Rock The Night Away With Fun Rock Star Party Games For All Rockers To Play

Many aspire to be real rock stars at a young age and why not keep that dream alive with a fun Rock Star theme party.while the music is the primary focus of the Rock Star theme party, playing Rock Star music and singing along to it is not the only fun party guests can have. Additionally a Rock Star party is the perfect party to give the guests the opportunity to sing and enjoy themselves as they have a good time.

Name That Tune. Name That Tune is a fun game that can be played by all party guests. Get the sheets of paper and pens ready and prepare for an epic Name That Tune showdown. Play current, semi-current, past, and oldies rock songs for the party guests. The chances are older party guests will remember songs from yesteryear while young guests will not. Younger guests will know more current bands while the older party guests will say how rocks was better in their day. The winner of the game is the guest that has the most points at the end of the game. Play the rock songs for a longer period if the crowd is having difficulty naming the band of song.

Guitar Pick Toss. Set up a few clear glass jars in a row and have players toss guitar picks at them. Each jar can be worth x-amount of points the player who score the most points after x-amount of throws is the winner. Another great game is to have a guitar guessing contest by putting a certain number of guitar picks in a container and having the guests guess the number of picks in the container. Have party guests guess the number of picks in the jar, the player who can comes the closest in guessing the number wins.

Air Guitar Contest. Air guitar is so popular there are professional air guitar contests that people compete in. Play various songs with plenty of riffing and solos and see who can put on the best air guitar performance. Make the win official by giving the air guitar winner a custom made trophy that reads Best Air Guitarist 20__. Other awards can be given out to rock star performers such as Best Love Ballad Performance, Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance, and Best Group Performance. Additionally, the party host make want to take special measures to make sure that everyone receives some type of award or party favor.

Rock Star party supplies and invitations are a great way of adding rock star party games and activities to bring out the talent in everyone.

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