Which Is Your Favorite Rock Decade?

Which was the best rock music decade? It’s obviously unfair to make a definitive statement on this subject, as it’s completely subjective to the reader’s taste, but we can trace some of the landmark changes the movement set through the years, maybe learn something in the process, and choose the one we like the best.

Rock music is in fact a derivation of rockabilly, or rock & roll music (e.g. Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry), which saw the light in the ’50s. It also took elements from many other styles such as folk, blues, jazz, country, soul, rhythm & blues and even classical music.

In the sixties music changed forever thanks to revolutionary artists such as Dylan or The Beatles. The latter leaded the so-called „British Invasion“. The Kinks, The Hollies, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Californian Beach Boys are only some of the many remarkable acts that saw the light of day during this decade. This decade also featured the spring of Psychedelia, with bands such as The Doors, Jefferson Airplane or Syd Barret’s early Pink Floyd.

The 70’s were ruled by progressive rock (e.g. Pink Floyd, Genesis) and hard rock (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple,). Other successful artists from those days were David Bowie (glam), glam, gospel & hard-rock crossover act Queen and punk-rockers Sex Pistols and Ramones. Creedence Clearwater Revival and Eagles stand out as well with their country-influenced style.

On the following decade, we find the consolidation of heavy metal (Iron Maiden, Metallica), hard-rock in the style of Guns’n Roses and Van Halen, and pop oriented bands like R.E.M., The Police and U2 in the advent of the New Wave sub-genre. Dire Straits played a bluesy style, while The Smiths and The Cure became a big influence for new bands, playing a pop-oriented yet somehow obscure style.

The 90’s brought Nirvana and grunge music, Brit-pop acts such as Oasis and Blur, altern-rock bands such as Radiohead and hip-hop influenced Red Hot Chili Peppers. We can also mention the arrival of progressive metal bands like Dream Theater.

Y2K’s generated introspective post-Britpop bands like Coldplay and Keane, as well as post-punk acts such as The Strokes & The White Stripes. The new millennium also brought about the consolidation of psychedelic rock acts such as The Flaming Lips and Super Furry Animals.

I choose the ’60s, as I think that’s the time when the biggest changes took place. But I surely enjoy music from all decades!

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