The Proverbial Rock and the Hard Place – Choosing From Fear Or Faith

In the process of self-development and personal transformation often we come to a place in the road where we feel doomed either way we choose. We are caught between the Rock and the Hard Place. The way through this juncture is UP into infinite possibility.

The Rock represents your human-mind thought which is usually telling you the logical, rational and linear way to go. The safe road, the commonly taken road, the easy way out. The hard place is that deep place inside of you that wants you to follow your heart, take the high ground and follow your bliss. It is rare in this world when you are evolving to a higher level of consciousness that you avoid the crush of the rock and the hard place.

The dilemma is between you and You. The small you, the human mind you, is the one who wants the road most commonly taken. The You of you is your God-chip that wants you to follow your joy.

In the journey to higher consciousness you are reaching for the infinite possibilities but the human-minded you doesn’t quite believe them in this context. You might believe in the „miracle“ in another context, but can’t fathom it in this one.

For example: you’re talking to a friend about their leaving a miserable job where the pay is low and the boss is miserable. You can counsel them to take the risk, take that job that feels like more fun in Alaska. In this choice it seems easy for you to know that what feels better is definitely a better choice for your friend than staying put and being miserable.

However, when the choice is yours to make for you, you stew and stew on it. You continue to go to that miserable, rotten job day after day being bored out of your mind and swallowing up criticisms by an unappreciated management. Every chance you get, though, you are looking for a new job. Then, lo and behold you find one! You go to the interview and it all seems too good to be true, except for one thing: no benefits. The pay is better; the position is exactly what you’re looking for with decision making responsibilities. You make your own hours and get bonuses for projects completed on time and on budget. This is exactly the challenge you’ve been looking for. And to top it all off, you can set your own hours and even work from home. However, the position offers no benefits.

Now comes the Rock and the Hard Place over this one issue of benefits. But it is really not about the benefits, it is about your faith and trust in the Good that is Yours. Your human mind begins sounding all the doomsday warnings about sickness and accidents. Your Self is jumping up and down with glee for having found the exact perfect job that will delight You on a daily basis.

It comes down to this: you both believe and trust in the Goodness that is Yours or your don’t. You either choose to live in Faith and move that to Knowing your Good is at play; or you live „safe“ letting fear rule your adventure on Earth.

These scenarios are most gut wrenching when you are going through them; but they are exactly the ones that come in answer to your asking for a freer life, more joy, more love – but you will have to grow your consciousness from fear to faith in your Good in order to move past it. These are the defining moments of a life; the road most commonly traveled or the road less traveled.

Your Spirit, your God-chip, your True Self is reaching for the fun, the joy, the fulfillment.

Follow It; your Good is always at play. Your Good is infinite. Your Good always feels good.

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Source by Kathy Kirk

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