What If Pop Tarts Came in Party Packs With Multiple Flavors?

The other day, I took an ad hoc survey while I was at Starbucks. I asked a group of teenagers which flavor Pop Tarts they liked. It turns out, they all had different tastes. I found this quite fascinating, so I tried the same thing later on during the swing shift of security guards at a local facility. Everyone was standing around waiting for the changing of the guard, and I asked the same question – I got the same results, each one of them like a different flavor. Now then, I thought I was onto something with my new discovery.

Next, I asked a family sitting down to dinner at a local fast-casual dining restaurant if they might tell me what flavor they liked. It turns out that each one of them chose a different flavor, and none of them chose the flavor that I like the most. Interesting isn’t it? Pop Tarts are liked universally, but not everyone likes every type of flavor. Now then, as a good branding expert you should be asking yourself what opportunities can be garnered from knowing this information, even though it is a simple informal study of consumer research.

Well, what if they came in party packs with multiple flavors? You see, no one I asked told me they didn’t like Pop Tarts, each one appeared to very much enjoy these treats. If they are universally liked, but no group can decide on one specific favorite flavor, then they make the perfect party treat if you offer all the flavors. If you put them out everyone will be happy, they’ll be glad to munch on them, as long as you get some of each flavor everyone will be happy. I suppose that Kellogg’s knows which flavors are most liked in what ratios based on the demographics.

What if they took some of that data and sold these party packs at Walmart and grocery stores in various regions of the country based on all of that knowledge in the ratios which met their preference surveys? Could Pop Tarts be the new party platter treat? What if they were a little smaller, circular, double stacked like an Oreo cookie? What if it was a new slightly different design, perhaps in a slightly different tray arrangement?

It seems to me they would sell millions of these things, and make customers very happy. Interestingly enough, there doesn’t seem to be an age limit for this treat. Kids, teens, young adults, adults, and even many seniors love them too. So I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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Source by Lance Winslow

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