Where to Touch a Man to Get Him Aroused – Get Him Rock Hard in Seconds With These Foreplay Tips

If you feel like your sex tips in the bedroom are lacking and that you are unable to give your man pleasure, you need to do something about it. You need to learn what your man is craving in the bedroom and how you can satisfy him to his fullest potential. Only then, will you be able to give him the right kind of pleasure.

You want to learn where to touch a man to get him aroused. You want to be able to get him rock hard in seconds and to show him that you aren’t quite the good girl that he has always made you out to be. You want to unleash the inner wild child and to show your man that you are a sex vixen.

You need to learn some foreplay tips so you can learn where to touch him to get him aroused. Foreplay is when you are going to tease him and get him aroused. Even if men complain about foreplay and say that they just want to get things onto the main event, which is untrue. Men love foreplay and it is a very important stage of his orgasm. Foreplay preps him for pleasure and he needs that prep or else he just isn’t going to have a proper orgasm.

During foreplay, use a back massage as a technique to get him aroused. Feeling your soft hands digging into his skin and massaging his muscle tissue will drive him wild. The back contains a lot of nerve endings and touching him the right way will definitely get him going. Also, you can kick this up a notch and you can massage him completely in the buff. Straddle his bum and sit on top of him. Oil him up and run your hands all over his back and this will get him going.

Another way to touch a man to get him aroused, is to use a light touch all over his body, excluding his most sensitive areas of course. Doing this will send the anticipation through his body and it will have him craving you. He will be dying for you to touch him by the end of this. Touching him everywhere in a light way and not touching his penis will get the sexual tension going crazy in his body. This will easily get him hard in a matter of seconds and it will leave him begging for you to give him release.

Use these foreplay tips on your man tonight and before you know it, you will be controlling him and dominating him.

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