Unpopped Popcorn – How it occurs

Most everyone enjoys having the treat of popcorn from time to time. Of course, regardless of how you pop it, there always looks to be a little bit of unpopped popcorn left. You may be wondering why there’s always just a little of unpopped popcorn left behind.

Before you can understand why unpopped popcorn frequently occurs, you have to know how popcorn actually pops in the 1st place. In every kernel, you’ll find that there is a bit of oil and some moisture. When the kernels are heated, the moisture that’s on the inside gets extremely hot.

Once the steam on the inside gets extremely hot, soon it starts to make the within of the kernel to become soft. As the heat continues on the unpopped popcorn, soon the hull essentially will rupture under the pressure. All of the starch on the inside turns into a soft foam, which is what we know as popcorn.

After you the popcorn pops, it quickly will cool off so you can eat it, which definitely is always a mouth watering treat. However, after you pop your popcorn, you just about always find some unpopped popcorn close to the bottom. So why precisely does this happen?

Well sometimes some of the kernels don’t get enough heat to them. This means that they will not build up enough pressure to actually pop. This results in some of the unpopped popcorn kernels that you find. Heating up the kernels too much is an issue too. This can make them pop too swiftly, and could cause those hard partly popped pieces to happen.

Another excuse that you sometimes will find some unpopped popcorn kernels is actually because some of the kernels have too a lot of the moisture inside of them. This may bring about a problem as well .

The best popcorn must have the perfect moisture amount on the inside and must be heated at the right temperature. Heating it too hot or not heating it enough could cause an issue and often you may end up with a little bit of unpopped popcorn on the bottom.

At this time you know what actually causes that unpopped popcorn to happen. Whether you microwave your popcorn, do it in an air popper, or warmth it up in oil, this will happen from time to time. But, if you do end up with unpopped popcorn, do not be disturbed. You aren’t doing anything wrong. This is actually normal and occurs whatever which way you try and pop up your yummy snack.

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