What is Din, 1 DIN, 2 DIN, and half DIN?What is LCD?What is PAL, NTSC and SECAM?

What is Din, 1 DIN, 2 DIN, and half DIN?

Din is the regular size of a aftermarket radio. Most kits are designed for DIN radio’s. Almost all radio’s made are DIN size. 1 DIN is the standard DIN specification. 2 DIN (or double DIN) refers to units that are twice as high as the standard DIN; half DIN is half high as 1 DIN.
DIN is a standard size for car audio head units,defined by the International standard ISO 7736 .It (or Deutsche Industrial Normale) is a series of uniformity standards developed in Germany, which apply to commonly manufactured item. It was adopted as an international standard in 1984, and commonly referred to as the „DIN car radio size“..
Head units generally come in either single DIN (1 DIN), which is 50 mm high; or double DIN (2 DIN), which is 100 mm high. When you are planning to buy a car DVD player,please check the player position height of your car carefully.  If 50mm, please choose 1 Din Car DVD Player / Monitor, and if 100mm, please choose 2 Din series.

What is LCD?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.

LCD technology has been around for a long time but it is now becoming very popular for flat-screen computer monitors and televisions. It can provide a much better, brighter image than the old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors and TVs.

Here is a very basic summary of how LCD works. (Maybe someone can expand on this.)

There is a set of two transparent panels with a liquid crystal solution between them. Light is shined from behind the panels. Each crystal either allows light to pass through or blocks the light. The configuration of the crystals forms the image.

What is PAL, NTSC and SECAM? How do I know which broadcasting/video format is workable in my country?

There are 3 main standards broadcasting/video format in use around the world: PAL, NTSC and SECAM. Each one is incompatible with the other. For example, a recording made in the France could not be played on an American VCR or DVD player.

If you or your clients view video tapes or DVD’s that are from outside of the United States, or send videos abroad, you must first convertthe tape or disc to or from the foreign television standard.

For more details, please find in here.

National Television System Committee Lines/Field
525/60 Horizontal Frequency
15.734 kHz Vertical Frequency
60 Hz Color Subcarrier Frequency
3.579545 MHz Video Bandwidth
4.2 MHz Sound Carrier
4.5 MHz P A L
Phase Alternating Line SYSTEM
PAL M Line/Field
525/60 Horizontal Freq.
15.625 kHz
15.625 kHz
15.750 kHz Vertical Freq.
50 Hz
50 Hz
60 Hz Color Sub Carrier
4.433618 MHz
3.582056 MHz
3.575611 MHz Video Bandwidth
5.0 MHz
4.2 MHz
4.2 MHz Sound Carrier
5.5 MHz
4.5 MHz
Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire
or Sequential Color with Memory SYSTEM
SECAM D,K,K1,L Line/Field
625/50 Horizontal Frequency
15.625 kHz
15.625 kHz Vertical Frequency
50 Hz
50 Hz Video Bandwidth
5.0 MHz
6.0 MHz Sound Carrier
5.5 MHz
6.5 MHz

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