What If You Can Seductively Seduce Your Ex-Lover Into Loving You Again? Find Out What to Do!

Hmm … So you want your ex lover to desire you again, huh? Things always seem more desirable once you do not have them any more. And so it is with relationships. If you ant your lover back, you're going to have to go through the whole dating game all over again. Here are a few tips to help you get started with seducing your ex lover back, so that you can finally win his / her heart back too ….

Make yourself POP …

Take a look in the mirror and think back to how you looked when you first met your ex. If you see a difference – mental and physical, then take steps to correct the slide. Hit the gym, get new clothes, a better personality, a new hairstyle …

Just make sure that it makes you seem more attractive and your ex should start salivating over you all over again. You must make yourself pop, so that way your ex is not just yawning over your looks. Make sure it's something that will really get your ex's attention.

Those dreadful things …

Ok, not everything your ex suggested, was great, as you were not too keen on doing all of them. But now is the time, do those "dreadful" things which your ex was always nagging you about. Once you do these things, you will naturally seduce your ex, because you will actually be doing everything they want, which in turn leaves your ex feeling great about you.

You could start taking an interest in whatever your ex loves to do things like maybe jogging or going to ball games or the theater. Things which you let your ex do all alone or with friends, instead of you. The more common interests you have, the easier it will be to get back together.

Get over it … The one who is the least emotional controls the relationship …

You could also trigger a reaction by pretending to be over the breakup. Start dating other people, especially friends of your ex. It's just not bearable for your ex to watch you have fun with your ex's friends, while your ex I still burning up over the broken relationship.

The first reaction will be to get back with you to prevent anyone else from taking over, so to speak. If you want to make your ex love you, then you have to do this, because it will literally make your ex envious and feel so hurt that you have "moved" on, that he / she will really be trying to get back together with You soon after.

As well, most breakups get ugly over the arguments, not the underlying issues. So talk to your ex, and apologize for the things you said. Take it back, and wow never to hurt your ex again. Once the hurt and anger is gone, the love will pop up again, and your ex will find that you're not so bad after all.

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