Pop, Popper Your Popcorn Maker

Popcorn maker that is also called popcorn machine is a device used to pop popcorn. It was usually found in movie theaters, amusement parks and carnivals.

During early years there were no popcorn makers, Indians made popcorn by heating sand in a pan and then they put the kernels on the heated sand. Many years later, Charles Creators was the first person to invent the mobile popcorn machine, which is also known as the popcorn maker cart in 1893 in Chicago, Illinois. This machine made it easy for the people to sell the popcorn on the streets and on the amusements parks, which spurred the popularity of popcorn.

The first popcorn maker was steam driven which The Food Service Equipment Division patented in 1885. It allowed the popcorn to be popped in oil, and then later, they had a gas powered popcorn vendors. People began selling popcorn using this machine on the streets, in front of the amusement parks, stores and theaters to attract people to buy popcorn. Percy Spencer from the Raytheon Manufacturing found a way to mass-produce magnetrons to produce microwaves and with this technology, it gave Spencer the idea to make a microwave oven and he used kernels for his experiments. In 1940’s, it allowed the people to make popcorn in their own homes using the microwave; you can enjoy eating popcorn even if you are not on the amusement parks or in cinemas. The Food Processing System divisions grant the exclusive right to market the hot air fluidized bed oven to produce high amounts of popcorn that in 1967.

Today, people are buying old-fashioned popcorn makers to cook delicious popcorn in social events or for one’s own pleasure at the comfort of one’s home. People want to purchase popcorn maker because they may need to make more than cooking a few bags of microwave popcorn. Owning a popcorn machine would be fun for a family and friends to spend some quality time together while watching your favorite programs on TV or movies. Popcorn makers have different types and brands but today, most popcorn makers were run by gas or electricity. Most people usually buy red popcorn machine because it gives out an old fashioned and traditional look to the first ones that were made in the late 1890’s and 1900’s. Popcorn makers have different range of prices depending on the amount of popcorn the machine can produce and if they have cart. There are two types of popcorn makers available for home use, hot air poppers that allow you to make fat and salt free popcorn that is the healthiest way of making popcorn and oil poppers that uses heated oil to cook the popcorn.

You can also check it out your hand at the stovetop popper; this is the long-standing method of popping corn that is still used today and also the most complicated to use because most of the time it might overcook the popcorn you are cooking. There are other models that use electricity and sit on the counter top, which allow you to control the amount of toppings that go into a batch of popcorn, just as you can with an air popper. The popcorn and popcorn makers have become popular that there is a museum of popcorn. This museum is called Wyandot Popcorn Museum, which has many refurbished antique popcorn machines that was invented in the late 1890’s and 1900’s. The Wyandot Popcorn Museum is situated in Marion, Ohio, which unwrapped to the public in September of 1982. W. Hoover Brown and the only popcorn museum in the world founded the museum.

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