rock and place it somewhere safe, however there is a large amount of distrust in the UK when it comes to banks at the moment and the government are doing all they can to keep people calm but banks don’t get into financial difficulties unless there is something wrong.

Looking at this from a different angle it is something that happens all the time all around the world banks in Spain and Italy also borrowed from central reserves in the past few weeks in order to keep their top up reserve in touch. The difference being in the UK the last time a bank was in a serious financial state was the demise of Bearings bank back in the 1980’s where the bank went bust due to what they claimed was a rogue trader rather than their borrowing but they were topping up from the Bank of England on a regular basis.

So with Northern Rock facing a lot of questions over the coming weeks there could be more problems to come for the worlds economy due to the borrowing habbits that banks allow us all to participate in fairly freely.

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Source by Steven Turner

Listen to Free Radio Stations

Listen to free radio stations Why? I’ll tell you why in this article. First you may be wondering what free radio stations are. Free radio stations are basically radio stations which you do not have to pay for. Nowadays many stations are charging to use their service and plus you have services like ITunes or Yahoo Music which charge you to listen to their music. Free radio stations will also offer you a wide variety of music to choose from. Many of the paid services only list mainstream artists.

So why should you listen to free radio stations? I will list some of the reasons to listen to free radio stations. First off you should listen because it is free. You maybe wondering how they can afford to be free and still operate. Free Radio Stations charge businesses for advertising. The next reason you should Listen to free radio stationsis to help out the smaller artists. Most unknown artists will not get the listings in ITunes or Yahoo music. So they have to submit their records to smaller independent radio stations and hope the DJ will play their music. If their record gets picked it can be great exposure for the artist or band. With the larger radio stations like satellite radio (which you have to pay for) will not even look at these artists.

Listen to free radio stations it’s the way to go. It is a great way to find and listen to new artists who have not hit the mainstream market yet. It is also a great way to listen to a variety of music and lots of different bands. Lastly why should you be charged to listen to music on a radio station, that does not make any sense. So listen to free radio stations and you will see what I mean.

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Source by Aaron Aldama

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