What Does a Nautical Star Tattoo Really Mean?

Sailors, Punk Rockers and Lesbians? If I was to try and pick a combination with less in common, I do not know if I could. However, there is one thing that ties these people together, and that is their association with the popular tattoo design, the Nautical Star.

Although meaning behind this design is as much of a mystery as why superman wears his underwear on the outside of his costume, there are some common associations to it. The origin is generally agreed upon to be from sailors (And I thought all they got were pinups and anchors!). The significance to them is fairly obvious. The nautical star is representative of the North Star. When ships were out to see, they would use this particular star to navigate, because it was always positioned in the same spot. Sailors were known for their superstition, which came through in their nautical star tattoos that they thought would help guide them home.

Fast forward some years to the 40-50's. At this time, homosexuality was not acceptable like it is today. The nautical became a popular way for lesbians to show support for their lifestyle without being explicit. Most commonly they would get them on the inside of their wrist. That way, by day they would play an alter ego, hiding the tattoo with a watch. Then at night, they would reveal their true self and go display their pride out on the town. Kind of like batman in reverse … except that batman is not gay.

The final association that the nautical star has picked up over the years is with the punk music scene. Although the reasoning for this is very unclear, it may be due to the "classic" style of the tattoo which was popular with the punk scene. It also could have something to do with tattoo artist, Sailor Jerry, who was popular among punks.

Despite the wide range of associations, I think they all tie together in one meaning. The nautical star is a representation of hope of finding ones way. Whatever it represents something in your life that has helped you find your way, such as a friend or a religion, or just the fact that you follow your heart with your life by going after your dreams, it's a tattoo that can have great personal meaning .

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