Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology – Background I

Zi Wei Don Shu („ZWDS“) is a traditional Chinese System of Destiny Statistical Science founded on the principles of virtual stars. It uses virtual stars instead of real stars. It uses 18-32 key stars but can go up to 108 Stars depending on the lineage one belongs to as well as the individual preference. Besides the stars, ZWDS also utilizes 12+1 Functional Palaces with different to provide great details during the analysis. The interpretation will then be made according to the varied interactions between Stars/ Palaces / Elemental Nature/Chinese Year of Birth/ Multiplier Flying Stars and Brightness of Stars. With so many variables employed in the reading, it is able to give detailed and unambiguous details if the person using it is highly skilled.

The location of the Self (or some called Life or Destiny Palace) varies between individuals depending on their respective birth data and the position of the other 11 Palaces will shift according to where the Self Palace is placed. The Self Palace is the most important reference point as it provides the executive summary of you and discloses your inborn capabilities, character, physical appearance, general luck and potential development.

In fact, the Chinese long form of ZWDS although can be literally translated into Emperor (Zi Wei), Constellation (Dou), System of Calculations (Shu). It is, however more widely known as „Purple Star Astrology“ in most English write ups. Zi which means purple, is actually referring to the color of the aura of the nobilities for which aptly the Emperor will possess.

Hence other authors may name it Emperor Astrology instead. In any case, Zi Wei star is the first star of the series, and its position in your chart determines where all the other stars fall in the chart.

There are two main schools of Zi Wei Dou Shu practised today. The first school emphasizes on reading the star characteristics and hails from San He lineage. The other school places an emphasis on reading the 4 Transformations (ie which means Si Hua in Chinese) and belongs to the Si Hua lineage.

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